IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2011-08-29

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aksyvl: ping11:09
yvlhey, aks11:09
aksyvl: while starting schooltool instance, I get pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: mechanize<0.2dev11:10
aksyvl: but the package is already installed11:10
yvlcould it be that you got mechanize 0.2.5 installed?11:11
aksyvl: mine is 0.2.211:11
yvllooking at schooltool versions.cfg, our requirement is mechanize = 0.1.1111:13
aksyvl: ok11:14
yvldo you have any software that needs mechanize 0.2.5?11:14
yvlit would be easiest just to downgrade it11:14
aksyvl: yeah trying out downgrading11:15
aksyvl: actually I built the required version of mechanize, but apparently there was a higher version of the package on fedora repositories11:15
* yvl wonders which package has the <0.2dev dependency11:17
aksyvl: do you have any idea which package needs roman?11:17
aksyvl: on Fedora the package python-docutils provides the roman dependency, but the "start-schooltool-instance" complains about not finding roman11:18
yvlok, it seems that zope.testbrowser is the one giving you the trouble.11:23
yvlthe good thing is, that you don't actually need it for the a live instance11:24
aksyvl: I've fixed the mechanize problem11:25
aksyvl: now I'm into the roman problem11:25
yvlI think that one is because is simply stored in a different place11:27
yvlprobably in /usr/lib/pythonXX/pymodules or somewhere11:27
yvlsorry, I'm not familiar with your setup to suggest a solution :(11:29
yvlif python-docutils provides the dependency, and is already in Fedora repositories, it should be available in system python11:30
yvlyou can try running sys python interpreter, "import roman", "print roman.__file__"11:31
yvland try to go from there11:31
aksyvl: the output is /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/roman.pyc11:32
yvlhmm, can you remind me how your deployment works11:33
yvldoes it tweak python sys.path somewhere?11:34
aksyvl: no11:34
aksyvl: it's pretty standard11:34
aksyvl: I've not done any changes, just tried to package into RPM format what was there11:34
yvlthen I'm baffled11:35
yvlwhen we run dev version, we make virtual python env and filter out system site-packages11:36
yvlbut that's probably not what your setup is doing11:36
aksyvl: yes, mine does not make virtual env, it uses the standard one11:36
yvlso it should see roman.py11:36
aksyvl: definitely11:37
aksyvl: but unfortunately it is not able to see in this case11:38
yvlwell, you can try putting "import pdb; pdb.set_trace()" line in code ( zope / schoooltool ) nearest to traceback11:40
yvlif you run the server in *not* deamon mode11:40
yvlyou'll get interactive console11:40
yvlform there you can look at sys.path, try import roman11:41
aksyvl: which file11:41
yvlcan you show me the traceback?11:41
yvlthat fails to import roman.py11:41
aksyvl: ok11:41
yvlso, it seems that roman is not installed as an egg11:47
yvlI wonder how menesis solved that11:48
aksyvl: no idea myself11:52
yvllooking into it...11:54
aksyvl: in the previous build, I had solved the problem using a customized build of python-docutils, and then installing the python-roman package11:56
yvlhmm, I see menesis removed dependency on roman11:58
yvlhere it is :
yvlhe indeed patches before building12:00
yvlhope this helps, aks12:02
aksyvl: so I need to apply the patch as well?12:02
yvlwait - how are you extracting dependencies?12:03
yvlbasically - must end without roman dependency in it's EGG_INFO/requires.txt12:04
yvlso you may have to patch the egg itself, depending on how you build things12:05
yvleither that or setup.py12:05
aksyvl: I'm patching setup.py12:08
aksyvl: that solved the roman issue. Thanks12:13
yvlcool :)12:13
aksyvl: encountered another problem12:16
aksyvl: see
aksyvl: the configure.zcml file is at
yvlhmm, line 9 <includePlugins package="schooltool" file="plugin.zcml" />12:19
yvlmust go after line 11   <include package="z3c.autoinclude" file="meta.zcml" />12:19
aksyvl: ok12:19
yvlcan you please remind me the link to your patch of the configure.zcml?12:20
aksyvl: see
yvlright, that's what causes it12:22
yvllines 7 and 11 in the patch12:22
yvljust remove them ;)12:22
yvlalso line 16 looks odd12:23
aksyvl: in the patch file?12:23
yvlyou could try building without this patch12:24
yvland if build is broken, maybe keep only lines:12:24
aksyvl: ok trying out a build without the patch now12:24
yvl- <includePlugins package="schooltool" file="plugin.zcml" />12:25
yvlsorry, wrong line12:25
yvlI meant lines 12 and 1412:25
yvl- <include package="" />12:25
yvl+  <include package="schooltool.requirement" />12:25
yvlbut only if build fails12:25
aksyvl: ok12:25
aksyvl: the build worked and the service started in daemon mode12:39
aksyvl: will be checking inside if anything fails12:39
aksyvl: When I try to downlod the gradebook as PDF it says "PDF support is disabled. It can be enabled by your administrator."13:08
aksyvl: I have pyPdf installed though13:08
yvlreportlab_fontdir is probably commented out in schooltool.conf13:14
yvlat the moment we use ttf-liberation fonts in Ubuntu distribution13:15
aksyvl: ok, I've that font installed13:15
aksyvl: how can I enable it?13:15
yvlfind schooltool.conf, and look at reportlab_fontdir line13:16
yvland set a correct path to the fonts there13:16
yvl(schooltool.conf might be named differently... but it's probably somewhere near your Data.fs and is named .conf)13:17
aksyvl: yeah, got it13:17
yvl(it's the config_file specified in paste.ini)13:19
aksyvl: yeah, got it working, thanks13:20
yvlcool :)13:20
aksyvl: I'm learning a lot about schooltool13:20
aksyvl: I do not have a "Print Report card" in manage>person>person-X13:22
yvlI think it moved to [PERSON-X] / Reports / Request Report Card13:24
aksyvl: so that means I'll have to login as a student?13:24
aksyvl: found it, thanks13:25
yvlreports are important part of the school, so we (were and are) upgrading them13:25
aksyvl: :), I'm awaiting the next release with easy interface (hope i could see the mockups/screenshots soon)13:26
