IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2011-10-18

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replaceafillth1a zyt?00:27
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th1amenesis:  Could you comment on this?
menesisth1a: ok19:05
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replaceafillth1a you around?20:34
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th1aI keep missing replaceafill...21:12
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th1aHey replaceafill.21:14
replaceafillhey th1a21:14
th1aHow are you?21:14
replaceafillsorry i missed the meeting yesterday, it's been a little crazy around here21:14
replaceafillfixing the roof has been very very complicated21:14
replaceafillthey don't produce this "kind of roof" anymore :(21:15
th1aDon't worry about the meeting.21:15
th1aAre you having to take charge of the operation?21:15
replaceafillyes, my landlord is being an *** about it21:15
replaceafilli'm thinking about leaving the appartment next month if he keeps that attitude21:16
replaceafillbut all in all, we're fine21:17
replaceafilli expect to go get fully operational tomorrow21:17
th1aThat's good news.21:27
replaceafillok, back to cleaning for me, talk to you later th1a21:34
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