IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2011-10-05

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th1ahi replaceafill, aelkner, menesis, yvl.16:29
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:30
yvlgood morning!16:30
th1aOK, so what I'd propose for today is *quick* updates, then going through Gediminas's list and dividing them up.16:31
th1aThen perhaps everyone can fix a few bugs AND test the results with the new framework.16:32
th1aEveryone know the email I'm referring to: Flourish issues16:32
yvlthanks for testing, menesis!16:33
* menesis \o/16:33
aelkneryeah, nice report16:33
menesislong, so not nice16:33
th1amenesis is our qa department.16:33
th1aOK reports...16:33
* yvl is not ready, sorry16:34
yvlcan I go last, please?16:34
aelkneri removed the skin from courseinfo as yvl instructed and replaced it with the use of includeOverrides16:36
aelknerfor some reason, i still got a conflict with the add.html view registration16:36
aelknerbut considering that the overridden features in the view are not needed until next year, it is not urgent16:37
aelkneralthough i asked yvl to look at what i did to see if i got something wrong16:37
aelkneranyway, i am ready to install to the test server, but it was down, and i haven't heard back from matt16:37
aelkneri'll keep after thaqt today16:38
aelkneralso, i started working on removing cando skin from nieap16:38
aelknerand replacing it with flourish layer16:38
aelknernothing to report yet, still need to check out flourish versions of all packages16:38
aelknerand add to buildout.cfg16:39
aelkneri'll keep pugging away on that as well16:39
aelknerthat's it for me16:39
th1aThanks aelkner.16:40
replaceafillon monday jelkner had this issue with timetables and sections:
replaceafillif the timetable is deleted the schedule view can't be accessed16:41
yvlokay, that is serious16:42
replaceafillfrom the bug report: Should we "destroy" all the related schedules (as the timetable Delete dialog says)? or maybe allow access to the schedule view and show an error like "The associated timetable has been deleted" and allow the user to Delete the schedule?16:42
replaceafillthe scary message in the Delete timetable dialog says that the action will destroy all associated schedules16:43
replaceafillbut it doesn't16:43
yvlwe should either destroy, or implement "hiding"16:43
th1aI would agree with yvl.16:43
yvlit probably does not catch the RemoveObjectEvents probably16:43
th1aFor now, destroy.16:43
th1aWho wants that one?16:44
* yvl does16:44
yvlalready assigned, importance set to critical16:44
yvlit's a horrible flaw!16:44
yvl(as it breaks the datamodel)16:45
th1aOK, anything else replaceafill?16:45
replaceafilli'm still working on the batch problem with lists bigger than 25 items16:45
replaceafillwe have it in several places16:46
replaceafilland finally i found the issue that was preventing Chandara to see the reports16:46
replaceafillthe font package in ubuntu has a different name than in debian!16:46
replaceafill            '/usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-khmeros', # Debian16:46
replaceafill            '/usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-khmeros-core' # Ubuntu16:46
replaceafillthat disabled pdf's completely16:47
replaceafillnow i have an issue setting a new instance because of the changes in trunk16:47
replaceafilli'll branch an old version, i think that will help16:47
th1aOK.  Get that straightened out.16:48
replaceafilli also found some minor UI issues in flourish16:48
replaceafillempty tables, etc16:48
replaceafillthat i'm going to fix16:48
replaceafilli think that's it from me16:48
replaceafill(and empty sidebars)16:49
th1athanks replaceafill.16:49
th1aAnything beyond your email?16:49
menesisthe issues were discovered16:50
menesiswhile I was going over all pages checking that everything is translatable16:51
menesisI just reviewed and mailed them yesterday16:51
menesisthe i18n issues were finished with on monday I think16:51
menesisthen I enabled the flourish translation series16:52
menesisfor all 4 projects16:52
menesispushed branches etc.16:52
th1aOK, so I can tell people to start translating?16:53
menesismerging translations today to correct branches, because some were quite quickly translated16:53
menesisin flourish. first, es_SV, but also nl and pt_BR.16:53
th1aWhat is nl?  Nepal?16:54
