IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2011-09-29

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replaceafillthanks for your reply yvl16:28
replaceafill(good afternoon btw)16:29
replaceafillthis is what i get when i change to firefox 6.0.216:29
yvlhey replaceafill16:30
replaceafilli like the idea of adding methods for getting attributes and text for query_all16:30
replaceafilli'd call it get_attribute though16:31
replaceafillto keep consistency16:31
yvldid you try link("School", partial=True) ?16:31
yvlthat was just a wild guess16:32
yvlas for get_attribute - sure16:32
replaceafillwhat does 'partial' do?16:32
replaceafillwhat testbrowser does by default?16:32
replaceafillah ok, let me try16:33
yvland what selenium does with get_element_by_partial_link_text16:33
replaceafillnow i understand why type(...) receives *value :)16:34
replaceafillyou can send keys like ENTER16:34
replaceafillnow, the test fails on query.name16:35
replaceafillsame kind of error16:35
replaceafillUnable to locate element...16:35
yvlok, so FFox 6.0.2 does something even more different16:36
replaceafillvery weird, it seems to write the password, but no username :/16:36
yvlyou could try... selecting those elements some other way16:37
yvlthen checking what actual text/attrs are16:37
yvlboth with16:37
yvlprint el16:37
yvland print el.text; print el.get_attribute(...)16:37
yvlmy rough guess is that there might be whitespace somewhere16:38
yvlI'll upgrade my home machine over the weekend to test16:38
replaceafillmaybe using ActionChains?16:39
replaceafillto fill the form16:39
yvlactionchains are just a helper16:39
yvlthey push the commands as lamdba: ... to a list16:40
yvland then just execute them all16:40
yvlnothing fancy :)16:40
yvlbut they do have modifier key support16:40
yvlthough I didn't get it working16:40
yvlbtw, how's the tests' speed?16:41
yvlyour test ran in ~40s with chromium on my machine16:42
replaceafilli decided not to comment on that because i'm running natty in virtualbox (emulated)16:42
* yvl is still interested16:42
replaceafillit takes a looot of time :)16:42
yvlbuildbots might or might not do that one day16:42
yvland by lot... ? :)16:43
replaceafilli got the same locator issue in iceweasel, that's why i had to move to natty :(16:43
replaceafillhold on, let me try to get the name attribute first16:43
replaceafillthen i'll change to chrome to give you a exact time16:43
yvlbtw, running tests in -D mode might help16:52
yvlor hinder ;)16:52
replaceafillyvl i tried to get the elements the same way you do in app.txt16:52
replaceafilland got
yvlit kind of stops in different places, so you'll need to go up and down to find the right frame16:52
replaceafillchanging back to chrome16:54
yvlokay... will play with it on Monday16:54
yvlit should not do this :)16:54
replaceafill07:55:10 - started test16:55
replaceafillah come on!!! now chrome is failing?!?!? :(16:56
yvlwelcome to the wonderful world of Selenium :)16:57
replaceafillah no no no16:57
replaceafilli'm so dumb16:57
yvloh, and you should really set you selenium.implicit_wait to some low value16:57
replaceafillchanged buildout.cfg16:57
replaceafillbut forgot to run bin/buildout :D16:57
yvlwhatever works for you, 5, 3, 116:57
yvlI didnt have time to add a testrunner option16:57
yvlconfigure several testrunners16:58
yvland just edit bin/test16:58
yvla line with default=""16:58
replaceafillthat would help :)16:58
yvlor maybe I can add something like default=ENV16:59
yvlsuch option, I mean16:59
replaceafill07:59:20 - starting again16:59
yvloh, by the way16:59
yvlwhat are you going to do next?17:00
yvlor rather, what would you like to do next? ;)17:00
replaceafillhhmm not sure17:00
replaceafilldo you want me to test something?17:00
replaceafilli was thinking of going back to translations17:00
replaceafillbut this is funnier ;)17:01
yvlyeah, it does have appeal to it ;)17:01
yvlif you want to port one more test, that would be cool17:02
yvloh, and if you do, just make it work on chromium17:02
replaceafillsure, will pick another from the gradebook17:02
yvlalso - did you try running chromium tests on Debian?17:02
