IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2011-08-30

replaceafillsynonym for sidebar...?00:36
replaceafilli don't like the 'side' part...00:36
replaceafillth1a zyt?01:16
aelknerth1a, i'm back from the doc and other errands01:36
aelknerthe doc say i'll live, so that's good01:36
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hoffmanHow we doing aelkner?03:22
aelkneri'm ready to talk to you about What is this if you are?03:28
hoffmanDiscussing with my wife...03:28
hoffmanHow about in an hour?03:30
hoffmanIf you're bored, we need to flourish report card layout.03:30
hoffmanSo you could start that process.03:30
hoffmanOr you could watch the Phillies.03:30
aelkneri have plenty for now, but i'll be available in an hour, too03:31
hoffmanCatch you in an hour.03:31
replaceafillChanged 'Pack Database' for 'Database'03:52
replaceafillyou'll get to 'Server Database'03:52
replaceafillit still have the same issue (the user doesn't know what's going on), but at least it has instructions :/03:53
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th1aaloha aelkner04:44
th1aWhoa.  Javascript slidey notification replaceafill.04:45
aelknerth1a, hey04:45
th1aOK, where are we aelkner?04:46
replaceafillth1a :)04:47
aelknerstill working on the inbox filter widget04:48
aelknerbut we can look at the views as they are in the demo instance  to discuss What is this04:48
aelknerstill i wouldn't mind showing the inbox filter change to you in a hour or less04:49
th1aJust go ahead and do that.04:49
replaceafillth1a try it again :)04:51
th1aI just peed in my pants.04:51
replaceafillstole the spinner from LP :p04:51
th1aOf course, you don't NEED to wait.04:52
th1aBut I suppose it is a helpful gesture.04:52
th1aI guess that's kind of what makes this particular task confusing to code.04:52
th1aYou don't need to stick around to know if it actually worked.04:53
th1aSo yes, that's a good compromise.04:54
th1aIf people don't want to wait around, we don't need to stop them.04:54
replaceafillshould i commit it?04:55
replaceafillat least it's better than the first try04:55
aelknerreplaceafill, i needed to put the Goals and Messages spans in labels that are NOT in a label div04:56
aelknerbut rather in the widget div that the check box is in04:57
aelknerth1a, first of all, ignoring the font for the moment, is that the order of labels/controls you want?04:57
th1aIncidentally, I get a not found when not logged in, rather than a login screen there.04:58
aelknerreplaceafill, i'm thinking we wold need a different css rule for what i did04:58
replaceafillaelkner is that a manual form?04:58
aelknercan we focus on this first?04:58
replaceafillor is it z3c?04:58
aelknerit's a filter widget04:58
th1aThe only other thing is we're trying to be consistent on "First name, last name or username" in searches.04:58
replaceafillyou just need the right boiler plate04:58
th1aBut yes, that's pretty much it.  Both goals and messages should be enabled by default.04:59
aelknerreplaceafill, i need to point you to the revision04:59
aelknerth1a, enabled by default, yes04:59
replaceafillaelkner just firebug
replaceafilland copy the markup04:59
replaceafillthat's what i do :D04:59
replaceafillkind of annoying but it works05:00
aelknerreplaceafill, thanks, will do05:01
replaceafillth1a is the message: "Please wait while the database is packed." ok for this?05:02
th1aIf we say "Please wait for confirmation that the database is packed."05:03
th1aThat is the most accurate description of what's happening.05:03
replaceafillah ok05:03
th1athat the database has been packed.05:03
th1aGet my verb tense right.05:04
replaceafill"Please wait for confirmation that the database has been packed."05:04
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th1aWhere'd I go?05:18
aelkneroh, and the buttons should change05:25
*** replaceafill has quit IRC05:25
aelknerFilter, Reset?05:25
th1aYeah.  Does that search widget work with first, last, ID?05:25
th1aClear or Reset... whichever we use elsewhere.05:25
aelknerwe use clear, but we're not clearing if they uncheck, we're restoring05:25
aelknerbut it's up to you05:26
aelknerto answer your question, it uses the catalog05:26
aelknerso i think it works the way the other ones work05:26
th1aDo we need clear or reset?05:26
th1aNo we don't.05:26
th1aOK, use "First name, last name or username" then05:27
aelknerthat's the standard, and that's what it does05:28
aelkneroh, wait05:28
aelkneryou do mean, check the first name, then the last name, then the usename, right?05:28
aelknerbecause that is the way we do it with our catalogs05:29
aelkneri'm ust not sure if you are suggesting changing something05:29
aelkneryour sentence above could be read:05:29
th1aI mean the user can enter any or all of those things and expect a reasonable response.05:29
aelknerso the button should be called Filter?05:30
th1ait could say and/or05:30
aelknerand the legend, too?05:30
aelknerthe top of the form05:30
aelknerwhat do you call that?05:30
aelknerwhere it says, Filter05:30
