IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2011-10-04

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jelknerAnyone here interested in talking about SchoolTool? ;-)16:50
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jelknerI now feel prepared to deliver a mini workshop in "Setting up timetables in schooltool"16:50
jelknerth1a, are you here?16:50
jelknerwe should talk about how i can help with the schooltool book16:51
jelknerwhen do you plan to have the look of the book match the new ST?16:51
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th1ahi jelkner.17:30
jelknerth1a, can i call you18:00
th1aYes, jelkner.18:01
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jelkneraelkner, i don't see any explanation for the "Won't Fix" status on: #594161 Section Schedule view doesn't update instructor calendar19:33
jelkneri just added screenshots showing this bug in operation19:33
jelknerit renders the calendar pretty useless19:33
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th1ahi aelkner.20:59
aelknerhey th1a21:06
th1aRemind me of what we did for niepa... if you can remember...21:08
th1aIn terms of new code.21:09
aelknerok, let me check the commit logs21:11
aelkneryeah, so remember how we created demos for resources21:13
th1aOK, so that's not a problem.21:13
aelknerthat was part of what we did in schooltool.niepa, use that new feature21:13
aelknerit has it's own version of School Info, like cambodia, sub-classing core's version21:14
th1aWhat's that doing?21:14
aelknerthere is a census form that allows the user to fill in many things21:15
aelknerone of the sections is for the school info21:15
th1aThat would need a new form then.21:15
aelknerok, strike that21:16
aelknerthe census form is a pdf21:16
aelknerit takes the results of the user filling in:21:16
aelkner1) School Info21:16
aelkner2) student demos21:16
aelkner3) resource demos21:16
aelknerand it summarizes the results into a pdf that looks like the census form they sent us21:17
th1aOK, so that should need a little updating for the new report framework.21:17
aelkneryou mean, it needs to register itself as a reportLink, right?21:18
aelkneryeaj, that's a simple change21:19
aelknermostly, we just need to fire it up with flourish and see how we can get to the report21:19
aelkneralso, there are custom niepa person views that may or may not be obsolete21:22
aelknerbecause we may have addressed the whole person edit using limit_keys in flourish21:23
aelkneri'd have to check on that as well21:23
aelkneri'll look the situation over some and prepare to discuss it tomorrow morning21:24
th1aOK.  Yes, David is still working on this so we shouldn't leave him completely hanging.21:25
th1aAlso, do you understand what's going on here?
aelkneri entered a comment about the timetable model being broken21:28
aelkneri'm not sure about the status of that21:28
aelknerit always takes a long time to debug those problems, only to t=find that the data model is broken21:28
aelknerbut i can revisit that in the short term as well21:29
th1aDo you think your brother is even talking about the same thing?21:29
aelknerto be honest, i don't know what he is talking about21:32
aelknerwhy he posts the gradebook view when the issue is section calendar, i don't know21:32
aelknerbut to be fair, the calendar is not my are of expertise21:33
aelknerand yvl has made vast changes lately21:33
th1aThat's why I don't want you to get into it.21:33
th1aI just wondered if you knew what he was talking about.21:33
aelknerbut perhaps jelkner did find a new bug in flourish21:33
aelkneri'm only guessing here21:34
th1aI don't doubt that there is some kind of bug here.21:34
th1aI just asked since it was your bug originally.21:39
th1areplaceafill:  ayt?21:41
aelknerwe should ask at tomorrow's meeting21:41
th1aI think I need some elaboration from jelkner.21:41
aelkneryeah, perhaps that as well21:41
th1aI think there may be some confusion about the section timetable vs. calendar.21:42
aelkneryeah, well i'm always confused about those things :)21:43
aelkneryou know, i think, iirc, that the calendar is something dymanic21:44
aelknerthat it is built from multiple sources including but not limited to the section timetable21:44
aelknerbut i may be remoembering incorretly21:44
