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aksyvl: what's the ETA for release of the next version with a lot of changes in the UI (the one you were talking of)?12:14
yvlaks, do you mean alpha version or the "final" release?12:14
aksyvl: alpha so that I can test, and final so that I can build RPM against12:15
yvlalpha should come out in next few weeks, but I will ask menesis about the details12:15
yvlfinal is scheduled for mid October12:15
yvlof course if you want, you can get the source now:12:18
yvland so on12:19
yvlbut there are no eggs at the moment12:19
aksyvl: ok12:19
aksyvl: thanks12:23
yvlthanks, aks :)12:25
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jelknerI just filed a new bug on the sections view15:16
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jelknerth1a, how do i get the journal working?15:22
jelknerwait, maybe i have to be teacher to do that15:22
jelknersince manager doesn't have any sections15:23
jelknerhmmm... when i log in as teacher and navigate to the section, then click on "Journal" i see "You can manage timetables for this section here: Timetables"15:25
jelknerbut clicking on the Timetables link takes me to a screen with "Done" as the only link.15:25
jelknerand text that reads "Nothing scheduled yet"15:25
yvlgood point, Jeff15:26
yvlan administrator or a clerk needs to set up section schedule15:26
jelkneryvl, i didn't see how to do that15:26
jelknerlet me return15:26
yvland to do that, they need to set up at least one school timetable15:26
jelkneras manager15:26
jelkneri did15:26
yvloh, good15:27
jelknernow i'm trying to link a section with a period15:27
yvlso if you navigate as a clerk/manager to section15:27
yvland click on schedule15:27
yvlyou can add your timetable and select desired periods15:27
jelkneri'm here15:28
jelknerbut i don't see schedule as an option15:28
jelkneroh wait15:28
jelkneryes i do ;-)15:28
jelknerunder calendar15:28
yvlin the "Section's" box15:29
jelknergot it!15:29
yvlcool :)15:29
yvlyou're most welcome, Jeff :)15:30
jelknerI have another bug to report, but I'm having trouble reproducing it15:41
jelkneryvl, i have an idea, but before i try it i want to ask you if its reasonable15:42
jelknerwe have setup our program coordinator as an administrator15:42
jelknerand two of us created an intervention yesterday15:42
jelkneri went to show it to her this morning15:43
jelknerbut she got an "access denied" screen when she clicked on the "Intervention" link15:43
jelknerSean and Isaac are excited about testing SchoolTool, and willing to take the time to play around with it15:43
jelknerI don't want to ask Amanda (the coordinator) to do that15:44
jelknershe will quickly tire of it and not want to use it15:44
jelknerI went and made a new account for myself with a new user (so we could share it for testing) and set that to the administrator group15:44
jelkneri did not get access denied when i clicked on Intervention15:45
jelknerI  double checked, Amanda is definitely in the administrator group15:45
jelknermy hypothesis is - she just changed her password, but she didn't log out and log back in.  does that sound reasonable?15:46
jelknerif that is the case, then the bug would be: SchoolTool fails to prompt you to logout after changing your password.15:47
yvlsorry, Jeff, I was away for few minutes15:49
yvljelkner, how did the "access denied" screen look like?15:50
yvlwas it SchoolTool login screen or something else?15:50
yvlI think I can guess what the problem was15:55
yvlthere is a problem with interventions link at the moment:15:56
yvlif you log in, say as administrator15:56
yvlopen some page in a new tab15:56
yvl(ST page)15:56
yvllog out15:56
yvland log in as another person15:56
yvlintervention link from the first page will redirect you to log-in screen15:57
yvlif you click on intervention tab again - it should work15:57
jelkneryvl, i'm going to wait a bit before i ask her to try again16:05
jelknerthe tricky part is here is political - i'm trying to get our whole program to use ST this year16:05
jelknerthe eager folks are ready to test with us16:05
jelknerbut that is just 3 of us16:05
jelknerthe others are more reluctant16:05
jelknerthey will do it if it works16:06
jelknerbut if it seems like extra hassle for them, they will loose interest quickly16:06
jelknerso i only want to pull them in when we are ready16:06
yvlI understand16:06
yvlI'll toy around to see what could have caused this16:07
yvlbut my money is on Interventions link itself16:07
jelknerthanks, and sean, isaac and i will keep using everything on our side16:08
yvlthanks a lot!16:08
* yvl cannot express in writing the gratitude for testing16:09
jelkneryvl, when you create a section, you can't set the title?16:09
