IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2011-09-02

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aksmenesis: did you have had time to sync the new RPMs?07:13
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menesisaks: mirrored today,
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yvlth1a, are you around?16:21
th1ahi yvl.16:23
th1aI think home is probably a good idea.16:23
yvloh, thanks16:24
yvlthat's a huge relief16:24
* yvl was really afraid to try that out16:24
yvlI was thinking - maybe I should spend Monday just clicking over everything with teacher / clerk / student16:25
yvland adjusting breadcrumb and link permissions?16:25
yvlor I can fix func. tests16:26
th1ayvl:  Sure.16:28
th1aI mean, click around.16:28
* yvl is just constantly awed how ST looks like a finished product nowadays16:28
th1aIt is pretty funny.16:31
th1aCompared to what it was.16:31
th1aIt is almost like we know what we're doing now.16:32
yvlby the way, a nitpick on Interventions:16:37
yvl  Intervention tab not implemented (broken) when school is not fully set up.  It would be best if it was hidden intelligently, like the Gradebook tab nowadays.16:38
yvlDone links broken when looking at intervention messages or goals from intervention tab.16:38
yvldo an intervention for a student, send a message to, say, teacher03016:39
yvllog in as teacher030, hit Interventions16:39
yvlclick on a message, click Done16:39
th1ayvl:  Yes.16:40
yvlapologies if I'm repeating myself16:40
th1aTo be honest, there was enough extra complexity rolled into Interventions -- because that's how SLA wanted it -- that it was off-putting even to me.16:41
th1aIt is much cleaner and accessible now, so we should find more bugs.16:41
* yvl agrees16:43
yvlthey've gotten so much better, that even I can understand them now ;)16:43
th1aIt is funny -- there were just a couple little things there that made it seem much more complicated that weren't necessary at all (although they were helpful to SLA's particular workflow).16:46
yvlit is indeed amazing how certain small changes can complicate - or make something way simpler16:48
yvlwell, it's time to go home16:49
* yvl leaves for a weekend... great job this release guys!16:49
yvllooking forward for alpha ;)16:50
th1aThanks yvl!16:56
th1aGee, not having a meeting really opens up the morning!17:15
th1areplaceafill:  /database needs a title.19:42
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menesis released, deb tomorrow21:33
th1aThanks menesis!21:34
menesistrunk compatible21:34
menesis(not flourish)21:35
menesisi.e. 1.4 - trunk21:35
menesisschooltool 1.4.4 almost done, not yet21:36
replaceafillServer Database21:46
replaceafillis that ok?21:47
th1aOh, spanish.21:47
th1aYou confused me for a sec.21:48
th1aI guess I should have put a WiT in worksheets.21:49
replaceafillwe did21:50
th1aI don't see it.21:50
replaceafillUse worksheets in your gradebook the same way you do in a spreadsheet, to...21:50
th1a(I thought we did)21:50
replaceafillyou don't see it in your instance?21:51
replaceafillput English back in my testing instance...21:52
th1aI do now.21:52
th1aMaybe I'm on crack.21:52
replaceafillthat's the old student view of the journal22:14
replaceafillit lists all the sections you're enrolled in the term22:15
th1aI've probably never looked at it!22:15
replaceafilli was thinking that if we keep the same layout, i should remove the Section selector, right?22:16
replaceafillleaving just Term and Year22:16
replaceafillfor the new view22:16
replaceafilli mean, for the student view22:16
th1aUm... I've never thought about it.22:17
th1aRealistically it doesn't need to look like this at all.22:17
th1aOr... ok, I guess it does if you're Lithuanian.22:18
replaceafillis it ok if we have a journal student view with just one row per section?22:18
replaceafill(in case we allow the student to select the Section)22:19
th1aI don't understand how what you're describing is different than what I'm looking at.22:19
replaceafillthe student would only see his/her attendance (one single row) in the worksheet22:19
replaceafilloh sorry, im talking about the flourish version of the student journal view22:20
replaceafillin the journal/gradebook views we have Section, Term and Year selectors22:20
replaceafill(the dropdowns)22:20
th1aYes, you don't need the section selector.22:20
replaceafillth1a ah ok22:21
replaceafillalso, could you comment on the 0s in the gradebook/journal?22:21
replaceafillshould they be there?22:21
th1aThe problem is that you never really confirm that students are present.22:23
th1aWhich is something we need to address, I guess.22:24
th1aYou don't know if someone had perfect attendance or the teacher never took attendance.22:24
th1aWhich are RATHER DIFFERENT.22:24
th1aThe fact of the matter is that the journal is still VERY simple.22:25
th1aSo what context did this come up in?22:25
th1aI wasn't quite clear on that.22:25
replaceafillit just that i saw the gradebook doing it22:26
replaceafillbut the gradebook does it for total22:26
replaceafilland uses N/A for average22:26
replaceafilli should take the 0s out of the journal then22:26
* th1a looks at the journal.22:27
th1aThe journal is still slow.22:27
replaceafilli'll work on that too22:27
replaceafillit's still doing too many iterations22:27
th1aYou know, I think it is fine with zeros.22:28
replaceafillah ok then :)22:28
th1aWhat we need to do at some point is add a step where the teacher confirms the attendance.22:28
th1aSo if nobody is absent in a day, you confirm that you took attendance.22:28
th1aAnd didn't just forget!22:29
replaceafillattendance by day or something like that22:29
th1aBut we don't need to think about it.22:29
replaceafillmaybe put it in the popup menu of the day?22:29
th1aI think it is ok for now.22:30
replaceafillok, i'll work on the student view and making it faster22:30
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mattva01hey guys22:33
mattva01jeff is breathing down my neck :p22:33
mattva01do we have some packages to test, or at least usable eggs ?22:33
th1aOh... eggs, yes.22:34
th1aPackages early next week.22:34
mattva01so could we use the eggs ? :p22:34
mattva01one sec22:35
th1aYou'd be able to move the database when the packages are ready.22:35
mattva01jeff is calling you :p22:35
mattva01oh ok22:35
th1amattva01:  bzr branch lp:schooltool.release/flourish ; cd flourish ; make develop22:42
mattva01th1a, ok will do22:43
th1areplaceafill:  Might as well put 0's in the abs/tardy in the gradebook column, too.22:53
replaceafillah ok22:54
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