replaceafillnot sure if gradebook_management.txt though :D17:02
replaceafilli have squeeze17:02
replaceafillwhich has chrome 6.017:03
replaceafilland the driver is only compatible with 12+17:03
replaceafillor 11+17:03
replaceafilli was thinking of moving to wheezy (testing) over the weekend too :)17:04
replaceafilli think i will17:04
yvlinternets say you can install chromium 14 on squeeze ;)17:04
yvlsorry, chrome17:04
replaceafillreally? url?17:05
replaceafill13.0.782.220~r99552-1: all  on wheezy17:05
yvl ?17:05
yvldunno if that works, obviously ;)17:06
replaceafillah cool, i'll try that17:06
replaceafillbtw, test finished, according to the testrunner:17:06
replaceafill3 minuts 58 seconds17:06
replaceafill9.9 in setting up the layer i think17:07
replaceafillagain, virtualbox17:07
yvlbad, but not horribly bad17:08
yvlfor a virtualbox17:08
yvland I'm assuming a laptop ;)17:08
replaceafillIntel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     T5750  @ 2.00GHz17:08
replaceafillmaybe i'll go with gradebook_management.txt after all17:09
replaceafilli know how to set up the whole year anyway17:09
replaceafilli can copy/paste :)17:09
yvlyep ;)17:09
yvlI'll work on setting up in tests at some point17:10
yvlthe way we've been doing it is cumbersome17:10
yvl(func tests)17:10
replaceafillyou mean like doing it in test_functional.py17:11
yvlsomething like that17:11
replaceafillah yes, i like that too, and it's faster17:11
replaceafill(i think)17:11
yvland I plan to do setting up directly in the database17:12
yvlyou don't need to func test that you can add a person 500 times, thank you.17:12
yvlokay then17:13
replaceafillok yvl thanks for the help17:13
replaceafilli'll ping you or email if i get stuck17:13
yvlI wish I was more helpful ;)17:13
yvlof course17:13
replaceafillsee you on monday17:13
yvland, you know, just drop it if you reach a point where it is annoying for some reason17:13
replaceafillno, not at all17:14
replaceafilli think it's easy to get used to it17:14
yvlcool :)17:14
yvlok, so I'm waiting for your mail ;)17:14
replaceafillkk :)17:14
yvlsee you Monday :)17:14
replaceafilltake care yvl17:14
yvland happy testing! ;)17:14
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jelknerth1a, mr. hoffman, are you around?18:12
jelkneri tried calling your home, but no answer18:12
th1aI am here, jelkner.18:14
jelknercan i call now?18:15
* replaceafill just updated his chromium to 13.0.78218:18
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replaceafillyvl the test took 6s + 35s in native chromium :)18:53
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replaceafillinteresting, the old ftest takes 12 seconds total19:16
replaceafillthe new stest takes 4019:16
th1aUsing Chromium?19:16
th1aIt isn't surprising that a real browser session takes longer.19:18
th1aAlso, do you have to explicitly add wait time?19:18
th1aWas yvl talking about that yesterday?19:18
replaceafillyes, but i havent tried it yet19:19
th1aOK, so this is without needing wait time then?19:19
th1aIs that displaying the browser?  Can you run it faster without actually opening a browser window?19:20
replaceafillyes, it opens the browser19:21
* replaceafill looks how not to display the window19:21
replaceafillbut it goes so fast that i have a problem with the calendar widget19:22
replaceafillit puts on the Submit button19:22
replaceafilland doesn't dissappear fast enough19:22
replaceafillso the test cant click the button19:22
th1aSo you need a wait there?19:22
replaceafilli set the two dates first and then the title :D19:23
replaceafilli'll also look how to fix that19:23
th1aSmart.  ;-)19:23
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th1areplaceafill:  ayt?20:50
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th1ahi menesis.20:54
th1areplaceafill: ayt?22:19
replaceafillth1a yes22:19
th1aI'm moving on to the "figuring out the systems" part of procrastinating over documentation.22:19
th1aDo you think I should keep the 1.0 and 2.0 documentation as one Sphinx tree or two?22:20
replaceafillhhmm i'm not very familiar with Sphinx22:21
th1aOK, never mind.22:21
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