IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2011-08-26

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replaceafillyvl you around?10:38
replaceafillhey yvl10:38
replaceafillcan i have your opinion on a diff?10:38
replaceafillit's about setting a default width for dialogs10:39
replaceafillin the dialog class10:39
replaceafilli was thinking of doing it through css (somehow), but then i saw the setting... :)10:39
yvlthat is something that should have been done a while ago10:40
yvlthanks man10:40
replaceafilli'll push then10:41
yvlthanks :)10:41
replaceafillbtw, i tried to fix the infamous negative margin on buttons10:42
replaceafilllet me know if you find issues with them10:42
replaceafilli checked most of the forms where i noticed the issue... but you never know ;)10:43
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yvlsure, I'm going over all SchoolTool today11:20
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aksyvl: has there been changes in the stapp7/configure.zcml file from 1.5.1 to 1.6.0b1?13:11
aksyvl: I'm currently building 1.6 RPMs13:11
aksyvl: all other dependencies have been built, but my build fails for schooltool (as I had been applying a patch to the older file)13:11
yvlhmm, a good question, aks13:14
yvlhave to look13:14
aksyvl: ok13:14
yvlbut I'd guess - yes13:14
aksyvl: can you please look at
aksyvl: that is the patch file I had been applying, the content seems to have totally changed13:16
aksyvl: also I would like you to help me on how to get the functionality of that patch file in 1.6.0b113:17
yvloh, right13:18
yvlapply it to src/schooltool/standard/configure.zcml13:18
aksyvl: ok, thanks13:20
yvlaks, and remove these: 913:21
yvl+  <include package="" />13:21
yvl+  <include package="schooltool.basicperson" />13:21
yvl+  <include package="z3c.optionstorage" />13:21
yvland this: 813:22
yvl+  <include xmlns:zcml="" zcml:condition="have devmode" package="schooltool.devmode" />13:22
aksyvl: ok13:22
* yvl does not know why you are including schooltool.requirement13:22
aksyvl: I don't remember about schooltool.requirement, but I did it to fix some error in my previous build13:25
yvlwell, try building and if something... like gradebook does not work, please let me know13:25
aksyvl: sure13:26
aksyvl: just built RPM packages for all the schooltool dependencies along with schooltool 1.6 itself13:37
aksyvl: will be testing them in the coming week, and everything works fine, will release them13:37
aksyvl: :)13:38
aksyvl: Also to inform you that I met a guy called Danishka Navin, from Srilanka13:39
aksyvl: He is the lead for Hanthana Linux (a Fedora based remix), and he wanted to include SchoolTool in his remix too (as he's planning to deploy in various schools there)13:40
yvlwow :)13:40
yvlwill pass this to Tom ;)13:40
aksyvl: so on Fedora side, SchoolTool would be at 3 countries - Nepal, Rwanda, & SriLanka13:40
aksyvl: sure :)13:41
yvlawesome :)))13:41
aksyvl: I'm also planning to talk to Uruguway and Peru OLPC guys and push SchoolTool there as well13:41
aksyvl: you guys have really developed an awesome tool, thanks to you guys13:42
yvlthat's great to hear, aks!13:46
aksyvl: :)13:46
yvlby the way - we will be releasing a beta some time soon13:46
aksyvl: ok13:46
yvlthis is a biggest UI remake in SchoolTool history13:47
yvlit should be much easier to use -- and look way better ;)13:47
aksyvl: really? keep me updated, as I might have to change my build scripts13:47
aksyvl: that's a great news :)13:47
yvlwe're all pretty excited about this release :)13:48
aksyvl: are the mockups available somewhere?13:49
yvlnot yet, but they soon will be13:51
aksyvl: ok14:42
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th1ahi replaceafill, menesis, yvl, aelkner.16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:30
th1areplaceafill, why don't you start us off?16:32
replaceafillyesterday, th1a and i cleaned the term views16:33
replaceafillcheck also the edit form16:33
replaceafillwe had some discussion about the Refresh button :)16:34
replaceafilli also removed the Delete column from the score systems view16:34
replaceafilland added a Delete action16:35
replaceafillth1a we need better text for the Delete dialog16:35
replaceafillsince it doesn't destroy data :)16:35
th1aYes, it doesn't need that warning.16:35
th1areplaceafill:  Is there anything else in your queue?16:36
replaceafillth1a yes, small things16:36
replaceafillbut i also noticed16:36