menesisso I am including them in the release16:54
menesisnl is Netherlands16:54
* th1a is thinking of Belgium.16:54
menesisso I was preparing a 1.9.1 release16:55
th1aI get those little Whermacht speedbump countries confused.16:55
menesislooked at tests yesterday16:55
menesisfixed a bunch of them16:55
menesisBefore: Total: 782 tests, 48 failures, 2 errors.16:55
menesisAfter: Total: 784 tests, 26 failures, 0 errors.16:55
aelkneryou're still living in the WWII days16:56
menesissome could not fix, like journal unit tests that use the old timetables16:56
menesissomewhere else I think are problems16:56
menesise.g. email settings validation for hostname looks backwards16:56
menesisor can change password without entering the current one16:57
menesisbut committed whatever I have16:57
menesisdon't think I'll do more about them16:57
menesisif you have time, please take a look at buildbot16:57
menesiswhat tests are failing in flourish16:58
menesisand some comments in commit log16:59
menesissome launchpad housekeeping17:00
menesispreparing for 1.9.117:00
menesiswill have to finish tomorrow, would like to include launchpad export of flourish_translations17:00
* menesis finished17:01
th1aThanks menesis.17:01
th1aSo should I announce the new translations are open?17:02
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menesisif they want to run from checkout17:03
replaceafill_sorry, got disconnected17:03
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th1aOtherwise I'm waiting for a new release then?17:04
menesisI will make tarballs and debs only tomorrow17:04
*** replaceafill_ is now known as replaceafill17:04
menesisbut all strings are uploaded17:04
menesisto translations.launchpad.net17:04
th1aJust ping me when I should announce that all is ready.17:04
menesisin flourish series17:04
menesisthat are not default yet. will switch tomorrow17:05
menesisas I said, some are translating flourish already17:05
th1aThanks menesis.17:05
yvlfinished working on blockers17:06
yvland added some helpers to testing API17:06
yvlso the situation now:17:06
yvlwe have working Selenium test environment, with quirks17:06
yvl* quirks are yet to be found while writing tests17:07
yvlwe don't have any layers set up, apart from the one Douglas did17:07
yvlit's merged to main flourish branch17:07
th1aCan replaceafill get aelkner started with this later today?17:07
yvlI realized what is still missing in API today17:08
yvlI thought of doing form fillers and such17:08
yvlbut in reality we need "controllers", for a lack of better word17:08
yvlthose would be helpers in a style of...17:09
yvlgradebook = browsers.manager.query.xpath.('...').controller.gradebook.grades17:09
yvlprint gradebook.rows17:09
yvlprint gradebook.grades17:10
yvlgradebook.enter('activity', 'student', 'score')17:10
yvland such17:10
yvlcontrollers being custom things that we write for our common behaviour17:10
yvlthey should also eventually keep in mind different browsers17:10
yvlas in17:10
yvlyou hit enter after filling this value in chromium17:11
yvlbut in FFox, click something, because there's some popup17:11
yvljust saying there's still some API to be written17:12
yvlI got a hunch these ones would help17:12
yvlok... and everything is wildly undocummented17:12
yvlsince there's not much free time, please - just ask questions17:13
yvlit would help if Douglas and Alan made "cheat sheets" for themselves17:13
yvlthis could go in as a rough documentation later17:13
yvlof course - only if need be for cheat sheet17:13
* th1a is back after being pulled away for a few minutes...17:14
th1aI guess I wasn't needed.17:14
yvlalso, replaceafill - I added the forwarding of "get" attributes/methods to query_all17:14
yvlsee app/stests/*.txt17:14
replaceafillyvl is this in trunk? i only see your flourish personal branch changed17:15
replaceafillwith rev 310617:15
yvlsorry, wrong branch pushed :D17:15
replaceafillso, what's the plan for using the new framework?17:17
yvlin flourish trunk17:17
replaceafillstart adding stests everywhere17:17
replaceafillbtw, we're calling them stests, right?17:17
replaceafillshould we use a separate ftesting.zcml?17:17
th1aStart adding them when you fix the bugs we're going to start talking about any second.17:17
replaceafillth1a ah ok17:17
yvlth1a, one thing to note17:18
yvladding first test is slower than adding the second test for a package17:18
