IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2011-09-15

jelknerreplaceafill, fixes worked!01:01
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th1ahi replaceafill, menesis, yvl, aelkner.16:30
yvlgood morning! :)16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:30
th1aAre you guys getting emails when Vinny and I make comments on Basecamp?16:31
replaceafilli do, i suscribed to the message thread in the base camp16:31
th1aCan you guys see this?16:32
aelkneri know this is not helpful, but i like the red better (:16:33
aelkneri know red=danger and all, but i guess i'm used to it16:33
th1aI'm becoming used to teal.16:34
th1aNow that we're getting it dark enough.16:34
aelkneri was going to say it would be better lighter, but there i go again not being helpful16:35
aelknerthe dark teal seems ominous to me, similar to red=danger16:35
th1aMaybe the Eagles lost to the Dolphins too many times?16:35
th1aI think the logo looks better against the dark background than white.16:36
th1aAny other comments?16:36
aelknerok, i just pulled up the person form to compare, and the tela is uch better than all that red16:36
th1abtw, I'm not planning on changing our navigation.16:37
th1aI don't think the years would make sense where Vinny has the subnav.16:37
yvlphew :)16:38
yvlthanks, Tom16:38
th1aI don't think he's really aware of what our "subnav" actually is.16:38
th1aYeah, we're just talking color here.16:38
aelknerhe may be thinking breadcrumbs?16:38
aelkneroh, right, that's at the right16:39
aelknerhaving both on one like is better for screen real estate, but the years tabs we have are nice16:39
th1aIt would me more like if you did "School" and then chose "Persons" "Sections" etc. from the subnav.16:39
th1aYears makes  more sense in a tabby way.16:40
* yvl wonders if the blueish gray could be changed to some warmer gray16:40
th1aI think the gray is what is pulling it together for me.16:40
th1aBut basically replaceafill and I have to try installing this later today.16:41
th1aAlso, I finally remembered how we're supposed to be doing the CSS.16:41
yvland I was purely wondering if warm gray would work in this context16:41
th1aWe just need a final style sheet which just has slots for the colors we or other people want to customize.16:42
th1aThe relevant ones.16:42
th1ayvl craves warmth.16:43
th1aDo you see what I mean, replaceafill?16:43
replaceafillth1a you mean slots like the "variables" you were mentioning?16:43
th1aJust a style sheet.16:44
th1aIn this case.16:44
replaceafillor just put all the colors in a single stylesheet?16:44
th1aJust one style sheet I could go to if I wanted to change the interface colors only.16:44
replaceafillgot it16:44
th1aNothing magical.16:44
th1aBut then we can also point users to just one file to customize.16:45
th1aOK, let's hear from yvl and menesis and then discuss contacts import with aelkner.16:45
yvl(darkened :) )16:46
yvlso, some good progress on the selenium layer16:46
yvlstill stuff to do, but I'm pretty happy the way it's turning out16:46
replaceafillyvl i had a question: are we going to keep using doctests for ftests?16:47
yvlI think so16:47
yvldo you have a preference?16:47
replaceafillwith >>> and all16:47
th1aWill I still be able to run the tests on an individual module?16:47
yvlmaybe :)16:48
replaceafillyvl not really16:48
yvlIt's a really good time to bring some input16:48
yvlif you have stuff you dislike about ftests, please voice it!16:48
aelkneri just hope that we can still do what we always have been able to do16:49
yvlapart from the fact that they're slow.16:49
yvlwe will16:49
yvl+ some extras16:49
yvllike, if you run the tests with -D (debug) flag16:49
yvland the test fails16:49
yvltest runner will halt, as usual16:49
yvland leave you with basically the same effect that browser.serve had16:50
aelknerthat will be nice16:50
yvlI think we'll end up doing more TDD actually16:50
yvlthe reason being, that func tests do start up way faster than the full-blown zope server16:50
yvlso it's just easier:16:51
yvlwhen developing a form or something16:51
yvlwrite a one-line test that fails for it16:51
yvlrun it, you'll end up with a open browser16:51
yvlclick around, implement some things16:52
yvlrun the test again16:52
yvlwhen something starts working the way it should - fill in the test16:52
yvlI guess you probably were doing something like that already16:52
replaceafillwhy is it faster than starting the server?16:53
