IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2011-09-13

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aksth1a: ok06:10
th1aThis is NOT the final version...06:10
th1aJust thought you might be interested in the draft.06:11
aksth1a: wow! the new UI looks cool06:11
th1aWhat do you think about the colors?06:12
th1aWe have to get away from the red because red=danger.06:12
aksth1a: colors are good06:12
aksth1a: Can i run this version on my machine??06:12
th1aThe link text also needs to be darker.06:12
th1aYou can except for the colors.06:13
th1aWe'll have debs any day now.06:13
th1aAlso, I think the translation templates are up but not much good without the debs.06:14
th1aI'm afraid we changed a LOT of strings.06:14
th1aaks: bzr branch lp:schooltool.release/flourish ; cd flourish ; make develop06:14
th1amake run06:15
aksth1a: thanks06:22
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* th1a 's new refrigerator just arrived...16:10
th1amight have to start a few minutes late.16:10
th1aI had a question last night about importing contacts... nobody has already implemented that (through xls) right?16:28
* th1a goes back to supervise in the kitchen.16:28
replaceafilli haven't16:28
th1aI should be ready here in about 10 minutes.16:36
yvlnobody implemented that, AFAIK16:42
replaceafillyvl while we wait for th1a, could you help me with
replaceafilljeffrey.elkner, schooltool16:46
replaceafillor Journal for "ITP 140 - PM"16:46
replaceafilli've tracked down the issue to journal.journal.SectionJournalData16:47
replaceafillspecifically to the recordedMeetings method16:47
replaceafillbut i couldn't find a way to get from the Calendar or its events to the SelectedPeriodsSchedule16:48
replaceafillthe issue, as jelkner reported is that his schedule uses consecutive_periods_as_one = True16:50
yvlwell, a while ago th1a decided that setting should not be a part of journal ;)16:50
yvlremember the discussion?16:52
yvlyou said it should not be implemented in journal?16:52
th1aI don't know what "setting" means in this context.16:52
aelknerwhen you create a schedule, you can click on a checkbox16:52
yvlI spent half an hour trying to convince you that might be not the best idea?16:52
th1aOh, THAT setting.16:53
yvlso meeting ids are - or at least should be - unique per meeting16:53
replaceafill" Consecutive periods are treated as a single meeting. "16:53
th1aNot "setting should not be a part of journal"16:53
th1aOK, anyhow.16:53
th1ajelkner doesn't want to take attendance twice.16:53
yvlconsecutive events have same meeting id, when that setting is checked16:54
yvlor they should AFAIR16:54
th1aSo what's the problem?16:55
th1athe technical problem16:55
replaceafillyvl you mean unique_id in schooltool.timetable.calendar.ScheduleCalendarEvent?16:56
yvlno, replaceafill, meeting_id16:56
yvlunique_id is unique identifier of the evnet16:57
yvlmeeting_id - unique identifier of (multi-event) meeting that day16:57
yvlreplaceafill, are you using an evolved Data.fs there?16:58
replaceafillyvl yes16:58
yvldid recordedMeetings yield double events for the same day?17:00
replaceafilllen(recorded_ids) -> 1917:01
replaceafilllen([v for v in calendar if v.meeting_id in recorded_ids]) -> 3817:01
yvlok, that seems correct17:03
yvlsorry, can't find what's wrong by purely looking at the code17:05
replaceafillyvl np17:05
th1aSo at this point we're still diagnosing the problem, correct?17:05
th1aOK.  So that's what replaceafill is working on...17:07
th1aCool.  OK yvl, anything to report on testing?17:07
yvlumm, not much17:08
yvlread a bunch of source and looked at things today17:08
yvland played around17:08
yvlfor now it looks promising17:08
yvlI'll start implementing tomorrow, I think17:09
aelknerwill we be able to do the same thing we did before in that17:10
aelknerwe could test just a certain package and even a single test file17:10
yvlyes, aelkner, I'm reusing zope.testrunner17:10
th1aDidn't you ask that yesterday aelkner?17:10
yvlyes :)17:10
aelkneroh, sorry for repeating myself17:10
