IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2011-09-09

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th1ahi aks.06:17
aksth1a: hello06:18
th1aSo right now you have pilots going at two schools?  Do you have any definite expansion plans for SchoolTool use?06:18
aksth1a: we'll be monitoring the usage for a couple of months, and depending upon the results/analysis, we'll be expanding it06:19
th1aOK.  Just checking.  I'm writing an update for Mark.06:19
aksth1a: What i've analysed till now (with the pilot schools) that they are having problems with the UI06:19
th1aAh.  Well, we'll have to see if the new UI helps.06:20
aksth1a: I'm guiding them though, but I'm also waiting for the release of flourish branch, which I hope will be released in October06:20
th1aIt will be.06:20
aksth1a: :)06:20
aksth1a: Also that OLPC News has requested me to prepare an article for them on SchoolTool, so I'll be pushing on at OLPC News as well06:21
th1aOh excellent.06:22
th1aPush the flourish.  ;-)06:22
th1aDo you know when that will run, roughly?06:22
aksth1a: then I require info and screenshots abt the flourish branch06:22
aksth1a: hmm.... that depends upon when I prepare the writeup, I06:22
aksth1a: I'm planning to write that this Sunday06:23
th1aIt would be best if it was timed with the new release.  We're preparing a new logo, new website (hopefully) etc.06:23
th1aSo that would be the time to do it, if possible.06:24
aksth1a: ok06:25
aksth1a: so when is all this going to happen?06:25
th1aOctober 13, so... not that far.06:25
aksth1a: ok, I'll delay till then06:26
th1aThanks.  Let me know what you need.06:26
aksth1a: sure06:27
th1aI sent you a copy of the new logo design.06:30
aksth1a: thanks06:30
aksth1a: Is that the final logo that you've decided upon?06:30
th1aWe've approved the basic design.06:31
th1aDoes that mean you don't like it?  ;-)06:31
aksth1a: sort of. I would suggest that you rethink it (but again, I don't know what meaning the designer wanted to convey)06:31
th1aWell, his intention is not as important as what you think of it.06:32
th1aWhat does it convey to you?06:32
th1aColor may help...06:35
th1aAlso, it is kind of similar to OLE Nepal's.06:36
th1aBut with a more technical edge.06:37
th1aaks is trying to think of something diplomatic to say...06:38
aksth1a: :D06:39
aksth1a: I think I'll suggest a design ;)06:40
th1aA variation?06:40
aksth1a: might be06:41
th1aIs this too cold for you?06:41
th1aColor will make a difference.06:41
aksth1a: yeah, lets see the color version06:41
aksth1a: btw, I really loved the little zebra :)06:42
th1aWell, yeah.06:43
aksth1a: zonkie is so sweet :)06:43
th1aWe can still keep him around but he wasn't such a good logo.06:44
th1aHe has to be big.06:44
aksth1a: hehehe yeah06:44
th1aAlso, our biggest deployments are integrated into other products, so Zonki is kind of jarring in that context.06:47
aksth1a: oh ok06:48
th1aThis new logo is consistent with Ubuntu branding as well.06:50
th1aWhich isn't a concern to you.06:50
aksth1a: ;)06:51
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th1areplaceafill:  What's you sense of the cambodia plan at this point?17:34
replaceafilli kind of feel that the multi-school reports were very important to them17:35
replaceafillthat's where the conversation seemed to stop17:36
replaceafilllast two weeks i've been thinking about flourishing cambodia17:37
replaceafillyour conversation with aks last night got my attention17:38
replaceafillabout the UI17:38
replaceafilli've never had feedback about it from cambodia, but i wonder if they'd like to see our new UI17:38
th1aI wouldn't worry about it at this point.17:39
th1aI'm just wondering if we'll have a pilot.17:39
replaceafillme 217:40
th1aThe multi-school report thing isn't a big deal at all.17:40
th1aIn fact they should greatly prefer just having a database that uses standard reporting tools for that step.17:41
replaceafillthat's what Javier suggested in his last email17:41
th1aHe seems to get it.17:42
replaceafillmaybe i could create a simple export view, just to get the conversation going again?17:43