jelknerit seems i can edit it afterward16:09
jelknerand i can enter a description16:10
jelknerbut i get default titles based on the course with a number in parenthesis following it16:10
jelknerand navigating sections is very difficult with the current sections view16:10
jelkneri filed a bug on that this morning16:10
yvlregarding section titles - we made this to simplify creation few years back, but now we could definitely re-think this16:11
yvljelkner, did you see my response about sorting by course?16:11
* yvl answered that some minutes ago16:11
yvlthere are little up-down arrows16:12
yvlin the table heading, near to "Title", "Term", "Courses"16:12
* jelkner goes to look16:12
yvlif you click on them, you can sort the table16:12
jelknerwhich screen?16:12
yvlactually, you can click on heading titles themselves16:12
yvlin the sections screen16:12
yvlManage -> Sections16:13
yvlold habits16:13
yvlSchool -> Sections :)16:13
yvl(I guessed the link)16:13
jelkneri'm here16:13
jelknerbut don't see any arrows16:13
jelkneroh wait16:14
jelkneri see them now16:14
jelknerthey are really small16:14
jelknernext to the table headings16:14
yvland I mislead you a bit16:14
jelknercool, that helps16:15
yvlyou need to click on text near those arrows16:15
jelkneri figured that out and it works16:15
jelknerthat's an improvement16:15
jelknerNow when the terms are listed chronologically instead of alphabetically, it will be even better16:16
yvlgreat to hear :)16:17
jelknerdrats, i think i reported this already16:18
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jelknerbut i'm adding a teacher to a section16:18
jelkneroh yeah, the firefox bug16:18
jelknernever mind16:18
jelkneri need to use chromium16:18
yvlwe will definitely, definitely fix this for final release :)16:20
jelkneri can image so, since ST needs to work on Ubuntu ;-)16:20
jelknerstock Ubuntu, that is16:20
th1ahi yvl, menesis, aelkner, replaceafill.16:31
yvlgood morning16:31
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
th1ajelkner: ayt?16:33
th1aAnyhow, yvl, would you like to start?16:33
yvlit so happened that I took these three days off SchoolTool16:34
yvlit's somewhat hectic here :)16:34
th1aI gather.16:34
yvlbut I'll be back full speed Monday16:34
yvland probably even this Friday :)16:35
* th1a and yvl have been exchanging some emails on changes at PoV.16:35
yvlthen again, I think the timing to take a short break is acceptable16:35
th1aBetter than last week or two weeks ago.16:35
yvlor two weeks from now16:35
th1aOK.  Fair enough.16:36
th1amenesis:  How about you?16:37
menesisth1a: still dealing with translations16:38
menesiswill finish today16:38
th1aNo roadblocks?16:38
menesisno, solved things today16:39
th1aOK.  Thanks.16:40
replaceafilli investigated the slow journal problem16:40
replaceafilli found that i was calling the meetings method twice16:40
replaceafillso, i fixed it16:41
aelknerreplaceafill, this calling of things with define at the top is a good idea16:41
aelkneri saw you do it in tadebook views16:41
replaceafillaelkner ah yes, the gradebook had the same issue16:41
aelkners i've ben getting more in the habit of dong that16:41
replaceafillwith too many activities it would get very slow16:41
replaceafillalso, i investigated the keyboard navigation problem that aelkner reported16:42
replaceafilli'm setting up a worksheet with multiple types of activities to test16:42
replaceafilland make sure keyboard navigation works with any type16:42
replaceafillyesterday, thanks to jelkner i found that ff 4+ has changed the way it handles <input type="image" ... /> tags16:43
replaceafillit doesn't send the name anymore16:44
replaceafilljust $name.x and $name.y16:44
th1aOh, that comes up on the NEW ff.16:44
replaceafilland it doesnt in chrome16:45
th1aSo how much of a problem is that?16:45
replaceafillhere's an interesting and heated conversation on the issue
replaceafillth1a not much i hope, i just have to test if <button> tags work the same16:46
replaceafillmaybe even <input type="submit"> with css16:46
replaceafillcould work16:46
replaceafilli'll work on that today16:46
yvlmaybe we can work around that with javascript?16:47
replaceafillyvl thought so16:47
replaceafill(since it's proposed in one of the forums i read)16:47
replaceafillpeople add the name as hidden before submitting the form16:47
replaceafillit seems like an old issue with IE/Opera16:48
replaceafilli think trying to change the button tags is not very difficult16:48
replaceafillat least i can test it16:48
replaceafillalso, i made a couple of fixes to the section and person add forms16:49
replaceafillrelated to displaying errors16:49
