IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2011-10-03

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th1ahi yvl, menesis, aelkner, replaceafill.16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
th1aHow are things looking menesis?16:32
menesisreplaceafill fixed the biggest problem that prevented extracting flourish strings16:33
replaceafillmenesis sorry for the 'update-translations' issue i created :(16:33
menesisalso another fix, and I fixed journal month names today, so all is now translatable16:33
menesisreplaceafill: I have splitted your commits and reverted the po files16:34
replaceafillyes, i saw, thanks!16:34
menesissorry for anyone who have merged them :)16:34
th1aSo are we ready to make an announcement to translators?16:35
th1aOne thing I forgot to mention that I noticed is that CL is now marketing their appliance to China, so presumably they've got a Chinese translation.16:35
menesisthere is a Chinese translation16:37
menesisand fairly complete16:37
menesisabout announcement16:38
menesisreally not ready just yet16:38
menesisbecause I haven't copied the updated templates to trunk or uploaded to launchpad16:38
menesisI have done that twice for each project16:38
th1aI imagine CL has tested theirs more than we have.  ;-)16:38
menesisbut there are new strings again16:39
th1amenesis:  OK, just keep me up to date when everything is in place.16:39
menesisI wish I have not done this at all and simply enabled flourish series16:39
menesisthen you could tell translators, to test, use the PPA, to translate, use flourish series16:40
menesisI can still do this, and remove flourish template from the trunk16:40
menesistranslations are shared anyway16:41
th1aWhatever you think is best menesis.  The situation has changed a little in the past week.16:41
menesisit did16:41
yvlhey guys16:43
th1ahi yvl.16:43
yvlsorry th1a, I'm running a bit late today16:43
th1aThings are a little out of whack here too...16:43
menesisI see I have disabled imports of templates and translations of schooltool/trunk ..16:44
menesisso I will have to fix the launchpad side later today16:44
menesisand for translators to be able to test their translation16:45
menesisnew releases of flourish have to be made16:45
menesisto the ppa16:45
th1aOK... I'll let you sort it out.16:45
menesisI was still busy with i18n fixes16:46
menesisalso have noticed several issues or regressions while testing16:46
menesiswas not sure what to do next16:46
th1aIf you find bugs just report them.16:46
menesisbut now I think I have to make new releases16:47
menesisyes, will send an email16:47
th1aaelkner needs bugs.16:47
aelkneryeah, that's me, a frog ready to snap his tounge16:48
th1aLike an eagle ready to pounce on a... 49er.16:49
menesisbesides i18n, I had to fix journal in ubuntu last Thursday16:49
menesisbecause the last upload I did, made it uninstallable16:49
menesisbut is ok now16:49
menesisdon't think I will touch oneiric any more16:49
th1aIt should be set.16:50
menesisit is Final Freeze already16:50
menesisI'm finished16:50
th1aThanks menesis!16:50
yvlSelenium is torturing me a bit16:51
yvlnot a lot to report and little code committed, which is a bit frustrating16:51
yvlbut I think I've gone over some browser incompatibilities finally16:52
yvlI think in the short run we should settle for chromium16:52
yvlas the primary browser16:52
yvlsimply because it's fast16:52
yvlI have some plans to make tests quite compatible with FFox16:53
th1aI'm ok with settling for Chromium.16:53
yvland a discussion with Douglas added some API things on my TODO list16:53
yvlaelkner, really sorry about FFox16:53
aelknerwhat are you saying16:54
aelknerare we not going to be able to use ffox to functionally test?!16:54
yvlat least for now16:54
aelknerok, i have a question then16:54
yvlI'll be working to smooth the edges16:54
aelknersince we already had a functional test environment that worked16:55
yvlonce we have more tests, I can tell how difficult it is to make it run on both16:55
aelknerwhy are we going to Selenium that doesn't16:55
th1aJavascript testing...16:55
aelknerzope.testbrowser works, so why did we abandon it for something that doesn't16:55
aelkneroh, right16:55
th1aIt works!16:55
th1aIt isn't like zope.testbrowser worked with Firefox.16:56
yvljust so you know - it is still possible to write testbrowser functional tests16:56
th1aWe're getting functional testing with one real browser at this point.16:56
th1aAnd probably more in the future.16:56
th1aaelkner will just need to 'sudo apt-get install chromium-browser'16:57
aelkneri already have chromium installed, just was hoping to not have to use it and abandon the browser i lke16:57
