IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2011-09-01

aelknerreplaceafill, ayt?01:48
replaceafillaelkner yes01:49
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aelknerah, good, i'd like your help in a sec01:49
aelknerreplaceafill, ok, what do i need to do with my branches?01:56
replaceafillaelkner ok01:57
aelknerfirst my own branch01:57
aelkneri jusdt commited to it01:57
aelkneri hope that's ok01:57
replaceafilllet me check01:57
aelkneri didn't push yet01:57
replaceafillah ok01:57
aelknerok, pushed01:57
replaceafillok, i think you need to do:01:59
replaceafillbzr uncommit -r 359..01:59
replaceafillbzr commit -m "coded update method to hand add/edit of columns and activites"01:59
replaceafillhhmm... the thing is you need to take revision 360 out of your branch...02:01
aelknerwell, that's can be a pipe dream in some cases02:01
aelkneri mean if changes have been made upon changes and so on that depend on a commit02:01
aelkneryou can't just remove it as if that wold work02:02
aelknerbut i'm not saying this is the case here02:02
aelkneri don't know the nature of the changes02:02
replaceafillhold on, let me check myself02:02
replaceafillok, confirmed, you get errors if you try to merge trunk to your branch02:09
replaceafillbecause of the one file that was deleted and then put back02:09
replaceafilli think menesis suggested reverting trunk because of that02:09
aelknercould you handle that?02:12
replaceafilli think so, i'm testing the steps i want to give you02:12
aelkneri meant, could you handle the steps for me?02:13
aelknerit's not something that can be fixed in the branch02:13
aelknerif so, i could rebranch trunk no problem02:13
aelknerand hopefully i'd be able to merge trunk to my branch after that02:13
aelknerthen, or course, merge my branch back to trunk02:14
replaceafilli tried merging trunk to your branch and you get conflicts02:14
aelknerwhat conflicts02:14
aelknerwait, did you do the part about fixing trunk yet?02:15
aelkneri'm going to try simply pulling trunk to see what happens02:15
replaceafilli got 2 conflicts02:16
replaceafilllet me know if it happens to you too02:16
aelknerok, so first pull fails and tell you to merge with the branch that you should be able to pull02:16
aelknerwhen you merge, then you get the two conflicts, right?02:16
aelknersame here02:17
replaceafillhairy commands :)02:20
replaceafill1. saves your last commit02:20
replaceafilloutside your branch02:20
replaceafillEscritorio should be Desktop btw ;)02:20
replaceafill2. uncommits all the commits until the last point where trunk is similar to your branch02:21
replaceafill3. reverts all the changes so you get an old version of trunk02:21
replaceafill4 and 5. you merge current trunk back to your branch02:22
replaceafill6. you apply your last commit back02:22
replaceafilllast step should be pushing to your branch with an --overwrite02:23
replaceafilllike i did with trunk02:23
replaceafillmenesis could probably come up with an easier way :(02:23
aelknerdid you do these steps with my branch or just trunk?02:24
replaceafillwith your branch02:24
aelknerand you pushed?02:24
replaceafilli cant push to your branch02:24
replaceafillwant me to push to one of my own?02:25
aelknerthat'll work02:25
aelknerthen i can rebranch and repush02:25
aelknerdi you psuh to trunk yet?02:25
aelknerif so, i can rebranch trunk, too02:25
aelknerand trunk, already pushed?02:27
replaceafilli haven't change trunk02:28
replaceafilllet me do it02:28
replaceafillaelkner could you push to trunk from your new branch? so we know it works02:30
aelknerok, hold on02:31
replaceafilli dont get errors when i merge, so you should be ok02:32
aelknerhow about trunk?02:33
replaceafilli though you were pushing to trunk so we know your branch works02:35
replaceafilli could do it if you want02:35
replaceafillsorry if i missunderstood you02:35
aelkneri'm running your branch to make sure it works02:36
replaceafillah ok02:36