th1aI call it the fucking gray box.05:31
th1aIt is fine.05:31
aelknerso it's ok to have that AND the button say filter05:31
th1aIt is better than having them say something different.05:31
th1aI mean, it could say submit.05:32
th1aBut it is fine.05:32
th1aWe need the no messages message.05:33
aelknerok, one last look:
th1aI'm ok with the filter form.05:35
aelkneryou mean in this form where the table is now empty?05:36
aelknerif so, wouldn't we want "There are no interventions in your inbox" ?05:37
aelknerbecause it's message and goals there05:37
aelknerwell,that depends05:37
aelkneri mean it depends on the filter05:37
th1aOh yeah.05:37
th1amumble grumble05:38
aelknerThere is nothing in your inbox for the given filter05:38
aelkneri know you're not going to love that one05:38
th1aTimes like this I say "What does gmail do?"05:38
th1aNo messages matched your search.05:39
aelknerNothing in your inbox matches your filter05:39
aelknerNothing in your inbox matches the filter05:39
th1aNo messages or goals match your current filter settings.05:40
th1aThe main thing I want to get across is for the first time user -- what would I see here if there was anything here?05:40
th1aThis is where messages and goals go.05:40
aelkneryes, good thinking05:41
aelknerbut here you needed to communicate two things so it was trickier05:41
aelkneri think you have the perect sentence there05:41
th1aOr good enough.05:41
aelknernow i have to get it to come out somehow05:42
aelkneri'm not going to change the base class for table formatter, so05:42
aelkneri'll figure out how to create my own view class attribute, won't take long05:42
th1aI've almost finished my beer so I won't be getting any drunker.05:44
aelkneri'm having trouble getting something into an inbox with this sample data05:51
aelknergot it05:53
aelknershould message come before goals in the check boxes as it does in the message?05:56
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aelkneri can't even get a goal added because of this damn date picker06:12
th1a Ah.  We need to straighten out the date formats.06:13
aelknerthe widget returns a date that is then deemed invalid06:13
aelknertomorrow's meeting?06:13
th1aSure.  We're going to need another day anyhow to do the report card layout.06:13
aelkneri wanted to get a goal added so that i could test the filtering06:14
th1aYou can type  the date.06:14
th1aOR maybe not anymore.06:14
th1aYou used to be able to.06:14
aelknerit stops me from entering characters, the stupid widget06:15
aelknerwhat was wrong with the old one?06:15
th1aWell... it was ugly for one.  And I believe it had i18n issues.06:17
th1aWe just need to straighten out the formats.06:17
th1aI think I'm going to check out.06:19
aelknercool, here's the latest:06:22
aelkneri already added a message06:22
th1aI just sent out an email.06:22
aelknerclicking off message and hitting Filter shows the no data message06:22
th1aHow did you save the message?06:23
aelknerthat doesn't have a date06:23
aelknerfor the student search, there's no need for the goals filter06:24
aelknerthat was overkill i think06:24
th1aWell, if you're the principal maybe not.06:25
aelknerah, yes06:25
th1aLooking at all the interventions in the whole school.06:25
th1aOK I'm getting ready for bed.06:25
aelkneri was just about to say that it was lehmann who suggested it06:25
th1aONE MORE PUSH tomorrow.06:25
th1aGet these strings to bed.06:25
aelknerok, tomorrow then06:26
th1athanks aelkner.06:26
aelknernp, see you tomorrow06:26
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aksyvl: just reported yesterday's bug07:09
yvlthanks, aks08:43
aksyvl: :) are replaceafill and menesis on leave these days?08:43
yvlreplaceafill is in El Salvador :)08:44
yvlso it's roughly midnight for him :)08:45
yvlmenesis usually comes in late in the day08:45
yvland we're aiming to make an alpha release in few days, so it's a bit hectic here :)08:46
aksyvl: I see08:47
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th1ahi yvl, aelkner, menesis.16:30
th1aWhat's up yvl?16:31
yvlI did finished activity categories today16:32
*** replaceafill has joined #schooltool16:32
yvland now it occurs me that I forgot to put the link to them :)16:32
th1ahi replaceafill.16:32
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:32
yvlthat's basically it16:32
th1aCan you get that link in and push the changes?16:33
th1areplaceafill:  You're doing some CanDo work today?16:34
replaceafillth1a yes16:34
replaceafilli have some questions for yvl, but i can wait until the end of the meeting16:34
th1aThis is going to be a quick meeting.16:34
th1aaelkner and I are going to wrap up interventions & report card layout.16:35
th1aAnd when we're done I'll give menesis the signal to start doing the translation stuff.16:35
aelknerth1a, what about the date widget?16:36
th1aYes, what do we need to do about that?16:36
aelknerget it to work?16:36
yvlit works in some forms, does not in others16:36
th1aChange the form to work with the widget?16:36