yvland all of them have 0 ATM17:18
yvlcourse, basicperson, intervention, so on...17:19
yvlreplaceafill, yes, we'll need new testing layers17:19
yvlhere's the thing17:19
yvl(you can call them stesting.zcml btw ;) )17:19
yvlyou'll need to figure out what's needed and what's not in each case17:19
replaceafillnot needed -> Basicperson skin17:20
replaceafillneeded -> flourish skin17:20
yvlbut there may be more stuff17:20
yvlthat's not needed, I mean17:20
yvlsay, some group tests won't need timetables obviously17:20
replaceafillah ok, we're going to debug the ftesting.zcml files then17:20
yvland so on17:20
yvlbuild new ones17:21
yvland you'll need to define the new testing layers, like you did17:21
yvlI think it'll be fastest if you just "go and do it"17:22
yvlthan /me trying to set up stuff17:22
yvl(and you did that great few days before, so... ;) )17:22
yvlaelkner, since Douglas is familiar with the tests now17:23
yvlfeel free to poke him ;)17:23
aelknerwill do17:23
yvlhe's in your timezone after all!17:23
aelknersort of17:23
replaceafillone timezone behind ;)17:23
yvlmore than me, anyway ;)17:23
yvlok, what else...17:24
th1aOK.  Let's hit this list.17:24
yvlone moment17:24
th1a• Cannot click on user name17:24
* yvl shuts up17:24
replaceafillthe login bar i think17:24
* replaceafill lets menesis to answer :)17:25
menesison the right near Logout link17:25
th1aI guess if we had a good dashboard it would take you there.17:25
menesisthe is Home tab17:26
menesistake there17:26
menesisto /persons/me17:27
th1aOK to wherever the home tab goes.17:27
th1awho wants it?  aelkner?  replaceafill?17:27
th1agoing to...17:27
th1a• No "Cancel School in Emergency" action17:28
th1aWe're not going to fix this for now.17:28
th1aNever worked anyhow.17:28
th1aWe'll do it later this year.17:28
th1a• Course: no list of sections17:29
th1aYeah, we should have this.17:29
th1aGoing to...17:29
replaceafillcan i take that?17:29
replaceafillit's kind related to what i'm doing17:29
th1a• No language selector17:30
th1aDid we have that before?17:30
replaceafillyes, and i miss it :(17:31
th1aOK, it is yours replaceafill.17:31
menesisif you enabled lang=en,es in schooltool.conf17:31
replaceafillyou can test multiple translations easily17:31
th1a• Resource subtypes are gone17:32
menesisI discovered that only last week, documented at
replaceafilli discovered it because yvl mentioned to me :P17:32
menesisadded 'test' language to that list and could see if everything is translatable :)17:32
th1aWe got rid of resource subtypes for the sake of simplicity, right?17:33
yvlnot really17:33
yvlyou can still add subtypes17:33
menesisResources were changed in march I think, when aelkner added resource demographics and three action links for each resource type17:33
replaceafillexisting subtypes should be converted to resource demographics17:33
yvloh, wait, subtypes, yes, removed17:33
menesisthere is no view that allows to enter subtype17:34
th1aEssentially they've been deprecated.17:34
menesisin spring already17:34
menesisbut the data is there17:34
aelknersubtypes don't have anything to do with the march demo changes i made17:34
aelknerthey are based on resource type, not subtype17:34
aelknersubtype is a user feature17:35
aelknercustom subtype for whatever reason the user may have17:35
aelknernot sure why we have this feature to be honest17:35
menesisso at least it was not removed cleanly17:35
th1aIt was not removed cleanly.17:36
menesisresources are different in flourish17:36
menesisok move on17:37
th1a• Two "Your School" calendars17:37
th1aI'm not sure what this means.17:37
menesisif you click on calendar and create a nevent,17:38
menesisit is added to you personal calendar17:38
menesisI wanted to add a school event17:38
th1aClick on YOUR calendar?17:38
menesis"Teachers' day" like today17:38
th1aWhich calendar are we clicking on?17:38
menesisso clicked on "Your School" calendar in sidebar17:38
menesiscreated an event17:38
menesisbut the event is created in a new calendar17:39
menesisnamed the same17:39
yvlthere was a bug with duplicate calendars in the database17:39
yvlbut it was fixed later on17:39
yvldo you remember when did you evolve the db?17:40
th1aI only see the overlaid event.17:40
menesisin general, I found it hard to create a school-wide event, or an event for teachers17:40
th1aThat is on the user calendar, I see the school event overlaid.17:40