replaceafillthat we dont have the activity categories view16:36
replaceafilldo we?16:36
aelknerreplaceafill, can one edit a scoresystem?16:36
replaceafillaelkner no16:36
th1aYou just make a new one and hide the old one.16:37
aelknerthat was true in the old sin, to, right?16:37
replaceafillaelkner did you work on the categories view?16:37
th1aI guess we do need activity categories.16:37
replaceafillaelkner yes16:37
replaceafillth1a kk, i'll work on that16:37
replaceafilli made a few of css changes16:38
replaceafillremoved the negative margin for the buttons16:38
replaceafillplease check the forms where you noticed the issue to make sure it's gone16:38
th1areplaceafill:  I think you and I are going to check everything together today.16:38
replaceafillth1a ah ok16:38
replaceafillalso, set a default width for dialogs16:39
replaceafillin the dialog class16:39
replaceafilland removed some XXXs related16:39
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replaceafillfinally, added a request view for section absences report16:39
th1aI took some notes yesterday but at this point think going through stuff together is better than writing giant notes and sending them off.16:39
aelknerreplaceafill, i pushed gradebook changes to trunk, so be sure to merge with them16:40
replaceafillaelkner ah ok, will do16:40
replaceafilli also fixed the gap issue in the journal16:40
replaceafilland i guess that's it from me16:40
th1aThanks replaceafill.16:40
yvlwell, it was a good old "all testing day"16:41
yvlbut weirdly enough I didn't go over *all* of ST :)16:41
yvlit's rather big it seems16:41
th1aI was thinking it seems smaller now.16:41
th1aBut I may be kidding myself.16:41
yvlit does indeed16:42
yvlbecause, you know, it's cleaner and easier understand :)16:42
yvlhow would you like to process my notes?16:42
th1aYou can just mail them.16:43
th1aAnd highlight a few things here if you'd like.16:43
yvlone of the bigger things is gradebook16:43
yvlI think we should make a...16:43
yvl"Grading" or "Gradebook" link in manage School page16:44
yvlput stuff like: customize school activities16:44
yvldeploy report sheets16:44
aelkneri'm working on that next16:44
yvlconfigure report cards and so on16:44
aelknerbut Grading in School?16:45
yvlI also managed to get a traceback in... summary worksheet16:45
aelknerwhy would you want that?16:45
th1ayvl:  Yeah, we could do that.  I don't think it is a must for translations that it be done immediately.16:45
yvlwell, we can probably call "Gradebook"16:45
aelknerwe have the Gradebook tab already16:45
th1aThe School page is getting long.16:45
yvlnot tab16:45
yvlI see16:45
yvlwell, scoresystems is a thing you would set up with the school16:46
th1aJust to subdivide the gradebook related stuff out of school, right yvl?16:46
yvlterms, schedules, reports - also16:46
yvlright, th1a16:46
yvlI think it could make a nice useful page16:46
yvlthere's a lot of gradebook-related stuff to customize!16:46
yvlok, next - intervention16:47
yvlthere's also a small bunch of notes16:47
yvland few tracebacks16:47
yvlone with duplicate relationship in accidental uncommon scenario16:48
yvlother related to permissions16:48
yvland - breadcrumbs, navigation, hiliting intervention tab16:48
yvlwhat else...16:48
yvldatepicker does not work in many cases, it would seem16:48
yvlwill need to fix that16:49
yvlmany date fields require m/d/y style of input16:49
yvlso at the very least we should unify that16:49
yvladding a school year is quite hidden16:49
yvlsome links broken16:49
th1aI was wondering about the date format.16:50
yvland there's missing things like done links here and there16:50
th1aYou're right about adding a school year.  After the first one.16:50
yvlright - but it is possible16:50
yvlclick on a schoolyear, click Done - if you're not using apache you'll get to the schoolyears page - there you can add and activate next16:51
yvlor you can use breadcrumbs to navigate :)16:51
th1aBut yes, that's a bug.16:52
yvlI'd like to remind, that we are now using "buttons" CSS class for form buttons16:52
th1aWe might be missing some student views.16:52
yvlthere are still remnants with "controls" that don't get styled16:52
replaceafillhhhmm yvl i checked that last night16:53
replaceafillthere shouldn't be more "controls" class16:53
replaceafillor maybe i missed some16:53
yvlwell - some of the buttons were not styled16:54
yvlI may have missed a commit or two :)16:54