* yvl hopes you'll like it ;)13:27
aksyvl: intervention module does not seem to be documented at, is it?13:28
yvlI don't think so13:29
yvlapart from a short note here:
yvlit's quite new13:29
aksyvl: ok13:30
aksyvl: Also I would like menesis to test my new RPMs for v1.6.0b1 which is available at
aksyvl: I'll be making builds for Fedora 9, 13, and F15 shortly if there is no bug in current packaging13:31
aksyvl: the current build is for Fedora 1413:31
yvlhmm, menesis does not have a Fedora installed at hand13:32
yvlI'll bring this up at daily meeting today13:32
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aksyvl: menesis uses VM based Fedora to test, so do I for packaging and testing13:32
yvlmaybe Douglas has an install :)13:32
aksyvl: might be13:32
aksyvl: one simple bug, In the detailed student report, the heading in the attendance detail spans beyond the cell boundaries13:37
yvlcan you please file a bug at ?13:38
yvland attach the screenshot ;)13:38
aksyvl: ok, I'll do that tomorrow14:03
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th1aaelkner has power?16:30
th1ahi yvl, menesis, replaceafill, aelkner.16:31
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
yvlmorning guys16:31
th1aIrene was pretty weak by the time she hit us.16:31
menesisth1a: good to hear16:32
aelkneryes, i got power back last night in time to do stuff16:32
yvlglad to hear16:32
menesisaelkner: how long have you been without power?16:33
aelknermy complex lost power even though most neighborhoods around me didin't16:33
aelknerit was about 12 hours we were without it16:34
th1aWe lost power for about 5 senonds.16:34
th1aEnough to make all the clocks blink.16:34
th1aOK, yvl, how'd it go today?16:36
yvla bit slow :)16:36
yvlI helped aks with building ST16:36
yvlreplaceafill, I think you tested Fedora packages last time?16:37
yvlso if you have some spare time, it would be cool to check those out16:37
replaceafillah ok, will do16:38
yvlother than this, I replaced gradebook activity z3c option storage with a simple container16:38
yvl+ evolution16:38
yvlnow I'm working on the views16:38
yvlthat's it from me.16:39
replaceafillgradebook categories ;)16:39
yvlright, those :)))16:39
aelknerwhat's all the simlicons about, is there a joke i'm missing?16:40
aelkneri meant smilicns16:41
yvlumm, no joke there :)16:41
aelknerjust a bunch of smiley developers16:42
th1aDid you work on them?16:42
menesisI am happy to get rid of z3c.optionstorage dependency16:42
yvlwe'll have to keep it for one more release probably16:42
th1aDid yvl work on gradebook categories?16:43
yvlor enhance evolution to use mocking16:43
aelkneri didn't know we were getting rid of that, but it sounds like a good idea16:43
yvlth1a, povbot was out, so no IRC logs, but as far as I remember, you mentioned - yvl could do the activity categories page16:43
yvlyes, it's an old abandoned package we have to maintain aelkner16:43
yvland it gives us no benefit whatsoever16:44
aelknerthat's from the original gradebook implementation16:45
th1aOh, I see, you moved the categories out of optionstorage?16:45
th1aOK, I didn't catch the connection.16:45
th1aWhat about the page itself?16:45
yvljust started it, some hour ago or so16:46
yvlsorry, it's really a slow day for me16:46
th1aWe're getting to the end of the loose ends though, so we want to get them all put to bed asap.16:46
th1aHow's that for a mixed metaphor.16:48
th1aOK anything else, yvl?16:48
th1aI guess we were working together Friday afternoon, so there shouldn't be much.16:49
replaceafillth1a right, i just fixed some of the styles i missed that day16:50
th1aDid you check our work into trunk?16:50
replaceafilli don't think this is much, but here you go:
replaceafillthat's our column history16:51
replaceafilli took 16px from the current content space16:51
replaceafillthe only remaining issue is the third-nav16:52
replaceafillbut i have an idea on how to fix it16:52
replaceafilli'll work on that first thing today16:52
replaceafillth1a i was thinking of doing flourish work today and start with cando tomorrow16:54
replaceafillif that's ok16:54
th1aThat should be fine.16:54
replaceafillthat's it from me16:54
th1aThanks replaceafill.16:54
aelkneri moved Report Sheet Templates from the School's main page to the Customize sidebar16:55
aelknerthen i added Report Sheets for getting to the manage deployed sheets16:55
aelkneras manager,
aelkneri put the table at the top followed by the form for deploying another sheet16:56
aelknerit has the tertiary control as the other manage views have16:56
aelknera couple of things:16:56
aelknerif you don't select a template and hit submit, it just does nothing and returns to the same place16:56
aelknerit could have a red error message in that case16:57
th1aSure, why not.16:57
aelknerotherwise, there is a data model issue to deal with, but first let16:57
aelknerlet's go over the cosmetics16:57
th1aDidn't we add hiding report sheets at some point?16:57
aelknerwe did16:58
aelknerwiat, let me check16:58
aelknerno, not yet16:58
aelkneri think you decided against it at the time16:59
aelknerperhaps because the data is not some whim of a teacher who could just hide a worksheet any time16:59
aelknerwithout impacting the report card generation16:59
th1aOK, we'll come back to that next release probably.16:59
aelknerany cosmetic concerns before i bring up the data model issue?17:00
th1aWe should have all terms listed with checkboxes, because you might have four or six terms.17:01
th1aAnd want to deploy to half of them.17:01
aelkneri don't understand, all terms are already listed17:01
th1aA message if you don't have any RST's would be very helpful.17:01
th1aOf course it is possible to do it this way,17:02
th1areport sheet templates.17:02
aelknerah, yes, that, what should the view have in that case?17:02
aelknerno form?17:02
th1abut if you were deploying to terms 2, 4 , and 6 you'd have to do it three times.17:03
menesisth1a: hiding report sheets feature was implemented. and released. but only from trunk17:03