th1aYou have other things to do.17:43
replaceafilli'll wait for them then17:44
th1aIf they're going to flake out at this point, there's not much we can do about it.17:44
replaceafilli hope they wont17:44
replaceafillth1a where should i put the link to the About page in flourish?18:02
th1aIn the footer.18:02
th1aSchoolTool 1.718:02
th1aShould be the link.18:02
replaceafillah ok18:03
th1areplaceafill:  Mark asked for an update on deployments, that's why I'm asking about Cambodia.18:13
replaceafilli'd say we have done what they've asked us to do18:13
th1aThat's not what he'd be worried about.  ;-)18:13
replaceafillbut we havent had much feedback18:13
replaceafillto be honest, i'm also worried about their silence :(18:14
th1aJennifer met someone who had done development work in Cambodia.18:14
th1aHe said everything happens incredibly slowly there.18:15
th1aNot really surprising.18:15
th1aActually the OLE Nepal case is a good one because it is going about as fast as it possibly could, but after a year we still just have a two school pilot.18:16
th1aSo it is just a slow process.18:16
th1aSchools move slowly.18:16
th1aActually that reminds me... is anyone using SchoolTool in El Salvador this year?18:17
replaceafillno :(18:17
replaceafilltheir let go their IT guy (our contact)18:17
replaceafillthat also ruined our OLPC pilot there18:18
th1aDo we have any current Latin American schools I'm forgetting about (other than CL schools)?18:18
* th1a needs to start tracking this stuff now.18:19
replaceafillwell, i've been receiving questions from people trying to install it for their schools18:19
replaceafillfor example this one came recently:
replaceafilland that's a question pattern :D18:19
replaceafillpeople always ask me how to make their *laptop* publicly available for the school :/18:20
th1aWait... is there some reason I didn't see that?18:20
th1aBecause it is Spanish?18:20
replaceafillth1a yes18:20
replaceafillyou only get questions on the languages you defined18:20
th1aWell, that's good news I guess.18:21
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replaceafilli changed "IRC channel: #schooltool on" for a link to webchat.freenode.net18:43
replaceafillso people can join the channel through their browser ;)18:44
replaceafilli was thinking of putting the contributors on a right sidebar18:54
replaceafillth1a refresh18:59
replaceafillok, pushing to trunk19:00
th1aHover over South America...19:54
replaceafill3,670,000 :|19:55
th1aThat's your department, Mr. Vice President for Latin American Affairs.19:56
replaceafilli've always thought that we need documentation in spanish19:57
replaceafilli was amazed that one single blog post brought a lot of spanish questions19:57
th1aWhich post?19:59
replaceafillone saying that schooltool would be in ubuntu 11.04 universe20:00
th1aA.  RIght.20:00
replaceafilli provided my email in one of the comments, and i suddenly had like 3 questions20:00
replaceafillit almost made me start my own schooltool blog ;)20:00
replaceafillbut i suck at writing...20:01
th1aSo at this point what do we have in Spanish, just the homepage?20:01
replaceafillth1a yes20:01
th1aI may have to make you translate the book then.20:01
replaceafilljelkner and i tried to hired someone here to do it, but we realized we need someone who knows the app to do it20:02
replaceafillliteral translations dont work20:02
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th1aWell, it is probably up to you replaceafill.20:03
th1aMaybe we should just re-write the docs together.20:04
replaceafillare you aiming to release the updated book by oct 13 too?20:04
replaceafillor later?20:04
th1aYes.  I need to start next week.20:05
th1a(the former)20:05
* replaceafill wonders if we could make the book strings translatable through LP...20:09
replaceafillmaybe not a good idea20:09
th1aI don't think so.20:12
th1aOK... color time.20:13
th1areplaceafill:  What are you doing now?20:14
replaceafillfixing the relationship button issue20:14
replaceafillthe one reported by jelkner20:14