menesisdon't know17:40
th1aOK, this is not a bug bug.17:40
menesisshould I try to rerun evolution?17:40
th1aIt is a general usability bug.17:41
th1aWe're going to have to revisit the calendar in the next cycle.17:41
th1aMoving on...17:41
th1a• Calendar: booked by Your School17:41
replaceafillcan i take the password related?17:41
th1aWhat is this, menesis?17:41
menesisthe boxes17:42
menesiswith the event17:42
menesiscontain a booked by in the footer17:42
menesisI found it strange that the calendar name, and not the creator's name is there17:42
yvlthat should work in case an administrator books an event17:43
th1aI'm not sure that it is a bug.17:43
menesisthis is related to the above try to create an event in school calendar17:43
menesisI don't think teachers can create events17:43
th1aWhich person reserves something is not necessarily as important as which part of the school is using it.17:44
th1aI'm going to defer this.17:44
th1a• Password: can change without entering old password17:44
th1a• Password: logged out after password change17:44
th1aWant these?  Any comments?17:45
replaceafillno, no comments17:45
replaceafillhave to review that form17:45
replaceafilli worked on it17:45
replaceafillwe'll need to discuss the message for the logged out part17:45
th1a• Resources: try Reserve, additional Unnamed event is created.17:46
th1a• Resources: click calendar, click on an hour, an event is created 3 hours later17:46
th1aI think yvl is stuck with these.17:46
yvlas far as the unnamed event goes...17:47
yvldon't remember how easy would it be to fix that17:47
yvlour calendar events, reservation being an event for a resource, need to be created so we can edit them17:48
yvlso when you click to add an event, the event is created17:48
yvland if you click cancel - it's deleted17:48
th1aIt is created in the resource calendar?17:48
yvlfor reservations, yes, IIRC17:49
th1aAdditional to what?17:49
yvland probably in your calendar also17:49
th1aAre TWO events created in the same calendar?17:49
yvldifferent calendars17:49
yvland you17:50
* th1a thinks menesis just doesn't like our calendars.17:50
th1aShouldn't you just see the overlaid event from the resource calendar (if you want to)?17:50
menesistwo events, in resource calendar and school/person/section calendar is ok17:50
yvl(yes, that is how it's implemented)17:50
yvl(booking that is)17:51
menesisan additional Unnamed Event is created 3 hours off or whatever17:51
menesisI don't remember but it was messy17:51
menesisBooking resource, that is17:51
yvlI imagine17:51
yvlif you book from resource's page there is some unclean mess17:51
th1aIt is a little messy.17:51
th1aOK, bug filed.17:52
th1aMoving on...17:52
yvl*additional* event should not happen17:52
th1a• Journal select a term - error if section is not scheduled for that term17:52
yvlI'll probably won't be able to reproduce17:52
aelknerwhat should happen if section is not scheduled?17:53
menesiscreate a new term17:53
menesisand select it in journal17:53
th1aShould it not be in the menu at all?17:53
aelknerwell, even if it is not in the menu, the user could reach it with a clever url17:53
aelknerwe would need to protect against that17:53
th1aNot really.17:54
aelknerdo we need a 'this section is not scheduled for this term' message?17:54
aelknerlike we have messages for empty tables17:54
menesisI think so17:54
th1aIf the user is fishing for something, a 404 is the correct answer.17:54
aelknerraise NotFound, right yvl?17:55
menesisno, I got the traceback just selecting from dropdown17:55
th1aI'm saying: remove invalid choices from the menu.17:55
aelknerth1a is saying get rid of dropdown entry17:55
th1aIf you're really worried about the error message for someone who enters the URL directly, the correct answer (to me) is 404.17:56
aelknerwe just need to raise NotFound if user puts the ofending term id in the url17:56
yvlyes, raise NotFound17:56
th1aThe bad URL issue is low priority.17:56
yvlwith proper context, name, request17:56
th1aMoving on...17:56
th1a• Gradebook: administrator cannot navigate to section/term/year17:57
yvl(thanks for keeping us focused, th1a!)17:57
th1aGetting TO a specific gradebook?17:57
menesisadministrator can see the gradebook of a section17:57
replaceafillthat's because the values in the selects come from user annotations17:57
menesisbut the select boxes in year/term/section navigation are all empty17:58