yvlless payload16:53
yvlin-mem DB16:53
aelknerso if a test fails, you see the failure diff AND the serve() thing if -D specified?16:53
yvlonly functional scope you need16:53
yvlyes, aelkner16:53
aelknerthat's very helpful16:53
yvla drawback of that16:54
replaceafillyvl you mean, like unnecessary packages are not loaded?16:54
yvlyes, replaceafill - we do have functional.zcml that limits the scope somewhat16:54
replaceafillyvl yes, i was thinking the same16:54
replaceafill(about we having ftesting.zcml)16:54
yvlalso - DemoStorage is somewhat faster than actual thing in the file system16:54
yvlok, so I'll survey you about your dev habits later on16:55
yvlpreferred browser, tools and so on16:55
yvlth1a, with much pain I have to ask you to timebox me16:55
yvlso I don't get carried away16:56
th1aEnd of next week?16:56
yvlthanks, I needed that :)16:56
th1aNo problem.16:56
replaceafillyvl it would be nice to have it ready to use soon, so we can test it16:56
replaceafilleven if it's still rough :)16:56
th1aI'm always available to pull an arbitrary date from the air.16:56
yvlthat helps a lot!16:57
yvlso I'll give you guys something Monday16:57
replaceafillyvl great16:57
yvloh, and a nice thing on screenshots16:57
th1aI don't want it to take longer than that though -- it is only arbitrary in terms of knowing what you're actually doing technically.16:57
yvlFFox does screenshot the whole page16:57
aelknerbut we still are going to get bin/test to pass for the old skin tests, right?16:57
yvlunderstood Tom16:58
yvlyes aelkner16:58
th1aIf you can integrate this with my book screenshot generation, that'd be cool.16:58
yvlthat's the plan, th1a16:58
yvlI think we may even end up with stuff like16:58
yvlscreenshot of this dialog there16:58
yvlor screenshot of that table here16:59
yvlbut we'll see16:59
* yvl done :)16:59
menesisI have been doing merges and releases yesterday17:00
menesisreleased schooltool 1.6.1, then schooltool 1.7.0 from trunk17:00
menesisretargeted bugs that were assigned to those milestones17:01
menesisand other stuff on launchpad17:01
menesismerged all this to flourish branch17:01
menesiswas fixing some problems on flourish17:02
menesisincluding datetimewidget issues that I introduced two days ago17:02
menesisso I am finished with merging everything to flourish17:04
menesisand can do a release17:04
menesiswas solving problems with flourish-gradebook resourcelibrary17:04
th1aGreat.  So maybe in Oneiric tomorrow?17:05
menesistried running an old skin from flourish branch17:05
menesisfound some problems with gradebok and journal, fixed. not played too much.17:06
menesisOneiric Beta2 freeze is tonight17:06
aelknermenesis, did you solve the gradebook functional test issues?17:06
aelknerthe resourselibrary thing, i mean17:07
th1amenesis:  Is there any chance we can get in beta2?17:07
th1a(the fixes, that is)17:07
menesisaelkner: I had to add a meta feature "" and conditionally include flourish.zcml from gradebook/configure.zcml17:08
menesisth1a: what fixes?17:08
aelknermenesis, i don't see anything new in gradebook trunk, still working in your own branch?17:09
th1aI guess the "fixes" are the package changes that let SchoolTool run at all in Oneiric.17:10
menesisaelkner: not committed yet17:10
menesisth1a: yes having the freeze in mind I made a release from trunk17:10
menesisand fixed other packages that prevented schooltool from starting17:10
aelkneryvl, regarding the note you sent me, i guess menesis is on that one17:11
menesisam still fixing other package issues today17:11
yvlah, ok aelkner17:11
aelkneryvl, menesis, could you guys make sure to let us know when that is resolved in trunk?17:12
th1aShould aelkner be subscribed to something in LP?17:13
menesisaelkner: done17:14
menesisbut need latest schooltool/flourish17:14
aelknermenesis, thanks17:16
th1aAnything else, menesis?17:17
menesiswhile adding release notes17:17
menesiswill continue with packages/launchpad today17:18
menesisand see what else do I need in flourish to make a release17:18
menesisof course if more tests were passing that would be more reassuring17:19
th1aOf course.17:20
menesisI noticed two things missing in flourish17:20
menesisCancel school in emergency17:20
menesisBook resources17:20
aelkneryvl, ok, i merged with menesis fixes, but timetables still making gradebook tests fail17:21
th1aemergency days are still there.17:22
th1ayvl:  Book resources?17:22
