IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2011-08-31

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aelknerth1a, ayt?01:20
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th1ahi aelkner.01:42
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aelknerth1a, logging in as manager:01:49
aelknerthe add, edit and delete links don't work yet01:49
aelkneri just wanted to get the first draft to you for some text edits01:50
th1aLooks fine so far.01:50
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fsufitchth1a, ping02:37
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fsufitchhoffman == th1a ?03:43
fsufitchoh ok03:44
fsufitchi was pinging you to ask if i told you about my eve business venture03:44
hoffmanWhat do you have cooking/03:45
fsufitchship spinning!03:45
hoffmanHow's that working out?03:47
fsufitchhaven't released it yet, will probably release it by the end of the week03:48
hoffmanI see.03:48
fsufitchimplementing some last features, like a news section03:48
fsufitchi took a survey across jita/amarr/rens/dodixie though, and people seemed reasonably excited03:48
fsufitchit's been a nice experiment in learning how web2py works, too03:49
hoffmanThat's a whole area of EVE I don't know anything about.03:50
fsufitchwhat, web2py?03:51
fsufitchor gambling?03:51
fsufitchlike real life, except without the gov't butting in to regulate your massive, massive profits03:52
fsufitchsomer's blink lottery nets him about a 60% profit per every item he gives out03:52
hoffmanI believe it.03:52
fsufitchi just looked at his lottery, and at eoh poker and other things, and read that slot machines make most of the profit in real life casinos03:53
fsufitcheve had no slot machine, so i decided to make it03:53
hoffmanIt is a good idea.03:53
fsufitchi'd much rather code for my isk than rat for it03:53
fsufitchplus, if this works out, i will be flying (and losing) Republic Fleet fitted Rifters, and making everyone in U'K tear their hair out because of the state of the killboard03:54
hoffmanaelkner:  Are we going to have report card layout tonight?04:28
aelknerhopefully tomorrow morning, it's complicated04:39
aelkneri did the easy part first04:39
aelknerthe add/edit views are more involved04:39
hoffmanHm... I wonder if we can get the strings done aelkner.04:42
hoffmanOr if that's a waste of time.04:43
aelkneri could focus on getting the forms rendered even if they don't work04:45
aelknerthen you can make any last adjustments to the text04:45
hoffmanLet's do that.04:45
hoffmanI'll be back in a half hour or so.04:46
th1aaelkner:  I'm going to write the "WiT" for /activity_categories now...05:15
aelkneri have the add views rendered now05:17
aelknerwill have them loaded in a minute05:17
th1a"The activity categories used in section gradebooks throughout the school are managed from this page.  Please edit them to suit the types of assignments and assessements used in your school."05:18
aelknerthe add links work, the submit button is same as cancel to get you back05:24
th1aaelkner:  I'm going to write the "WiT" for /activity_categories now...05:24
aelkneri need to make/eat some food, so how about another half hour or so?05:24
aelknerfourty minutes05:25
th1aI guess I can just write this stuff now.05:25
th1achange "Columns" to "Grid Columns"05:32
th1aAnd "Outline Activities" to "Outline Items"05:38
th1aUse this page to layout a standard report card, pulling data from report sheets and the attendance journal.05:46
th1aThe standard report card contains grid where each row corresponds to a section and the columns as defined on this page.05:46
th1aBelow the grid is an outline which loops through each section and the defined outline items laid out like a text outline.  This is necessary for comments or other scores that will not fit in a traditional grid.05:46
th1aBoth the grid and outline layouts are optional; if no columns or items are defined, the whole layout is skipped.05:46
th1aThe report cards can be generated for an individual person or all the people in a group.05:46
th1aIn the new column form, just use "Column heading"05:51
th1aAnd "Outline heading" (no "optional alternative")05:52
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th1alet me know when you're back aelkner.06:05
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aelknerth1a, i'm back06:10
th1aThe only trick here is that replaceafill and I put some links in the WiT for the report sheets, so we need to do that for the report card too.06:11
th1aSo put the report card layout wit in as above.06:11
th1aIt is pretty long.06:11
th1a(which ends with "all the people in a group."06:11
aelkneroh, wit is what is this?  duh :)06:12
th1awhat is what is this?06:12
aelknerno, you're saying wit, and i finally figured out that mean 'what is this'06:13
aelkneri'm slow that way06:13
aelknerso i see that i have studd to do from the log, so i'll ping you when that's done06:14
aelknerth1a, what did you mean about the last part, (which ends with "all the people in a group.")?06:21
aelkneris that the link that goes at the nd of the wit above?06:21
th1aThe following is a separate comment aimed at you:06:21
