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aelknermattva01, yes00:56
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mattva01dang it, we missed each other06:27
mattva01aelkner, my phone is now permanently  dead (till I get my new phone next week),so  i'm going to send you an email with my alternate number06:28
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aelkneryvl, ayt?10:04
yvlhey Alan10:04
aelknerhey, how are you feeling?10:05
yvlback on feet, finally :)10:05
aelknerglad to hear it, i've been taking vacation days lately10:06
aelkneri was wondering if you had a chance to look at something for me?10:06
aelknerperhaps you could advance the cause of getting niepa working with a small fix to what i've been doing10:07
aelknerare you available to look at it some time before the meeting?10:07
aelknerok, i'll commit my branch10:07
yvlat ?10:08
aelkneryes, i just pushed revision 75 there, but it still says 'updating branch'10:09
aelknernote that i changed the buildout.cfg to point to flourish branches in the same sandbox10:10
aelkneri need to be able to use trunk and not eggs, of course10:10
aelknercan you build a sandbox that looks like mine with schooltool.niepa side by side with the four schooltool pakages defined in buildout.cfg10:11
aelknerthis way, we would have comparable environments10:11
aelknera little history about the current state of the package10:11
aelknerafter you had set up douglas with schooltool.cambodia, i later needed schooltool.niepa10:12
aelkneri think i merely branched schooltool.cambodia and changed cambodia to niepa everywhere10:13
aelknerthen pushed to schooltool.niepa10:13
aelknernow that we have flourish, the whole person package is obselete, so i commented it out10:13
aelkneri commented out the skin as we had discussed Wednesday, no longer need skin for niepa10:14
aelknerjust the special views that are defined in which i currently have commented out10:14
aelknerthe reason i did that was to try and figure out why i can't get any views to come up10:14
yvlhmm, ok, will look there10:15
aelknereven though the server starts, any view i visit gives a 'page is not available' error with no skin10:15
aelknerjust a blank Zope page, weird10:16
aelknerperhaps at the meeting (or after), you could explain how the definitions in lead to what gets run10:17
aelknernotice how i added stuff to the entry points section, i don't know how that works10:17
yvlI'm looking at niepa/app/browser/configure.zcml10:17
aelkneri just tried adding those definitions because they are defined in schooltool's setup.py10:17
yvland can see some things registered for NiepaLayer10:18
aelknerbut i have that whole package commented out, so10:18
aelkneri realize that i need to make flourish versions10:18
aelknerbut i can't even get the server to return any pages10:18
aelkneri think it's something in and perhaps buildout.cfg or base.cfg10:19
aelknersomething with versions of stuff perhaps?10:19
yvlgimme a second to run the server10:20
yvloh, ok10:21
yvlso the thing is10:21
yvlthat you should make niepa/app/configure.zcml10:21
yvlclose to schooltool/skin/flourish/instance/configure.zcml10:21
yvlit sets default skin as SchoolToolFlourish10:21
yvlin Niepa, you don't set any skin at the moment, hence no views10:22
yvlother than basic Zope10:22
yvlyou can of course....10:22
yvlinclude flourish/instance/configure.zcml directly10:22
aelkneri like that idea10:23
yvland remove everytghin else10:23
yvlexcept your local utilities and10:23
yvladapters / subscribers10:23
yvloh, and gradebook and friends will be auto-included10:23
aelknerhow do you mean?10:24
aelknerby flourish instance10:24
yvlit uses z3c.autoinclude10:24
yvland if you specify, say, schooltool.gradebook in buildout.cfg10:24
yvlor setup.py10:25
yvlas dependency10:25
yvlit will be automatically included10:25
yvlso you don't need to specify those manually10:25
yvljust either do that in buildout.cfg or setup.py10:25
aelknerwhere did i sepcify them manually?10:25
yvlat the moment your'e adding them in niepa/app/configure/zcml10:25
yvl* configure.zcml10:25
aelknerah, those10:25
yvl  <include package="schooltool.gradebook" />10:26
yvl  <include package="schooltool.lyceum.journal" />10:26
yvl  <include package="schooltool.intervention" />10:26
yvlmenesis already released flourish eggs10:26
yvlso you might want to update base.cfg10:26
aelknerso i can remove those because they are in buildout.cfg and hence auto-included10:26
yvlfind-links =
yvlyes, aelkner10:26