yvlmenesis, you meant - book resources in old skin?17:22
menesisin import sections17:22
menesisfrom xls17:22
menesisI saw some code removed17:23
yvlyes, that one is removed17:23
aelknermenesis, xls import is not different in flourish17:23
yvl"importing section resources"17:23
yvlor location, to be more precise17:23
aelknerif that's gone in flourish, it's gone in old skin, too17:23
menesisok maybe that's ok17:24
th1aWait, what?17:24
th1aBooking resources for a section?17:24
menesisin section view, resources was always blank17:24
menesisand edit resources link was removed a year ago or so17:25
th1aOh, yes, it didn't work.17:25
th1aJust for the record, this was removed because it didn't actually work, but we would like it to work.17:25
* menesis finished17:26
* yvl +1 for reimplementing that feature at some point17:27
th1aThanks menesis.17:27
replaceafilli fixed the journal bug that was doubling absences for consecutive periods17:27
replaceafilland added "Sort by" options to the section journal17:28
replaceafillstudent, "activities" and "totals", like in the gradebook17:28
replaceafilli'm adding a "reverse" order option now, but i noticed that we don't mark the option17:28
replaceafilli mean17:29
replaceafillif i sort by Student17:29
replaceafillthe option still says "Sort by"17:29
replaceafillnot a big deal, just a comment17:29
replaceafillalso, i fixed a problem with the password validator in the person add form17:29
replaceafilland tracked down the birth date widget issue reported by jelkner, which menesis already fixed, thanks menesis17:30
replaceafilli guess that's it from me17:31
replaceafillstill have small things in my TODO17:31
replaceafilllike: Selection List Fields in person/resource demographics should be rendered as optional. Currently they're set with the first option selected17:31
th1aOK.  We'll talk CSS after the meeting.17:32
replaceafillth1a ah ok17:32
th1aAnd other small things.17:32
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:32
th1aaelkner, did you consider doing contact creation and contact linking as two separate sheets?17:33
aelkneruh, no, i ddn't consider it because i don't see how that would be17:34
aelkneri laid out the scenarios in my email17:34
th1aOne sheet to add the contacts.17:34
th1aAnother sheet specifying the relationship between persons and contacts (or other persons)17:35
aelknernot specific, so no meaning to me17:35
th1aOne sheet adds contacts.17:35
th1aCreates the objects.17:35
th1aAnother links them.17:35
aelkneryou need things to have keys to link them17:36
aelknercontacts don't have keys17:36
aelknerthey just exist with silly __name__ attributes that have no meaning17:36
aelkneractually, i still have the issue of how to reimport contacts when there is no key for them17:37
aelkneryvl, what are your thoughts for starters on the table i defined in the email i sent?17:37
yvlpretty good17:37
yvlI think importer should ignore the namechooser and have an optional column for __name__17:37
yvlfor contact reimporting17:37
aelknerah, good17:38
yvlcontact linking can be done in a separate sheet if there's a point in that17:38
aelkneri was going to say that the __name__ of all the other sheets makes reimporting possible17:38
* yvl just can't think of a reason right now17:38
* aelkner neither17:39
th1aWhere do contacts live?17:39
yvlunbound contacts - in a global container17:39
yvlbound - in person annotations I think17:39
yvlcatalogs mash them up17:39
th1aPerhaps aelkner didn't read my last comment on Wednesday:17:40
th1ath1aaelkner:  In terms of linking contacts, basically what yvl has above should work.18:2817:40
th1ath1aBut we might also have to let the user set the contact ID's from the spreadsheet.18:2817:40
th1ath1aAnd they may have to specify whether the contact is a contact or person so the ID's don't collide.17:40
aelknerbtw, there is no way to establish the relationship type for bound contacts17:41
yvlhow come, aelkner?17:41
aelknerif you choose a teacher for a contact of a student, you can't specify whether that teacher is a parent17:41
aelknerlook in the old skin, relationship is always blank in those cases17:41
th1aSo... that's a bug?17:42
aelknerthat's a question on my part, i don't know if it's a bug?17:42
yvlif aelkner is correct, then yes, a bug!17:42
th1aDo you see why it happens in code?17:43
aelkneryes, because the way bound contact is implemented is different from user contacts17:43