yvlok :)16:55
yvlso that's the hilites16:55
yvloh, also:16:55
yvlST goes Shrilanka :)16:56
th1aExcellent news!16:57
yvlright! :)16:57
th1aThings are slowly chugging forward in Nigeria too, according to David Ally.16:57
yvlyou may have a very nice report for Mark by the end of this year ;)16:59
yvlif it's ok, th1a, I'll continue testing on Monday16:59
yvlthere's still some pages I need to go through16:59
yvland I'd like to test logged in as not a super-user16:59
yvlteacher, or advisor16:59
yvloh, and  student190/intervention/intervention_center.html seems to be not implemented (person, interventions link)16:59
yvlwell, that's that17:00
yvland... "aks:  yvl: you guys have really developed an awesome tool, thanks to you guys"17:01
replaceafillaelkner is it me or the default due date for activities has been removed?17:01
th1aYou certainly can't expect things to move fast there.17:01
th1aOK, thanks yvl.17:01
aelknerreplaceafill, the new date widget doesn't seem to work right17:01
aelkneri noticed that, too, that the date doesn't get filled in17:02
replaceafillmy selenium tests are failing now :(17:02
replaceafillbecause of the dates17:02
aelkneryvl, also, why are we using an ugly datepicker with no year change capability?17:02
replaceafillaelkner it does have year change capability...17:02
replaceafilland month change capability too17:02
replaceafilldo you see the two dropdown menus at the top of the calendar?17:03
th1aWe will change the theme too.17:04
aelknerreplaceafill, what menu?17:04
aelkneri only see let and right arrorws17:04
replaceafillaelkner are you running core trunk?17:04
aelknerflourish, why?17:04
replaceafillyes, i mean flourish trunk17:05
aelknerno, my branch17:05
aelknerdo i need to merge again?17:05
replaceafillif you want the right calendar yes17:05
aelknerah :)17:05
aelknernever mind17:05
aelknerth1a, i changed the templates view, logging in as manager:17:06
aelknerclicking on a template take you to the manage view for that template17:06
aelknerthere you can change the title or change the activities17:06
aelkneri'm not crazy about the user having to figure out to hit Cancel to get back, but...17:06
replaceafillbtw guys i added a "fieldset-legend" class that makes a paragraph to look like a fieldset legend, you can check it at
replaceafill(sorry to interrupt)17:07
aelknerthat's because we are combining edit with manage, something none of our other views so17:07
th1aCould the  table show the range of the score system instead of "generated?"17:08
aelkneri suppose it could17:09
replaceafill"Add Report Activity" should be contained in an h3 element17:09
aelkneralso, the h3 for Report Activities is closer to the buttons that it is to the table17:09
aelknerreplaceafill, is there something i should do to fix that?17:10
replaceafillaelkner why not use h2 as we do in the relationship views?17:10
aelknerh2 for the heading and h3 for the link?17:10
th1aPutting the add there is making me a little crazy.17:10
th1aWe'd better just put it in the sidebar.17:10
replaceafillaelkner h2 for the heading17:11
th1aAlso, I guess the best way to do this is to just put the title of the sheet here with an edit button and then an edit screen or dialog.17:13
aelknerare you talking about the templates view?17:14
th1aI didn't like complexifying the main table for table edit.17:14
th1aAnd I don't really like complexifying this view for it now either.17:14
th1aDoes that make sense aelkner?17:14
aelkneri was thinking about having the link go to the activities table and have a pencil next to it for editing the title17:14
aelkneris that what you're saying?17:15
th1aNot really.17:15
aelkneri'm not sure what you're suggesting then17:15
th1aSo anyhow, what I'm saying is we should move the title edit into a separate view.17:15
th1aIt does junk this up too much.17:15
aelkneri agree17:16
aelknerhow does the user get to the title edit view then?17:16
aelknerthat's why i suggested the pencil next to the link, but perhaps you have something else in mind17:17
th1aBut you should get there from the template edit view.17:18
th1aNot from the main index of templates.17:18
th1aClear as mud?17:18
aelknerlet's start from the tamplates view17:19
th1aLink from the individual template edit view.17:19
th1aNot from the table.17:19
th1aSo if you want to edit the template title you click on the template title17:19
th1aget the template edit view,17:19
aelkneryou mean, put the pencil in the template manage view17:19