th1aYou don't have to abandon it!16:58
aelknerwell, the paradigm of browser.serve()16:58
aelknerthat takes me into firefox where i can use its reich feature set16:58
yvlyou can actually look at the same pages in firefox!16:58
aelknerthat is shot noe16:58
aelkneroh, how?16:58
th1ashot noe?16:59
yvlsay, you run the test in debug mode and test fails16:59
aelknershow now16:59
th1asnot hoe?16:59
yvllike bin/test -D16:59
aelknertrying to type the words, 'shot now'16:59
yvlin selenium tests it halts, and you're left with open chromium browser16:59
yvlbut, you can paste the same address in firefox16:59
yvlor internet explorer for that matter16:59
aelkneryvl, ok, that'll work16:59
yvlor any browser you like16:59
yvlI know it's not perfect, but at least you'll be able to use the tools you like to debug17:00
th1aChrome's built-in developer tools are quite strong, and I imagine there are good plugins too...17:00
yvlvery true, th1a17:00
yvlso I guess we're settled then :)17:01
yvlreplaceafill, menesis, any comments on this?17:01
replaceafilli'd just say that the firefox driver with all it's inconsistencies helped me remember the <input type="image" /> bug we had :)17:02
replaceafillwhen i ran my categories test, it reported the difference :)17:02
menesisare the existing testbrowser tests left as they are, and selenium tests added for some parts that need javascript only?17:03
replaceafillit was a pain making it work though :D17:03
th1aIs this just for flourish functional tests?17:03
yvlmenesis, yes, the existing tests are left as they are, but - they test the old skin17:04
yvlwe'll probably write the new ones for Selenium only17:04
yvlunless we come up with a reason to write some of them in testbrowser17:04
yvlreplaceafill, FFox driver helped me remember that tag attribute order is unspecified ;)17:05
th1aWe can come back to that at some point (FFox support).17:05
replaceafillyvl the weird part is that at some point my test finished correctly17:05
replaceafillbut ff still reported the locator issue!17:05
replaceafilli mean, selenium17:06
yvlwell, let's leave it alone for now... say, for a week or two17:06
yvlthe FF version17:06
replaceafillsure, i installed chromium 13 already ;)17:06
yvlok, so for Wed, I'll be updating the API17:07
yvl(fast, ain't it? ;) )17:07
replaceafillgot the same results you had, about 40 seconds for my test17:07
yvlwell, this I can live with for now :)17:08
* yvl done17:08
th1aOK, so... maybe Wednesday this will be aelkner-ready?17:08
th1aAnd we can all start writing tests?17:08
th1a"all" does not include th1a or menesis.17:09
yvlI don't know how ready it will be... but we should start doing this17:09
yvlbetter earlier than later17:09
th1aOK, we'll shoot for Wednesday.17:10
th1aThanks yvl.17:10
aelknerok, so i started by getting help from menesis for what to do to install coursinfo17:10
aelkneri had to change the to get rid of some unnecessary dependencies, but eventually it worked17:11
aelkneri also worked with matt to set up a test instance on a demo server that mirrors welsh's live instance17:11
aelknerwe want to get this to work there first before messing with their live instance17:11
aelknerfinally, when i got the install to work, i found out about the skin conflict problem17:12
aelkneri sent a note about that, yvl, any thoughts?17:12
th1aSo basically you're going to add a source plugin (courseinfo) to their package installation?17:12
yvlif I got that correctly... shouldnt includeOverrides help?17:12
yvland specifying a default skin there?17:13
aelknerth1a, correct17:13
aelkneryvl, could you point me to a case where includeOVerrides is used?17:13
yvlalso... you can override the school year page you want for the schooltool (or cando) skin17:14
yvla moment...17:14
aelknerok, i grepped and found many examples, so i can look into that17:15
yvlyou'll see how schooltool/basicperson/overrides.zcml registers different adapters (than those that are already registered)17:15
aelkneryvl, so briefly, you're saying i can override the schoolyear add view without a new layer or skin?17:16
aelknerok, thanks17:16
yvlbasically - replace17:16
yvlbut that's not a very generic solution sadly17:16
yvlif two plugins want to replace the same view... who should win?...17:17
yvlit should work in your case though17:17
aelknerso we cross the other bridge when we come to it...17:17
yvlyep ;)17:17
aelknerth1a, ok, i'll try that out today and respond to welsh's email about status when i know17:18
th1aOK.  aelkner, do you get the emails from the CanDo users list?17:18
aelknerchatting over one another17:19