th1aPerhaps these are lobbying strategies one learns growing up with jelkner.17:10
th1aThanks yvl.17:11
yvlfrom day-to-day dev experience it should be similar to what we have17:11
yvldon't know if I'll make the headless thing now, or later17:11
aelknerone learns a lot of annoying strategies growing up with jelkner17:11
menesisth1a: I was fixing zope packages that had bugs introduced in summer17:12
menesisthat prevented schooltool from starting17:13
menesiswith 10 (!) duplicates17:13
menesismeans someone is trying schooltool on oneiric17:13
th1aOK.  Keep at it.17:14
th1aI've got oneiric on my laptop but I didn't try SchoolTool yet.17:14
menesisI will be finished with that shortly17:15
th1aThanks menesis.17:15
th1aBefore we go onto aelkner I have a quick story.17:16
menesisalso, added some 1.9.0 milestones17:16
menesisassigned bugs to milestones17:16
menesisetc. in preparation for release17:16
menesisalso, moved buildbot to schooltool.pov.lt17:16
menesisbecause the one on does not notice any commits17:17
menesisand I need to be notified of build failures if there are any17:17
menesisbut did not want to spend time investigating what's wrong17:18
th1aThat's fine.17:19
menesishas other problems, I need a port opened17:20
menesisbut does what I need now17:20
* yvl is anxious to hear th1a's story ;)17:20
th1aSo... chatted with David Ally last night.17:21
th1aTurns out he walked out of the UN office in Nigeria 10 minutes before it was bombed a couple weeks ago.17:21
th1aHis wife works there but she's ok.17:21
th1aBut a lot of their friends and colleagues were badly injured or killed.17:21
aelknerwas it a terrorist attack?17:23
th1aI didn't follow the story very closely, I'm afraid.17:23
th1aABUJA, Nigeria - A car loaded with explosives crashed into the main United Nations' building in Nigeria's capital and exploded Friday, killing at least 18 people in one of the deadliest assaults on the international body in a decade. A radical Muslim sect blamed for a series of attacks in the country claimed responsibility for the bombing, a major escalation of their sectarian fight against Nigeria's weak central government.17:24
th1aSmall world.17:25
th1aOK, aelkner, what's your queue look like?17:26
aelknerso they have their own sectarian issues there17:26
aelkneranyway, first i fixed unit tests in gradebook17:26
aelknerthe idea with flourish was to only change things that would not break the old skin17:27
th1aThat was aelkner's idea of flourish...17:27
aelknerand i only added attributes to the dictionary entries in the table() method of GradebookOverview17:28
aelknerattributes that the old skin template was not looking for17:28
aelknerthis way the old template would render the same, and the new templates had more info17:28
aelknerproblem is unit tests the pdf views, so table() changing forced a change there17:29
aelkneri have a proposal though17:29
aelknersince replaceafill created functional tests of the pdf views a while back (nice one, btw)17:29
aelknercould we agree to scrap all together?17:30
aelknerit seems stupid to have to spend time fixing that stupid tests every time a change is made to table()17:30
aelknerand the functional tests will allow us to catch things17:31
aelkneri never understood the purpose of unit testing view anyway, but was forced to17:31
aelknerbefore we had functional testing capability with pdfs17:31
aelknermay i bzr remove that file?17:32
* th1a has no opinion.17:32
aelknerth1a, "That was aelkner's idea of flourish", i don't agree17:33
aelknerdidn't we create a flourish skin to avoid breaking the old skin?!17:33
aelknerotherwise, why create the new skin17:33
yvlsure, kill test_pdf_views.py17:33
th1aaelkner:  You put it more strongly the first time.17:34
aelkneryvl, thanks17:34
yvlunit testing the views may make sense17:34
yvlwhere they mangle a lot of data17:34
yvlit may be too difficult/cumbersome to functionally test corner cases17:34
th1aI wouldn't say the idea was to only change things that didn't break the skin.  I would say we wanted to avoid it.17:34