menesisit is not merged to flourish17:03
th1aI thought so.17:03
th1aCould we correct that today?17:03
aelknerdidn't think to check back there17:03
menesisI am looking at all the different branches since friday and will merge what is missing17:04
menesisincluding gradebook changes in trunk17:04
th1aIf there are no templates, you could just replace the drop-down with an explanation and a link to the RST index.17:04
aelknerbut keep the form?17:04
th1aI guess you could just replace the whole form.17:05
aelknerok, sounds right17:05
aelknerany other similar suggestions?17:05
th1aMake sure you have a "there are none" type message if there are no currently deployed sheets.17:05
th1aOtherwise, seems fine.17:05
aelknerclick on the other year17:06
menesisand a link to report sheet templates17:06
aelkneri copied the This year idea from /courses17:06
aelknerit also didn't say 2008-2009 has no...17:06
aelknerbecause the tab has the year, right?17:06
aelkneralthough the School view has a year tab and still says the year in the messages17:07
aelkneris that because the view is so long it helps the user to redundantly see the year in question?17:08
th1aHelping the user keep track of the year is good.17:08
th1aPeople will make mistakes when they start looking at the wrong year.17:08
th1aThat's one of the potential problems with the current design.17:08
aelknersure, but what about /courses and /report_sheets not showing the year?17:08
aelkneris that ok because they are simpler views?17:09
aelknergo to /courses for a year with no courses17:09
aelknerit says This year has no courses defined17:09
aelknernot $YEAR has no course defined17:09
aelknerwhat's you preference there?17:10
th1aaelkner:  I have no strong feeling about it, but probably stating the year explicitly is better in every case.17:10
aelkneri could change all the / views to do that17:10
aelknerok, how about the data model issue now?17:10
th1aIn fact, we should probably put the years in all the index titles, like "Courses for 2008-2009"17:10
aelknerah, yes17:10
aelknerlet me be the one to go over those views and ake those adjustments17:11
aelkneri like having th year in the title17:11
aelknerit teaches the user17:11
aelknerok, the data model issue17:11
aelknerback in the day, i was not sure what to do about multiple deployments, so i allowed it17:12
replaceafilli think /courses has that right?
replaceafill"Courses for 2008-2009"17:12
aelknerok, but still needs the $YEAR has no courses17:12
aelkneri'll go over all those views as one commit17:13
aelknergetting back to the data model issue...17:13
aelknerthe idea is this, looking at the table i just coded for the new skin, you see it has one row per template17:14
aelknerbut we don't stop the user from deploying the same template twice17:14
menesisI think Courses for $YEAR is troublesome for translators17:14
menesisalso, $PERSON's... Calendar17:14
th1aaelkner:  Can you just file that as a bug?17:16
menesison the other hand, explicitly saying what year you are looking at is better17:16
menesisthan in the old skin when often it was not visible anywhere17:16
aelknerth1a, so we should deal with that after the release, right?17:16
aelknerit would require evolution and decisions on our part17:17
th1aaelkner, Yes, put it off.17:17
th1aBut please file a bug.17:17
th1amenesis:  How is it troublesome?17:17
menesisThere's no way to know which report sheet templates have been deployed already17:18
menesisthis one is solved I see17:18
menesisbut I know that it is still possible to deploy the same report sheet many times17:18
menesisth1a: it is hard to translate to Lithuanian at least... but there were strings like 'Courses of $year' and similar before17:20
menesisso nevermind17:20
th1aOh, yes.17:20
aelknerth1a, but filed:
th1aGood point though menesis.  Thanks for reminding me of the possessives issue.17:22
th1aaelkner:  Any other views in your queue?17:22
aelkneri need to simplify the report sheet template activities view to not have th title form17:22
aelknerand put a pencil next to the title in that view to get to the edit17:23
aelknerbut that won't take long17:23
th1aI want to go over intervention with you and clean up the text and add some "What is This?"17:24
aelkneri noticed that the Interventions link from the person page is broken, so i should look into that17:24
aelknerah, ok, we could do that next17:24
th1areplaceafill:  Can you get aelkner up to speed on adding the right sidebar?17:24
aelkneri just need a revision link17:24
replaceafillit's very simple really17:24
replaceafillaelkner just look for what-is-this in the code :)17:25
replaceafilli called most of the viewlets like that17:25
replaceafilland it's just a template17:25
replaceafillwith the header and the body17:25
aelkneris it Inline like the tertiary ones?17:25
replaceafillregistered for the ipagerelated manager17:25
replaceafillaelkner no17:25
replaceafillit's a .pt file for each17:25
replaceafillwith the whole structure17:26
aelkneri love how those tertiary classes don't even need a template17:26
aelknerwe should do that kind of thing more often17:26
replaceafillhhmm we need a template for the body17:26
replaceafillof the viewlet17:26
replaceafilli did want to remove the title part though17:26
replaceafilldoing something like:17:26
replaceafilltitle="What is This?"17:26
replaceafillbut i got the template name rendered in the output17:27
replaceafillso, for speed reasons, i went with the whole template approach, which is not very different anyway17:27
replaceafill  <flourish:viewlet17:28
replaceafill      name="what-is-this"17:28
replaceafill      class=""17:28
replaceafill      template="templates/"17:28
replaceafill      view=".section.FlourishSectionsView"17:28
replaceafill      manager=""17:28
replaceafill      permission="schooltool.edit"17:28
replaceafill      />17:28
aelknerso is it already the way you want it to be, or do you need to make an adjustment?17:28
replaceafillaelkner , you just need to change template and view17:28
replaceafillaelkner i won't make any adjustment17:28
