IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2011-09-07

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th1areplaceafill:  Yes.02:52
replaceafillth1a kk02:52
th1aWhy do you like f?02:52
replaceafilli dont like the circle in c, too thick02:52
replaceafilli like the wrech though :)02:52
th1aWell, we can fine tune them!02:53
replaceafilld) reminds me of launchpad02:55
th1ad reminds me of
th1aHm... I guess lp does have a hexagon.02:56
th1aDifferent orientation though.02:56
th1aI think I can live with C.02:57
replaceafillit's nice02:57
replaceafillthis ones!!!03:05
replaceafillthat's what it reminds me of :D03:06
th1aWell, yeah, you make a logo out of simple shapes, it is going to remind you of things.03:06
th1aIt also kind of looks like a person with their arms raised.03:07
th1aProbably there is a sports related logo that is similar.03:07
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th1amenesis:  ayt?16:51
menesisth1a: yes?16:52
th1aHow are we looking on the alpha?16:54
th1aI guess this is only for Oneiric, right?16:54
menesisI'm fighting translations now, not touched since april16:58
menesisdoes not have to be for oneiric16:58
th1aWhat's the timeframe look like?16:58
menesisI can upload to ppa:schooltool-owners/dev for natty as well16:59
menesisonce I have a source release16:59
menesisbut, far from it17:00
menesisI guess I better release anything directly from flourish branches17:01
menesisso that people can try it17:01
th1aTop priority is translations.17:02
th1a(I don't know if translations and release packaging are actually separable)17:02
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menesisfor people to start translating, only a template has to be uploaded17:06
menesisbut they have to be able to run the program to see what they are translating and if the translation looks ok17:07
th1aAll right.17:07
th1aSo are we looking at the end of this week, middle next, end of next... ?17:08
menesislooks to me like a lot of work still..17:11
menesisbut I just had an idea how to make something installable and translatable17:11
menesisusing flourish series for now17:12
th1aA quick iteration would be good.17:13
menesisthat way will be end of this week17:13
th1aThat would be perfect.17:13
menesisok, will strive to do as little as possible to make that happen17:13
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jelknerth1a, i can't seem to add a teacher to a section21:55
jelkneri click the green + add and nothing happens21:55
jelknerstill says "Current Instructors - There are none"21:55
th1aLet me see if I can.21:55
jelknerI click the done button21:56
jelknerDone link, rather21:56
th1aPerhaps you need to wait longer.21:56
jelknerI can let you try it on our instance21:56
jelknerwait longer?21:56
jelknerall activity stopped21:56
th1aThe page should reload after you hit the green button.21:56
th1aDoes it?21:56
jelkneryes, and no change21:57
jelkneri can give you admin access to our instance21:57
replaceafilli have access to jelkner's instances, i can help21:57
th1aJust let replaceafill have a look.21:57
th1aIt works for me.21:57
replaceafilljelkner is this in your amhs instance?21:57
replaceafillah ok21:57
jelknerThere is only one section now21:58
jelknertry adding me (jeffrey.elkner) to it as instructor21:58
replaceafilljelkner i just did21:59
replaceafilljelkner are you logged in as manager?21:59
jelkneroops, i'm there21:59
jelknerbut it didn't show up when the page reloaed21:59
jelknerstill said no instructors21:59
jelknerbut when i navigate to sections21:59
jelknerand click First Quarter22:00
jelkneri see i'm there22:00
replaceafillthese sections are linked, correct?22:00
replaceafillnow you're instructor in all of them22:00
jelkneri don't think the screen refreshes properly22:02
replaceafillhhmm it did for me22:02
jelknerlook here:
jelkneri search for the student i want to add22:02
jelknersee her in a list22:02
jelknerclick the green + next to her name22:02
jelknerand nothing22:02
jelknershouldn't she show up in a list above me as having been added?22:03
jelknerit doesn't appear to work22:03