th1aCan you take a break?  We just got color suggestions from Schwa.20:14
replaceafillah! sure20:14
th1aI want to see how they look in the interface.20:14
replaceafilli like the blue ;)20:16
th1aLet's see.20:16
replaceafilllet me extract the colors20:16
th1aWe'll just hack it for now.20:17
th1aThis is where we need variables in CSS.20:18
replaceafillgrep :P20:19
replaceafilli wish i was good at sed :(20:19
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replaceafillblue  : 00abb320:20
replaceafillgray  : 7e776e20:20
replaceafillorange: f0381f20:20
replaceafillchange all the light reds for orange?20:20
th1aCL's interface is green, right?20:24
replaceafilli can set up a branch with their skin in case you want to see it20:24
th1aNot necessary at this point.20:25
replaceafillok, refresh20:26
replaceafillyikes :S20:26
replaceafillbtw, we have aelkner's instance in case you want to compare with the current version:
th1aKeep in mind that he's just working on the logo now.20:32
replaceafillyeah i thought "a few mocks from them would be helpful..." :D20:32
th1aBasically I want to see if these plausibly work directly in the interface before I respond.20:33
replaceafillcan we try the blue? :)20:34
replaceafilli know you're not a blue fan20:34
th1aI made it clear to them I didn't want to look like Windows.20:36
th1aIt is difficult to adjust one's expectations.20:38
replaceafilli think blue letter on gray doesnt look good20:39
replaceafillit looks kind of weak20:39
replaceafill(or whatever the right term is) :)20:40
th1aThat's not a concern.20:40
th1aI'm just thinking about the header color.20:40
th1aI think the teal is plasible.20:45
th1aIn general.20:45
th1aThis orange is too close to Ubuntu orange for us to also copy their web design.20:45
th1aBasically I just sent an email asking if he could do a mockup of the top bar.21:11
replaceafillth1a yes, that's what we need21:12
th1aIt is much more important than the logo.21:12
th1aSo I guess I can tell Mark we have around 5,000,000 users.21:13
th1aSort of.21:13
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jelknerreplaceafill, mr. cerna, will you be around tomorrow?21:20
replaceafilljelkner when do you want me online?21:21
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jelknerreplaceafill, you pick a time21:42
jelkneri'm available all day21:42
jelknerstarting at 10 am21:43
jelknerI'm going to ask mattva01 if he can join us21:43
jelkneri want to get pyquiz working21:43
replaceafilli thought it was working already?21:44
jelknermatt said it wasn't21:44
th1areplaceafill:  Vinny is going to have a crack at the top bar.21:44
replaceafillth1a great!21:44
replaceafillth1a will be watching the basecamp :)21:44
jelknerthere is an issue with terms21:44
th1aIt would be the next step anyhow.21:44
replaceafilljelkner i can solve that easily on the schooltool side21:45
jelknerreplaceafill, can we say 10 am?21:45
replaceafilljelkner today21:45
jelkneri can't today21:45
jelknerfriday is my day to spend with my wife21:45
replaceafillsaturday is mine :)21:45
jelknerif i want to stay married, that time is sacred21:45
jelknerok, fair enough21:45
replaceafilljelkner mattva01 told me he needed term titles in the xmlrpc response21:46
replaceafilli was thinking of even put the year there21:46
jelkneri'm going to email, jboisture, pgulley, and driech to see if any of them can be on this channel tomorrow at 10 am21:47
jelkneri want to test and fix pyquiz21:47
jelknerso i can start using it next week21:47
replaceafilli'd rather work on that today21:47
replaceafillthey can fix the pyquiz side tomorrow21:47
jelknerthat's fine21:47
replaceafilli'll send an email after i've updated the methods21:47
jelknerbut if we encounter ST issues, do we have a B plan?21:48
jelkneris this something aelkner could help with?21:48
jelkneror only you21:48
jelkneror yvl21:48
replaceafillanyone i think21:48
jelkneri'll call aelkner21:48
jelkneri have his number ;-)21:48
replaceafilljelkner change made22:01
replaceafillsending email...22:01
replaceafilljelkner email sent22:08
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