yvlas in - wrong date format16:36
yvlhaven't looked into what's wrong actually16:37
aelknerwe can't add goals now because the widget won't allow a date to be entered16:38
aelkneryvl, could you try that out to see for yourself what happens?16:38
yvlI know16:38
yvlI even sent a mail about that16:38
aelknerso why did we go from a perfectly fine date picker that worked to one that doesn't?16:39
yvloh boy16:39
yvlth1a? :)16:39
yvlaelkner, the problem is not in datepicker, the problem is in our code16:39
th1aThe old one sucked.16:40
th1aThe new one rocks.16:40
yvlthanks, th1a16:40
th1aThis is not a complicated problem right?16:40
yvljust need to get to that16:40
th1aSo let's just figure it out.16:40
th1a$.datepicker.formatDate( format, date, settings ) - Format a date into a string value with a specified format.16:42
yvlI was thinking of doing some more testing and then start fixing the bugs for the next two days16:42
yvlthe thing is16:42
yvlthat we have different date formats that our code expects16:42
yvl*that* is the problem16:42
yvlbut we knew that already - and for a long time, so...16:43
th1aOK, so what is the format that aelkner needs to change his form to accept?16:43
yvlbut please find the reason behind it and fix in all places16:43
aelkneryvl, who is gong to find the reason and fix in all places?16:44
yvland btw, you can work around to create a goal ;)16:44
yvljust enter a date in mm/dd/yy format somewhere and paste it to date field :)16:44
yvlaelkner, I don't know... th1a?16:45
aelknerah, i didn't think of that16:45
aelkneri tried entering it in the field itself and it rejected the chars16:45
th1aWell, we're all going to be testing and fixing everything.16:45
* replaceafill commented the datepicker code in flourish.js every time he needed a date :D16:46
th1aLet's just fix what's in front of us today.16:46
th1aI mean THIS IS NOT HARD right?  Sequence of characters in a string?16:46
yvlyou heard th1a, aelkner - fix it ;)16:47
th1aOK.  Moving on.16:47
yvlsequence of characters... you made my day, th1a  ;)16:48
th1aI guess you could say that about all programming.16:48
th1aOK anything else guys?16:48
yvlwell, computers are all just ones and zeros anyway ;)16:49
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.16:49
th1aaelkner and I just have to hammer through the last pages now.16:50
replaceafillyvl a couple of questions16:50
replaceafillevolution is needed there correct?16:50
replaceafillto change from int to float16:51
replaceafillkk, just checking16:51
replaceafillthis is the other one they need fixed
replaceafillbut that's simpler16:51
replaceafilland the last one:16:51
menesisreplaceafill: I would change to Decimal, not float16:51
menesislike scores16:52
replaceafillmenesis ah16:52
replaceafilldo we have Decimal in zope.schema?16:52
menesisdon't know16:52
replaceafillwell, ok, i'll look16:52
replaceafill"""Expand ethnic codes from the current 6 to 8 (adding "M" for "Multiracial" and "P" for "Pacific Island")"""16:53
yvlwe do, replaceafill16:53
replaceafillyvl ah cool, i'll go with that then16:53
menesisin gradebook where Decimal is used it is not quite straightforward, maybe zope does not have fields for Decimal16:53
menesisthere is a curious makeDecimalARock with an XXX in gradebook/__init__.py16:54
replaceafillyvl for adding the two new values to the ethnicity demographics i was thinking if i could get away with a StartUp16:54
menesisand tests fail without it16:54
replaceafillyvl although the evolve script would not be that hard16:55
yvlbtw, what two values?16:56
yvlright, you can get away with either solution16:57
replaceafillgreat, i'll test them out16:57
* yvl would prefer evolution a bit more, but both are fine16:57
replaceafillmenesis this needs to be done in old non-flourish trunk, correct?16:57
replaceafill(it's for cando)16:57
yvljust don't kill user data if they customized it ;)16:58
replaceafillyvl will try not to ;)16:58
replaceafillalthough the courses bugfix could land in flourish too16:58
replaceafillbut i'll focus in non-flourish for now16:58
replaceafillth1a "4) Merge Filip's "Course Info" features into this package;"16:59
replaceafillth1a i'll leave that for menesis to decide after i'm done16:59
th1aWhere does that code go?17:00
replaceafilli thought the courseinfo package was going to be a separated packaage17:00
th1aWhat is it?17:00
replaceafillthe one aelkner helped to create17:00
menesisreplaceafill: you are doing the features you mentioned for the benefit of cando?17:00
menesisthen do it in trunk17:00
replaceafillaelkner can you describe the courseinfo package17:00
th1aIs it separate?17:00
replaceafillth1a yes17:00
aelkneryes, it's a plugin17:01
th1aSo what's the question.17:01
replaceafillit has its own buildout and everything17:01
replaceafillth1a that i won't do that17:01
menesisI don't think CanDo works with schooltool trunk. maybe is enough to remove a couple lines and fix a couple tests, don't remember17:01
th1aDon't go by Welsh's use of technical terminology.17:01
