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jelknerth1a: I'm setting up the time table for the Arlington Mill Evening Program19:51
jelknerIt hasn't been smooth sailing yet19:51
jelknerI'm on my 3rd attempt19:51
jelknerIt is a bit of a convoluted schedule19:52
th1ahey jelkner20:07
replaceafilljelkner question, why are there 4 periods? i only see 3 different times20:08
jelknerBlock 2 meets Mondays and Wednesdays20:09
jelknerBlock 3 meets Tuesdays and Thursdays20:09
jelknerthey are completely separate.20:09
jelknerstudents can take either a Block 2 or Block 3 class (or two classes with both)20:09
th1aTimetables determine start and end times, not what happens in them.20:11
jelknerth1a: really?20:12
replaceafillnot sure if that's what jelkner needs...20:12
jelknerIf you tell me that's ok, i'll just proceed20:13
jelknerbut i hope when i create a class20:13
th1aWhen you actually schedule sections you get a grid of days and periods.20:13
jelkner(or section)20:13
th1aAnd you select the ones you want.20:14
jelknerbut we name them block 2 (mon - wed) and block 3 (tues- thu)20:14
jelkneri guess i can't do that20:14
jelknerthat will be confusing to teachers20:15
jelknersince the instructions we received on our back to school meeting specifically labeled the blocks that way20:15
jelknermaybe i just shouldn't name them at all20:15
th1ajelkner, I think you're tying yourself up in knots.20:16
th1aDo you have a picture of your timetable?20:16
jelkneri sent it to you by email20:17
th1aUh... I lost too much formatting.20:18
th1aThe first row has classes T, W, TH?20:19
jelknerand the 2nd20:19
th1aSEcond the same?20:19
jelknerT, W, TH, yes20:19
jelknerM W20:19
jelknerT TH20:19
th1aI don't see why you say there are four periods.20:26
th1aThere are only three start times.20:26
* replaceafill had the same question20:26
jelkneri guess it depends on you think of "period"20:27
jelknerit's clear to me20:27
jelknerand the folks at the school where i work20:27
th1aOh, I see.20:27
th1aDid you say the sequence of periods each day is different?20:27
jelknerif you take a block 2 class20:28
jelknerit meets on monday and wednesday20:28
jelknerif you take a block 3 class it meets on tuesday and thursday20:28
jelknera block 1 class meets tuesday, wednesday, and thursday20:28
th1aOK, i sent you my try.20:29
jelknerlet me try that20:30
jelknerso i choose rotating cycle, yes?20:31
jelkner(even though it isn't ;-)20:31
jelknerno that doesn't work either20:31
jelknermaybe don't have the latest20:31
jelknerbut i don't see where i can edit the top part of what you sent me20:32
jelkneri only get days of week20:32
th1aI can walk you through.20:33
th1a1) Days of the week20:34
jelkneri'm in the "New Timetable" dialog20:34
th1a2) Different times20:34
jelknerso i enter the times of day as you have them listed20:34
jelkneri'm there20:34
th1a3) Have names20:35
th1a0 1 2 320:35
jelknerlet me enter the times20:35
jelknerthen i'll get back to you20:35
th1aOh, yes.20:35
replaceafillcan you confirm those tables have wrong widths?20:36
jelknergot it, tha1!20:36
th1a4) Different each day20:37
jelkneri got it20:37
jelknerplease put the periods in order each day20:37
jelknerthis actually works great20:37
jelknerbut you will need a good ST book to get people through it20:37
jelknersince there a many blind alleys which you can go down20:37
jelkner(i know, i've just tried them *all*! ;-)20:38
jelknerthanks, man, i'm set20:38
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th1areplaceafill:  Can you see the logos in the link in the email I just sent?23:55
replaceafillth1a yes23:55
th1aJust checking.23:55
replaceafillis it me or they put a space between "school" and "tool"?23:55
replaceafillah ok23:55
replaceafilli like f) :)23:55
th1aLooks that way to me.  We can't really keep the two words though, I think.23:56
replaceafillbut it reminds me of something...23:56
th1aYou like f?23:56
replaceafillth1a non-related question, should i make /terms to use tertiary navigation?23:57

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