th1aclick on a pencil next to the title.17:19
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th1aWhat's the manage password?17:44
aelknerso we have the Deploy Report Sheet action link for the schoolyear or the term view17:44
th1aoh, that!17:45
th1aI had "manage" for some reason...17:45
th1aOK, let's just work on this as if we're not going to move the gradebook stuff out of School.17:47
aelknerwell, deploying never was done in Manage tab17:47
th1aReport Sheet Templates should go to Customize in the sidebar, esp. since they are independent of years.17:48
aelkneryour jumping around so i don't know what you mean17:49
th1aI'm saying, in the School view, RST should go in the sidebar under customize.17:49
aelknerthey never were dependent on years, so that's wy i didn't understand17:50
aelknerok, i'll move the link17:51
aelknerso the There are n templates is not useful?17:51
aelkneri have to say that i like the idea of moving it to Customize17:51
aelknerth1a, so you won't miss the There are message?17:51
th1aIt is pretty minor.17:51
aelknerso yes17:51
th1aI won't miss.17:51
aelknergood, now deploying17:51
aelknerin the schoolyear view17:51
aelknerhey, where is the schoolyears view?17:52
th1aAh, aelkner.17:52
aelknerhow does one add a schoolyear?17:52
th1aYour brain does not like to let go of a familiar paradigm.17:52
th1aActually, adding a school year is a bug, as yvl mentioned earlier.17:53
th1aBut the School view is essentially a year view in the main content area.17:53
th1aExcept for the People part.17:53
th1aActually we should move grade levels into customize too.17:54
th1areplaceafill:  Want to do that right now?17:54
th1aAlso we're missing a few "for $YEAR" in our "there are no" messages there.17:54
th1aTimetables, resources.17:55
th1aOK, so anyhow aelkner,17:55
th1ain the school content area we just need a report sheet link now.17:55
th1aWith "There are X report sheets deployed in $YEAR."17:55
th1aAh, and then the deploy form is pretty easy.17:56
aelknerso wait17:56
aelknerReport Sheet Templates is moved to Customize17:57
aelknerthen it's replaced by Deployed Report Sheets?17:57
aelknerwith the There are message?17:57
th1aI would just call it Report Sheets.17:57
aelknerclicking on the link goes to what kind of view?17:57
aelkneri guess a table of the deployed sheets17:58
th1aAnd a form to deploy another.17:58
aelknertable columns?17:58
th1aThe main difference is you have to be able to select year or term.17:58
th1aTemplate and year/term.17:58
aelknerwell, year is already fixed at that point17:59
aelknerso a table with Term subheadings?17:59
aelknerthen row for the deplyed sheets under each term subheading?17:59
th1aI'm over the term subheadings.18:00
replaceafillany particular order for the Grade Levels option?18:00
aelknerreplaceafill, please wait18:01
th1aaelkner:  You just have to be able to choose the year corresponding to the tab the user was looking at under school or one of the constituent terms.18:01
th1areplaceafill, In the customize menu?  I don't have a preference right now.18:01
aelknerth1a, the Report Sheets link appears in the School view which has a year tab, right?18:02
aelknerso clicking on it takes the ser to a view where the year is fixed, right?18:02
th1aOK... well, let me see how we do it otherwise.18:02
th1aI guess normally we switch to another tabbed view (e.g., courses).18:03
aelknerah, yes18:03
th1aWhether we remember which year is tabbed when we do that all the time, I don't know.18:03
th1aSo keep that consistent.18:03
aelknerclicking on it takes you to a deploy view with year tabs18:03
th1aWell, yes, but think of it less as a deploy view.18:03
aelknerand more as a...?18:04
th1aManage view.18:04
th1aI mean, you should have a table there too, as we were saying.18:04
aelknerbut the year is fixed by the tab, so we don't need to worry about it in the table18:05
aelknerbut there are temrs18:05
aelknerso the the columns are Title, Term18:05
th1aShould we just forget about full year deployment and make people do it by term.18:06
th1aSections are limited by term.18:07
th1aI think we just did it that way because previously you'd literally have to navigate to multiple terms, which would suck.18:07
aelknerwait, Title, Term wold not work18:07
aelknertake the multi-term, multi-sheet scenario18:08
aelknerhow would the rows look?18:08
aelknerthat's why i suggested the subheading by term18:08