aelknerwy did we want to avoid it?17:35
aelknerwy bother?17:35
th1aWe really don't need to rehash this.  In a few cases where the change would also improve the old skin, we made those changes and fixed the tests.  It is over.17:35
aelknerok, moving on17:36
aelknerso i also looked into the functional tests for gradebook which meant i needed to change it's buildout.cfg to17:36
aelknerpoint to the other flourish checkouts (branches) in my sandbox17:37
aelknerbecause the eggs are not flourish17:37
aelkneri get a zcml configuration error trying to load the f_gradebook.css resource library17:38
aelkneryvl, could you see what might be the problem there17:38
aelknercould there be something that needs to be added to in the gradebook plugin17:38
yvlok, I can look at that\17:39
aelknerthanks, but don't fix any broken tests that you reach after successfully resolving that17:39
aelkneri can take care of that since i probably was the one that broke them17:39
aelkneralthough, there is a chance that nothing broke since i was careful as i said earlier only to add attributes17:40
aelknerbut it would be nice to know17:40
aelknerok, also, i added Done links to all the views that are reached from /manage to take you back17:41
aelknerrather than cloning the templates in a couple cases, i added a done_link attribute to TableContainerView17:41
aelknerand change the template to conditionally render it (it defaults to '')17:42
yvlwell, the whole Done link situation has gone totally out-of-hand now17:42
yvlso we'll clean this up some time later I guess17:43
replaceafilli liked yvl content provider for it17:43
yvlthanks for the fix, aelkner17:43
yvland thanks replaceafill ;)17:44
aelkneryvl, you mean you are ok with how i did it?17:44
th1aThere are only a few views that need smart Done's.17:44
aelknerok, cool17:45
th1aI guess we didn't have them there because we used to have a cancel button.17:45
yvlsomething like 10-20 views I'd guess17:45
th1aBut I prefer Done to cancel in that case.17:45
aelknerlastly, i went over all the bugs in my queue and got rid of those that were fixed by flourish version of views17:46
aelkneri changed them to Invalid and poste a comment17:46
aelknerth1a, there isn't any bug in my queue that couldn't be addressed without discussion with you17:46
aelknercan we do that after the meeting?17:46
th1aWhy did you change them to invalid?17:47
th1aDidn't we fix them?17:47
aelknersorry, Invalid was the wrong choice on my part, Fixed would have been better17:47
aelknereither way they are gone, so...17:47
th1aChange them to fix committed --
th1aOh, lp urls...17:48
th1aIs this still a bug?
th1aIs this still a bug?
th1aPlease tidy the rest of these up, and then you can start on the contacts import17:51
yvl1) no, fixed I think17:51
aelknerwe need to discuss what the contacts sheet look like17:51
yvl2) yes, no changes17:51
th1aEach field in the add form can get a column in the sequence it is listed.17:52
th1aAnd then...17:53
th1aMaybe just a separate sheet actually doing the linking.17:53
th1aOK, I have to go or my children will starve in my wrecked kitchen.17:53
yvlyou can duplicate entries in the same sheet17:53
th1aThat should get you started aelkner.  I'll catch up this afternoon.17:53
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:53
yvlstudent1, parent, John, etc.17:54
yvlstudent1, sibling, Cate, etc.17:54
yvlstudent2, ...17:54
yvlthanks, th1a17:54
yvlreplaceafill, aelkner17:55
yvlif you do have any ideas of what you want selenium tests to be able to do, please voice them!17:55
aelknermenesis, you fixed the Invalids for me?17:55
menesisthe bugs are now fixed, why you marked those invalid?17:56
aelknerno, that was good of you, thanks17:56
yvlfor example - "I want an option to optionally run with HtmlUnit"17:56
aelknermy mistake17:56
yvl"I want a headless set-up on xvfb"17:56
yvl"I want Chromium"17:57
yvland so on17:57
replaceafillyvl headless = no gui?17:57
yvlyes, but it's more of a gui rendered in a vritual frame buffer17:57