aelknerok, i'll be able to follow your pattern with no problem17:28
aelknerlooks clean enough, even with the naming convention for the template17:30
replaceafillyvl question17:32
replaceafillcould you share your apache rewrite rules17:32
replaceafilli'd like to see the issues with the buttons you described17:32
yvlok, I'll email you those17:33
yvlthe rules are probably stupid, but anyway - it's wrong that stuff breaks with them17:33
replaceafillwhy do they break? because we dont use @@absolute_url calls in the templates?17:34
replaceafillor the links17:34
yvlthey point to http://localhost/schoolyears17:35
yvlwhen ST is under http://localhost/schooltool/...17:35
aelkneris this a case where someone says href="something.html" instead of:17:35
aelknertal:attrubutes="href .string:${context/absolute_url}/something.html"?17:36
aelknerforget the . part before string, a typo17:36
yvlbut not href="something.html"17:37
yvlbut href="/some/foo.html"17:37
aelkneris that one ok or not?17:37
aelknerhref="something.html", i mean17:37
yvlI think so17:37
yvlhaven't checked, frankly17:37
aelknerbecause i like using it, but i'll stop if i have to17:38
yvlI think that's ok17:38
aelknerok, cool17:38
yvljust that /shcoolyears go to well, the root17:38
yvlwhich is not always at the root (mine is at http://localhost/schooltool)17:39
aelknera lot of these links are in our zcml, aren't they?17:39
aelknerfor menu items?17:39
aelkneror is it just in the templates that the offending links are rendered?17:39
yvljust templates17:40
replaceafilli loved this one:17:40
replaceafill  <flourish:viewlet17:40
replaceafill      name="../.."17:40
replaceafill      before="../weights.html"17:40
replaceafill      title="Worksheets"17:40
replaceafill      class=""17:40
replaceafill      manager=".gradebook.FlourishGradebookSettingsLinks"17:40
replaceafill      permission="schooltool.edit"17:40
replaceafill      />17:40
replaceafillit's like aelkner giving me the finger17:40
replaceafill(in the name)17:40
aelkneri saw your chat with th1a, haha17:40
aelknerbut .. would be ok for the same reason href="something.html is ok, right?17:41
aelknerit's only a root issue17:41
yvlwhen you render a href that starts with /17:41
replaceafillyvl do you remember a link that gives the issue? so i can test it?17:42
replaceafill(im setting up apache)17:42
yvland ../.. is also not the nicest way to give the finger, aelkner17:42
aelknerit's a bit of a limp finger, so i wouldn't be so inclined :)))17:42
yvland so on17:43
yvlthe Done link17:43
replaceafillbad aelkner!17:43
aelknerheah, i didn't broach the subject :)17:43
yvlok then... some gravel, th1a? :)17:45
th1amenesis:  We'll hopefully have all the strings set tomorrow this time.17:45
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:46
th1aaelkner:  Meet back here in... 30?17:46
yvlsee you guys tomorrow... or on Wed?17:46
th1aLet's do Mon/Tue/Thurs.17:46
th1aThis week, at least.17:47
yvlhave a great day, guys :)17:47
replaceafillthanks everybody17:47
aelknera great day/evening to all17:48
th1ahi aelkner18:17
aelkneri didn't change the This year to 2009-201018:20
aelkneri will, but just thought i'd show you without18:20
aelkneris there a point where telling the user which year it is n the form gets annoying?18:20
th1aaelkner, I don't have a strong feeling either way.18:20
aelknerok, then it's ok as is18:21
th1aRelatively speaking, new users will be the ones who don't have report sheets.18:21
th1aLet's just move on.18:21
aelknerso i see that adding page related content is technically not difficult18:22
th1aOne would hope not.18:22
aelknerit's just a matter of deciding what text goes there18:22
aelknerif at all18:23
aelknernot all views will hae What's this, will they?18:23
aelknerright, so we need to go view by view18:23
th1aWe're pretty much done with it except for intervention and report sheets.18:23
th1aBut also we need to make other changes in intervention.18:23
aelknerwhat's the first one you'd like to look at18:23
th1aStart with the teacher dashboard.18:24
aelkneroh, i may need to merge with intervention trunk if someone else made changes18:24
aelkneryes, merging...18:25
aelknerok, i merged, pushed, reloaded my demo instance18:27
aelknerso, for the teacher dashboard, what should the What's this box contain?18:28
th1aThis needs a lot more changes, actually.18:28
th1aLet's change "Dashboard" to "Inbox"18:28
th1aAnd "Inbox" to "Search"18:28
aelknerwould "Search Inbox" help avoid confusion with the Search sidebar?18:30
th1aWell, perhaps we should just make it conceptually less confusing.18:32
th1aWhy do we need two?18:32
aelknerwell, there's two different data sets18:33
aelknerone is the set of all interventions, regardless of who that has the user responsible, the inbox18:33
aelknerthe other is the set of links to intervention student views18:33
aelknerboth sets are interesting to the user depending on the mode they are in18:33
th1aI think this is one search.18:34
aelknerthe inbox is a way of seeing what's going on with ongoing things18:34
aelknerone search?18:34
aelknertwo totally different sets of data18:34
th1aWell, if I search for a student with an intervention, I get a link to the intervention and a link to the student views.18:35
th1aIf the student doesn't have an intervention I just get the link to the student view.18:35
th1aI'm saying we could do that.18:35
aelkneryou'll need to spell this out a bit more18:36
aelknerwe're talking the Inbox view, right?18:36
th1aThe filter is the key here.18:37
aelknerthe data set could be sic messages for one student, two goals and a message for another18:38
aelknerthe teacher may not know the exact name, so the filter returns any student that matches the filter18:38
aelknera simple 'a' returns all students with 'a' in the name or id18:39
aelkneri thought the idea of the inbox was mostly like an email box18:40
aelknerit's sorted by date by default (i believe), reverse order?18:40
th1aIt is.18:41
th1aAs you said though, the two searches are a little confusing.18:41
th1aHow about checkboxes for:18:41
th1a[ ] goals18:42
th1a[ ] messages18:42