aelknerthat whole area of the code lacks a certain clarity and transparency that wold be nice to have21:45
th1aWell, yvl just refactored it, so it may be a bit prettier now.21:45
th1aIt is about time to give the user side more love though.21:45
aelknersomething that may be easier to pull off now that we have flourish perhaps21:46
replaceafillth1a back, was preparing lunch21:46
th1aI spoke to jelkner about his recent bugs.21:47
th1aAre you going to follow up on those and file them if you can reproduce?21:47
th1areplaceafill ^21:47
replaceafillyes, i was able to reproduce it21:47
replaceafilli'm going to file it after lunch21:47
th1aThe section one?21:48
replaceafillthe section schedule, right?21:48
replaceafillwhere it's possible to delete the timetable and the section schedule gets broken21:48
replaceafilli told jelkner that it was like deleting a course associated to sections21:48
th1aDon't we have the hairy warning on timetables?21:49
replaceafilli think we do21:49
th1aShows you how much good that does.21:49
th1a(we do, btw)21:49
th1aOh... the done is over the table in /timetables.21:50
th1aThat's a bug...21:50
* replaceafill goes look21:50
replaceafillah yes21:51
replaceafillwill fix21:51
replaceafillwell, we have it above the table in /persons, /sections...21:51
replaceafillbut we have the search box21:52
replaceafillin those21:52
th1aYes, that's the difference.21:52
th1aI mean, maybe it should be below in all if they've got a reasonable batch size.21:52
replaceafillth1a we're going to start pushing the cambodia pilot again, right?21:55
th1aWe weren't really NOT pushing it.21:56
th1aThey stopped pulling.21:56
replaceafillah ok :)21:56
replaceafillare we going to use flourish at some point?21:56
th1aPresumably, but I'd like them to get a pilot of some sort started without it before investing the time.21:57
replaceafillah ok21:57
replaceafilli tried to build the cambodia sandbox today, but ran into a timetable issue :(21:58
replaceafilli think i'll have to pin down the trunk revision used21:58
replaceafilli'll test that this afternoon too21:58
th1aaelkner, replaceafill:  Any thoughts on this --
aelkneri saw thqt one earlier22:15
aelknerwe remember things in the gradebook with annotations on the person object22:15
th1aIs it worth the bother?22:15
aelknerit's an interesting issue22:15
th1aCan we store that in the session?22:15
aelkneri think we should address remembering user preferences in a general way22:15
th1aWell... this might not rise to the level of persistent database storage.22:16
th1aI'm not sure.22:16
aelknercookies are not used in schooltool22:16
aelkneri don't have a problem with the way the gradebook uses person annotations22:16
aelknerwe should just think about how to do the same in a more expansive and general way in my opinion22:17
aelknerthen adding any of these things would be more matter of fact22:17
aelknerlike each time someone like jelkner brings up such an issue, we could say:22:17
aelkneroh, ok, we'll just add that to the annotations dictionary22:17
th1aWhy don't we do that then?22:18
aelknercould we discuss this tomorrow morning to get the pov guys' thoughts?22:18
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th1aaelkner:  Didn't we do hiding deployed report sheets?22:47
aelknerth1a, no, not yet22:55
aelknerwe only show what is deployed22:55
th1aOK, we've just talked about it.22:55
aelknerwe also need to prevent accidental multiple deployment of the same sheet22:56
aelknersome kind of warning perhaps because lehmann didn't understand and then i needed to patch his data22:57
th1aThat isn't such a big deal once you can hide.22:58
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aelkneri suppose, and also flouish is clearer anyway22:58
th1aBut yes, I guess it would be easy enough to just not include templates that are already deployed in the menu.22:58
aelknerunless they do in fact want the same template multiple times22:59
th1aTrue.  I guess that is a valid use case.22:59
aelknerwe should wait until we are ready to both look over each view carefully23:00
aelknerand come up with the udeal combination of features23:00
th1aAs far as I'm concerned the main thing is we need hiding.23:02
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