th1aI guess the question is whether or not if you have a four term linked section and report sheet per term, do you end up with sixteen report sheets?18:08
th1aYou can have a column for each term with checks.18:08
th1aSheet | T1 | T2 | T3 |18:09
aelkneryes, four terms four sheets per terms leads to sixteen rows18:09
aelknerone col per term18:09
aelknerme likey18:09
aelknerso one row per sheet, cols for the terms18:10
aelknercheckmarks in the cells18:10
th1aWe just need to make sure that a report sheet deployed to a term only goes to the section that actually meets that term.18:10
th1aWhich it should anyhow,18:10
th1aand then we don't get 16 sheets.18:10
aelknerdon't worry about that, that's fixed in the data model, not a flourish issue18:10
th1aIf it does, it is a data bug, yes.18:11
aelknerbut we do get 16 sheets18:11
aelknerjust not sixteen rows18:11
aelknerfour rows, four checkmarks per18:11
th1aI dont' think we'll get sixteen sheets.18:11
aelknerwe're talking about the case where the manger wants to deploy four sheets to each of four terms, right?18:12
th1aHe doesn't WANT TO.18:12
th1aI'm saying, what's the difference in deploying to the year vs. all the constituent terms?18:13
th1aSince sections only meet in a specified term.18:13
th1aI don't think we had any reason for year sheets other than convenience.18:13
th1aBecause you'd have to navigate to terms.18:13
th1aYou'd have to deploy each sheet three or four times.18:14
aelkneryou shold realize that in the old skin there were o year sheets18:14
th1aWell, we can cross that bridge later.18:14
aelkneronly an ability to deploy to all terms of a year in one click18:15
aelknerfrom the year context18:15
th1awere "no" year sheets?18:15
aelknerthere is no such thing as a year sheet18:15
aelknerthat's all i'm saying18:15
th1aYou were missing an "n" above.18:15
th1aOK, so yes, we can just forget about the concept of a year sheet entirely.18:16
th1aCleans up this view considerably.18:16
aelknerso again, Title, T1, T2, T3, T418:16
th1aThat's the table.18:16
th1aAnd then for the add form, checkboxes by term.18:16
th1aThe deploy form.18:16
th1aWhether that actually works on the same page as the table, we'll see.18:17
aelknerlet's start from the Report Sheets view a second18:18
aelknersimple table only view as just discussed18:18
aelknerActions linkset with Deploy Report Sheet link?18:18
th1aThat's probably what we'll end up with, yes.18:19
aelknerok, now, clicking on that link18:19
aelknera form with:18:19
aelknera dropdown for selecting the template18:19
aelknerafter which, a table (ul?) of checkboxes by term18:20
aelknera select all checkbox?18:20
aelknerDeploy and Cancel buttons18:20
aelknerhow does that sound?18:20
aelknersimple, no?18:20
th1aJust arrange the checkboxes according to the guidelines.18:20
th1aI don't think you need a select all.18:21
aelknerok, even simpler18:21
th1aAnd I'd just use "Submit."18:21
th1aAnd Cancel.18:21
aelknerright Submit for consistency18:21
* th1a is starving.18:23
aelkneri'm going to be running around a lot today preparing for the hurricane18:23
aelkneri'm thinking i need to buy some batterry operated lanterns18:24
th1aI have a thing I can use to plug things into a car battery.18:24
th1aWhich I bought several years ago as part of a particularly hare-brained scheme.18:24
aelknersmart move18:25
th1aBut now makes me sound really prepared.18:25
aelkneri wish i bought a UPS although they don't last that long, do they?18:25
th1aAlso the batteries wear out after a few years and are expensive.18:25
th1aI actually have a couple.  It is nice because the iMac is on the same circuit as a bunch of kitchen stuff we trip the breaker on periodically.18:26
th1aSo if I turn on the toaster and microwave at the same time the iMac doesn't get a hard crash.18:26
aelkneri don't follow18:27
th1aI'm just saying, a UPS is nice if your power goes out frequently for a few minutes at a time.18:28
th1aLike if you trip the breaker the computer is on.18:28
th1aBut not for working in a hurricane.18:29
th1aAnd the iMac is on an overburdened circuit in my house.18:29
aelknerbtw, the car battery solution only helps in the aftermath18:30
aelknerunless you can pull your car into the house :)18:30
th1aYou can take the battery out!18:30
th1aAnyhow, as I said, I really bought it for an earlier hare-brained scheme.18:30
th1aOK, I'm going to eat lunch.18:30
th1areplaceafill, catch you in 30.18:30
aelkneri'm set for a while now18:30
replaceafillth1a kk18:31