th1a[ ] all available students.18:42
th1awith the first two selected by default.18:42
aelkneri'm not sure what that means though18:43
aelkneri admit that i confuse easily, but i think i'm supporting the point you made about the confusion18:43
aelknerhere' the thing with confusion18:43
aelknersometimes the only solution is devide and concur, like in solving algebra equations18:44
aelknerif we explain to the user the data set they are seeing, i don't see why it is so bad to have to inbox And the student search18:44
aelknerok, but perhaps you don't see why i'm confused with your suggestion above18:44
aelknerperhaps a little flooding (just 8 lines) of a result set you'd like to see would help18:45
th1aDo you understand the first two?18:45
aelknerwhat are the columns of the table first18:45
th1aLet's assume it is the same.18:46
aelknerso the first two columns would have links that go right to the student intervention venter18:46
aelknerbut col 3 would go to the intervention itself18:46
aelknerand 418:46
aelknerso, if all available students is not checked18:47
aelknerthen only those message and goals (when both checked)18:47
aelknerthat the user is responsible would appear18:47
aelknerand the student links are built into the reslt set18:47
aelknerif they wanted to see students for whom they are not currently responsible18:48
aelknerthey click the third one18:48
aelknerthose student with no interventions for the user would have those cells blank as you said18:48
th1aThe use case here is the teacher wants to create an intervention for a student that doesn't have one.18:48
th1aOr, I suppose look up other interventions from other teachers for a student.18:48
th1aSo it is only relevant ever to students they have a relationship with.18:49
aelknerright, those are two common cases18:49
th1aI'm not sure that there are any others.18:49
aelknerso if all three are checked you get a mixed set of data18:50
aelknerbut wait18:50
th1aThat's really the question.18:50
aelknerwhen you say "students they have a relationship with"18:51
aelknerare you saying the result set should only contain students that they teach or advise?18:51
aelknerstudents for which they come up in the peson list?18:51
aelknerthat may be tru already, but i'd have to check18:52
th1aIt should be true already.18:52
aelknerlet's assume it is18:52
aelknerfor now at least18:52
aelknerbut your ok with the mixed data set of 25 messages for three students 10 goals for four others and whatever students are left that have neither18:53
aelknerwith only one row for each of those18:53
aelkneri guess i'm asking because i think those students would get lost in the rest of the data18:53
th1aProbably we should just have a subheader and put them below.18:53
th1aThey can't be sorted by date, obviously.18:53
aelknerah, yes, that18:53
aelknerand i was abpout to mention that this is a table formatter view, so customizing it is more work intensive18:54
aelkneri'm not even sure how i'd render the tale differently using table formatter18:54
th1aMore work intensive than what?18:55
aelknerbut your point supports my concern about the mixed result set18:55
aelknerwhen i make table views without using table formatter, i can do them quickly18:56
aelknerand if you ever ask for something special, it's easy18:56
th1aSo... do we need to use the table formatter?18:56
aelknerjust add to the page teemplate18:56
aelknerbut wait18:56
aelknermy felling is this, table formatter has it's place18:56
aelknermost f the time i don't think it's necessary18:57
aelknerand over engineering to boot18:57
aelkneralso, it annoys you because it wastes developer time18:57
aelknerthere are cases when it use is essential18:57
aelknerthe inbox, like /persons can have hundreds in the result set18:58
aelknerin which case, the table formatter solves more problems than it causes18:58
aelknerit's just a little inflexible to customize18:58
aelkneri'd recommend this18:59
aelknersince the result set is mixed,, why not have a second table below the first?18:59
th1aThat would be fine.18:59
aelkneruh, oh18:59
aelkneri just realized, that brings us back to the old skin view18:59
aelknerwith the two fieldsets19:00
aelkneryou had me split that out to have the students search in the sidebar19:00
aelkneri liked that decision to be honest, and i'm ot sure exactly why you don't19:01
th1aWell, it was two different searches before?19:01
aelknerit was bad before19:01
aelknerthe first search box did not display the result set in place19:02
aelknerit redirected to a view with only student search results19:02
aelkneryour decision to make that an explicit sidebar request made it better in my opinion19:02
aelknerat least the user knew they were drawing themselves away from the inbox19:02
aelkneri think that helps them know that they are thinking about a different data set19:03
aelknerjust students19:03
aelknerno goals or messages or missing students that don't have any yet19:03
th1aWe could put a search field in the sidebar.19:04
aelknerwait, you're onto somting there19:04
th1aOK, here's the damn problem,19:04
th1aThe main content area isn't "Search" it is "Filter"19:05
aelknerback up and mention what you click first before the context are is as you describe19:06
th1aEn Engles?19:06
th1aHabla espanol?19:07
aelknerbtw, i just noticed that the search students view is not a table formatter view in the flourish case19:07
th1aWhat do you want me to back up to?19:07
*** ignas has quit IRC19:07
aelknersorry, it is a table formatter view19:08
aelkneroh, i was't sure what you were talking about there19:08
aelknerThe main content area isn't "Search" it is "Filter"19:08
aelknerwhat main context area?19:08
th1aI mean the form in the main content area.19:08
th1aYou aren't searching the messages, etc., you're filtering them.19:09
aelknerin the inbox, you mean19:09
th1a(admittedly similar concepts)19:09
aelkneryes, it is only a filter19:09
aelknergood point19:09
aelknerthat's true for People, too, right?19:09
th1aNot so much.19:10
th1aSort of.19:10
th1aBut less so.19:10