replaceafillthe admin doesnt have those annotations17:58
th1aActually, the admin can't get to a section's gradebook from the section view, which is what I'd say is the bug.17:58
menesisyes, noted somewhere in the list17:59
menesisin Wishlist17:59
menesisbut this is separate18:00
th1areport sheet thing already has a bug...18:00
menesiswhile testing, I added /gradebook to the section's url18:00
aelknerth1a, should i make the dropdown list calculator smarter than it is as follows:18:00
th1aaelkner:  Later.18:00
th1a• Teachers get permission errors on student person views, some other links18:00
th1aWho wants it.18:01
* yvl will take it, if it's not extremely urgent18:01
th1aIf it was we'd already be dead.18:01
th1a• one of Worksheets view or Worksheet's title edit view show unstranslated value18:02
th1a• Gradebook: Worksheets breadcrumb to Gradebook is broken18:03
replaceafillmenesis do you remember which view?18:03
th1aaelkner ^18:03
aelkneryeah, that's definitely for me18:03
menesissomewhere in Gradebook18:04
replaceafillmenesis ok, i'll look18:04
menesisjust click on Gradebook in the breadcrumb18:04
menesisI have touched some breadcrumb code, maybe my fault18:05
menesisbut there are missing breadcrumbs, in places other than this18:05
th1a• /server: top nav not highlighted, no breadcrumbs18:05
menesisdo that together18:05
th1aAre these broken old skin bugs only in the old skin?18:07
th1aDo they break old tests?18:07
menesissome tests are broken18:08
menesisbut some features as well18:08
menesisif you run flourish code with standard instance18:08
menesisor prepend /++skin++SchoolTool/ to the url18:08
menesisto merge flourish to trunk, I want that the old skin continues to work for people who don't want to switch yet.18:10
th1aLet's skip those for the moment.18:11
th1a• Intervention | Search students lists everyone18:11
th1aWhen does that happen?18:11
aelknerare you the admin user?18:11
aelkneradmin sees all students18:12
menesisand teachers18:12
aelknersure, why not?18:12
th1aI guess we don't want it to show all 1000.18:13
aelkneralthough, the term, 'Student', is a misnoer in that case18:13
th1aThat view is a little crufty.18:13
th1aWhat's the problem with this menesis?18:14
menesistitles say different things than contents18:14
menesisbut maybe18:14
menesisI just checked, administrator can send messages to teachers18:14
menesisis ok18:14
th1aok, moving on.18:14
menesisbut the title says Search students18:14
th1a• male/female not translated18:15
menesisand there is no group selector18:15
aelknerthats' the misnomer i refer to18:15
aelknerif we want to allow teachers to be the subject of interventions...18:15
aelknersome users may18:15
menesiscannot filter the list by group18:15
aelknerbut that wold require retinking the labels18:15
th1aTomorrow's events at the top of sidebar: all-day events displayed as18:16
th1astarting at 3:0018:16
menesisaelkner: but, the teacher is unauthorized to access his own Interventions in person's sidebar18:17
th1aOK.  I've assigned everything.18:17
th1ayvl:  You'll appreciate my comment on that one.18:17
th1aOK, we're done.18:17
menesis3:00 probably means EEST18:17
th1aIn case it isn't clear we're going to be focusing on bugfixes and writing stests for a while...18:17
th1aAny final questions?18:18
yvla small one, th1a18:18
yvlcan I allocate some time for "controllers"?18:18
yvland if yes, how much18:18
yvlyou can answer that later today, btw :)18:19
th1ayvl:  I'd like you to mix in actual bug fixing.18:20
th1aOtherwise, your discretion.18:20
th1aHave a great weekend gentlemen!18:21
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.18:21
replaceafillyvl do controllers include helpers like addSchoolYear and such?18:21
yvlhappy bugfixing!18:21
th1aOh, some background reading:18:21
* th1a goes to check on the electrical work going on in his house.18:22
yvlthanks again, th1a18:22
yvlreplaceafill, yes and no18:22
replaceafillok, we're going to repeat the whole set up for now, right?18:23
replaceafilli mean in stests18:23
yvlcontrollers themselves - no, they're supposed to wrap filling of... stuff like datepickers, generic forms, maybe specific forms18:23
yvlbut part of that work yes18:23
replaceafillspecific forms -> add person :D18:24
replaceafillgot it18:24
yvl( ;) )18:24
yvlas in - extension registration may be done in a similar fashion18:24