yvlso if you put above in base.cfg10:27
yvland run "bin/buildout -n"10:27
yvlyou'll get new flourish eggs10:27
yvl(and you can then just set develop = . in buildout.cfg)10:29
aelknerinclude flourish/instance/configure.zcml directly, i tried:10:30
aelkner<include package="schooltool.flourish.instance" />10:30
aelknerConfigurationError: ('Invalid value for', 'package', "ImportError: Couldn't import schooltool.flourish, No module named flourish")10:30
aelkneroh, duh10:31
aelkneri guess i need to get rid of the basicperson overrides10:33
yvlyes, those too10:36
yvleverything except your own code10:36
aelkneryay, it works!10:36
aelknerthanks for getting me straightened out so quickly10:37
yvlyou're welcome10:38
yvlsorry for not doing that last week10:38
yvlbeing sick really robs one of any productivity :|10:38
aelknerthat's quite alright, i took the opportunity to take a much needed vacation10:38
yvlglad to hear :)10:39
aelknerok, i'm off to bed now, cya at the meeting10:40
yvlgoodnight, aelkner :)10:43
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th1ahi yvl, menesis, aelkner.16:30
yvlhey guys16:30
* yvl runs away for coffee...16:30
th1aDid you guys hear about replaceafill's roof?16:31
aelkneri saw your chat from friday i believe16:32
aelknerthat can't be fun16:32
th1a(replaceafill's ceiling/roof partly fell in in the hurricane)16:33
th1aI guess you can start us off aelkner.16:35
aelkneri don't have much to report because i decided to take vacation mostly16:36
th1a(while yvl gets his coffee...)16:36
th1aThis is the inevitable result of telling everyone to go on vacation.16:36
aelkneri did look into niepa until i found yvl last ight16:36
aelkneri did seem like you wouldn't mind16:36
th1aIt is fine.16:36
aelkneryvl was able to straighten out the problem i was having getting any pages to load16:37
aelkneronce i used flourish16:37
aelknerso now niepa actually includes
aelknerwhich means that is uses the flourish skin16:38
aelknerand not it own which i removed16:38
th1aThat's fine.16:38
aelkneranyway, pages load fine, so now i can create flourish versions of the special niepa views16:38
aelkneri'll change report_card.pdf to be niepa_report_card.prf since report_card.pdf is already defined16:39
aelknerone last thing16:39
aelkneri continue to try to get a hold of matt to get welsh going with the new courseinfo code16:40
aelknerhe wrote me that his phone was dead, so that's why we haven't had the chance to coordinate16:40
th1aOK... if Matt isn't responding you should cc: welsh.16:41
aelknerperhaps we can get that gong today, maybe jelkner can link us up or something16:41
aelknerafter the meeting, i need to ask yvl about a niepa buildout.cfg issue16:42
aelknerotherwise, that's it for me16:42
th1aOK.  So are you working this week?16:42
th1aOK.  You have plenty of bugs to work on once you get these tasks out of the way.16:43
th1aThanks aelkner.16:44
th1aAnything to report, menesis?16:44
menesisnot much16:44
menesison Friday I changed many branches16:44
menesisto make them use virtualenv to create the sandbox16:45
menesisthis solves the issue that bootstrap did not work on natty/oneiric with python2.716:45
menesistogether, I updated to the latest one from buildout16:46
menesisand made other small changes to Makefile and other build files16:47
menesisnothing should have changed for you16:47
menesisexcept that you have to install python-virtualenv16:47
menesisbut this makes it possible to use zc.buildout 1.5 (later)16:48
menesissudo apt-get install python-virtualenv16:48
yvlmake ubuntu-environment16:48
yvldoes that also16:49
yvlmenesis kindly put that there :)16:49
menesisbut you don't do that often16:49
menesisbut yes, either manually, or make ubuntu-environment16:49
th1aWe should probably keep this moving because I've got a plumber on the way...16:50
th1amenesis:  Anything else?16:50
menesisno, this took whole day16:50
menesistoday I am updating zope packages in Debian, Arnau asked me to do some small adjustments and he will upload them finally16:51
menesisthat's all16:52
th1aThanks menesis.16:52
yvlI took a day off Fri16:52
yvland half a day off Thu16:52
yvlfinished the two db evolution bugs16:52
yvlthey were timezone-related16:52
yvlso added tests, fixed few related bugs16:53
yvldatabases that were created with new timetabling are now considered broken16:53
yvlthat involves the flourish branch, basically16:53
yvland it will not manifest itself if you're not using timezones with DST16:54