aelknerthen i'll push to mine, i was hoping you'd fix trunk02:36
replaceafillok, i'll fix trunk then02:36
aelkneroops, i can't run yours (:02:36
aelkneri simply branched your branch02:36
replaceafillok, let me push to trunk02:37
replaceafillmenesis i hope i got all this branch mess right :(02:38
replaceafillaelkner ok pushed to trunk02:39
aelknerso what about my branch?02:40
replaceafillaelkner i thought you said you'd rebranch new trunk?02:42
aelknerah, ok02:42
aelknerlet me see02:43
aelknerreplaceafill, it works great, now i can push to my own branch02:47
aelknerbut one thing02:47
replaceafillaelkner great02:47
aelknerit seems to have the history from my branch02:47
replaceafillhhm trunk?02:47
aelkneryou told me to branch trunk02:48
aelkneryes, that one02:48
aelknerah crap02:48
aelkneri think i lie02:48
aelkneri branched your branch again, oops02:49
replaceafillah, that should definitely has your history, it's just a copy of yours :)02:50
replaceafillbut trunk is the good one now02:50
replaceafillsorry for all the confusion, but i do understand why menesis wants trunk history clean02:51
aelkneri can't run it02:52
aelkneri branches trunk this time and reran buildout, then make run02:52
aelknerit gives a ConfigurationError'>: Resource library "schooltool.gradebook.flourish" has unsatisfied dependency on ""02:53
replaceafillhhmm let me check mine02:53
aelknerdid you have it running yourself02:53
replaceafilldid you pull core trunk?02:53
replaceafillthat one has changed too02:53
aelkneroh, no02:54
aelknerok, that's more like it02:57
aelknernow i have the trunk history to add to, good02:57
aelkneri tested my new views and all the text changes and funcitonality are still there02:57
aelknerthanks for straightening this out for me02:57
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aksyvl: ping13:00
yvlpong, aks13:01
aksyvl: where can I find the new features/changelog for version 1.6.0b1?13:01
aksyvl: I'm writing a blog entry on the new version rpm build13:01
aksyvl: thanks13:02
yvlyou're welcome, aks :)13:03
aksyvl: check
aksyvl: can you please ask menesis to obtain the recent RPMs and put them at
yvlpoking menesis now...13:19
*** menesis has joined #schooltool13:20
aksmenesis: hello13:25
aksmenesis: can you please pull the new RPMs for v1.6.0b1 from, test them, and put them at
*** alga has joined #schooltool13:26
menesisaks: yes, looking at them13:30
aksmenesis: ok thanks13:30
menesisyou want all three (F9, F14, F15) mirrored?13:31
menesisand replace current Fedora_9 on with F9?13:31
menesisone thing is strange, that you packaged schooltool-1.6.0b1 version13:33
menesismaybe your script treats 1.6.0b1 > 1.6.0?13:33
menesisbut in fact b1 is a beta13:33
menesisand 1.6.0 is final release13:33
menesisI will release 1.6.1 sometime next week, with translation and bugfix updates13:35
menesisabout testing... sorry, I have a slow netbook instead of my work computer these days, would like to avoid installing a different OS13:37
aksmenesis: yes14:13
aksmenesis: yes14:13
aksmenesis: ok14:14
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th1ahi replaceafill, aelkner, yvl, menesis.16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:30
th1aSo... now the spotlight turns to menesis.16:30
th1aAfter a low intensity summer for him.16:31
th1aHow we looking, menesis?16:32
th1aWhat can we do for you?16:32
menesisI have synced only gradebook until this morning16:32
menesistranslations -> trunk -> flourish16:33
menesisnow to make a new template... and put it somewhere16:33
menesisnot decided how to do that16:33
menesisleave trunk as is, and make a new translatable series, flourish16:34
yvlmorning guys16:34
menesisor merge flourish into trunk16:34
menesisand create a translatable series for 0.916:35
menesisor whatever last stable release was16:36
th1aDoes the new template essentially contain all the old strings and the new ones?16:36
menesisshould be like that16:37
menesisbecause old views and templates are still there16:37
