IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2011-08-18

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th1ahi aelkner, yvl, menesis.16:30
th1areplaceafill won't be with us this morning.16:30
* th1a needs to go pour some coffee...16:30
th1aAlso, I won't be here tomorrow morning.16:35
yvlhey guys16:35
th1aI think we'll survive.16:36
th1aSo I got the sample school migration to work after descending into buildout hell yesterday.16:36
th1areplaceafill got me out.16:36
th1aTakes a while, as you might expect.16:37
th1aI don't notice any performance issues in an initial poke around.16:37
yvlgood to hear!16:37
th1aAlso, you probably saw my Schwa post yesterday.16:38
th1aJust think of SchoolTool Flourish as our Windows Vista.16:39
yvlWindows 7 :)16:39
th1aOr not.16:39
th1aWe'll see what they want to do next.  If it is going to be helpful to the overall branding, we'll go with it, if not, not.16:39
yvlare you driving to see them in person tomorrow Tom?16:40
th1aI have not heard back, but no, that's not why I won't be here...16:40
th1athere's a certain new skatepark...16:40
yvlah! :D16:40
th1aI should be back here around 10:00.16:41
th1aWhat's up, yvl?16:42
yvlno problem, I have stuff to do; Alan and Douglas can have a later meeting :)16:42
yvlso, I flourished levels16:42
yvlthey kind of mimic school demographics view16:42
yvlas in - add / reorder views16:42
yvland I added demographics / resource attribute breadcrumbs along the way16:43
yvlthey're somewhat crude, but better than nothing :)16:43
yvlthe rest of the day - jquery stuff16:43
th1aI'll take a look at levels later.16:44
yvlI'm updating jquery UI version a little bit, adding UI translations, so on16:44
th1aAren't we using the .deb of jquery-ui?16:44
th1aI guess I'll leave that up to you and menesis.16:45
yvlwell if you really want to, I can use them16:45
* yvl is not sure if it's worth that for say, this release16:46
yvlso I'll be toying with that for the better half of tomorrow also16:47
yvland we'll use jquery-ui translations for calendar, right?16:48
th1aDon't ask me.16:48
yvlok, let's use them and see what happens16:49
yvlis there something you'd like me to push to my queue, Tom?16:49
th1aOh... let's see...16:50
yvlyou can email me later today if it's more convenient for you16:51
th1aI'll have to think about it.16:51
th1aAlso, I'll be working on a screencast, which will uncover lots of paper cuts.16:51
th1aOh... well, we need to add in essentially all the import views.16:51
th1aThey'll pretty much go where they were.16:52
th1a(that is, there is no grand reorganization)16:52
th1aSo that.16:52
yvlright, that's a big one.16:52
yvlok, a medium one16:52
th1aStraightforward, but it'll take some time.16:52
th1aEnough to get you through to the Monday meeting.16:52
yvlof course16:53
th1aOK.  Cool.16:53
yvloh, and there's the pending translations thing - someone has to go over the system and check what is missing where -- and why16:54
th1aYes.  We can think about that next week.16:54
th1aI'm going to have to change a bunch of text next week anyhow.16:54
yvlgood point16:54
th1aOK. aelkner?16:56
aelknerok, i made various fixes to the intervention views16:57
aelknerlet's start with the student view, jelkner:jelkner16:57
aelknerthe only add view that works is message16:57
aelknerand the message index.html view is not there yet either16:58
th1aMaybe year can go below add in this page.16:58
aelknerso you like Add in addition to the + buttons, good16:58
aelkneri thought both would be better than only one16:58
th1aOh... um,16:58
th1aMaybe not.16:59
aelknersome users are more graphical, some more verbal, so i thought both would be nice16:59
th1aWell... clutter.16:59
aelkneri also thought you would be concerned about that :)16:59
th1aI could use an example that had some of these things.17:00
th1aI mean, some messages, goals, status messages...17:01
aelkneryeah, well, i need to get those add views working next17:01
th1aOh.  OK.17:01
aelknerperhaps, you'd have more to say after i have more for you to see17:01
th1aSo I'd say get rid of the add sidebar.17:01