replaceafillfinally, i've been helping Matt to set up jelkner's instances, with pyquiz and the schooltool.pyquiz xmlrpc stuff16:49
replaceafilli guess that's it from me16:50
th1aOK.  Thanks replaceafill.16:50
aelknerok, first i fixed the view.html to be a table as you requested16:51
aelkneralso, i fixed the bug where it doesn't handle external activities well16:51
aelknernow they are read only as they shold be16:52
th1aCan I see that?16:52
aelknergthere is a css issue i'd like to discuss with that form, one sec16:52
aelkneras teacher001:16:53
aelknernote that the first occurance of journal average has a 4, so i takes up space16:53
aelknerthat's evidance of the bug, btw that i was able to score that cell before16:54
aelknerbut that's fixed now16:54
aelknernote the second occrance of journal average that correctly has no score16:54
aelknerit has an empty span, but we could use css to at least make it take up some vertical space16:55
th1aWhy does one correctly have no score?16:55
aelknerthe journal average is an external activity, so it's value only comes from journal data16:55
th1aOh, one INCORRECTLY does.16:55
aelknerthe fact that i was able to put a four there was th e bug i fixed16:56
aelkneri changed the order now, replaceafill, please look16:56
aelknernow that the empty score joural average is first, you can see what the implication is of the empty span16:57
replaceafillaelkner got it16:57
aelknerit doesn't have any space to separate it from the next activitiy16:57
th1aCan you skip the linked and external activities here?16:57
aelknerok, next16:57
replaceafillaelkner can't you insert an &nbsp; instead?16:58
th1aI don't like having activities in here you can't score at all.16:58
aelknerreplaceafill, it's a edit form, and the fields in question are read only16:58
aelknerth1a, good point16:58
aelkneri could change that to just not have the fields16:58
th1aJust get rid of them entirely.16:59
aelknercool, will do16:59
aelknerreplaceafill, never mind, thanks16:59
replaceafillaelkner :)16:59
aelknerit wasn't an obvious choice to eleimnate the fields, but i'm glad for the executive decision16:59
aelkneri guess some teacher might miss seeing the data there, but more than likely, most will not17:00
th1aIf they can't do anything with it, it isn't helping.17:00
aelknerok, so back to the gradebook17:00
aelknerDelete, Move left and Move right activity menu choices17:01
th1aWe also need to style these menus.17:01
aelkneronly for non-deployed workheets17:01
th1areplaceafill:  You and I should do that soon.17:01
replaceafillth1a ok17:01
aelkneralso, if worksheet is deployed::17:02
th1aaelkner:  OK, that looks good.17:02
th1ayou mean report sheet?17:02
aelkneractivity col menus have only Score, no edit, delete or move17:02
aelkneralso, Add -> Activity should not appear in the sidebar17:02
aelknerdoes not appear, i should say17:02
aelknerthis way, report sheets will always remain as they are set up by the administrator17:03
menesisthere is no way to update external activities. it was hidden somewhere deep previously17:03
aelknergood point17:03
aelknerthat should go in the column men, right th1a?17:03
th1aThat's what I was thinking.17:03
th1a- Update External Activities17:04
aelknernot the column menu then17:04
aelkneror both?17:04
aelknerth1a, if it's also a column menu item, would 'Update this activity' be a good menu tem?17:05
th1aOh, column menu!17:05
th1aRight.  Sorry.17:06
th1aYes, there.17:06
aelkneralso, Actionss -> Update External Activities to do all for this sheet?17:06
aelkneror forget that?17:06
th1aForget it.17:06
aelknerok, also, i noticed that you and replaceafill had removed Total and Ave from report sheets17:07
aelknerin the processColumnPreferences routine there is new code to override the hide settings17:07
aelkneri understand why, but i found a bug that i fixed17:07
* yvl would kindly like to ask to excuse him to go to a birthday...17:08
aelknerthe Name menu still had Sow/Hid Total and Ave. even though it ignored what the user did there17:08
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:08
aelknerso i got rid of those menu items17:08
yvlthanks, th1a17:08
th1aThanks guys.17:08
th1aKeep going aelkner.17:08
aelkneryvl, have a great birthday celbration17:08
yvlthanks, aelkner (it's my friends birthday btw)17:09
aelknerbtw, yvl, i saw your note about no mygrades view in flourish, so i create one17:09
yvloh, great!17:09
aelkneras student001:17:11
aelknerit doesn't have year navigation becuase the old skin didn't17:11
aelkneri could put that in there if you'd rather it had it, th1a17:11
aelkneri guess we figured in the old skin that a student shouldn't be ale to navigate years17:12
aelknerthat may have been an arbitrary decision, but maybe not17:12