th1aThat leads me to think it is save to not make a new series.16:37
menesisbut interfaces maybe changed16:37
th1aAnd also that in the longer run we'll need to do something about deprecating the old skin to cut down on translating things that users won't see.16:38
th1aLosing the old interfaces is not a big deal.16:39
th1aAny other argument for a new series?16:40
menesistranslations are shared between series16:41
menesisi think16:41
menesisabout retiring old interface...16:42
menesisthat one is familiar, maybe skinned16:42
menesisand translatable16:42
menesisand functionally tested16:43
menesisso I think we keep both for this release16:43
th1aWhat do we mean by "interface" here?16:45
menesisold skin here16:45
th1aOh.  I thought you meant interface descriptions.  Zope interfaces stuff.16:46
menesisand above, talking about new or changed strings, I meant zope interfaces that contain translatable titles, etc.16:46
menesisseveral translatable series are useful only when we support,16:47
menesisand plan to make bugfix/translation releases16:48
menesisfor several series16:48
menesisbut we do sometimes16:48
menesisbut I have created translatable series for stable branches 3 months ago16:48
menesisthe question that I don't know the answer to is16:49
menesiswhen and how do we merge flourish branch into trunk16:49
th1aI think as soon as possible and by any means necessary.16:49
th1aIt will be the next release.16:50
th1aThere's not much time.16:50
menesisso what I want16:51
menesisis that existing tests are passing16:52
menesisto know that nothing was broken with the old skin16:52
th1aHow many are failing now?16:52
menesisdon't know16:53
th1aHow do we find out?  ;-)16:53
menesisI only ran tests for gradebook, and patched them so that most of them pass16:54
menesisbin/test ;)16:54
th1areplaceafill:  Do you want to take a look at this today?16:54
yvlunit tests are mostly fixed now16:54
yvljournal unit tests are broken16:55
th1amenesis:  What can replaceafill do for you now?16:55
menesisbut I cannot run many tests and be fixing them...16:55
menesisbecause for the last month I only have a netbook with /home on external hard drive16:55
menesisand running all schooltool tests takes 50 minutes16:55
menesisso if anyone can run tests and fix obvious problems, that will help me :)16:56
replaceafilli can work on that16:56
menesisI can also set up a flourish buildbot16:56
menesisok, I will16:57
yvlok, unit tests pass, except journal and recently broken schooltool.level16:58
yvlfunctional tests are broken all over the place16:58
th1aMostly from my changing text in interfaces?16:58
yvlno, mostly form timetable remake16:59
th1aAh.  Yes.16:59
yvland from other small refactorings along the way16:59
replaceafillyvl "Ran 585 tests with 6 failures" with "bin/test -u" correct?17:00
yvlsomething like that :)17:00
yvlsome stuff was moved to flourish namespace, functional test setups should include metadirectives17:00
th1aSo yvl is in charge of fixing functional tests in core?17:00
yvlhow many days do I have? :)17:00
th1aI guess the other question is whether I can get menesis to put out an alpha/beta with broken tests.17:01
th1aI want people to be able to start looking at this (from our PPA).17:02
yvland let's call it alpha :)17:02
yvlit's somewhat broken17:02
menesisabout version numbers and milestones. I would like the final release of all four projects be 2.017:02
menesis (now we have 1.7, 0.10, 0.8 and 0.5)17:02
th1aI'm ok with that.17:03
yvlthis release does look like a 2.0 of something, so +117:03
th1aWhat is broken yvl?17:03
yvlinterventions mainly17:03
yvlsmall things17:03
menesisand the alpha/beta be 1.9.0, 1.9.1...17:03
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th1amenesis:  That's fine.17:03
yvllike, go to a person, click interventions - not implemented17:04
yvlgo to interventions person, click on report sheets - not implemented17:04
th1aYeah, we've shaken some things out and shaken things up in interventions.17:04