yvlwhile I'm at it, I'd like to fix these along the way:16:54
yvlthey should take few hours at most16:54
th1aYou can sequence them however makes sense.16:54
yvlthat's it.16:55
th1aSo do we need to evolve those broken db's?16:55
yvlwe could, but I don't think it's necessary16:55
yvlno users should have those16:55
yvlexcept Jeff, I think16:55
yvl(because nobody is using flourish, right?)16:56
th1aNot in production, no.16:56
th1a't be.16:57
yvlso let's just leave them be16:57
yvltimezone conversions are tricky enough16:57
yvlthis one was very fun16:57
yvlrelated to Warsaw adjusting clocks by 24 minutes in 1915 :D16:57
th1aIf only I had listened to PoV on that one...16:57
th1a(adding timezones)16:57
yvlwell, we won't touch timezone related code in the near future16:58
th1aIt seemed so simple...16:58
yvlthese things always do...16:59
yvlanyway - shouldn't give *too* much trouble in next few years16:59
th1aAnything else yvl?17:01
* yvl done.17:02
aelkneryvl, you have a moment after the meeting?17:03
yvlsure, aelkner17:03
aelknerguys, to be clear, for this bug:17:04
aelknershould i be creating the same type of annotation key in schooltool core17:04
th1aOK.  I have a f2f meeting with Schwa on Friday, so hopefully that'll jump that process forward.17:04
th1aAnd I need to be writing more docs, etc...17:04
aelkneras we have in gradebook for remembering the last section17:04
yvllet us know if we can help, th1a17:04
th1a...and there's the plumber.17:05
th1aOK.  Thanks guys, catch you Wednesday.17:05
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:05
aelknerhappy plumbing, th1a17:05
yvl! :D17:05
yvlthanks th1a17:05
yvlso... what's up, aelkner? :)17:05
aelkneryvl, so i changed base.cfg to use the find links you suggested17:06
aelknerbut the serve doesn17:06
aelknerdoesn't start using the eggs17:06
yvlto recap17:06
yvlyou changed base.cfg17:06
yvlset develop = .17:06
yvland ran "bin/buildout -n"17:06
aelknerany time you run make run, bin/buildout runs17:07
aelknerso i guess so, unless i need to manually run it with -n17:07
aelknerthing is, it works using the trunk checkouts but not the eggs17:08
yvltry running with -n17:08
yvl(oh, and you didn't need to remove the instance types in but that won't hurt)17:09
aelknerthey didn't seem necessary after i made niepa include flourish instance17:09
yvlbtw, you can also set the min versions of schooltool/gradebook/etc. eggs in setup.py17:10
yvlthis way buildout would have updated everything automatically17:10
* yvl does not remember the versions though17:10
yvlah, 1.9.217:11
aelknerthey are already set to pretty old stuff, but the newer ones are gotten anyway17:11
aelknerbtw, running bin/buildout -n manually fixed the problem17:11
yvlthat's why it would help to specify >= 1.9.217:11
yvlnow buildbot ran on your sandbox17:12
yvlchecked that it has old versions, but they were OK17:12
yvland figured that doing nothing is OK17:12
yvl-n forced to get newest possible versions17:12
aelknerone thing though, the gradebook, journal and intervention is not being auto-loaded as you suggested it would17:12
aelknerso the tabs don't appear17:13
aelknershould i put back the inclusion of the packages in niepa/app/config?17:14
yvlhave you tried creating a school year and a term?17:17
yvlI think they are hidden until those two are created17:17
yvland to get gradebook + journal tabs17:18
yvlyou'll also need a section you teach or attend17:18
aelknerterm added, tab appears, thanks17:20
th1aI'm not sure if the appearing tabs is a bug or a feature.17:20
aelknercreated section adding manager as instructor, gradebook and journal tabs appear17:22
aelknerthanks yvl17:22
yvlth1a, btw:
yvljust entered17:22
yvlplease mark as invalid, or assign proper milestones/somethings17:23
aelkneryvl, th1a, can i get clarification on one of my bugs?17:24
aelknershould i create the same type of annotation key in core as we have in gradebook17:24
aelknerto remember the last section visited17:24
th1aThat's what I'm thinking.17:24
aelknerthen change gradebook to use it17:25
aelknerand add usage of it to journal?17:25
aelkneris that exactly it?17:25
yvljust re-use the same annotation key in journal17:25
yvlkind of a hack, but it will do for now17:25
yvlcopy-paste simply17:25
aelknerwell, not a hack if it works17:25
aelknerjust moving the feature to core where everyone can depend on it17:26
th1aYes, that's fine.17:26
yvlthat statement about not a hack is not true ;)17:26
yvlno movy to core17:26
yvlcopy-pasty in journal17:26