aelknerlots of things to do18:31
aelknerth1a, hope to see you monday18:31
th1areplaceafill, sent you some notes.18:31
th1aaelkner:  I hope to see you too.  ;-)18:32
* th1a is back.19:03
replaceafillth1a give me a minute to push these small changes i've made19:03
replaceafillth1a we need a less scary message for the Delete option in
th1aFirst, change the Action to "Hide"19:14
replaceafillah ok19:14
replaceafilldone, refresh19:16
th1aMessage.  Hiding this score system will make it unavailable for future use but will retain existing scores.  This cannot currently be undone, but a new version of the same score system can be created.19:16
replaceafillnice :)19:16
th1aMove the commentary in add score system to the sidebar.19:19
th1aDid we add something to the main view when we were testing this out too?19:20
th1aOr am I thinking of something else?19:20
replaceafillno, we did, the one your daughter helped you write19:21
replaceafilli just took that diff out19:21
replaceafilli'm putting it back right now19:21
replaceafilltwo questions about the right sidebar:19:25
replaceafilllet me get a page...19:25
replaceafillfor example19:26
replaceafillthat page doesn't use that space (right)19:26
replaceafillare we going to show the sidebar space as white?19:27
replaceafilllike we do when the left sidebar is not used?19:27
th1aI don't konw that we need to.19:27
th1aI don't have a strong opinion.19:27
replaceafilland 2nd question19:27
replaceafilldo you want the same gap between the content and right sidebar?19:27
th1aAgain, I don't really know offhand.19:28
replaceafillok, i'll put the gap for starters19:28
replaceafilland we start from there19:28
th1aI'll let you know if I hate it.19:28
replaceafillsame space/color logic as the left sidebar19:28
*** menesis has quit IRC19:29
replaceafillth1a check page 10 of the guidelines19:30
replaceafillthe right space there is wider than our 144px19:30
* replaceafill wonders where is the rest :D19:30
replaceafillah yes, the gap!19:30
replaceafillthe guidelines don't have gap19:31
replaceafillanyway, i'll finish putting it19:31
th1aa bit distracted.19:45
th1aIs there some reason to think something is going on this demographics page?19:46
th1aI couldn't think of anything particularly useful to say here.19:46
replaceafillno, i used as an example of a page with no right sidebar19:47
th1aI guess you think I need to.  ;-)19:47
replaceafilli'm trying to remove the remaining space19:47
th1aI'm perfectly ok with leaving the gray space over there.19:47
replaceafillah ok19:47
th1aIt was ok before.19:47
replaceafilli hate it!19:47
th1aDid you always hate it?19:48
replaceafillbut i can work on it later19:48
replaceafilli hate it when it appears on the left19:48
replaceafillsome timetables views show it19:48
replaceafillwe have the sidebar19:48
replaceafillwith gap19:48
replaceafillhere's a form19:48
replaceafillstarts to look like old schooltool ;)19:49
th1aI don't even know what we are talking about replaceafill.19:50
th1aAs far as I'm concerned,19:51
th1aPages without a right sidebar can look the way they did before.19:51
th1aOK then.19:51
replaceafillcss will need some work to get it19:51
replaceafillbut yes, i like that too19:51
th1aOK fine.19:51
replaceafillok, moving to your notes?19:52
th1aLet's do add score system.19:52
replaceafillah ok19:52
replaceafillshould i move all the text?19:54
th1aMove it first.19:54
th1aI kinda need to get a sense of the space.19:55
th1aYou can jump to the notes while I ponder this.19:57
replaceafilljust let me fix the score table first19:58
th1aJust take out the second paragraph.19:58
th1aI think the rest is necessary.20:01
th1aIn the next version, these'll end with links to the book.20:02
replaceafilli'll adjust the table widths later20:05
replaceafilli mean the cells20:05
th1aDo you want to do the notes next?20:06
replaceafillyes, im adding the email one20:06
th1aLooks good to me.20:09
replaceafillshould we put the second paragraph in the settings view?20:09
th1aI don't think so.20:10
replaceafillah ok20:10
th1aIt is kind of what you need before you go there.20:10
replaceafillyes, it looks good20:10
replaceafillnext, resource demos20:10
th1aYou know, you can take out that second sentence.20:20
th1aAlso, change "creating" to "to create"20:20
replaceafillbut "creating" is in the second sentence20:21
replaceafilland we're taking it out?20:21
th1aIt is in the third sentence.20:21
th1aSecond paragraph.20:21