th1aHm... report sheets should be gone.17:04
th1aMaybe we're out of sync.17:04
yvlporting is not finished, just that17:04
yvlgo to your intervention tab, search a student, click a message, click Done - broken17:05
replaceafilli also found <section>/schedule/addTimetable.html and /resources/add*.html are broken17:05
* yvl fixed stuff today17:06
aelknerth1a, i'll have to add to my queue fixing that Interventions link from student context17:06
th1aAdd that to the top of you queue.17:06
th1aBut it sounds like yvl is out of sync.17:08
th1aThe report sheets section should be out of interventions entirely.17:08
yvlis it in main branch?17:08
th1aThat's my question.17:08
yvllast merge from aelkner is ~2 days old17:09
aelkneryes, sorry, forgot to merge last round of intervention fixes to trunk17:10
aelknermerging now...17:10
* th1a rolls his eyes.17:10
aelknerpushed to trunk17:11
th1ayvl:  Any other general areas of brokenness that should be pointed out to me?17:12
yvlwhat Douglas said, but those are fixed now -- so, no :)17:13
yvlI managed to get a crash with summary worksheet in gradebook17:13
replaceafilland Linked column form17:14
aelkneri just fixed that bug17:14
aelknerthe summary one17:14
aelknerhaven't figured out what is wrong with linked column add17:14
th1aI think intervention will be more usable now so we have to make sure it works.  ;-)17:15
yvlwell - it is more usable + some of the bugs got fixed17:16
aelknerpushed summary worksheet fix to trunk17:16
menesisanyway - something broken, incomplete, untested - is ok for an alpha release17:17
menesisI know something - anything - needs to be packaged and released for people to play17:17
menesisand translate17:17
th1aSo lets get that out.17:18
th1amenesis, don't hesitate to tell us what you need us to do.17:18
menesisI'll try...17:18
menesisI would like some things fixed in navigation17:19
menesisSchool breadcrumb points to /17:19
menesisand I get a login screen every time I click on it, instead of /manage17:20
th1aAh, yvl, we need to sort that one out.17:20
replaceafillalso, Server tab is shown for non-admin users17:21
menesistab names and urls are different: School is /manage and Server is /settings. Maybe it is easy to rename them to /school and /server?17:21
th1aIt is fine the way it is.17:21
menesisyeah, it works17:22
th1aI guess the question is who sees the school tab.17:22
yvlthere is a bigger design issue there17:22
th1aIs there any reason for a non admin/manager to see it?17:22
aelknerand if they can't see it, should there even be a school breadcrumb?17:23
menesishow else students or teachers find their courses...17:23
th1aThat can be reverted to the school calendar.17:23
yvlwell why would they?17:23
th1aThey really just need to use gradebook, journal, etc.17:24
th1aYou don't need to find the section's page.17:24
yvllet's do the simplest thing now17:24
yvlif you're admin, School points to manage17:24
yvlif you're not admin, School points to your calendar17:25
menesismaybe. I just suggest you login as a student and see what is missing or too much17:25
yvlif you're admin, there's a link to school calendar in the overview.17:25
th1aYes, I should do that once a year.17:25
th1aMaybe school is more trouble than it is worth in the breadcrumbs.17:25
th1aSince it is right under the school tab in particular.17:25
yvlwell, my suggestion stands17:26
yvldo the simple thing.17:26
yvlthink about how it should actually work.17:26
yvlyou'll need to log in and experiment as:17:26
yvl- teacher17:26
yvl- student17:26
yvlto see what is missing.17:26
th1aIsn't it simpler to hide school if you aren't a admin?17:26
th1aWe don't actually want people going to the school calendar.17:27
th1aThere's no reason for them to do it.17:27
yvl I wonder17:27
yvlwhat tab should be highlighted when a person looks at his own calendar?17:27
th1aI do think there should be a calendar tab.17:27
yvlwill do17:28
replaceafillwe need to make the Done button conditional in person index.html17:28