aelkneryvl, we don't want to copy into journal, we want to move to core17:26
th1aI thought we didn't want to create a cross depedency?17:26
yvlunless you are going to do that properly17:27
yvlor you want to assign that to me to do that properly17:27
th1aOK... what do you have in mind for properly, yvl?17:27
yvland properly is using cookies, by the way17:27
yvland it should be generic17:27
th1aYes... ofc.17:27
aelknerlooks like i should reassign the bug to yvl17:28
th1ayvl is busy.17:28
yvlor - copy-paste the selection code to journal17:28
yvlit's mega fast17:28
yvlkind of hacky17:28
yvlbut it works :)17:28
th1aI don't know why we wouldn't copy-paste to core.17:28
aelkneri don't get you're saying there17:28
th1aAnd then you can fix it there, yvl.17:28
aelkneryvl, how can you copy gradebook code to ournal?17:28
aelknerright, th1a17:29
yvlwell, with your preferred text editor probably :D17:29
th1aJust have the journal depend on the gradebook, I think yvl is saying.17:29
aelknerthat would be hacky17:29
yvlah, here it is, schooltool/gradebook/gradebook.py17:29
yvlcopy paste:17:30
yvlgetCurrentSectionTaught and setCurrentSectionTaught functions to journal17:30
yvlalong with their annotation keys17:30
th1aSo right now we don't use cookies at all, yvl?17:30
aelknerthe keys have the word, 'GRADEBOOK' in them17:30
yvlhence the hacky!17:30
aelkneryou really want THAT key in the journal code?17:31
th1aIs there some kind of obscure magic in Zope 3 cookies?17:31
yvlyes, aelkner17:31
th1amumble grumble.17:31
aelkneroh, ok17:31
yvlth1a, we do use cookies in... language selector17:31
yvl(when it is visible)17:31
yvlZTK cookies are actually quite simple17:31
th1aCan't aelkner just implement the cookies?17:32
yvloh, and also Zope sets a load of it's own cookies17:32
th1aThat's what I thought.17:32
yvlactually the big setCurrentSectionTaught things17:33
yvlare just generic functions, that handle annotations17:33
yvlso the thing that is REALLY shared, is the annotation key17:34
yvlI don't see any point of moving one string to core17:34
th1aI don't see the point of creating a cross-dependency for one string.17:34
yvlno such thing17:34
aelkneri'll do the hacky copy/paste thing reusing the gradebook key for now, ok?17:35
aelknerit won't be a dependceny17:35
yvlif you want to make it clean17:35
yvlwrite an evolution script17:35
yvlthat *renames* the key17:35
yvlto something generic17:35
yvland there is absolutely no, and I mean absolutely17:35
yvlno need to touch core17:35
th1aOK, fine.17:35
aelknerevolution is not necessary with current code17:36
yvlunless you want to rename the key17:36
aelknerif i were to change the key17:36
th1aI would like to get aelkner up to speed with cookies anyhow.17:36
yvlthen it is necessary17:36
aelknereven if i did rename it17:36
aelknerit would just loose the last section taught settting one time only17:36
aelknerit wouldn't break anything17:36
yvland also you get some garbage left in annotations17:36
aelknertrue, but is that really so bad17:37
yvlit will be good for a year or so17:37
yvlbut I pity future maintainers17:37
th1aJust evolve it.17:38
yvlor not touch it :)17:38
yvlI'm saying - it's faster17:38
aelknerwhat's faster17:38
yvldo nothing17:39
aelkneryvl, you use a lot of pronouns with ambiguous antecedents17:39
yvltake annotations in journal17:39
yvluse same key17:39
yvlsorry, aelkner17:39
yvlone thing17:39
aelknernp, use same key that gradeboook now uses, no evolution necessary?17:39
yvldon't paste the "try: IActivities(stuff)" part17:40
yvlyes, aelkner17:40
aelkneryes, no use of IActicities17:40
aelknerok, i know what to do now, thanks17:41
yvlwe're on the same page then :)_17:41
aelknerthe same section :)17:41
yvlbtw, I'd like to visit this problem for the next release17:42
yvlbut approach it from UI angle17:42
yvl"where in UI you should get something that you've visited before -- or automatically guessed"17:42
th1aAlso, shouldn't we be using cookies for smarter "Done" buttons?17:43
yvlthis would actually (!) could apply to some cases of Done / Cancel buttons17:43
yvlright, th1a !17:43
yvlbasically "keep the general context the user is working on"17:44
aelkneris the language selector the first example of us using cookies?17:44
th1aIt isn't rocket science.17:48
yvland request.response.setCookie17:48
yvlwell, you do get limited by the things you can store17:49
yvlallright guys...17:50
yvlgood luck to you17:50
yvlsee you Wed!17:50
aelknercya then17:50
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