yvland they might get closely knit with actual DB modification18:24
yvlfor now, yes, replaceafill, repeat the set-up18:24
yvlyou can write helpers as usual, btw18:25
replaceafilldef addPerson(....)18:25
yvland put them in... say, stests/__init__.py18:25
replaceafillcool thanks18:25
yvlth1a, just got an email with your comment...18:26
yvlyou get 5 stars :D18:26
yvlok, /me goes home18:26
yvlgood luck guys!18:27
aelknerth1a, can i call you?18:27
*** yvl has quit IRC18:28
aelknerth1a, sorry, never mind, didn't see your electrical work post18:31
* aelkner is away from keyboard for a couple hours...18:31
*** jelkner has joined #schooltool19:31
jelknerreplaceafill, are you here?19:31
replaceafilljelkner sorry i was away19:35
jelknerwelcome back ;-)19:35
jelknerany news on pyquiz?19:35
replaceafillwe can install it now, did you finish setting up the timetables?19:35
jelkneryes, but wait a minute19:36
jelkneri have another question for you first19:36
replaceafillthe multiple quiz for multiple sections is not done yet19:36
replaceafillbut you can use it19:36
replaceafillsure, shoot19:36
jelknerAPS is having DNS issues (as usual :-(19:36
jelknerthis is making ST very difficult to use in general19:37
replaceafillbecause of the ssl?19:37
jelknersince clicking on anything will intermittently take a loooooong time to complete19:37
jelkneri think so19:37
jelknermattva01 can better tell us19:37
jelknerthe point is, i'm looking for a solution19:37
*** alga has quit IRC19:38
jelknersince this is seriously hampering my ability to use and test ST19:38
jelknerhere is my crazy idea19:38
replaceafillis using IP addresses an option?19:38
* replaceafill listens jelkner's crazy idea #23423 :D19:38
jelknerwe run two instances, one in our local LAN19:38
jelknerand one external19:38
jelknerwe rsync the Data.fs twice a day19:39
jelkneronce in the morning (before start of day) from external to internal19:39
jelknerand once at the end of day from internal to external19:39
jelkneri realize this is full of potential evil problems19:39
jelkner(what happens if i'm sick, for example, and decide to work from home?)19:40
replaceafillwhy do you need the external?19:40
*** th1a has quit IRC19:40
jelknerbut i don't know what else to do19:40
jelknerST is not working *at school* the way it should19:40
jelknerit works much better from home19:40
jelknerbut i use it most of the time here19:40
jelknerand need to19:41
jelkneri need to take attendance, for example19:41
jelknerin real time19:41
replaceafillcan't you mess with the /etc/hosts file in your machines someway19:41
jelkneri'll ask mattva0119:41
jelknerbut we have been having DNS issues all over the county19:41
jelknerso things are slow in general19:42
jelknerwe have our own DNS server for our lab19:42
jelknerso an internal instance could resolve quickly19:42
jelknerusing schooltool.local19:42
replaceafillmaybe tunneling from the ouside to get to the same instance?19:43
jelknerbut then external access would be a problem19:43
replaceafillusing ssh19:43
jelknerlet me run this by mattva0119:43
jelkneri called him19:43
jelknerbut he didn't answer19:43
replaceafilli remember we talked about it a while ago19:43
replaceafillwhen he was having trouble19:43
replaceafilland i was able to access from here19:43
jelknerstory of our miserable lives :-(19:44
replaceafilli'd vote for 1 instance + some tunneling hackery, than 2 instances19:44
replaceafillunless you have control to sync them19:44
jelknerlet me get back to work19:44
jelkneri'll look for you later after i talk to matt19:44
replaceafillsure, i'll be here or on google talk19:45
jelkneri will definitely want to start using pyquiz now19:45
jelknerwe should probably meet here19:45
jelknerso documentation is easier to find19:45
jelknerreplaceafill, oh, if forgot i wanted to ask you about jelkner's crazy idea #2342419:50
jelknerthe lyceum journal is setup to record daily grades19:51
jelknerwe use it for A, T, P19:51
jelknerbut in Europe, they would have a number, yes?19:51
jelknerhow difficult would it be to make pyquiz generate that number?19:52
jelkneri want to have daily "warm ups" for my students19:52
replaceafillA, T, P?19:52
replaceafillabscense, tardy, ...?19:52
jelknerAbsent, Tardy, Present19:52
replaceafillah, present19:52
jelkneri have been using google forms for this for the past three years19:53
jelkneri planned to switch to pyquiz as soon as possible19:53