yvlso it's there, just hidden17:57
aelkneri just need it to work on Firefox with the package and file filter as i mentioned before17:58
yvlmaybe, maybe our buildbot will run that way17:58
aelkneralso, being able to manager.serve() was always important17:58
replaceafill+1 on serve17:58
aelknerbut the filter is important, too17:58
replaceafillwe'll still use the xpath approach, right?17:59
replaceafilla la printQuery17:59
aelknerwe can't have to run the whole suite of core tests just to fix on test file17:59
aelknerright to which one? :)17:59
yvlyes, xpath will be available, Selenium has that and more built-in17:59
yvlyes to both ;)17:59
replaceafillcss selectors :)18:00
yvlscreenshots will also be available on demand18:00
aelknerglad that you are getting this going18:00
yvldepending on how it goes, you may have to do some manual setups in your system18:01
yvlinstall stuff and such18:01
yvlso if you happen to think up something you want, please email or IRC me18:02
yvlok... see you guys Thu!18:03
replaceafillthanks yvl18:03
aelknercya yvl18:05
th1aaelkner:  In terms of linking contacts, basically what yvl has above should work.18:28
th1aBut we might also have to let the user set the contact ID's from the spreadsheet.18:28
th1aAnd they may have to specify whether the contact is a contact or person so the ID's don't collide.18:28
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th1areplaceafill:  We have some new colors to try.20:12
replaceafillth1a ah ok20:12
replaceafillshould i start from yvl last design?20:13
replaceafillk, let me set up that branch20:13
replaceafillok, yvl's schwa branch at:
* replaceafill looks at the new colors20:20
replaceafillhover on the tabs20:31
replaceafilland on the inactive accordions20:31
th1aI don't want the top up there.20:31
th1aI guess you missed that conversation yesterday.20:31
replaceafilloh, i thought yvl had updated it20:32
replaceafilloops, moving to #48545520:33
replaceafillthat's for links, right?20:33
th1awell... maybe20:34
replaceafilli don't like the underline :(20:35
replaceafillgot rid of it20:35
th1atry the breadcrumbs bar as teal20:36
th1aDid you get the new weblogo?20:39
replaceafillah, let me put it in20:40
replaceafillhhmm the server is responding very slow...20:46
replaceafillth1a logo replaced20:48
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th1aDo we have the same grays in our gradebook grid now?20:52
replaceafillhhm i don't think so20:52
replaceafillno we do20:54
replaceafillah the header20:54
replaceafilladding the hover effect would require JS because the gradebook is made of 3 tables instead of just one :(20:56
th1aCan you switch the "tool" to the darker teal?20:58
replaceafillah ok20:58
th1aOK... that was driving me crazy.21:01
th1aI didn't really realize it was wrong.21:01
th1aI mean, I knew, but did think it.21:02
th1aI'm feeling better about teal now.21:02
replaceafillmy only concern is links colors :(21:03
replaceafillit's hard to tell what's a link and what's regular text21:03
th1aWhat about the dark teal for that?21:09
replaceafilllet me try21:10
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th1aThat could just go darker.21:20
replaceafillfor the links?21:21
replaceafillit looks blackish21:21
replaceafillbetter, i can  tell it's not regular text21:22
th1aThat's pretty good I think.21:25
replaceafillcheck the gradebook header21:26
replaceafillmaybe we could use another color for those links?21:26
th1aThe tertiary nav?21:26
replaceafillno the activity headers21:27
replaceafillhhmm it looks better in chrome :D21:27
replaceafillah! the ubuntu font :)21:28
replaceafillnever mind, the header looks ok21:28
th1aDid we set up the web font thing?  Shouldn't that be working on Debian?21:28
replaceafillyes, it's there, maybe it's a firefox issue21:29
replaceafillbecause my chrome uses it21:29
th1aRight.  It is a Google initiative, I think.21:30
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James_jelkner: did you see my email?21:38
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