aelkneryes, the legend says Search19:10
aelknerbut the dropdown says filter19:10
aelkneri'm not sure that's so bad though19:10
th1aYou search for a person.19:10
th1aYou don't filter all the other people.19:11
aelknerso, we could call it Filter in Inbox and still call it Search in the search students view?19:11
th1aThat's the idea.19:11
aelknerdoing that is much less involved then removing the sidebar and trying to stuff it back into the inbox view19:12
th1aYes yes.19:12
aelknerso back to the filter box in the inbox19:12
aelknerlegend: Filter19:12
aelknerkeep Student Name and Show only goals?19:13
aelknerjust change the legend?19:13
th1aChange show only goals to19:13
th1aShow only:19:13
th1a[ ] Goals19:13
th1a[ ] Messages19:13
aelkneror Show: rather than Show only:19:13
th1aOr just "Show:"19:13
aelknerwith both pre-selected19:14
th1aSearch students shouldn't really be any different than a persons search.19:15
th1aYou really shouldn't need a different view at all there.19:15
*** menesis has quit IRC19:15
th1aAlso, I'm getting a traceback when I try to click on a search result there...19:16
aelkneryes, i mentioned that in the meeting, actually about the sidebar link in the person view19:16
aelknerbut it's the same issue19:16
aelkneri'll look into that today19:17
aelknerbut getting back to the person search19:17
aelknerthere are some key differences19:17
aelkner1) the result set should only contain students the user can see from an intervention permission standpoint19:17
aelkner2) the result set being filtered by group seems arbitrary19:18
aelknerfinally, 3) the goals only filter is there for a reason i suppose19:18
aelknerunless you don't agree with Lehman's idea there19:18
th1aWe can leave it for now.19:18
aelkneryou know, that may not be interesting anymore19:19
aelknerso point 3) is not important19:19
th1aLet's not fiddle with that view other than to make sure it works.19:19
aelknerthat works for me19:19
th1aSo we also need a helpful no result message for the inbox.19:20
th1a"You have no intervention goals or messages in your inbox."19:21
aelknerthe message sounds right19:22
aelkneri just have to figure out how to get it to come out with table formatter19:22
aelkneralso, changing the goals only to show: is probably a widget rewrite/reregster task19:22
th1aOK.  Get started on that stuff.19:23
aelknerwhat about What's this?19:23
aelknerdo you want to send me an email19:23
th1aNo, I want you around today.19:23
th1aWe need to finish this.19:23
aelkneri have a doctor's appointment at 3:4519:23
replaceafillth1a could you please check the third-navs in to make sure they resize ok19:24
th1aWe need to go through all the intervention views to make sure they make sense and I understand what they actually do and then I'll do the what's this.19:24
replaceafillth1a  i think i checked them all, but you never know :)19:24
aelknerreplaceafill, how do you mean checked them all19:25
th1alooked at?19:25
aelkneroh, sorry, didn't see your first message19:25
aelknerway to mix yourself in there replaceafill :)19:26
th1aWe'll find them eventually if you missed any.19:26
replaceafillkk, sorry for interrupting19:26
aelknerth1a, so i'll worry about the table formatter changes later19:27
aelknerwe can discuss what you just mentioned now19:27
th1aForbiddenAttribute: ('context', <schooltool.intervention.intervention.InterventionMessages object at 0xd87526c>)19:29
th1aWe may have a little basic debugging first.19:29
th1aTry to create a message.19:30
aelkneryou can't even go to the student intervention view, right?19:32
aelknerwe have a bug with the student intervention view regarding report sheets19:32
aelknerthat's because we ddnt' have any at the time, so i could debug it19:32
aelkneri'll need to do that directly19:32
aelknerbut how are you adding a essage?19:32
th1aI can get to the intervention dashboard by using search in the intevention sidebar.19:33
th1aJust not the link in the person view.19:33
aelknerdid you deploy any report sheets yet?19:35
aelknerto the schoolyear in question?19:35
th1aI don't know.19:35
aelkneri fxed the bug, need to push/load19:35
aelknerok, loaded into instance19:39
aelknernow, the add messages bug19:39
aelknerth1a, found it, fixed it, loaded it19:42
aelknertry again now19:42
aelkneri accidentally introduced the add message bug while getting add message to work from the section interventions view19:43
th1aIt shouldn't let me try to send an email when email is disabled on the server.19:44
aelknerhaven't worked out the kinks of sending email yet19:45
aelkneri just got the widget rendered for your cosmetic review19:45
aelknerthe issue with email is this19:45
th1aI think "Messages and Observations" need to become "Messages"19:45
th1aAnd "Goals and Interventions" need to be "Goals"19:45
th1aAre "Change of Status Messages" considered "Messages?"19:46
aelkneryes, with special flag set19:47
aelknerin order to separate them out19:47
aelknerthe idea is that expelling a student is a one time thing19:47
aelknerand shouldn't get lost in all the other messages19:47
aelkneralso, easy find these important message this way19:48
th1aLet's get rid of this.19:48
th1aIt is just a special message type?19:49
aelknerflag, yes19:49
th1aAre they ever automatically generated by the system?19:49
th1aLets shitcan the whole thing.19:50
th1aFor now just rip out that section in the student view.19:51
th1aI feel better already.19:51
aelknerhere's what i suggest19:51
aelknerwe don't change the data model that would break the old skin views, but19:52
aelknerwe do change the flourish views to not filter that flag19:52
th1aJust take it out of the new skin.19:52
aelknerso messages will be all messages regardless of whether they have the flag set19:52
aelknerthat way, old data doesn't get lost in the new views19:53
aelknerwe just take away their abililty to set the flag while adding19:53
th1aAlso, I don't know how we ended up with years in the sidebar here instead of tertiary navigation.19:53
aelknerone thing at a time, please19:54
aelknerso the messages view will not filter, showing both types of messages but not discriminating them19:54