jelknermy current plan was to create a work sheet called "warm ups"19:53
replaceafillyou mean, connect pyquiz to the journal?19:53
jelknerand put the warm up grades there19:53
jelknerbut if had warm ups connect to the journal19:54
replaceafillcan you describe the use case?19:54
jelknerit would have the added benefit that students would be taking their own attendance19:54
jelknerhere is the use case:19:54
jelknereach day when jonny walks into mr. elkner's class19:54
replaceafillhow do you calculate the Tardy value?19:55
replaceafillsorry, go ahead19:55
jelkneri don't19:55
jelkneri just put a t19:55
jelknerand i hardly ever do it19:55
replaceafillno, i mean from pyquiz19:55
jelkneryou don't19:55
jelknerif a score appears in the column for that day19:56
jelknerthey were there on time19:56
replaceafillah ok19:56
replaceafillso you will only have A and P19:56
replaceafillgot it19:56
jelknerthat works for me19:56
replaceafillso, continue with jonny19:56
jelknerjonny knows to log on pyquiz each day when he arrives at class and to complete his warmup19:57
jelknerthen i get:19:57
jelkner1. a quick snap shot of what students (like jonny) learned from the previous day19:57
jelkner2. an automatic record of jonny's presence in class19:58
replaceafillis the warm up, just another quiz?19:58
replaceafillbut instead of going to the gradebook, goes to the journal?19:58
* replaceafill likes jelkner's crazy ideas :D19:59
jelkneri use it differently and grade it differently19:59
jelknerbut it is functionally just a quiz19:59
jelknerand here is the added plus for the way i do business19:59
jelknerwhat if jonny is home sick and logs in anyway?19:59
jelkneri'll just count him present on ST20:00
jelknerthus encouraging students to participate even when they are remote20:00
jelknerso... how difficult is this crazy idea to implement?20:01
replaceafillon the schooltool.pyquiz side, i think it's just a matter of adding the journal as a dependency and add the needed methods20:01
replaceafill(that's the xmlrpc stuff)20:01
replaceafillon the pyquiz side...20:02
replaceafilljust a different type of quiz i think20:02
jelknerthink about it and let me know20:02
replaceafillbut i like it :)20:02
jelkneri'm going to start with quizzes showing up in a worksheet20:02
jelknerand then we can expand from there20:03
replaceafillthe new quiz will be required to start and to end on the same day20:03
replaceafillok, i'll think about it20:03
jelknerok, i'm going to go download the SchoolTool Book source while I wait for mattva01...  talk to you soon.20:03
replaceafillsee you jelkner20:04
jelknerthanks, replaceafill!20:04
*** jelkner has quit IRC20:04
*** jelkner has joined #schooltool20:10
jelkneri'm back20:10
jelknerwith a few questions20:11
jelkneri'm finding lots of bugs related to my playing around with the timetables20:11
jelknerreplaceafill, still here?20:11
jelknerfor example, the journal is showing me double dates on one of my sections20:11
jelknereven though only one timetable is currently applied20:12
jelknerbut one was removed20:12
jelknerbefore i go into that20:12
jelknerquick question: do you have an ETA on the squash of the firefox bug?20:12
jelknerif i can use both firefox and chromium it will help20:12
replaceafilljelkner you mean the one related to the buttons?20:13
replaceafillit's already fixed20:13
jelknerthings not adding20:13
replaceafillask matt to update your instance20:13
jelknerthat will help20:13
jelknersince i can be manager on one and teacher on the other20:13
replaceafilli use a /etc/hosts trick that ignas taught me :)20:13
replaceafill69.164.203.135  vps vps-student vps-teacher vps-manager schooltoolers20:14
jelkneri remember you talking about that20:14
replaceafillso you can loggin as http://vps-student20:14
replaceafilland http://vps-manager20:14
replaceafillwith different sessions20:14
replaceafillin the same browser20:14
jelkneryou set that on your own machine?20:14
replaceafillin /etc/hosts20:14
jelkneri'll do that20:15
replaceafillbtw, i reported your issue20:15
replaceafillyvl is working on it20:15
replaceafillcan you provide a url for the duplicated dates on the journal?20:15
*** menesis has quit IRC20:27
*** th1a has joined #schooltool20:29
*** th1a has quit IRC21:45
* replaceafill goes to get lunch21:47
jelknerreplaceafill, look here:
*** th1a has joined #schooltool22:07
replaceafilljelkner this section had the old timetable associated, correct?22:08