replaceafillmenesis should i use an old series?17:01
replaceafillmenesis or should i try to move it to trunk?17:02
menesisI guess cando needs those features now17:02
th1aCanDo is using natty or maverick?17:02
menesisso branch from a series that they are currently using17:02
replaceafilli guess still lucid17:02
replaceafillright menesis?17:02
menesislucid is 1.417:02
menesislet me see17:03
th1aour lucid PPA.17:03
yvlbtw, does CourseInfo do anything else than, well, resource attributes or person demographics?17:03
replaceafillok, those are all my questions yvl, thanks17:04
replaceafillah btw, did you see my comment yesterday in irc?17:04
replaceafillabout the viewlets check?17:05
aelknerCourseInfo creates it's own container off of app with it's own data17:05
yvlhmm, maybe I missed it17:05
aelknerreplaceafill, how did you create that link?17:06
aelkneri mean the #2011... part17:06
replaceafillaelkner on the right of the irc logs there are links17:06
aelknerah, cool, thanks17:06
replaceafillyou click on one datetime and you get to its link17:07
replaceafillsorry, on one time17:07
yvloh, I missed this one somehow replaceafill, sorry17:07
replaceafill(they don't have dates)17:07
replaceafillyvl np17:07
replaceafilli just wanted to check for the existence of the related manager in the view17:07
yvllooks very... very odd17:07
replaceafillto make the third nav narrow17:07
yvlnot sure about what you mean by "safe enough"17:08
yvla hack is a hack17:08
replaceafilli just don't know if at that point update has been called on the related manager17:09
* replaceafill understands the manager has all its viewlets set after update17:09
yvloh, that part may probably work for some time17:10
yvlyou actually create a new manager here17:10
replaceafillwith the getMultiAdapter call?!?!?17:10
yvland without calling update or render, look at the viewlets property17:10
yvlof course, replaceafill17:10
yvlwell, a new instance17:10
replaceafilli thought i was getting a global one :(17:11
yvlthere is no such thing17:11
menesisreplaceafill: to develop features that I can easily release for lucid, you can branch lp:schooltool/1.5, 1.4 (that is in lucid) has most of it merged17:11
replaceafillmenesis thanks, will go with 1.5 then17:12
yvlthat hack can fail for a lot of reasons, replaceafill, but it could work for now17:12
replaceafilli should ask David about if they're planing on upgrading their servers17:12
menesisin general, it is preferable to create bugfix or feature branches from as early as possible, not the latest trunk17:12
menesisthen it easier to merge them to older branches17:13
replaceafillmenesis got it17:13
replaceafillyvl i'll leave it for now, but i'll put a review warning in my TODO17:14
yvlsure, replaceafill17:14
yvland leave the XXX17:14
replaceafillthanks yvl17:14
replaceafillthanks menesis17:14
yvlthanks replaceafill17:16
aelkneri'd like to thank everyone who made this award possible, my acting coach, my parents...17:16
yvlnice one17:17
yvlwell, good luck guys!17:17
yvlsee you Thu17:17
yvldon't hesitate to email if anything ;)17:17
aelknerthanks yvl, have a good evening guys17:18
*** yvl has quit IRC17:19
aelknerreplaceafill, could you look at this please:17:21
aelkneri can't see in firebuf why the fieldset comes out so off center17:21
aelknerthe elements look ok17:22
replaceafillaelkner you have a weird batch-navigation div above the fieldset17:25
aelkneri just spotted that17:25
aelknerthanks, removing that fixed it17:26
aelknerth1a, ayt?17:37
aelknerreplaceafill, i realized that maybe we would need the batch control17:38
aelkneri put it back, but this time in the right place in the form17:38
aelknercould you follow the above link to see17:38
th1aI am here.17:38
aelknerth1a, could you follow the above link?17:38
aelknerwhat do you think about the batch control line, is that ok?17:39
aelkneri mean, do we have that in other flourish views or did you decide to get rid of that?17:39
replaceafillit's on /persons17:40
th1aNo, it is fine.17:40
aelkneryes, i ust saw17:40
th1aMake sure it looks like /persons17:40
aelknerit does now17:40
aelknerwell, except the group filter, but we have the goals only filter17:40
aelkneroh, and i can change the Student Name label to be as People has it17:41
th1aChange the label on the search field.17:41
th1aAnd change the legend to Search.17:41
replaceafilldo we need the Clear button?17:43
aelkneri just got rid of it :)17:45
aelknerum, what about the button, Search in People and search intervention  students, Filter in the Inbox17:45
aelkneris that inconcistency ok?17:46
th1aWe're calling filter filter.17:46
th1aWe had a whole conversation about that yesterday.17:46
aelknerwell, we only talked about the inbox and concluded that filter was the right word17:47
aelknerbut in People, for instance, the Search button does the same thing, it filters17:47
th1aIt is fine the way it is.17:47
aelknerone sec, loading demo instance...17:48
th1aHow does the inbox do matching, now that we're on the subject.17:48