th1a In the new column form, just use "Column heading"06:21
th1a And "Outline heading" (no "optional alternative")06:21
th1aThe wit is before that.06:22
* th1a is really ready to go to bed.06:36
aelknerth1a, check this out06:38
aelkneri hard-coded it to have empty table messages in 2008-200906:39
th1aYou need a new paragraph for each sentence.06:39
th1aThe second sentence needs to say "contains A grid"06:39
th1a(not caps, ofc)06:39
aelkneri thought you were specifying the <p> by the way you broke it up in the log06:40
aelknerbut ok06:40
th1aWell, I did.06:40
th1aBut you missed it somehow.06:40
th1aActually the sentence starting "This is necessary" does not get is own paragraph.06:41
th1aANd I guess layout is two words as a verb so change that in the first sentence.06:42
th1aNow, the links.06:43
th1aStart with the wit for
th1aSee how there's a link there?06:44
th1ain the wit06:44
th1anow, "standard report card" in the last sentence should link to now,
th1aANd then in the report card layout wit, make "report sheets" in the first sentence link to
th1aYou should be able to see how replaceafill did it.06:47
aelknerone sec and you'll see it06:48
aelknerthe what is this blocks are all linked now06:52
aelknerthat's another nice navigation idea06:52
th1aWe generally don't need it but this is still a multi-step process.06:53
aelknerit can't hurt06:53
aelknerso where are we?06:53
th1aI'd say the empty message for report card layout should be "This report..." not year.06:53
th1aThe whole thing could be:06:54
th1aThis report has no grid columns.06:54
th1a(and outline)06:54
th1asame way.06:54
th1aThen wit for as above.06:54
th1aAnd that's it.06:54
th1aitems is spelled wrong.06:57
aelknerwhere is items misspelled?07:04
th1aThis report has no outline itmes.07:04
th1aMake the Activity Categories wit two paragraphs and we're done.07:04
th1aI'll send out an email saying the strings are done but the report cards don't quite work yet.07:05
th1aYou'll have to merge this ofc.07:07
aelknerwill do07:08
aelkneris that it?07:10
th1aThank you and good night.07:10
th1aThanks for pushing this through.07:10
aelknercya tomorrow07:10
aelknernp, i know how important the timing is07:10
aksreplaceafill: hi07:13
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replaceafillyvl ping11:57
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yvlpong, replaceafill12:11
replaceafillhey yvl, could you confirm this:12:11
replaceafillKeyError: 'add'12:11
yvlone sec...12:13
* yvl wonders when *that* got broke12:16
* replaceafill too12:16
yvlit does suck working without tests12:16
replaceafillyes, we've had several regressions now12:17
replaceafillthere are more in the gradebook :(12:17
yvlthanks for noticing, replaceafill12:19
replaceafillselenium ftw ;)12:20
replaceafillgrep -r "legend = '" parts/omelette/schooltool/ | wc -l12:57
* replaceafill sighs...12:58
yvl  :)13:04
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th1aOH... didn't hit SEND on my email to yvl and menesis last night!14:55
yvlhey th1a14:56
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th1ahi menesis.16:40
th1aI forgot to press send on my email to you last night.16:40
menesisone thing I wanted to ask16:41
menesismaybe it is a good time to change Section to Class?16:42
th1aI haven't really been able to pull the trigger on that.16:42
th1aWhich is not to say I'm against it.16:43
th1aIt seems like a lot of work...16:43
th1aHow would you do it, menesis.16:44
th1aIt terms of just changing all the strings?16:44
menesisWell ok. You said you are happy with the language16:44
menesisOnly strings . Renaming objects is difficult16:45
th1aRight, assuming we're not renaming objects.16:45
th1aI mean, the question is is THIS a good time, or was the good time three months ago?16:47
menesisOk it is too late16:48
th1aIt was really one more conversation than I wanted to have.16:48
th1aWe probably should have, but what is done is done.16:49
replaceafillth1a today i was thinking about focusing on issues like:16:51
replaceafill* section add form should display term errors next to widgets16:51
replaceafill* show errors next to password field in person add view16:51
replaceafillis that ok?16:51
th1aPretty much everyone can sweep up whatever's left on the floor.16:51
th1aFor the next few days.16:52
th1amenesis:  Is there anything blocking you I should know about?16:52
menesisNo one else is blocking me16:53
th1aOK.  ;-)16:54
menesisI still have to deal with older translations16:54
menesisMerge what is translated in launchpad16:55
menesisBefore pushing a new template16:55
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menesisaelkner: looks to me that you left some debug code in gradebook report_card.py19:09
menesisif '2010' in self.schoolyear.title:19:09
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aelknerreplaceafill, ayt?20:23
replaceafillaelkner yes20:23
aelkneri must have hissed a conversation about removing css and js from gradebook20:24
aelknerwhat was the reason for removing it completely, i understand moving popup and other things like grid20:24
aelknerbut having a hole where someone can place css or js seemed sensible20:25
aelknerwhy remove it?20:25