th1aWhen importing I don't see any reason not to just make unbound contacts, btw.17:43
th1aWell, what is the difference between bound and unbound?17:44
yvlbound has a user in ST17:44
th1aA "self" contact.17:44
yvland shares name and something else17:44
aelknerthere are three cases17:44
yvland you can specify if a teacher is a parent17:44
aelknerbound to self, bound to other person, unbound17:44
yvl(just checked)17:44
yvlit's not bound to self17:45
aelkneryvl, in the contacts form?17:45
* replaceafill checked too and it's possible17:45
aelknerwhere in the UI?17:45
yvlthat form adds "contact" contacts17:45
yvlyou need to edit to specify a relationship17:45
yvlsame happens if you add a simple unbound contact there17:45
yvlwith the + button17:45
yvlin the system, there are Contact objects and BoundContact objects17:46
th1aWith the current spreadsheet can I use the same contact with multiple students?17:46
yvllatter shares name, etc. with the BasicPerson17:46
th1aThat's very common since multiple students often have the same parents.17:47
yvloh, it seems no17:49
th1aThat's my practical concern.17:49
aelkneryvl, please explain how to edit contact17:50
aelknerthe UI only seems to suppost adding/removing17:50
aelkneri just added a teacher as a contact for a student17:50
yvlPerson -> Manage Contacts -> click on added contact -> click edit icon17:50
aelkneryvl, please do this right now in UI17:50
aelkneradd a teacher as contact of a student17:51
aelknerit doesn't matter17:51
aelknereither way17:51
yvlit's now in current contacts17:51
aelknerwhat does that mean, the url that replaceafill just posed17:52
aelknerjelkner is a teacher17:52
aelknerand if you go to edit that contact, you can fill in the address17:52
replaceafilland the relationship is at the end17:52
aelknerso if jelkner is a contact of a different student17:52
aelknerwhat happens then?17:52
aelknerah, i see, jelkners contact info is editable from that form17:54
aelknerand the changes apply to all cases of links to jelkner17:54
aelknerthat's not exactly obvious from the form, but...17:54
aelknerin other words17:55
aelknerok, so i begin to see what th1a was saying17:56
aelknerif jelkner's contact info was fixable in one place17:56
aelknerand the lnkage/relationship was established in another17:56
aelkneronly problem is how to define the linkage17:57
aelknerthe __name__ of an unbound contact like a non-user parent could be required of the user17:57
aelknerbut then there's the case of linking to a teacher17:57
aelknerwould we use the user id in that case?17:57
th1aYou just need a field to specify if you're linking to a person or a contact.17:58
aelknerinteresting if we force the user to come up with __name__ of non-user parents17:58
aelknerkind of like coming up with a user id in a way17:58
yvlcall it ID17:59
yvlfor re-importing17:59
aelknerth1a, are you cool with the user having to create ids for non-user parents17:59
aelknerand we would have to make sure they were not identical to user ids that already exist?!18:00
yvlno, we would not need to make sure18:00
yvlbut I see th1a's point where separate sheet would be easier to understand18:00
aelknerwould it have to be a spearate sheet or separate section of the Cntacts sheet?18:01
aelknerif a separate sheet, what are the two sheet names?18:01
th1aTwo sheets.18:03
th1aContact Persons & Contact Relationships18:03
aelknerContact Person is the table as I have, but cols two and three are replaced by an ID column18:04
th1aI think in Persons you need a field to specify if it is a "self" contact for an existing person (where the ID would have to match the existing person id)18:04
aelkneri was just about to say :)18:04
th1aContact Persons, that is.18:04
aelkneryes, so if the ID is found in the persons container it's contact info for that person18:04
aelknertherwise, it's an unbound contact like a non-user parent18:05
aelknerand the ID would be the __name__ of the contact on the Contacts container18:05
aelknerso Contact Relationships would be a simple three col table18:05
aelknerUser id, Contact Id, Relationship18:06
aelknerfor Contact ID, the iporter would look in persons first, them contacts18:07
th1aEither that or you let user and contact id's overlap and have an additional row to specify which you're connecting to.18:07
yvlok, so I tried a mashup of contact info + relationships in a single sheet18:07
yvltwo sheets look way better18:08