th1aIntercontinental editing is always a little tricky.20:22
replaceafillok, timetables20:23
replaceafilli think in those cases the third-nav will adjust to the content area, right?20:29
th1aOh... I guess it'll have to.20:29
replaceafillkk, will put it in the TODO20:30
th1aActually, let's leave that for now.20:31
th1aWe wouldn't usually call that "A new timetable..."20:31
th1aWhat would we use?20:32
th1aJust Timetable Information, I guess.20:33
replaceafillah sorry, i was changing the exceptions days20:33
th1aAlso I don't know what is up with the formatting in that form.20:33
replaceafilli think it's hand-written20:34
replaceafillwe just have to adjust it a little20:34
th1aIn pencil?20:34
replaceafillah, i though you meant the new time table fist step20:35
replaceafillyes, exceptions days is also hand written20:35
replaceafilli think " Please enter the date when the periods need to be changed below. "20:35
th1aAdd this to the comment in the timetables index:20:35
th1a"When you create a new timetable you will be asked a sequence of questions about your school's schedule."20:35
replaceafillshould be the hint of the field20:35
replaceafillah ok20:35
replaceafilli think we should remove the 'please enter the' in the hint20:47
replaceafillcan you write a better hint?20:48
th1aAlso change to "...change start and end times or cancel periods on a certain date."20:48
th1aANd "This form" to "Exception days..."20:48
replaceafilli still don't like the hint :/20:51
replaceafillDate in the field title and Date in the hint20:51
replaceafillyeah right, /me being picky about english...20:51
th1aNo... you're right.20:51
th1aI didn't really look at ti.20:52
th1aJust take the hint out.20:52
th1aSometimes I don't know if you're waiting for me or I'm waiting for you.20:59
replaceafilli'm adjusting the score system table widths21:00
th1aJust checking.  ;-)21:00
replaceafilli dont understand the last help note:21:00
replaceafillimports need to be cleaned up but probably should continue to use the main content area.21:00
th1aOh, that's a general note.21:02
th1aThe CSV imports have to illustrate the format,21:02
th1aso jamming them into a little column would probably not help.21:02
replaceafillok, what's next?21:03
th1aLet's start over.  :-D21:04
th1aI think everything under server is ok.21:04
replaceafilli need to fix the pack dialog21:04
th1aActually, wtf is a translation domain anyhow?21:04
replaceafillyou can add .po files and make the server to use them on the fly i think21:05
replaceafillthat's the Reload part21:05
th1aYou can only reload them here though.  Do you add them using ZCML?21:06
replaceafillno, in the locales directory21:06
replaceafilli just wonder why the schooltool namespace is not shown21:06
replaceafilljust zope.app21:07
th1aI'll send menesis an email.21:07
th1amoving on...21:09
th1aOK, generations.21:10
th1aDatabase generations update the structure of your database to be compatible with new versions of SchoolTool."21:10
th1aI think that's about it for /server21:15
th1aAny last /server concerns?21:15
replaceafillno, i'll add this to "what is this" in the pack view21:16
th1aGrade Levels:21:16
replaceafill   SchoolTool's database file should be periodically "packed" to reduce its filesize.21:16
replaceafill   Packing removes old transactions from the database.  It can take a long time on a large database, so packing should be done in off-peak times.21:16
replaceafill   Before packing, a backup file will be saved as Data.fs.old21:16
replaceafillok /levels21:17
th1aGrade levels are the traditional means of tracking student progress across years and the progression of curriculum.21:17
th1aSound good?21:18
th1aI was just thinking it would be helpful if Marcela was a teacher instead of a lawyer.21:18
th1aI think that gets across that they aren't anything weird in SchoolTool.21:20
replaceafillprogress and progression?21:20
th1asequence of curriculum.21:21
th1aI think that's ok.21:22
th1aI guess I'm adding more of these than I originally planned, but I'm feeling ok about it clutter-wise.21:23
replaceafillyeah, as long as we don't put one in the gradebook ;)21:23
th1a /terms21:24
th1aA term is a unit of time that defines the beginning and end of sections on the calendar. For example, a semester or trimester.21:24
th1aI'm pulling as many of these from the book and glossary as I can.21:24
replaceafillwhy do /terms doesn't use a third-nav?21:27