aelkneri have the email starred, so i'll respond to it17:19
th1aAbout listing the Course ID in the course index?17:19
aelkneroh, no, not that17:19
aelknerlet me look at my inbox for that17:20
th1aYou might not get those.  Anyhow, it is really a smallish SchoolTool enhancement you could do this week.17:20
th1aLet me know if you don't have the email.17:20
th1a"Cando Feature Request - Competency Related"17:21
aelknerdon't have it, how do i register for those emails?17:21
th1aActually, I guess they're mostly talking about CanDo screens, but it also applies to a SchoolTool view or two.17:21
th1aI'll check.17:21
aelknerit sound like a cando screens story17:22
th1aIt is a google groups, so maybe you can join that.17:22
th1aI forwarded the mail.17:22
th1aOK, thanks aelkner.  Let me know if you're not sure what to do before Wednesday.17:22
replaceafillas yvl mentioned i tested the selenium branch and gave a little feedback17:23
replaceafillas i mentioned, i changed input[type="image"] to <button><img /></button> tags17:23
replaceafillto fix the FFox+4 issue reported by jelkner17:23
replaceafilli also updated the import.html view instructions and added small sample data xls17:24
replaceafillwhich helped me find new issues related to table formatters17:25
replaceafillwe need batches when the items are more than 2517:25
replaceafilli'll look into that today17:25
replaceafillalso i added sample Contact Persons and Contact Relationships sheets to empty data xls17:25
replaceafilland finished the es-sv translations which helped me to test the full UI17:26
replaceafillah, th1a regarding what happens when you start importing and leave the page17:27
replaceafilli found that the server keeps running the import17:27
replaceafilluntil it finishes17:27
replaceafilland i had a question17:27
replaceafilli found some column headers with ? marks, like "Delete?"17:27
replaceafilland some others just as "Delete"17:28
replaceafillshould we put "?" in all our action columns?17:28
th1aI prefer the question mark, I guess, since it cues the user that there is an action there.17:28
th1aAny other opinions on this?17:29
replaceafillok, i think that's it from me17:30
* yvl would slightly prefer not using the question mark17:31
yvlbut very slightly17:31
th1aSince nobody noticed it up to this point, the feelings must not be very strong.17:31
yvlright :)17:31
replaceafilli think we only need to be consistent17:31
replaceafillall of them, or none of them17:31
menesisif there were checkboxes in the column, then maybe a "?". but since they are buttons, I don't think we need a ?17:32
aelkneri think the question mark is an ok way to indicate the action, but i don't have a strong prefence either17:32
th1aWell... it cues the user that the buttons are actions and not just indicators.17:33
* yvl feels that ? is a bit of overkill, since the buttons are quite self-explanatory17:34
th1aIf we only have ? in a couple places, you could just get rid of them.17:34
yvlthen again, no strong preference17:34
th1aI imagine we mostly don't have them at this point.17:34
replaceafillth1a correct17:34
replaceafilljust a few places17:34
th1aWhatever you feel like doing, replaceafill.17:35
th1aOK, thanks guys!  Have a good half-week.  See you Wednesday.17:35
yvlthanks guys!17:35
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:35
replaceafillthanks everybody17:35
aelknercya all wednesday17:36
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th1aSo I'm updating our 2013 mindmap.  I've got "full test coverage for gradebook."19:24
th1aDid we do that?19:24
replaceafillchange to "very decent test coverage" :D19:26
replaceafillth1a i remember we had a long discussion on 'full'19:27
replaceafillbut i remember aelkner did extended coverage19:27
replaceafillin the gradebook19:27
th1aI remember we talked about it.19:27
th1aOK, thanks.19:27
th1aDo you know the status of pyquiz integration?19:27
th1aUnder development still?19:28
replaceafillalmost done19:28
replaceafillit's going to be tested on wednesday i think19:28
replaceafillhhmm /persons table: "Last name, First name, Username", .../intervention_tab/search_students.html is "First name, Last name"19:30
replaceafillcan i switch intervention's search to Last name, First name?19:30
* replaceafill is navigating flourish looking for small things19:31
* th1a is very much ok with that.19:32
th1areplaceafill:  School Years could use a done.19:46
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th1aaelkner: ayt?20:22
th1aDid we remove the gradebook's dependency on the journal?20:22
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