IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2011-09-16

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th1ahi replaceafill.18:27
replaceafillhey th1a18:27
replaceafilli extracted the colors.css18:27
th1aThat seems pretty comprehensible.18:29
th1aCan you add the table and form colors?18:29
replaceafillah, sure18:30
replaceafillsame dark gray for fieldsets and table headers, right?18:30
th1aYes, atm we aren't changing the colors, just making them easier to change.18:31
th1aAlso, perhaps you could take a quick look into where the colors are set for some other things like calendar events.18:32
th1aThe various highlight colors etc we mentioned yesterday.18:33
replaceafillright, we should extract the colors for the calendar package18:33
th1aReally, don't change them now.18:34
replaceafillah ok18:34
replaceafillit's definitely easier to change now :)18:34
th1aI knew there was something we were supposed to be doing.18:35
replaceafillthe gray look blueish on fieldsets and table headers18:38
replaceafilli guess it's because in the breadcrumbs is close to the teal18:39
th1aWe're paying someone else to figure these things out...18:39
replaceafilli'm just saying...18:39
replaceafillok, going to extract the calendar colors18:40
replaceafillcalendar colors extracted:
replaceafillhhmm timetables have also their own css...19:06
replaceafillextracting colors there too19:06
th1aWhat do they do?19:10
th1aDo they NEED their own CSS?19:10
th1aIs this in the calendar?19:11
replaceafillno, the timetable package19:11
replaceafillit looks like the css it just for customizing the timetable wizard19:11
replaceafilland the index view19:11
th1aI'd say get rid of it.19:11
th1aI mean,19:12
th1ayou might need it for formatting.19:12
th1aBut colors?19:12
replaceafillyou need for example custom table background to insert it inside a fieldset19:13
replaceafillthat's most of what's doing19:13
replaceafillit also gives you the horizontal scrollbar when timetables are very wide19:14
replaceafillwe should probably merge all these in a single one, right?19:21
th1aThat's what I was thinking.19:40
th1aYou're fast.19:41
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replaceafilli inserted all the sections at the beginning19:41
th1aYou didn't remove the existing styles, right?  This sheet is essentially optional at this point?19:42
replaceafillwell, i removed them, but i can put them back easily19:43
th1aI'm not sure which is best.19:43
th1aI mean, right now this sheet will work even if you don't have all the components installed.19:44
replaceafillwhy do we need the styles in the old files?19:44
th1aBecause CSS doesn't care.19:44
th1a(if there are rules for things that aren't used)19:45
th1aI guess there is no reason not to remove the old ones.19:45
th1aNot like you can run the gradebook without SchoolTool...19:45
replaceafilli dont see the point of having the same rule in f_gradebook.css and colors.css19:45
replaceafilli mean, color rules19:46
th1aYEah, it is fine.19:46
th1aI guess it would just give us a layer of protection in something we're encouraging users to mess with.19:47
th1aI'm wondering if we can or should move this file to /etc/schooltool eventually.19:47
replaceafillmaybe we should have an empty colors-overrides.css...?19:48
replaceafilland people can take a look at colors.css and make the changes in colors-overrides.csss19:48
th1aYeah... I guess I was sorta thinking along those lines.19:48
replaceafillbut all the colors are now in a single place to be looked at19:48
th1aRight.  What you've done is useful to us.19:49
replaceafillok, what's next th1a?19:50
replaceafillcss-wise :)19:50
th1aMoving the new colors & file into Flourish trunk.19:50
replaceafillah ok19:50
replaceafillfinally! :D19:50
replaceafillmerged to trunk20:06
replaceafillwill turn off 6661 instance (the prototype)20:06
th1aCool.  Thanks.20:07
th1aYou can return to your TODO list...20:07
th1aDid you get the transparent background on the favicon?20:10
replaceafilldo you still see it?20:10
replaceafilli don't anymore20:10
replaceafillneither ff or chrome20:10
th1aI don't see the background.20:11
replaceafillit's ok, right?20:11
replaceafilli mean, the transparent background20:12
replaceafillor did you want the box around it?20:12
th1aUh... it needs to be tweaded so there aren't a few random lighter pixels around it, but that's not your problem.20:13
replaceafillah yes20:13
th1a(well, also inside the circle)20:13
replaceafillbtw, the logo on the top right20:13
replaceafillwe're just using the circle + hexagon20:13
replaceafill"school" "tool" is regular text20:14
th1aThis is still just prototyping.20:14
th1aI guess we need to use an image if the webfonts don't work.20:14
th1aAlso... how's our gradebook/journal performance looking?20:15
replaceafilli fixed the journal issue with too many iterations20:17
replaceafilllet me check if i've pushed that to trunk...20:17
replaceafillyes, the journal should be faster20:19
replaceafilli haven't tested the gradebook with lots of activities/students yet20:19
th1aDid you change the form gray, replaceafill?20:30
replaceafilloops, i forgot to revert that change20:30
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