aelknerth1a, i don't think we should allow name collision18:08
aelknerif we did, we would need that special col in both sheets18:08
aelknerin any event, i think the issue is well defined now, and it solves the reimporting issue18:09
aelknerand that's good because i had that hanging over me anyway18:09
aelkneryvl, while you are resolving the gradebook tests failing on timetable import (like you prommissed)18:11
aelknercould you please make this test pass as well:18:11
aelknerbin/test -vs schooltool.export --at-level 218:11
aelkneri'd like to be able to write automated tests for this stuff18:12
yvlit broke again?18:12
yvlok, will look into it18:12
aelknerplease email me when you have that working18:12
yvlok... should we wrap this up?18:13
aelknerth1a, regarding
aelkneri think we should mark that as fixed or whatever18:13
aelknersince we use the __name__ in all the sheets18:14
th1aThat's what I was thinking.18:14
aelknerFixed committed?18:14
aelknerthere isn't any code fix in particular, but last time I used Invalid, i got into trouble18:14
yvlfixed committed it is18:15
th1aThey should be in the last release right?18:15
aelkneri guess18:15
aelknerfixed commited it is, and that's it18:15
th1aOK, thanks guys.18:16
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.18:16
th1areplaceafill:  Meet in an hour?18:16
replaceafillth1a kk18:16
yvlthanks guys18:16
yvlsee you on Mon18:16
aelkneryvl, can i reach you Friday morning at the same time possibly?18:16
yvlI'll be around, aelkner18:17
aelkneri'd like to check about the export tests at the point18:17
aelknerhave a nice evening, pov guys :)18:17
yvlthanks! :)18:17
* th1a still needs to make lunch...19:08
replaceafillnp th1a i'll be here19:08
th1aI guess you don't necessarily need me to get started.19:22
* th1a is here, eating19:22
replaceafillth1a i'm working on other small things19:22
replaceafilllike hiding the Demographics fieldset if there are no demographics fields19:22
th1aMake the colors look like the colors.19:22
replaceafillah ok19:23
replaceafillyou mean, switch definitely to teal, right?19:23
th1awell no19:24
th1aLet's work on the prototype.19:24
th1aI'm not saying add it to trunk right now.19:24
replaceafillgot it19:24
th1aI mean, Vinny's last wireframe is different than our last test, right?19:25
replaceafillactive tab is not gray19:25
replaceafillit's dark teal19:25
replaceafillit would be nice if vinny added the hex codes to the mocks :)19:28
th1aI know...19:28
replaceafillwe don't have the logo with teal background, gray foreground19:40
replaceafilli'll cut/paste the one from Vinny's mock19:41
replaceafilldo you want me to use the same gray in the person accordions?19:43
th1aOh, yes.19:43
th1aIs there a difference in our dark green text and the dark green active tab color?19:44
replaceafilldark green text: #005C6119:45
replaceafilldark green tab: #026B6E19:45
replaceafillwant me to change the text to match the tab?19:45
replaceafilli liked the other dark green for text19:49
th1aCan we update the favicon too?19:49
replaceafillah ok19:49
th1aYah, revert the link color.19:49
th1aWhy does the icon look light green?19:50
replaceafillit lost quality on the export to jpg19:52
replaceafilllet me fix it19:52
th1aSorry to be picky about it, but we need to get a good sense of the final look.19:53
replaceafillnp, i understand19:54
replaceafillah the favicon!19:54
replaceafillforgot it ;)19:54
replaceafilli should make the favicon background transparent19:55
replaceafillit's gray19:55
replaceafilland you see the little box around it19:56
th1aWell... maybe.19:56
replaceafillalthough now that i pay attention, zonki had it :D19:56
th1aIt might get indistinct against a dark backround.19:56
th1aIt could be tweaked a bit.  Overall looks ok though.19:57
replaceafillok done19:58
replaceafillff stills shows the box around the favicon :(19:59
replaceafillchrome doesnt though19:59
th1aMaybe I'm not clearing my cache.19:59
th1a(I see it)19:59
replaceafillor maybe it's there, but my chrome ui it's the same color :D20:00
th1aMake it the inactive tab.20:00
th1aI guess my remaining question is whether the breadcrumbs bar needs to be colored at all.20:01
th1aSo lets look at that.20:01
replaceafillremove the gray background?20:02
th1aYEah, we need to a/b it.20:04
th1aI like the gray.20:08
replaceafillme 220:08
replaceafillput it back?20:09
th1aWould you like to shorten the tertiary navigation?20:10
replaceafillhhmm let me see20:10