aelknervery well :)17:50
th1abatching, I meant.17:50
aelknerbut seriously, it does the last, first, username search as the label promisses17:50
aelknerah, batching. let me check17:50
aelknergood point17:51
aelkneri needed to move the batch to below the filter as i had to do in serach students17:51
aelknerhowever, you won't see the batch render until there are enough items in the inbox17:52
aelknerbtw, yvl's trick for pasting dates worked, see the goal i added?17:52
th1aYes... but making the view handle a different date format shouldn't be hard, right?17:53
aelkneri don't know, isn't that a widget issue?17:53
aelkneri mean, this is the thing, we have a Date field and an adapgter to call up the appropriate widget17:54
aelknerthat widget is supposed to handle dates in and out17:54
aelknerit doesn't, so that needs to be fixed17:54
th1aJust make the view work with what the widget outputs.17:54
th1aIt is just a different date format.17:54
th1aThe problem, as I understand it, is that our views are not consistent in what date format they use.17:55
aelknerour view classes don't handle dates at all, never did17:55
aelknerthat's what the widget is for17:55
th1aWhat processes the string?17:55
aelknerthe widget17:55
th1aIf you have no widget, you still have a date in the form of a string.17:56
th1aWhich SchoolTool will still process, right?17:56
aelkneryou can't have no widget, there wold be no way to enter data in that case17:56
aelknerwhere would you type?17:57
th1aOK, we're using widget differently.17:57
aelknerif the input field is not rendered, no user is powerful enough to get data into a form that has no field17:57
th1aI'm referring to the javascript widget.17:57
th1aPresumably the problem is that we've changed javascript datepickers.17:57
aelknerright, that's the thing that needs to be fixed17:58
th1aAnd the new datepicker is outputting one format.17:58
th1aWhich works in some places but not others apparently.17:58
th1aSo can you change the "widget" to accept what the datepicker is outputting?17:59
aelknerperhaps, but it would take me a lot longer to figure this stuff out than say, yvl17:59
th1aaelkner:  We're talking about transposing a couple characters in a string.18:00
aelknerwouldn't it be better for me to focus on text18:00
th1aNo, we need to fix this.18:00
aelkneri don't even know where th code is18:00
aelknerbut if you want me to track this down instead of doing text changes, i'll try18:00
th1aYou don't know where the widget code is?18:01
aelknernope, not yet, still looking18:02
aelknerreplaceafill, did we remove the old datepicker from the old skin?18:02
aelknerdid we break the old skin here?18:03
aelkneri fond the CustomDateDataConverter class, i'll pdb it to see if it gets reached18:04
replaceafillaelkner dont know18:04
replaceafillth1a ubuntu lts releases get 3 year support, correct?18:05
th1asomething like that.18:05
replaceafilli noticed lucid is lts18:05
aelknerwell that pdb wasn't reached18:05
replaceafillah! "Canonical intends to provide support for Ubuntu 10.04 until April 2013 for the desktop version, and until April 2015 for the server version."18:06
aelknerth1a, i put pdb traces everywhere i could find date widget code in schooltool, nothing is getting reached18:12
aelknerah, i think i found it18:14
aelknerok, so we have a different date widget registered for flourish, and it's code is in zope18:15
aelknerall we have is a class that subclasses the zope class and overrides nothing18:16
aelknerexcept the cssClass attribute18:16
aelkneri will try and grok the zope widget to see if i can override18:16
th1aWhere is the actual bug when the date is passed?18:17
th1aWho doesn't like it?18:17
aelkneri have't groked the zope code yet, so i can't answer that18:17
replaceafillmenesis i'm getting this on 'make'18:23
replaceafillurllib2.URLError: <urlopen error [Errno 101] Network is unreachable>18:23
replaceafillis pypi down...?18:23
menesisyes :(18:24
th1aaelkner:  I don't know if this helps, but the widget works when you're making a new calendar event.18:46
aelknerthat may help, i should look at that code18:46
aelknerthe only lines in the flourish cal event add view that is related to dates are these:18:57
aelkner        if "field.start_date" not in request:18:57
aelkner            # XXX shouldn't use; it depends on the server's timezone18:57
aelkner            # which may not match user expectations18:57
aelkner            today = getUtility(IDateManager).today.strftime("%Y-%m-%d")18:57
aelkner            request.form["field.start_date"] = today18:57
aelkneri tried putting them into the goal add view, but it ddn't help18:57
th1aIt looks like he's reformatting the date.18:58
aelknerno, there, he's just adding today to the form18:59
aelkneri don't know why, perhaps his view needs it18:59
th1awhat is the strftime doing?19:00
th1aOh, I see, the default is today.19:01
th1aThat's what he's putting in there.19:01
th1aThat's what's going on there.19:02
aelkneryeah, not helpful19:03
aelknerit's specific to his view19:03
