IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2011-09-14

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th1aaks:  Today's version -
th1ayou can log in as teacher001:teacher00106:45
aksth1a: thanks06:46
aksth1a: the expandable rows look good06:57
th1aThanks.  We just use them in the person view because there is so much going on in that particular view.06:57
aksth1a: yes, it helps the page to be clutter-free06:59
aksth1a: October is going to be a hight time with the new release06:59
aksth1a: s/hight/high/07:00
th1aWe've got a lot of pieces to finish, but we're looking good.07:02
th1aJust a lot of loose ends.07:02
aksth1a: ;)07:06
th1a'night aks.07:21
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jelknerreplaceafill, i need to add missing students to our ST instance.18:29
jelkneris the work around for the date issue not to include a birthdate?18:29
replaceafilljelkner menesis fixed the issue today18:30
replaceafillask Matt to update your instance18:30
jelknerahh cool18:30
jelknerwill do18:30
jelknerhe comes in a few hours from now18:30
replaceafilljelkner i have access to that server, but i don't want to mess with his setup18:31
replaceafillif it's really urgent, i can update it18:31
jelknerit isn't18:31
replaceafillah ok18:31
jelkneri have class in 10 minutes anyway18:31
jelknerwe can wait for mattva0118:31
th1aWow, that was weird.18:39
th1aI have this antique sewing machine stand with cast-iron (I guess) legs sitting next to me.18:40
th1aOne of the feet just spontaneously broke.18:40
th1aJust sheared off.18:41
th1areplaceafill:  Can you move the login back on the :6661 instance?18:56
replaceafillth1a ah ok18:56
th1aAlso, can you just show me the standard flourish header with the red background replaced with the darker teal?18:57
replaceafillth1a ok18:58
replaceafilldarker teal instead of red19:04
replaceafilldark gray for the hover on the tabs?19:05
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th1aI'm just wondering if this is viable with the darker teal.19:07
replaceafillwe would need to adjust the logo colors19:08
th1aOne thing about just having the teal in the breadcrumbs bar is... it looks a lot more like the current version.19:11
replaceafilli hadn't noticed that :)19:13
replaceafillbut you're right19:13
replaceafillgray top, colored bar19:13
th1aI thought I'd better do an A/B comparison.19:18
* replaceafill is moving the login to the bottom...19:22
replaceafilli like the lower second navbar in schwa's design19:30
th1aLower second navbar?19:35
replaceafillthe space where the breadcrumbs and login are19:36
replaceafillthat's the second navbar19:36
replaceafillin our original design is very tall19:36
th1aOh, yes.19:36
replaceafillvs 24px19:36
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