th1aIt has moved.20:16
th1aI meant in height.20:20
th1aYou made them more narrow, right?20:20
replaceafillok, let me rever that20:20
replaceafill40px height20:21
replaceafillwant it as short as the breadcrumbs?20:22
replaceafillwhich is 24px20:22
th1aJust try something.20:22
replaceafillthat's 32px20:24
th1aI think that works.20:24
th1aDo you want to try the lettering in the non-active tabs as gray and the active one as regular teal?20:25
replaceafillah sure20:25
replaceafillshould i remove the background for the hover of tabs in the third?20:29
replaceafillrefresh btw20:29
replaceafillah no, the background doesnt look that bad in the hover20:32
th1aI'm not sure if the active one should be teal and the inactive ones gray.20:32
th1aProbably the latter.20:32
replaceafillyou mean the backgrounds, like in the other navigations?20:33
th1aI mean the text.20:35
th1aI think we have it backwards.20:35
th1aWhat do you think?20:36
th1ano... keep the backgrounds the way they were.20:36
* replaceafill is getting all th1a's instructions backwards today :(20:37
replaceafilli just saw:20:37
replaceafill"non-active tabs as gray and the active one as regular teal"20:37
replaceafillmy bad20:37
th1aI'm being overly terse.20:37
th1aMaybe the darker teal.20:38
th1a(the link teal)20:38
replaceafillah! right20:39
replaceafillcould i change the color of the inactive to dark teal on hover20:40
replaceafillthey look like regular text20:40
replaceafillnot like links20:40
replaceafillbut we have the background on hover anyway20:40
th1achange the color on hover.20:40
replaceafillare we going to adjust fieldsets and table headers to this new gray?20:42
th1aWe can ask Vinny about it though.20:43
th1aI don't think we want to use the breadcrumbs gray in the table headers.20:43
th1aCould you make a list of the things we need colors for?20:44
th1atable header20:44
th1acalendar events (several colors)20:44
th1awarning highlights20:45
replaceafillthe * required info marker20:45
th1aacceptable entry highlight20:45
replaceafillfocused entry20:45
th1awarning message20:45
th1ainfo message20:45
replaceafillwe use hover on rows on some tables20:46
th1aOK -- work on that list.20:46
th1aAlso, do you want to do the CSS layer for custom colors?20:46
replaceafillah yes20:46
replaceafillcolors.css? :)20:46
replaceafillwith comments20:47
th1aI guess we might as well make it fairly complete, so CL can use it.20:47
replaceafilli'll create the layer first and will create the list from there, if that's ok20:48
replaceafillit will be easier to see what colors we need once they're in a single place20:49
replaceafillah dialogs20:49
replaceafilland buttons20:49
th1aAlso, we'll have to discuss background content colors with Vinny anyhow.20:49
replaceafillk, will start on colors.css20:49
replaceafillth1a are we going to implement Vinny's suggestion on the gradebook table header?20:53
replaceafillwith multiple rows for activity details20:53
th1aAh... I don't know.20:53
th1aI actually think it is a little busy.20:58
th1aAlso, I'd want to let you sort that way too if we did it.20:58
th1aAnd/or select which ones show up.20:59
th1aSo it is a little more complicated than it might seem.20:59
replaceafillpreferences style20:59
th1aThis is looking pretty good.21:11
replaceafilli think i'm going to restart the vps21:16
replaceafillit takes a lot to stop/start an instance...21:17
replaceafillth1a are we going to keep yvl's trick to switch the tabs from left to right?21:21
replaceafillrefresh and click the schooltool logo21:24
th1aOh, no, that's just a demo hack.21:25
replaceafillkk, i'm trying to match the prototype with the current code, so it's easy to merge21:26
th1aWe will be ready to merge with trunk soonish.21:27
th1aI mean, I will be ready to.21:27
*** menesis has quit IRC21:43
* replaceafill is thinking about creating a "SchoolTool design guidelines" doc :D21:50
th1aI won't stop you.21:51
* th1a is thinking about installing his new fanless power supply.21:51
th1aMy 12 year old one is starting to make noise.21:51
replaceafilllately my laptop vibrates :(21:52
replaceafilli wonder if it's some fan too21:52
th1aOK, shutting down for a while...21:55
replaceafillsee u th1a21:55
*** th1a has quit IRC21:55
* replaceafill goes to get lunch22:42
*** replaceafill is now known as replaceafill_lun22:42
*** replaceafill_lun is now known as replaceafill_afk22:42

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