aelknerand not related to the widget problem19:04
th1aDo you know what is raising the error in the intervention form?19:04
th1aWhere does that come from?19:04
aelknerdeep down in zope, there is an exception raised in the data converter19:05
aelknersomething is weird with these cal views, how come they don't need flourish versions?!19:06
th1aCan you change the formatting before it gets there?19:06
aelkneri'd have to intercept the adapter somehow, i don't know19:07
aelkneroh, yeah, i started createing my own formatter19:08
aelkneronly problem was registering it, i got a conflict19:08
aelknerusually we add the flourish layer to the registration19:08
aelknerthat causes it to not have a conflict and use that adapter instead of the old skin one19:08
aelknertrouble is that the converter doesn't adapt request, so the layer can't be introduced19:09
aelknerso i don't know how to override the converter19:10
aelkneri'm basically blocked on that19:11
aelkneri'm going to look at one more thing19:13
th1aSo basically, something like this is happening?19:17
th1aThe javascript datepicker is embedded in a zope widget.19:17
th1aThe string that the datepicker spits out is sucked directly down into a zope widget in a format that the widget doesn't like, and it throws an error.19:18
aelkneryes, sounds right19:18
th1aWhere is the widget defined?19:19
th1aDidn't yvl just change that?19:19
aelknerhe added the z3c version of the data widget to the flourish widgets.zcml/py19:20
aelknerhe just cerated a widget class that subclasses the z3c class and registered it19:20
aelknerthe z3c widget does IDataConverter adaptation on the widget19:20
aelknerthe converter throws the error19:21
aelknerif only i knew how to register our own converter, i could override the validation method19:21
aelknerproblem is my registration attempt conflicted with zope's19:22
aelknerudually layers solves this, but there isn't any request in the adaptation19:23
*** fsufitch has joined #schooltool19:24
fsufitchaelkner, th1a : ping19:24
aelknerhey fsufitch19:24
th1aaloha fsufitch19:24
aelknerth1a, that's not to say i would know what to do in the overriden validator19:24
aelknerthat's another matter, but i can't even get to it19:25
fsufitchi've run into a pretty major issue in courseinfo development, and i need your perspective on it19:25
*** alga has quit IRC19:25
fsufitchthere is no "unique" way to tie together the current courseinfo data with the stuff in the program of studies and the courseinfo revision objects19:25
fsufitchi was working on the assumption that course_id could be used as this link for where relationships don't work, but course_id is an optional field that is also editable at any time19:26
fsufitchif a course does not have a course_id or happens to have its course_id changed (or if the courseinfo revision proposes for a change in course_id) everything falls apart19:27
fsufitchthe "right" solution for this as i see it is to just use relationships everywhere to tie everything together, but that involves some weird UI work to give the user a way to select the proper objects19:28
aelknerdon't we already have relationships set up for relating courseinfo objects to course?19:28
fsufitchCurrentCourseInfo to Course, yes19:29
th1aCourses have database id's.19:29
fsufitchbut that's a 1-to-1 relationship19:29
th1aWhich are unique and not editable.19:29
aelknergo on fsufitch19:29
fsufitchso then, the user needs to be aware of the __name__ of the courses in order to link them together?19:29
aelknerno, you were right19:29
aelkneryou need a view for allowing the user to find the course they want and link it19:30
aelknerwe have relationship views in schooltool that do just that19:30
fsufitchthat brings a tougher issue to light, though: my school semester started yesterday, and i can't keep working on this19:30
fsufitchso i really don't have time to do that :-/19:31
aelknerwell, that is a problem19:31
aelknerdon't know what to tell you there19:32
replaceafillaelkner are your intervention changes in trunk?19:32
aelknernot yet, will do that right now19:33
replaceafilli have an idea for this date mess19:33
replaceafillit works for the calendar, gradebook, school years19:33
replaceafillbut i want to see for interventions19:33
replaceafillNew Event needs styling...19:36
aelknercool, i pushed to trunk, have at it :)19:37
replaceafilltry my instance intervention
replaceafilli'm sorry, but i'm not familiar enough with the intervention module :(19:38
replaceafilltry the date widget there19:38
*** jelkner has joined #schooltool19:38
aelknerreplaceafill, it doesn't work in gradebook19:38
aelknertry adding an activity, same issue19:39
jelknerth1a, we are having a bit of a crisis here19:39
replaceafillit works for me ;)19:39
replaceafillsample data19:39
th1aWe're having multiple crises.19:40
jelknerfsufitch says he realized this weekend that he has been making a bad assumption about the system he is building19:40
replaceafillbtw what's happening it was on purpose19:40