th1aBecause that was the first one we did.21:28
th1aWe should change it.21:28
th1aI guess we might as well do courses and sections while we're at it.21:30
th1aIt isn't like nobody has been confused by them before.21:30
th1aA course in SchoolTool describes a the curriculum taught in a section.21:31
th1aFor example, Algebra I, American History, 3rd Grade Reading, and Biology I are all courses.21:32
th1aYOu could make that Advanced Physics instead of Biology I.21:32
th1aA section is a set of one or more learners and instructors who meet during a term to achieve the curricular goals of a course..21:34
replaceafill"describes a the"!21:34
th1aThe third paragraph there was meant to modify the second.21:34
th1aAs instruction to you to modify the second.  ;-)21:34
th1aYou don't need the extra a.21:35
replaceafillmoving to /sections21:36
th1a /resources -- "These are locations or objects within a school. SchoolTool’s calendar can function as a reservation and tracking system for resources."21:37
th1aWe should add hints for add section.21:40
th1aHow do you think we should handle noting that you need to make courses and terms before sections.21:42
th1aWe could do it as a hint.21:42
th1aPut it in the sidebar.21:42
th1aOr have the application detect it dynamically.21:42
th1aWhich is probably best.21:42
replaceafillso the sections link should only appear if there are courses and terms defined in that year21:43
replaceafillthat is in /manage21:43
th1aI guess they can't exist otherwise.21:44
replaceafillright, you get validation errors in the add view21:44
replaceafillth1a i need to go buy lunch21:47
replaceafillkeep the notes coming, i'll work on them when i get back21:48
th1aMove Contacts above groups on School21:50
th1a /contacts: "A student may have one or more “contacts,” people who may need to recieve notifications and information about the student or the school as a whole. A user may also be a contact for him or herself (particularly in the case of older students and adults)."21:51
th1aPut Add: School Year in the sidebar of School21:53
th1aAlso, Absences by year need to show up as a report for a year.21:54
th1aYou can just move the import xls stuff over, removing the third paragraph.21:59
*** ignas has quit IRC22:02
th1aUse worksheets in your gradebook the same way you do in a spreadsheet, to organize large numbers of activities.  You can link columns from one worksheet to another.22:03
th1aThen move over the summary explanation.22:04
th1aMove over the category weighting explanation.22:04
th1aAdd to it:22:05
th1aThe list of categories can be customized by your school by your system adminstrator.22:05
th1aThe list of categories can be customized FOR your school by your system adminstrator.22:05
* replaceafill is back22:25
replaceafillcontacts moved above groups22:36
replaceafillput contacts sidebar
th1aI guess take out the parentheses and just use a comma in the second sentence.22:42
th1aYou might as well make that two paragraphs, then... DONE.22:45
th1aActually, there is not done, is there?22:45
replaceafillany order for the sidebar groups?22:51
*** klausade has quit IRC22:52
th1aadd first22:52
replaceafillgoing back to the contacts sidebar22:55
replaceafillmade it two paragraphs22:56
replaceafillth1a "Also, Absences by year need to show up as a report for a year."?23:00
replaceafillyou meant absences by day?23:00
th1aIt is a year report.23:00
th1aNever mind.  ;-)23:01
replaceafill"You can just move the import xls stuff over, removing the third paragraph."?23:02
th1aAs we did for practice.23:02
replaceafillah ok23:02
replaceafill"for practice" lol23:02
replaceafilladding sidebar to worksheets23:16
replaceafill  <flourish:viewlet23:17
replaceafill      name="../.."23:17
replaceafilli think aelkner is giving me the finger in code!23:17
th1aaelkner is not that emoticon-savvy.23:22
*** alga has joined #schooltool23:23
th1aI'm afraid I'm going to have to go to Bob and Timmy's soon.23:23
th1aI'll leave report sheets and interventions for Monday.23:23
replaceafillque envidia!!!!23:24
replaceafillbob and timmy's :P23:24
replaceafilljust give me a minute i want you to check worksheets before you go23:24
th1alooks good.23:28
replaceafillwill keep going through the rest23:28
th1aOK.  Thanks replaceafill.23:29
replaceafillthanks th1a23:29
replaceafillsee you monday23:29
*** alga has quit IRC23:30
replaceafillfinished the weights view:

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