IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2011-09-30

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aelkner_replaceafill, ayt?20:42
replaceafillaelkner_ yes20:42
aelkner_you deal with any cando instances lately?20:42
replaceafillhhmm no20:43
replaceafilli made a couple of fixes last month for David20:43
aelkner_to his production instance?20:43
replaceafillbut Matt was in charge of updating them20:43
replaceafillto cando trunk20:44
aelkner_what did you fix exactly, what package, egg, or did matt branch20:44
aelkner_cando trunk20:44
replaceafilli also made a change for schooltool series 1.520:44
aelkner_so when you were fixing the trunk your development sandbox matched their production instance?20:44
aelkner_in terms of buildout, etc.20:45
aelkner_i have a better way of asking this20:45
aelkner_could you zip up just the sanbox directory where your buildout is and email it to me?20:45
aelkner_not the sub directoies20:46
aelkner_just the directory entries themselves, so i can see the buildout.cfs, stc20:46
replaceafillwhat are you trying to do?20:46
replaceafillmaybe i can help you without looking at all those sandboxes i have20:46
aelkner_i need to integrate schooltool.courseinfo with david's cando instance20:46
aelkner_so i need to know how his instance builds20:47
aelkner_so that when I ask them to update, i know what they are dong20:47
aelkner_i'm assuming the sandbox you used when you helped them20:47
aelkner_would work for developing the same thing they use20:47
replaceafillaelkner_ i usually don't care about what they have20:48
replaceafilli just work on trunk20:48
replaceafilland menesis takes care of backporting stuff if needed20:48
replaceafillthen he creates an appropriate deb20:48
aelkner_i'm not going in that direction20:48
aelkner_this is a totally different situation than the theortical user we want to reach with debs20:48
replaceafillaelkner_ they don't use sandboxes20:48
replaceafillthey use deb packages20:49
aelkner_they do?20:49
aelkner_the idea was for me to not have to involve menesis20:49
replaceafilli think you will have to20:49
aelkner_well, this delivery paradigm will cost what we set it up to cost20:50
aelkner_frankly, i never saw the point in using debs and three sets of developer bottlenecks to deliver softwae20:50
replaceafilllook all the changes menesis did after my change for david20:50
aelkner_to a custome who we work with very closely and would appreciate quick resonse time20:51
replaceafillthe way i do it: i pull trunk, make sure the instance builds, make the changes, let the rest to menesis :)20:51
menesisall those changes by me are not relevant for their instance20:51
menesisonly to be compatible with trunk20:52
aelkner_exactly what i was about to say20:52
aelkner_but menesis, which trunk are you referring to, flourish?20:52
menesisthey use lp:schooltool/1.420:52
menesisor debs of it20:52
menesisaelkner_: the trunk trunk20:53
aelkner_ah, ok20:53
menesisnot flourish20:53
aelkner_so if they wanted to add schooltool.courseinfo to their instance, what would they need to do?20:53
menesisdon't know about courseinfo20:53
aelkner_well, i'm glad i found you here because we need to talk about this20:54
menesisbut in general , add a file to plugins directory20:54
menesis<include package="schooltool.courseinfo" />20:54
aelkner_that's what they call the slug20:55
menesisand put schooltool.courseinfo somewhere on pythonpath20:55
aelkner_where would that be, sn't that determined by the deb loader20:55
menesisthere's no deb for courseinfo20:55
aelkner_but for core20:55
aelkner_when the app starts, that's where the path is set up, no?20:56
menesisbut you have to install courseinfo somewhere20:56
menesistry /usr/local20:56
menesiscd schooltool.courseinfo20:56
menesispython install20:56
menesisthis will put it to /usr/local20:56
menesiswhere python will find it20:57
menesisand sorry but I have to go now20:57
aelkner_backing up a sec, matt branches schooltool.courseinto anywhere, not important20:57
aelkner_then cd schooltoolcourseinfo20:57
aelkner_then the install command you referred to?20:58
aelkner_and that copies it to /usr/local?20:58
aelkner_menesis, please, before you leave...20:58
aelkner_ah, good20:58
aelkner_ok, i'll try it out with him as soon as i can find him20:58
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mattva01hey, aelkner21:43
mattva01I'm around now, was getting my wisdom teeth out earlier,so I was unavailable21:44
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aelknermattva01, hey22:09
mattva01aelkner, back again now :p22:27
aelknermattva01, can you talk on the phone, or is your mouth too sore22:33
mattva01yeah I can talk22:33
mattva01just call my cell22:33
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replaceafillth1a zyt?23:13
th1aI am here, replaceafill.23:17
replaceafillhey th1a i'm working on the small sample data xls23:18
replaceafilli got to 12 sections per year23:18
replaceafill466 students23:18
replaceafill6 teachers23:18
replaceafill4 terms23:18
replaceafilltakes around 15 seconds in my laptop23:18
th1aSounds good.23:18
replaceafilland helped me find a nice bug :D23:18
replaceafillin the groups view23:18
replaceafillif the group has more than 25 people, you cant see the rest :(23:19
th1aAre the students under-enrolled or the classes huge?23:19
replaceafilli only left the people needed for the import23:19
replaceafilli'm going to slice the contacts too23:19
replaceafilli mean, i removed unnecessary students and teachers23:19
replaceafilland was thinkin of putting a spinner in the import.html page23:20
replaceafilllike with the database pack23:20
th1aYes... I was wondering if that was possible.23:23
th1aI concluded that it probably wasn't.23:23
replaceafillwe can show it when they hit the Submit button23:23
th1aThat would require spawning another thread, right?23:23
replaceafillhhmm not really, it's just a lie23:23
replaceafillyou just show it and hope for the best :)23:23
th1aHow do we know it is done?23:24
replaceafillin success we redirect anyway23:24
replaceafillin failure too23:24
th1aI guess I've started believing the lie.23:24
th1aSo wait, what would happen now?23:24
th1aOK, I hit the import button and... ?23:25
replaceafillwe show the hidden spinner23:25
replaceafilland then submit the file23:25
replaceafillthe server takes it, takes its time23:26
replaceafilland once done redirects23:26
replaceafillright now, it's doing all of this (without the lying spinner part)23:26
th1aCan I leave the page while it is working?  Or does the spinner block that?23:26
replaceafillah no23:26
replaceafillthat would require background processing23:27
replaceafilli was thinking of a message like the database packing23:27
replaceafillthat asks you to wait23:27
th1aYou can leave that page, right?23:27
replaceafillfor the task to complete23:27
replaceafillwell, i think you can...23:27
replaceafillbut i don't know what the server does after finishing procesing23:28
replaceafilli dont think the transaction is aborted23:28
replaceafilli have not tried it :)23:28
replaceafillthis is what the small import looks like23:29
replaceafillclick on the Students group23:29
th1aWhy don't you try it.23:29
replaceafillsure, will do23:29
replaceafillwe also have a little problem with
replaceafillit shows all the members23:31
th1aNeed to batch, presumably.23:35
th1aOK, I have to go grocery shopping.23:35
replaceafillok, thanks th1a23:36

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