replaceafillit was decided that flourishlayer didnt subclass schooltoollayer19:40
jelknersince it depends on an attribute that isn't unique and isn't even guaranteed to exist19:40
replaceafillso we would get errors on non-existing views19:41
aelknerreplaceafill, son of a gun, it DOES work in your instance!19:41
aelknerwhat did you do there that i didn't?19:41
aelknerand when?19:41
replaceafillset the right zcml19:41
replaceafillwhen i saw you were having trouble :)19:41
replaceafillhold on19:41
replaceafilllet me paste the diff19:42
replaceafillit's huge19:42
replaceafillor better19:42
replaceafilllet me push the change :D19:42
aelknerchange to core?19:43
replaceafillrev 309219:43
replaceafilli'm not sure if it's the *right* solution, but as usual, it works :)19:44
replaceafilland will let you move19:44
replaceafillyou dont focus on the converter aelkner , you focus on the widget19:44
replaceafillthe converter adapts the widget, which uses the layer19:44
replaceafillwe hadn't the z3c custom widget registered for flourish19:45
replaceafillmakes sense?19:45
aelkneri thought we had19:45
aelkneroh, we had FormlibDateWidget registered19:47
aelknerwhat's the difference?19:47
replaceafillyeah, but that's for the old formlib19:47
replaceafillnot z3c.form19:47
replaceafilllook at the provides...19:47
replaceafill      provides="zope.formlib.interfaces.ISimpleInputWidget"19:47
replaceafill      provides="z3c.form.interfaces.IFieldWidget"19:48
replaceafillok, back to cando work for me19:48
aelknerreplaceafill, great catch, thanks a ton!19:48
replaceafillsorry i didnt get here earlier, i was fighting cando buildout :D19:49
aelknerso the calendar add event worked because it was old sin layer19:49
aelknerand that layer had those registrations, right?19:49
aelkneralso, i don't know how the old skin views are working in the new skin19:50
aelknerdo you?19:50
replaceafillaelkner nothing is old layer as far as i know19:53
replaceafilleverything is flourish19:53
replaceafillit worked because of the formlib registration we just talked about19:53
aelknercheck out app/browser/flourish.zcml19:54
aelknerthere is nothing for add.html19:54
replaceafillfor add.html what?19:54
aelkneryet configure.zcml has it19:54
aelknercalendar events19:54
replaceafilli think we just moved the registration to the calendar package19:55
replaceafill  <flourish:page19:55
replaceafill      name="add.html"19:55
aelknerthat was sneaky :)19:55
replaceafillin calendar fourish19:55
aelknergot it, thanks19:56
th1aOK, we good?19:56
th1aOoh, I need to go get some lunch.19:56
aelknerth1a, yes, goals can be added ow19:57
*** jelkner has quit IRC20:09
*** menesis has quit IRC20:30
th1aOK, where are we aelkner?20:37
aelknerin front of kb eating lunch, almost done20:37
aelknerth1a, ok, i'm done20:44
aelknercureently, i still need to create the view.html view of report sheets20:44
aelknerso the links in the student intervention view work20:44
aelknerthen, there is still the email issue20:45
aelkneri haven't done that one because it doesn't involve text20:45
aelknernow you wanted to discuss What is this, right?20:45
th1aOK, might as well.20:45
aelknerso what vew do you want to look at first?20:46
th1astart with the tab20:46
*** alga has joined #schooltool20:46
aelknerwhat do you want there?20:47
th1aYou can start putting the sidebar in.20:47
aelknercan you poijnt me to a view that already has it?20:47
aelknerfound one20:47
aelknerok, so i wired the sidebar, what is the text?20:51
th1aIntervention helps teachers, students, administrators and parents to collaboratively set, monitor and achieve student goals.20:51
th1aHow's that?20:52
aelknerhow about one more paragraph20:52
aelknersomething about messages20:52
th1aThe inbox lists recent goals and messages sent to this user.20:52
th1aThe inbox lists recent intervention goals and messages sent to this user.20:53
th1aCan I see that?20:55
th1aok, search_students20:56
th1aSo what does this view do again?20:56
aelknerallows a user to fsearch for a student and find all the interventions for that student20:59
aelknerfrom there they can add message and goals20:59
aelknerfor the student20:59
aelkneri leave the goodly english to you :)20:59
th1aAnd they only get students they have permission for?21:00
aelknerwell, it's supposed to work that way, we don't have any tests for that21:00
aelknerbut yes21:00
aelknerotherwise, it wouldn't make sense21:00
aelknerif we provided a link that caused the login view to come up, that would be bad21:01
aelknerthe old skin avoided that, so eventually, the new skin should, too21:01
th1aOK let's just skip that21:01
aelknerdid you mean you don't wat to do what is this for the student search?21:02
aelkneri just wired it21:02
aelknerawaiting you text21:02
th1aWe won't be doing many of these I don't think.21:02
aelknerhow about we put something stupid there first, then come back after21:02
th1aI'm really annoyed by the lack of a title for these goals and messages.21:03
aelkneryeah, it would help21:03
