IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2011-09-03

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mattva01hey, just want to say the new schooltool looks great17:37
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mattva01_th1a, you didn't somehow break ssl support did you?20:49
mattva01_in flourish i mean20:49
mattva01it seems to crash before anytime I try to connect with ssl20:51
mattva01using the standard ssl config i always use20:51
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th1amattva01:  Breaks all the time?22:34
mattva01it breaks whenever I try to access it via ssl22:39
mattva01I get a "connection was reset while page was loading"22:39
th1aThe server literally crashes?22:39
mattva01well it seems to be schooltool getting the error22:40
mattva01as apache doesn't log it22:40
th1aDid you check the paste.log?22:40
mattva01I don't know where that is located in this source release....22:41
mattva01does not exist22:42
mattva01but it's def running22:42
mattva01switched paste to run at
mattva01it works fine without ssl22:43
mattva01through apache22:43
mattva01but as soon as I try to do anything via 443 it stops working22:43
th1aIt is probably some kind of skin configuration something something.22:43
mattva01I wish I had some sort of logging info to give you22:44
mattva01but its not being logged anywhere22:44
replaceafillmattva01 it's at instance/schooltool.log22:44
replaceafillmattva01 this is, correct?22:44
mattva01only error there is intervention crashing22:45
mattva01but thats less critical22:45
replaceafillcan you enable ssl?22:45
replaceafillso i can see the log?22:45
mattva01sure one sec22:45
mattva01and I think I see the problem22:47
mattva01try going to
replaceafillit works here22:47
replaceafilli just got the ssl warning about the certificate22:47
mattva01oh great22:48
th1aDoes that mean I can return to my nap?22:48
mattva01it's a aps22:48
replaceafillnon-ssl version is disabled, right?22:48
mattva01yes22:48 gives me 40422:48
replaceafillyes, it works22:48
replaceafillthe only error i see is:22:49
replaceafillLocationError: (<schooltool.intervention.traversal.InterventionTabProxy object at 0x1349d750>, 'layout.css')22:49
mattva01ok, let me try from an external server22:49
mattva01th1a: I guess you can , thanks for the help22:50
mattva01yep works fine externally22:51
mattva01oh wait22:51
mattva01yes it does22:51
mattva01it means APS is mangling SSL again22:51
mattva01think maybe I should set up a proxy tunnel inside aps and tunnel out to it ? :p22:55
mattva01I really don't know what to do then22:58
replaceafilltalk to the APS network admin?22:59
mattva01our networking people don't exactly respond in timeframes relative to the rest of humanity :p22:59
mattva01our whole network got dc'd once and it took months to even get a response, much less a fix23:00
th1aDoes this only happen with new SchoolTool?23:08
mattva01I can give you an account on  a network location in here  in order to try to figure it out23:09
mattva01or douglas I mean23:10
mattva01but I think we will just have to tunnel for now23:10
replaceafillcan you set old schooltool using the same configuration?23:10
mattva01and send angry letters to our networking people23:10
replaceafill or something23:10
mattva01one sec23:10
mattva01cando is hosted interally though23:12
mattva01that old schooltool hosted on this same box has always worked23:13
mattva01let me bring it up23:13
mattva01wow ok23:19
mattva01looks like its intermittent23:19
mattva01like facebook https access23:19
th1aSchool IT!23:19
th1aGotta love it.23:20
mattva01it works occasionally  but then gets ssent random RST packets23:20
replaceafillworks perfectly here :P23:20
mattva01ok looks like it's not a coincidence23:21
mattva01whenever I can access facebook I can access ours23:22
mattva01and whenever I can't , ditto on the other23:22
mattva01I love agressive proxies >.<23:22
mattva01what makes this more sad is any reasonable competent kid can just get an ec2 accounts for free for a year23:23
mattva01and just SOCKS proxy through that23:23
mattva01randomly injecting RST packets into SSL streams accomplishes nothing but annoy people23:24

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