replaceafillaelkner so the journal can use it without depending on the gradebook20:25
replaceafilland someday maybe cando...20:25
aelknerthat' te reason for moving the popup and grid css20:25
aelknernot for removing the resource library20:26
replaceafillaelkner we can put the library back but there are no resources right now for it right now20:26
aelkneryeah, but it took time to put it in, time to take it out, now time again to put it in20:26
aelknerwhenever that case comes up20:27
aelkneri'm just saying, we don't need to invent things to do20:27
aelknerbut i realize also, that empty files would be stupid20:27
replaceafillaelkner we can put it back *easily*...20:27
aelknerso i guess it's a moot point20:27
aelkneryeah, well, it takes me time to figure that stuff out when the time comes20:28
aelknerno big deal20:28
replaceafilli thought about putting a placeholder file, but i didnt see the point20:29
aelknerwell, we already had a placeholder file by doing nothing at all!20:29
aelknerbut one thing is clear, the fact that we don't need those files is proof that we did something very good20:30
aelknerwhen you moved those rules to core20:30
aelknerit could be the caswe that we never need anything in gradebook that isn't already in core20:30
aelknerthat would be ideal20:30
replaceafillsomeday... :)20:30
aelkneri meant the css and js, which is already the case20:31
aelknerand may never need to change, that's what i was saying20:31
replaceafillwell, we still have different templates for the gradebooks20:32
aelknerif we can keep our concepts general enough, then plugins can always use core for css js20:32
replaceafilli hope we can fix that someday...20:32
aelkneryes, those should be in core20:32
aelknerthat would be the time to refactor gradebook internals i think20:32
aelknerwhen we have time, after the pressure of the release is less20:32
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replaceafillafter we have tests :D20:33
aelknertests and refactoring would probably fix more than half the bugfixes that will come in post release20:33
aelknerbefore they even come in :)20:33
replaceafillbtw, dont forget the regression in the summary worksheet20:33
replaceafillyou're fixing that, right?20:33
aelknerwhat's that20:34
replaceafillthe summary worksheet used to work, it doesnt now20:34
aelknerah, so it regressed to not working :)20:34
aelknerinteresting use of the language20:34
aelknerdoes that mean it returned to the former not working state that it enjoyed20:35
aelknerbefore some idiot came along and fixed it? :)20:35
replaceafillah also, one of the activity forms has the same issue20:36
replaceafilllinked column20:36
aelknercool, thanks for the reminders20:37
aelknerreplaceafill, btw, way to know your gook speak with the software regression reference20:39
aelknermy god, what a stupid type that is20:39
aelkneri hate typing!20:40
* replaceafill is used to aelkner's typos20:40
aelknerand he appreciates your patience :)20:40
replaceafillaelkner i'll put the resource library back in the gradebook, i need to move css specific rules out of core20:44
replaceafilland we won't need to register it again :)20:45
replaceafillaelkner did you get menesis comment on:20:47
replaceafill        if '2010' in self.schoolyear.title:20:47
replaceafillth1a zyt?20:55
replaceafillcss changes pushed to trunk and gradebook21:07
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th1aaelkner, ayt?21:46
*** ignas has joined #schooltool21:47
replaceafillmenesis due to a fight with buildout i used schooltool/1.4 for the cando related fixes22:06
replaceafillbut the changes can be easily ported to schooltool/1.522:07
replaceafilldo you want me to port them?22:07
menesisto be honest, yes22:09
replaceafillah ok22:09
replaceafillwill port them now then22:09
th1amenesis:  btw, I told aelkner to push his code even though it wasn't quite done last night because we at least had the strings done.  Whether it is of any use to you in that form, I don't know.22:09
menesis1.5 is an old trunk, where 1.4 has a lot of backports22:09
replaceafillmenesis ah22:10
menesisth1a: no problem for me, not making releases yet22:10
replaceafillmenesis th1a i was also thinking that these fixes should be applied to flourish22:11
replaceafillAllowed non-integer values for course credits (
replaceafillAdd School Year copies all course attributes (
menesisFYI, there are 100 more strings in gradebook flourish branch than trunk22:12
replaceafillthe "What is This?" :D22:12
menesisreplaceafill: of course, your branch will be merged everywhere where needed. I just asked you to branch off an older trunk to make merging easier22:13
replaceafillmenesis got it22:14
replaceafillth1a any ideas on how to style the two dropdowns here
replaceafilli was thinking about putting a fieldset titled "Passing Score" or something22:18
replaceafilland use the paragraph as a hint maybe22:18
th1aOh.  Yes.22:18
replaceafill"Passing Score"22:18
th1aI have no thoughts, so that sounds fine.22:18
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replaceafilloopps each edit of a merge request produces a single email... sorry for the flood :)22:28
replaceafillth1a thoughts?