replaceafillwho's the student?22:03
jelkneri can try to navigate back to the section22:03
th1ajelkner:  Are you using lynx?22:03
jelknerand see if she is there22:03
jelknerfirefox 6.0.222:04
jelkneron natty22:04
jelknershould i try chrome22:04
jelkneror does schooltool require windows? ;-)22:04
* replaceafill starts his natty22:04
replaceafilljelkner what student do you want to add to that section? so i can try the form22:05
jelknerreplaceafill, let me try chromium first22:08
jelknergive me a minute22:08
jelknerbtw. still shows sections in descending alphabetical order22:08
jelknerchromium works22:09
jelknerfirefox doesn't22:09
replaceafillcan i try adding one from my natty?22:10
replaceafilljelkner and you're right about the /sections view too22:13
replaceafillit's sorting terms by title22:13
* replaceafill adds these issues to his TODO22:14
jelknerso Third, Second, First, Fourth22:14
th1aWhat would cause that replaceafill?  Is there any javascript involved?22:14
replaceafillth1a no22:14
replaceafillth1a i put my money on the (+) buttons22:14
replaceafilli'll check what gets in the request22:14
replaceafillright, ff6 sends only add_item.$USERNAME.x and add_item.$USERNAME.y22:22
replaceafillwhile the other browser send add_item.$USERNAME too22:22
replaceafilland we check for that22:22
replaceafill“not a bug, it’s a feature”! :D22:24
jelknerwe are about to create our 1st intervention22:24
replaceafill"Note, this is when clicking the input image with a mouse. When navigating using keyboard, focusing on it, and pressing enter, then the name does get submitted." :|22:24
* replaceafill tries the keyboard ;)22:24
jelknerth1a, how do we put in the head of our HILT institute, she isn't a teacher22:26
jelknerbut we want her involved in all interventions22:26
jelknerdo we use administrator?22:26
th1aYes.  She IS an administrator, right?22:26
jelknerand would that go for the guidance counselor as well?22:26
jelknersort of22:26
jelknershe is a coordinator22:27
th1aIn lieu of us having a guidance counselor group, yes.22:27
jelknerit is only a few people22:27
th1aI should double check with aelkner.22:27
th1aBecause I know SLA had a guidance counselor role, but I think that might have just been hacked in there some way.22:28
jelkneradministrators are different than the manager,yes?22:28
jelknerthey can't accidentally mess everything up22:28
th1aNot so much in practice.22:28
th1aNo... they could mess everything up if they went on a rampage.22:28
th1aLEt me check.22:29
th1aOh, make her a teacher and then an advisor of all the relevant students.22:29
th1aThat should work.22:30
jelknerbtw. having each new persons username and password default to manager with our manager password may not be wise ;-)22:31
th1aPerhaps your browser is doing that.22:32
jelknerthat may be the case22:32
th1aI don't know if there is something we can do to avoid that though.22:33
replaceafillwe might need to change to <button> tags...22:39
th1areplaceafill:  You know we need to port our about page!22:48
replaceafillwe had an about page?22:49
replaceafilli thought it was in help22:49
th1aIf you click on "SchoolTool" somewhere...22:49
th1aCan you flourish that and I'll add some updates?22:50
th1aAdd it to your list.22:50
* replaceafill goes to get lunch22:56
jelknerth1a, this is pretty awesome!23:15
jelknerwe have a group of three teachers who will be power users of schooltool23:15
jelknerno, sean kinnard23:15
jelknerhe, isaac and i will all use the schooltool gradebook23:15
jelknerwe just created our 1st intervention23:16
jelknerand plan request that our department meetings be moved to his room so we can project interventions while we meet23:16
jelknerthat will be powerful23:16
jelknerwe spend soooo much time just talking about issues with students23:17
jelknerbut we had no real way to make addressing these issues transparent and effective23:17
jelknerthe intervention system is just what we needed23:17
jelknerth1a, mattva01 is coming with a question23:18
th1aI've streamlined it quite a bit.23:19

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