aelknerthe Name column in the student view is stupid21:03
aelknera title would be better there21:03
th1aFor the goal.21:04
aelkneri suppose presenting_concerns was intended as a title of sorts21:04
th1aWhat is that supposed to be?21:04
th1aWhat is Name?21:04
aelknerthe student view has a table of goals21:04
aelknersee the Name col, it's dumb, i know21:05
th1aThey aren't names at all, just ID numbers?21:05
aelknerarbitrary as all get up21:05
aelknerhow about first n chars of presenting_concerns with ...21:05
th1aI'm making an executive decision that the goal is the title.21:05
aelknerit would be nice to see something about the goal in the student view21:06
aelknerotherwise, the user has to keep clicking on them to remind themselves21:06
aelknerwe could replace the Name col with a Concerns col21:06
aelknerand put the first n chars there as i suggested21:06
aelknerwhat do you think21:07
th1aOK, so yes, but make it like 25 characters and rearrange the table to give it more space.21:07
aelknermore specifics please21:08
th1aChange name to goal21:08
th1aput the goal in the first column.21:08
aelknerConcerns, you mean21:08
th1aI'm making an executive decision that the goal is the title.21:08
th1athe goal.21:09
aelknerah, the goal field, not the object21:09
aelknerthat's better21:09
aelknerdo me a favor, what text do you want in the student search what is this so i can finish the commit21:11
th1aI told you I don't want any.21:12
aelkneroh, ok, i'll remove the wiring21:12
th1aI think goals should be above messages.21:17
th1aWe need to change "timeline"21:18
th1aI guess we don't want "deadline."21:18
th1atarget date?21:19
th1aTarget date seems ok.21:20
th1aIt looks like you can add about 10 more characters to the goal in the table, and add ellipses if you're truncating it.21:22
th1aWhat do messages use as the subject when they're sent as emails?21:28
aelknerINTERVENTION MESSAGE: ${student}21:31
aelknerHey, its the best Lehmann could come up with i guess21:32
aelknerand i'm not the one to ask on those things21:32
th1aWell, it would make it stick out in the old inbox.21:32
th1aWhich is what he was worried about.21:32
th1aIt makes sense if you're doing it all by email.21:33
th1aOK, where are we?21:33
th1aAh, on the goal view page, put the goal in as a h3 above the table and then put the pencil next to it.21:34
* replaceafill goes to get lunch21:35
aelknerthe goal can be rather large21:36
aelknerit may be unwieldy as an h321:36
th1aWell, this will encourage people to use short goals.21:36
aelknerso i don't need to truncate21:37
th1aNot in that case.21:37
aelknerand i shold remove the row with the goal because it would be redundant21:37
th1aYou've still got some room there.21:43
aelknertry changing one to all M before you decide21:45
aelkneror is it W21:45
aelknerthat's the widest one21:45
aelknerbut it21:45
th1ajust bump it out five more.21:45
th1aYou know, I think report sheets are useful here, but getting rid of them will help a lot with making this seem simpler.21:47
*** replaceafill has quit IRC21:47
th1aremoving them from the student intervention view.21:47
aelknerok, done21:47
aelkneroh, sorry, didn't read your last messages21:47
aelknerhow about i just get rid of the section from the template but keep the pythin code in case we want it back?21:48
th1aAlso, goal met should have a value selected in the add and edit forms.21:49
th1aOK, I think we are done.21:54
aelknerno more what is this?21:54
th1aI don't know what I would say.21:55
th1aA goal is a goal?21:55
aelkneri guess you're limiting them to the highest level21:55
aelknerkind of explain the broad idea21:55
th1aI'm limiting them to having something useful to say.21:55
aelknerok, now the view.html is not so necessary21:55
aelknersince we don't have a link to get to it anymore21:56
th1aWe should add a link in the future, but perhaps not now.21:56
th1aOK, now on to the real problem.21:56
th1areport card layout.21:56
th1aAh, where'd I put replaceafill's old instance.21:56
aelkneri think21:57
th1aSo this is by year?21:57
aelknertry the year view21:58
th1aWell, this seems like it would go under Customize, but I guess it needs tertiary navigation?21:59
aelkneri mean /reportt_card_layout22:03
aelkneri mean /report_card_layout22:03
aelkneryes, all our views have that tertiary for year which is optimal22:04
th1aOr whatever you want to call it.22:04
aelkneranyway, those are good notes, anything else?22:04
th1aWell, we need to flourish it.22:05
th1aSo... tables.22:05
th1aThis might be a good place for just an add dialog.22:05
aelknerhow's that?22:06
th1aAn add column link that'd pop up a simple dialog.22:06
th1aInstead of embedding it below and then having you add the heading after the fact.22:07
th1aKeep the main view simpler.22:07
aelknerso split the add out of the table view, got it22:08
aelkneranything else?22:08
th1aI have no real inspiration at this point.22:09
th1aHave a crack at it and get back to me.22:09
*** fsufitch has quit IRC23:04

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