replaceafillmaybe a hint for describing the initially empty Passing Score dropdown....22:36
th1a"The minimum or maximum score necessary for a student to pass a course or assessment."22:43
th1aThat's the kind of redundant hint I try to avoid.22:43
replaceafillwell, i just wanted one that explained that you must enter values in the table for the menu to have options22:44
th1atypo "leave it AS the "Minimum" passing score."22:44
th1aI don't know.22:45
th1aAny ideas for the wording?22:45
replaceafillor we can leave it with no hint ;)22:45
replaceafillselect a value from the scores previously entered... yikes...22:45
th1aYou cannot set a minimum score unless you have entered scores?22:46
replaceafillhhmm i'll leave it empty, if that's ok :)22:46
replaceafillwe have the book anyway ;)22:46
replaceafillat least it looks better than the first version22:47
th1aYes, thanks.22:48
replaceafilli'm hunting for weird styles, let me know if you remember of a page that needs love22:48
th1aMy brain is kind of mush.22:49
replaceafillcheck the Demographics fieldset22:50
replaceafill(sorry for pushing you...)22:50
replaceafillshould we add a condition of not render it if there are no demo fields?22:50
replaceafillmenesis oops!!!22:53
replaceafill* Leave absences/tardies columns empty instead of showing 022:53
replaceafilli changed the journal to render 0 following the gradebook :(22:53
replaceafilland used N/A for the average column22:54
menesiswell... I changed this quietly before doing gradebook 0.9.1 release22:54
menesisbut it seems no one has seen gradebook trunk in a while22:54
th1aOh, what?22:54
menesisand I only now merged it to flourish22:55
replaceafillmenesis i havent :(22:55
replaceafilli just remembered the score refactoring until i saw your merge...22:55
th1aWhat are you referring to here, replaceafill?  * Leave absences/tardies columns empty instead of showing 022:55
menesisth1a: I have changed the new columns in gradebook22:56
replaceafillth1a it's a part of a commit from menesis22:56
menesisabsences and tardies columns to be empty22:56
menesisI am surprised I left average N/A instead of also being empty22:56
replaceafilli should sync the journal to do the same then22:57
menesisthese are all columns in gradebook22:57
th1aWait wait.22:57
menesisth1a: what you think?22:57
th1aI have to go.22:57
menesisreplaceafill: wait till it settles22:57
replaceafillmenesis kk22:58
th1aLook... a 0 in the journal is an affirmative statement.22:58
th1aLet me look at this later.22:58
th1aI've got to run.22:58
replaceafillth1a kk22:58
menesisno absences.22:58
replaceafilli'll bring it up in tomorrow's meeting :)22:59
* replaceafill goes to take a shower23:00
* menesis goes to bed23:00
menesisreplaceafill, aelkner: maybe you want to uncommit the last three commits that removed and then added the css back?23:01
replaceafillmenesis ah ok, i will23:01
menesisthere is my commit in the middle, don't worry about it23:01
replaceafillit was my fault23:01
replaceafillah ok23:02
replaceafillmenesis is it just a matter of:23:02
replaceafillbzr uncommit <to revision>23:02
replaceafillbzr push23:02
menesisbzr uncommit -r 337..23:03
menesisbzr push --overwrite23:03
replaceafillgot it23:03
replaceafillwas wondering about how to overwrite ;)23:03
menesisaelkner has merged this already, so he has to uncommit the 'sync with trunk', too23:03
replaceafillah ok23:04
menesisno big deal.23:04
menesisok bye23:04
replaceafillbye menesis23:04
replaceafillusing --overwrite on trunk makes me uneasy...23:23
replaceafillah what the hell, i'll blame bzr... or menesis :D23:24
replaceafillaelkner let me know if you need help getting your gradebook branch on sync23:26

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