replaceafillit points to /persons17:28
yvlbreadcrumbs and navigation is not well thought out for non-admin users17:29
yvlthat applies to a lot of places in ST17:29
replaceafillwe also don't have student views for gradebook/journal17:29
th1aI'm just going to time-limit this meeting.17:30
th1aIt was a good time to just get random feedback on where we are.17:30
th1aDo you want me to jot down my feelings on the breadcrumbs/tabs in an email?17:31
aelkneryvl, i fixed the student Interventions link and pushed to trunk17:31
th1aOK.  Anyone unclear on what to do next?17:32
yvlthanks, aelkner17:32
aelknerit was using the intervention_center.html link which is not needed in flourish skin17:32
yvloh, cool17:32
aelknerthese are the two tasks on my queue:17:33
aelkner- linked column add doesn't work17:33
aelkner- create flourish view.html view of report sheets17:33
th1aAdd student views for gradebook/journal.17:33
replaceafillcan i take the journal one?17:33
aelkneryeah, and me the gradebook one?17:34
th1areplaceafill can have journal17:34
yvlmy tasks would be:  add calendar tab, hide server/school tabs for people, fix school breadcrumb17:34
yvland start fixing functional tests for core17:34
th1aOK. Cool.17:35
th1aI guess we'll try no meeting tomorrow.17:35
th1aEnjoy your weekend... aelkner, are you ok meeting Monday (Labor Day here)?17:36
yvlmaybe we can excuse Alan?17:37
th1aIt is up to him.17:38
th1aAnyhow, have a good weekend guys.17:38
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:38
aelknerno, it' ok17:38
aelkneri'll be there17:38
yvlthanks, th1a17:39
yvland happy coding, guys17:39
aelknerhave a good evening guys17:40
yvlP.S.: replaceafill, I think selenium 2 is awesome and we will end up using it ;)17:40
yvlp.p.s.: selenium rc sux and must die17:40
replaceafillis selenium 2 fully implemented now?17:41
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yvlstable release: 2.5 / August 23, 2011; 7 days ago17:42
yvlenough said, I think.17:42
yvlwait, wikipedia may be lying17:44
yvl... maybe not17:44
yvlthey kind of started that ~weekly release thing17:45
* replaceafill is going to start testing flourish using Selenium 2 then :D17:47
replaceafillyvl you gone?18:04
yvlnot yet18:05
replaceafillquick question18:05
replaceafillthere are three content providers registered for IBrowserPage: title, link and label18:05
replaceafillare we using label somewhere?18:05
yvlin schedule container view only, AFAIR18:06
replaceafillah! ok, i'll look at that one, thanks18:07
* yvl is +0.5 for killing label18:07
yvljust FYI ;)18:07
replaceafillhhmm can't find the label reference in that view...18:11
replaceafilli was looking at f_...18:15
yvltimetable refactoring included content providers, so... ;)18:15
* yvl gone now :)18:15
replaceafillmenesis "evolution script was not needed." :|19:00
menesisyes, I tried19:02
menesisthere are ints, if you edit a course, a Decimal is written19:02
replaceafilland probably nobody is going to make operations with course credits anyway, right?19:03
menesisbut it worked even after I reverted schema change and ran the same db19:03
menesisno idea19:03
menesisif those credits are used anywhere19:03
replaceafillkk, thanks for the merge, do you have a timeline for the cando release, in case David asks me?19:05
menesishaven't looked at cando changes yet19:05
replaceafillah ok19:06
menesisnot today.19:06
* replaceafill knows menesis is swamped 19:06
menesisthey want lucid release urgently?19:06
replaceafilli think so, they start next week AFAIK19:07
menesiswill do this tomorrow19:07
replaceafillok cool, thanks19:07
th1amenesis:  Yes, tomorrow please.19:08
menesisi'm leaving now, sorry19:09
th1aTomorrow is fine.19:24
replaceafillok, unit tests pass on core now20:13
* replaceafill dares to try functional tests...20:14
th1aDare to dream, replaceafill!20:18
*** replaceafill has quit IRC22:10

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