aelkneradd message will work as it does now, not setting the flag19:54
aelknerthe change of status section and add views go away19:55
aelknerok, now the tertiary19:55
aelknergood idea, now that we have done these for a while, it seems more obvious now19:55
th1aWe don't have to do that this afternoon.19:56
aelknerwell, i can do that one later, but would you want the year in the title?19:58
aelknerInterventions for $YEAR for the subtitle?19:58
th1aWhy don't you get started on this stuff.19:59
replaceafillaelkner can you confirm a ValueError  with the Summary worksheet?20:00
aelknerlink, steps to reproduce?20:01
replaceafillcreate a summary worksheet in a section that doesnt have one and visit the summary worksheet20:01
aelkneryes, i get the same error20:03
replaceafillth1a teacher001:teacher01120:03
replaceafillsame pwd20:03
replaceafilljust a quick question (sorry again)20:03
replaceafillis it ok if i make Activity/Points conditional20:03
replaceafillas aelkner suggested (i think)20:03
replaceafillwhen there are no activities20:03
th1aI have no opinion.20:05
aelkneryeah, i thought it looked confusing20:05
aelknernot important though20:05
replaceafillyvl could you please check specifically src/schooltool/skin/flourish/page.py20:08
replaceafillyvl i want to know if the related_manager.viewlets check is safe enough20:08
replaceafillyvl thanks :)20:08
aelknerreplaceafill, is yvl even still here?20:11
replaceafilllogs aelkner...20:11
aelknerare you talking to the log knowing that yvl will scan it later?20:12
aelknerth1a, is there any reason /manage should have title, 'Your School for $YEAR'20:14
aelknerit has the tabs like all the other views20:14
aelknerif /courses needs it, why not /manage20:14
th1aWell, you can't actually screw anything up directly from /manage20:16
aelknerbut you may get confused about the stats when you changed the year then forgot20:17
aelknerlike when you walk away from kb and return20:17
th1aSome of the things on manage aren't actually limited to the year, either.20:17
th1aPeople, for example.20:17
th1aAnd the sidebar.20:18
aelkneri thought you were going to move people to the sidebar?20:23
th1aaelkner:  So are you getting that batch of changes underway?20:27
replaceafillth1a do you mind if i make a wide container20:29
replaceafillthat table is floating out of the normal content container20:29
th1aPlease do.20:29
aelknerth1a, got rid of status message views:20:31
aelkneras manager20:31
th1aI'm getting a login when I try to download a report sheet.20:32
th1aI'm just trying to click on the links in the view you sent me to.20:34
th1aDid you try them?20:34
aelknerif i sent you a link, it was from a browser that had the page rendered, so i don't know what you're asking20:35
aelknercould you send me a link that doesn't give the login box, then tell me what to click?20:36
aelkneroh, and what user needs to be logged in for the link you send me20:36
th1aaelkner:  What happens when you click on one of the links on the URL that you sent me to start this thread?20:37
aelknerah, the report sheets links20:38
aelkneri didn't get to those yet, they point to view.html of the student gradebook context20:41
aelkneri didn't do that one yet20:41
aelknerthere's a criss-cross that gets started as the features come on line20:41
aelknerwe don't actually have any other view.html links in the gradebook itself i think20:42
th1aWell, we need to push to tie these things up.20:42
aelknermy current tasks are:20:43
aelkner1) create flourish view.html view (thanks for catching that one)20:44
aelkner2) create tertiary for student interventions, removing select box in side bar20:44
aelkner3) fix inbox filter widget for shoe goals and/or messages20:45
th1aDon't do 2) yet.20:48
th1aDo 1 & 3, make the text changes in the student intervention view and ping me.20:48
th1aWe'll finish this tonight if necessary.20:48
th1aI guess you already made the text changes.20:51
th1aI was blinded by the traceback.20:51
aelknersorry, too late to stop 2)20:51
aelknerit's not far from being done20:52
aelkneri'm choosing the low hanging until i get ready for doc soon20:52
replaceafillth1a about to do this: "The Sections link in /manage should only appear if there are courses and terms defined in that year"21:00
th1aThen we should do some "What is This"21:00
replaceafillwe could do that first if you want21:00
th1aNo, go ahead.21:01
aelknerso 1) and 3) i'll do later21:08
aelknergong to get ready for doc now21:08
th1aOK -- but we still need to do the text, so I need you to ping me later.21:08
th1aJust send and email.21:09
aelknerwhat's this text?21:09
th1aThe What is This.21:09
th1aWe need to put the finishing touches on.21:09
aelknerok, i'll ping you when i return21:10
* aelkner goes to get ready21:10
replaceafillth1a done21:16
th1aok replaceafill21:17
replaceafilllet me put the old data.fs back21:17
replaceafilli changed to test the condition on sections21:17
replaceafillth1a ready21:19
th1aI'm going to look at the gradebook for a sec.21:20
replaceafillit's the sample data btw21:20
th1aExternal scores.21:21
th1aMove the hint to the WiT?21:21
th1aThe first hint.21:21
th1aOr maybe just the first sentence of it?21:22
th1aWhat do you think?21:22
replaceafilli'd say both21:22
replaceafilli remember we put something about the sys admin in on WiT already21:22
th1aAlso it should say "external score sources should"21:22
replaceafillcategories i think21:22
replaceafillweight categories21:23
replaceafillok, moving it...21:23
th1aAlso, can we make External Scores the third tab?21:23
th1aMoving the hint?21:28
replaceafillall of it21:29
replaceafillth1a could you please explain this one:21:30
replaceafillAlso it should say "external score sources should"21:30
th1aNot "...external scores should..."21:31
replaceafillis that in the hint?21:31
replaceafillhhmm this is the hint i see in trunk:21:32
replaceafillUse external scores to add data from sources outside the SchoolTool Gradebook. External scores must be configured by your system administrator21:32