replaceafillthe one that you deleted22:08
replaceafillcan i copy your Data.fs to debug?22:09
jelknerany time, mr cerna22:10
replaceafillthe different period headers make me think the journal created the events for the old timetable22:10
jelknerthat's what i'm here for ;-)22:11
replaceafilland the duplicated ones are for the new timetable22:11
jelknerthat's what i assumed as well22:11
jelknerso th1a told me that eventually we need to assure that nothing is ever deleted22:11
th1aThat's kind of an exaggeration on my part.22:12
jelknerbut in this case, the old timetable (default) did need to be removed or my class would have had two22:12
replaceafillTautiu Pecher, Cesar has an absences22:12
replaceafilland it's not being taking into account in the total22:12
replaceafilli mean in the absences total22:13
replaceafilli'll copy the Data.fs to play with it22:13
th1aOn the other hand, "delete the timetable" will never be the solution to a problem.22:14
aelknerth1a, can i call you real quick?22:14
th1aYes aelkner.22:14
jelknerth1a, i understand that the correct solution is, *don't make mistakes*22:18
jelknerbut that is easier said then done22:18
jelknerso if you create a section22:18
jelknerand assign it the wrong timetable by mistake22:18
jelknerstart all over again with a clean instance and do it right?22:18
jelkneror, correct your mistake, and ST will do the right thing to fix your changes?22:19
*** menesis has joined #schooltool22:22
aelknerjelkner, i tried to reach you with private chat, but you didn't see apparnetly22:23
jelkneri did22:23
jelknerbut i was talking to matt22:23
jelknerwhat's up?22:24
aelknersp why is he not responding to me?22:24
th1ajelkner:  The process might not work properly yet, but it should be:22:27
th1a- unschedule incorrect timetable;22:28
th1a- reschedule with correct timetable.22:28
jelknerreplaceafill told me to do that22:28
jelknerand you're right, it doesn't work yet22:29
jelknerbut that's why i'm testing22:29
th1aThe existence of the flawed timetable isn't itself a problem.22:29
th1aGood god the journal is still way too slow.22:32
replaceafillth1a in trunk?22:33
th1aThe packaged version.22:33
replaceafilllarge_sample_data.xls i faster for me22:33
replaceafillthose are in the ppa, right?22:33
replaceafillso i can check if the changes are there22:33
* replaceafill goes look22:34
replaceafillth1a oneiric, right?22:34
th1aSo is the actual error in the journal jelkner ran into a KeyError?22:35
replaceafillhe sees duplicated periods22:35
th1aOK.  I guess I replicated another error Gediminas found.22:36
th1aBut otherwise it seems like unscheduling works.22:36
th1aThis is after all, what yvl spent the better part of a year trying to straighten out.22:37
th1aI see.22:39
replaceafillhhmm i can't find flourish journal in the ppa pool...22:43
replaceafillth1a you didnt get it from universe?22:43
th1aI don't see how that would work.22:43
replaceafillah! it's in the 's' directory!22:50
replaceafilli was looking in the 'p' ¬¬22:50
replaceafillth1a you're running the latest version of the journal22:52
replaceafilli mean, what you have is the latest code22:55
replaceafillmaybe i should install and profile the deb packages22:55
th1aI'm using the big spreadsheet.22:58
replaceafillth1a do you have firefox around?23:01
replaceafilli'm seeing a weird button problem in my firefox23:01
replaceafillwhen i click a form button, the footer moves up a little23:02
replaceafillit's like the buttons height is affected23:02
replaceafillbut i don't see it in the css23:02
th1aYes, I have ff.23:02
replaceafilland it's not shown in chrome23:02
replaceafillload the add section form23:02
replaceafilljust click on a button (but don't relase the mouse)23:03
replaceafilland look at the footer23:03
replaceafillthe active class for buttons just changes the background23:03
th1aI don't see it.23:04
replaceafillwell, my browser was updated today... so i'll say it's my browser :)23:04
replaceafillbecause i didnt notice it last week23:04
replaceafilli don't see it in ff 723:11
replaceafillhttp:// :D23:18
th1aThe size of the buttons is changing.23:18
replaceafillbut there's no css for that...23:18
replaceafilli'll let it go...23:19
th1aCan you firebug it?23:27
replaceafilli did23:28
*** alga has joined #schooltool23:42

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