aelkneryou figure the users will have to get used to the + buttons17:02
aelknerwe do have Add in other views17:02
aelknerlike People17:02
th1aWe'll see.17:02
aelknershall we keep it for now?17:02
th1aBasically people won't tell you to unclutter.17:03
aelkneryes, i understand17:03
th1aThey will tell you if something's missing that they don't know how to do.17:03
th1aSo let's try less for now.17:03
aelknerso definitely get rid of Add for now?17:03
th1aDefinitely provisionally.17:03
aelknerok :)17:04
aelkneralso, the Intervention tab and student search views look like they should now17:04
aelkneri needed to create flourish versions of the table filters and adjust the view templates17:04
aelknerto move the fieldsets into the filter widget17:04
th1aShould we talk about new message?17:05
aelknerthat moved the buttons outside of the gray area17:05
aelknerand mode the tables render as they should17:05
aelknerthe person list widget needs some love17:05
th1aWe need to make "Recipients" clearer.17:06
aelkneri only struggled with getting it to work in z3c17:06
th1aI don't know what that means.17:06
aelknerwhat whould it say?17:06
th1aWhat does it mean in this context.  Does it refer to the table below?17:06
th1aThat big warning below is confusing.17:07
aelknerthe warning could be moved17:07
aelkneri could swap the label and the warning if that helps17:08
th1aI think we need to be a little clearer about the implications of that information.17:08
th1aActually, only SLA would be assuming that emails would be sent.17:09
aelknerand they don't even use it any more, so...17:10
aelknershould it just get rid of the warning?17:10
th1aWhat if we add a "Send message via email." checkbox that is selected by default IF the email server is enabled.17:10
yvland disabled if the server is disabled17:10
aelknerwhat if the email serve is not?17:11
aelknerthe checkbox is disabled if the email is disabled17:11
th1aYes, inactive. Or just not there at all.17:11
aelknerafter the person list?17:11
th1aNot there at all would be ok with me.17:11
th1aAfter the message body I'd say.17:11
yvl+1 th1a17:12
aelknercool, good notes17:13
aelknerth1a, anything else?17:13
th1aThe other views look pretty good.17:14
aelknersomething to consider regarding your point earlier17:14
aelknerit's true a user will not report that the UI is cluttered17:15
aelknerhowever, it is likely that they will get very frustrated if they can't find something obvious17:15
aelknerlike how to add something17:15
th1aYes, I know.17:15
aelkneryeah, it's not easy to decide17:15
th1aWe can add it back easily enough.17:15
aelkneryeah, i'll get rid of it for now17:15
th1aWe have two months until the release.17:16
aelknerit wold be nice if we could get jelkner to use flourish this fall17:16
aelknerthen maybe we'd get intervention feedback sooner than later17:16
th1aHe will be.17:16
aelknerand he is quick to report when things are difficult to use17:16
aelknerok, i have plenty to do for now17:17
th1aI got my iMac back with a new screen and power supply in a day, so my screencasting setup is back.17:18
aelknerbtw, did you notice gradebook breadcrumbs work now17:18
aelkneryvl fixed something that caused the traversal up section, year, school to work17:19
aelkneris didn't even have to do anything new :)17:19
aelkneri didn't17:19
aelknerhis fix just fixed it17:19
th1aI like leaving the year out.17:19
aelknerhe probably did that at you request, right?17:20
th1aIt is a little ugly permissions-wise though.17:20
aelkneryes, permissions17:20
th1aThat is something we should try to clean up before the release.17:20
th1aLet teachers see all the sections but disable the links they can't see.17:20
th1aOr something like that.17:20
th1aIt'll take a little thought.17:21
th1aOK.  I think we're set for now.17:22
th1aThanks guys.17:22
th1aTalk to you Monday.17:22
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:22
yvlhave fun skating!17:22
th1aHopefully it won't rain.17:22
yvlsee you guys Monday :)17:23
aelknercya yvl17:23
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