th1aaelkner:  I get a ValueError if I try to go there as teacher001, btw.17:12
th1aSo that's a bug.17:12
aelknerok, i'll look into that17:13
aelknerthe teacher has no right to see that view17:13
aelknerthey have view.html for that17:13
aelknermygrades is an adapter that goes to IStuentGradebook17:14
aelknerthat is student specific17:14
replaceafillaelkner *you* removed Total and Ave from report sheets ;)17:14
aelknerreplaceafill, i did? :)17:14
th1aaelkner:  It just shouldn't throw a traceback.17:14
aelknerth1a, of course not, i'm just saying17:14
th1aIt is not a high priority but.17:14
aelknerbut i'll fix it17:14
aelknerit should go to NotFound at least17:15
th1aSure you could add year navigation to this.17:15
aelknerso, the only thing i was wondering about is the visual cues for things lke report sheets17:16
aelknerth1a, you had mentioned that you would have preferred a different color for them17:16
aelknerback in the day, you've already been wanting that17:16
aelknerdo you think you and replaceafill could work out something there?17:16
aelkneralso, what about external activities and linked columns which are not editable17:17
aelkneris there a way we could have a visual cue in the menu heading or something?17:17
aelknerso that the user can plainly see which are which without having to click Edit?17:18
aelknerthree different colors for the three different activity types?17:18
th1aHm... maybe to indicate the types that are not editable.17:19
th1aBut basically, now that we've got the logo out of the way, things should start moving faster on the Schwa side.17:19
aelknerok, so anyway, that's my report17:20
th1aSo we can deal with the specifics when we have a new color palette.17:20
th1aWhat's next aelkner?17:20
aelknergood question17:20
th1aSeems like you've been very productive!17:20
aelknerlots of small tasks17:21
th1aI think aelkner's principal actually got a NotFound from the intervention tab.17:21
aelknerthere are security issues to be sure17:22
th1aThat's something I've run into to so consider it a high priority.17:22
th1aI'm guessing it was NotFound, which is a bug particular to Intervention.17:22
aelknerok, i'll look into that17:22
th1aIf you log out in one window and click the intervention tab in another, you get NotFound, not a login.17:22
replaceafillMatt also reported it, when he was setting jelkner's instance17:22
aelknerso you mean manager?17:23
th1aIF you're logged in as anyone in one screen so that the intervention tab is there.17:23
th1aAnd then log out in another window.17:23
th1a(so you're logged out)17:23
th1a And then click on the old Intervention link, then you get the NotFound.17:23
aelknergo it17:24
aelknerisn't that an app-wide issue?17:24
aelkneri mean anytime a user tries to access a forbidden page, the same code is supposed to take then to login17:24
aelknerwe've never had to handle that in our views before17:25
aelknerit's a plumbing feature17:25
th1aI think it is because Intervention is doing something more dynamically than the others.17:25
aelknerit uses traversal adapters17:25
aelknerperhaps that's it17:26
th1aIt doesn't happen with the other tabs.17:26
aelkneri'll poke around with that17:26
aelknerstill i could use a more significant task for until Monday17:26
th1areplaceafill:  Are you doing tertiary nav for terms?17:27
replaceafillit's in my list, but i havent' started it yet17:27
th1aaelkner could do that.17:27
replaceafillth1a kk17:27
aelkneris it /terms?17:27
th1aYes, just revert to the pattern we settled on for the rest of flourish.17:28
aelkneryes, it will be cleaner that way17:29
aelknerone more thing, you asked for redirect when report card requested with no layout defined17:29
th1aAlso, I guess I must relent and add a title field to add section.17:29
th1aaelkner:  What happens now?17:30
aelknerit returns a report card with heading ok and everything, just no columns17:30
aelknerso it's a dumb report, but it's not broken17:30
th1aOK, don't worry about it.17:31
th1aJust leave it for now.17:31
aelkneri'll probably find other things to do while poking arond17:32
aelknerthat should cover me until Monday17:32
replaceafillth1a zyt?18:00
replaceafillselect a course18:00
replaceafilluse 2009 for starting term and 2008 for ends term18:00
replaceafilli want your opinion on that error message18:01
replaceafilli think it's too verbose18:01
th1aI think it is fine unless you have something specific in mind.18:01
replaceafillremoving the parentheses parts18:02
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th1areplaceafill:  Can you check out the email I just sent?20:15
th1aI don't know if you understand this apache stuff.20:16
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