th1aOh "must"21:32
th1aI should have copy/pasted.21:33
replaceafilltwo paragraphs for the WiT?21:35
th1aNow I'm getting an ValueError for Linked Column.21:36
th1aDidn't anyone write tests for this shit?21:36
replaceafillit's seems like the same issue of the Summary worksheet21:37
th1aCan you fix it?21:38
replaceafilllet me look21:38
replaceafillmaybe aelkner should take a look at it :(21:41
th1aOK, moving on...21:42
th1aOK, that's fine.21:44
th1aCan you make the add report sheet form go straight to the edit view for the sheet?21:45
th1aOK move add report activity to the sidebar.21:49
replaceafilli fixed the buttons classes21:49
th1aAnd add a Done.21:49
replaceafilladding the sidebar...21:55
replaceafillgreat, the add report activity form is broken by the change to the categories...22:01
replaceafillth1a done22:02
th1aWe should come up with some kind of system for automatically testing for regressions.22:03
th1aIn theory I'd prefer not to have the add on the side, but it is too cluttered.22:04
th1aDoes "Report Activities" need to be that big?22:04
replaceafillwell, we've been using h2s for table, title, table22:04
replaceafillwant to see an h3?22:05
replaceafillin my opinion h3 is too small there22:05
th1aIf that's consistent then h2 is fine.22:05
replaceafillok, reverting22:05
th1aOK, now, what is this damn thing.22:06
th1aLet's add a paragraph to the RST index.22:07
replaceafillRST or RSTs?22:07
th1aChange the first paragraph to say:22:07
th1aReport sheets use the SchoolTool gradebook to collect data and commentary from teachers about students in all classes.22:09
th1aHow's that?22:09
replaceafillclasses vs sections!22:10
th1aThis is why I can't just write all this stuff down and send it to you.22:11
th1aI think that's ok.22:12
replaceafilli dont get the second paragraph22:12
replaceafillwell, i do22:12
replaceafilli thought both paragraphs were talking about templates22:13
replaceafillnever mind22:13
th1aProbably we need to repeat those in the report sheet indexes too.22:13
th1aLet's add a hint for the Title.22:14
replaceafillrefresh, i was changing the buttons22:15
th1aIdentifies the report sheet in teacher gradebooks.22:15
th1afor hint ^22:15
th1aOK, edit view WiT now...22:22
th1aA report sheet is a special kind of gradebook worksheet that can be deployed to all teacher gradebooks in the school.22:24
th1aI'm kind of slowly explaining this as the user progresses.22:24
th1aThe whole thing will be explained in the book too.22:24
th1aThe first sentence above is the first paragraph of the WiT, btw.22:24
replaceafilledit view is the index view of the sheet, right?22:25
th1aEach deployed worksheet will contain the activities defined in a template.22:25
th1aYes... it says edit.22:25
th1aThere isn't really a separate view.22:25
th1aview view.22:25
th1aThat's the second paragraph ^22:26
th1aLet me see those two...22:27
th1amake the second sentence say "report activities"22:30
replaceafill"defined in its template. "?22:30
th1aI feel like stopping before I say "To add a report activity, click "Add Report Activity."22:30
th1areplaceafill,  yes, it's template.22:31
th1ano '22:31
th1aMe no se habla espanol.22:31
th1aI think that's ok.22:32
th1aDo you?22:32
replaceafillyes, i understand it22:32
th1aAssuming it isn't the only documentation.22:32
th1aLet's start with:22:34
th1aReport sheets use the SchoolTool gradebook to collect data and commentary from teachers about students in all sections.22:34
th1aThe first step in the process is to create a new report sheet template.22:34
replaceafillsame as the templates, right22:34
th1aANd make "create a new report sheet template" a link to /gradebook/templates22:34
th1aActually, we should link both ways.22:35
replaceafillANd make "create a new report sheet template" a link to /gradebook/templates?22:38
th1aCan we do that.22:39
replaceafillyou mean add the link right?22:39
replaceafilli was looking for it :P22:39
th1aIt will be a little messy translation wise, I presume.22:39
th1aJust have to work around the html, correct?22:41
replaceafillthe string becomes: The first step in the process is to ${link}22:42
th1aWell, the link is just a separate translation string then?22:42
replaceafillthat's easier to translate i guess22:43
th1aOK, that's not too bad.22:43
replaceafillwe should add a "The second step in the process..." paragraph to /gradebook/templates :)22:45
replaceafillpointing to deploy22:45
replaceafilllike you said22:45
th1aAfter you create a template, the next step is to deploy it to teacher gradebooks.22:46
th1aShit, that's what we don't have yet.22:46
replaceafill"The third step in the process.." :D22:46
th1aOK anyhow, add that sentence above, with a link.22:47
replaceafillim changing the template22:50
replaceafillth1a done22:56
th1aOnce you have a template, use this form to add the report sheet to every section that meets in the specified term or terms.22:58
replaceafillthat would be the third paragraph for, right?22:59
th1aData collected in the report sheets can be added to the standard report card or custom reports.22:59
th1aThere is the 4th.22:59
th1aWith a column this narrow you don't really need multi-sentence paragraphs.22:59
th1aData collected through report sheets can be included in the standard report card or custom reports.23:00
th1abetter wording?23:00
replaceafillit's starting to grow!23:01
th1aOnce you have a template, use this form to add the report sheet to THE GRADEBOOK OF every section that meets in the specified term or terms.23:03
th1aDon't actually use caps.23:03
th1aI think that's sufficient.23:03
replaceafilli also changed the markup of the form a little23:04
replaceafillto give it more space23:04
replaceafilli mean, the fieldset23:04
th1aWhere's our old skin instance?23:05
th1aUnfortunately, we've saved one of the gnarliest forms for last...23:06
th1aI might have to make aelkner do it.23:07
th1aYou're off the hook.23:08
replaceafilllunch time ;)23:08
replaceafill2 pm!!!23:08
th1aI'm off to cook.23:09
* replaceafill goes to get lunch23:18

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