IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2011-09-10

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jelknerjboisture, great to see you!16:54
jelkner(virtually, i mean ;-)16:54
jelknermattva01 is on his way16:55
jboisturesame to you.16:55
jelknerwe have 3 teachers here eager to use pyquiz16:55
jelkneri'm hoping to start on monday16:55
jboisturegreat, whats the agenda for today then.  getting the server set up?16:56
jelknermatt did that yesterday16:56
jelknerbut we encountered a problem16:56
jelkneri have only one class setup in ST so far16:56
jelknerbut we have a school year divided into 4 terms (quarters)16:57
jelknerthe course showed up in pyquiz 4 times16:57
jelknerand it couldn't tell which was which16:57
jelkneri only want to see each class once, of course16:57
jboisturehmm.... okay I think that'll be a bug for douglas and I16:58
jelknerso replaceafill made some changes to ST to accommodate that fix, but pyquiz needs some changes too16:58
jelknermattva01 doesn't think it is a lot16:58
jelknerbut it is important16:58
jboistureokay great I can work on that today then.16:59
jelknerso i'm here all day16:59
aelknerhey jelkner16:59
jelkneraelkner, hello there, hermano!16:59
jelkneri tried to call you yesterday16:59
aelknerapparently, you didn't try hard enough :)17:00
jelknerapparently ;-)17:00
jelknerbut since you are here now, perhaps i did17:00
aelkneri got the email about this meeting, so i'm here17:00
jelknerthe main thing was to have a core ST developer around in case jboisture needs something17:01
jelknerhe may not17:01
jelknerbut i can't give this my full attention during the week17:01
jelknerand jboisture has class too17:02
jelknerso saturday was the best day for us to work on it together17:02
jelknerwe are grateful you could be here17:02
aelknerhopefully, if there's a problem, i'll be able to help17:03
jelknermattva01 arrives... i need to go let him in to the building...17:04
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jelknerpgulley, good morning!17:32
pgulleyjelkner, same to you.17:32
jelkneraelkner, who do i ask about journal?17:33
jelkneri just started using it17:33
pgulleydreich isn't goint to be on this morning- he is buzy, but I can represent for him.17:33
jelknerpgulley, np17:33
jelknerjboisture is here17:33
jelknerbetween the two of you, we should have all the developer hp we need ;-)17:33
aelknerjelkner, what do you want to know about the journal?17:38
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jelkneri just filed a bug17:40
jelknerbut now i'm not sure how it is working17:40
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aelknerwhat is your question?17:41
jelknerit may be easier to explain this on the phone17:42
* jelkner calls aelkner17:42
mattva01so, pgulley, your around?17:48
pgulleymattva01, yep17:49
mattva01excellent, i'm gonna deploy nhs today17:49
mattva01as well17:49
pgulleywonderful. Aaron wants to be able to demo it tuesday, so that's perfect.17:50
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dreichHey, I'm sorry I missed the meeting thing at 10, is there anything I should know?18:39
mattva01not really,  we got it sorted :p18:46
dreichgreat!  @jelkner, I can't really now, but sometime soon I'll talk to you about coming in to start working for the class.18:48
mattva01dreich: quick question, what's the branch for new nhs again?18:49
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jboisturejelkner:  I'm making progress.  I don't think it's going to require anything else on the schooltool side so I can finish it myself tonight21:50
jelknerjboisture, let's make a plan going forward then21:51
jboisturesounds good21:51
jelkneri really want to get this deployed this week21:52
jelknerwhen are you available for the inevitable test, fix, test, fix cycle?21:52
jelknerwe need mattva01, you and me21:52
jelknerand replaceafill21:52
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jboistureI'm available most of the day Tuesdays and Thursdays21:52
jelknerbut during the week he is more readily available21:52
jelknerok, so let's say we meet next on tuesday21:53
jelknermattva01, what time?21:53
jboisturesorry make that Monday and Wednesday21:53
jelknerok, monday21:53
jelknermattva01, what time?21:53
jboistureI can do anytime but 2:00 to 4:00 so that works for me21:54
jelkner12:30 is the goal for the 1st test21:54
jelknerif you need to fix anything immediately, you can work on it later that day, yes?21:55
jboisturethat's fine with me21:55
jelknerwe have a plan21:55
jboistureI'll finish these changes up tonight and get the to matt21:55
jboistureget them*21:55
jelknermattva01, you and jboisture will have it ready for trial by monday 12:30 pm, right?21:56
jelkneri have lunch at that time21:56
jelknerso i can test it then21:56
mattva01jelkner: yeah I think so21:57
jelkneraelkner, replaceafill thanks for joining us!21:57
jelknerlooks like that's all for today21:57
jelknerjboisture will fix, and we test again on monday 12:30 pm21:58
* jelkner signs out...21:58
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