IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2011-10-06

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menesisyvl: created yesterday16:24
ignasif you would python register upload it to pypi it would be even more awesome ;)16:43
th1aYes, thanks menesis.16:44
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jelknergood morning, replaceafill17:23
replaceafillgood morning jelkner17:23
jelknerso i read mattva01's email17:23
replaceafillah yes17:24
jelknerthis is a real pain in the ass17:24
jelknerthe problem is, we have two other teachers who really want to use ST (and pyquiz) along with me17:24
replaceafillthey need access too17:24
jelkneri guess we could setup firefox to tunnel17:25
jelknerhmm.. is there a way to make it work more or less easily from windows 7?17:25
jelknerthey need to do grades from their teacher computers17:25
jelknerand how does pyquiz work?17:26
jelknerhow do students access the system?17:26
jelknerdo they need to tunnel as well?17:26
replaceafilli thought the students were going to access the internal service?17:27
jelknerbut we weren't thinking17:27
jelknerthe "internal service" was our 192.168.0.x LAN17:27
jelknerwhich only my students can access17:27
jelknernot Isaac's or Sean's17:27
jelknerthis really sucks17:27
* jelkner bangs on white board and exclaims "We're F**KED!"17:28
replaceafillyou probably need the external + internal services17:29
replaceafilland sync17:29
jelknerI think that is the only way17:29
replaceafillmaybe give the teachers the ability to force the sync17:29
jelknerbut matt says syncing a binary data file like that almost guarantees we will corrupt it at some point.17:30
jelknerso here is what i'm thinking17:30
jelknerwe run an internal only system17:30
jelknerand find a way for you to get in when you need to17:31
jelknerlet me talk to matt again17:31
jelkneri gotta run17:33
jelknerlet's talk later17:33
replaceafillsee you later jelkner17:33
th1areplaceafill:  What's going on?17:41
replaceafilljelkner school network has DNS issues17:42
replaceafillstudents can't access external services like schooltool.gctaa.net17:42
replaceafillor teachers, or him :)17:42
th1aexternal services like THE INTERNET?17:43
replaceafilli think so :D17:43
replaceafillsometimes i've been helping them and they say: "it's not working" and i can access it fine from heere17:44
jelknermattva01 can explain better17:54
jelkneri think is an attempt to do url filtering on ssl requests17:54
jelknerto block facebook and stuff17:54
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