IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2011-08-17

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th1ahi replaceafill, yvl, menesis, aelkner.16:31
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
th1aAnyone have any ideas about this?
th1a: S16:35
yvlhey guys16:35
th1aI guess one question is "How did you install Ubuntu in the first place?"16:35
yvlnormally I would say - get a ISP that is not brain-dead16:35
yvlCD image maybe?16:36
menesisfind someone that can publish a renamed file16:37
* yvl looks around :)16:37
menesisbut blocking URLs that contain *proxy* ... terrible16:37
yvlYemen... one of the stories to tell with beer :)16:39
th1aDo we have a Launchpad repo that still works?16:40
th1aOH, it is the word proxy in the package!16:41
th1aI see.16:41
th1aI skimmed over that part.16:41
th1aCan we just email him a .deb?  :|16:42
th1aMaybe his ISP's spam filter will catch it.16:42
th1aOK... moving on.16:42
th1a Sorry for the distraction.16:42
th1aDid you guys read my post about naming last night?16:43
aelknerwhere would we find it?16:44
th1aAre you getting notifications about those?16:45
th1aSo I think the Mozilla Firefox approach makes sense.16:46
th1aSchoolTool Flourish.16:46
aelkneri didn't get any notification16:46
yvlaelkner, privatre16:47
aelkneryvl, thanks16:48
yvlwell, I think you're on the right track, th1a16:49
yvlbut that's just my opinion16:49
yvland I'm biased :)16:49
th1aIt would be better to not just jettison "SchoolTool" anyhow.16:50
* yvl agrees16:51
th1aPlus I can't think of anything else that works with "Flourish."16:51
yvlFlourish School, but that's a week option16:53
th1aSo basically I'm going to sit on this for a day, and if it still seems like a good idea tomorrow morning, go with it.16:53
th1aI can't come up with anything else that is better than just "Flourish."16:53
th1aAnd we'll move toward just calling the application Flourish.  Like you don't say Mozilla Firefox anymore.16:54
yvlSchoolTool CanDo, SchoolTool Flourish :)16:54
yvlwhen specifying as part of SchoolTool project16:55
th1aExcept we're just going to completely assimilate CanDo into Flourish.16:55
yvlwe're gonna flourish the world16:56
th1aThe world will flourish.16:56
th1aOK, yvl, make any progress on generations?16:57
yvlit was a curious bug,16:57
yvlbasically, evolve1 of journal has exposed it16:58
yvlwhen original evolution was written, journal had no evolutions16:58
yvlbut the fault was in core - I didn't think that somebody will remove *all* references to a module16:59
yvlalso - found more unfinished stuff in booking -16:59
yvlbooking link from the resource16:59
yvlI also moved the levels to app and wrote evolution17:00
yvlnow writing evolution test17:00
yvlnext goes flourishing the levels17:00
yvlthat's it.17:00
yvlso next in queue - level flourish views, jquery ui calendar17:01
th1aDo we need to see if interventions has a similar bug?17:02
th1ain evolution.17:02
yvlno -- the bug was in module mocker in core17:02
yvljust exposed by Alan's (I think) journal evolution17:03
th1aOK.  So I'll try importing all the test data into a Natty SchoolTool and updating it to Flourish.17:04
yvlthanks, th1a17:04
th1aThanks, yvl.17:04
aelkneri had to wrestle with z3c form widget last night17:05
aelkneri got the add message view to work after i figured out how to create a DataConverter for it17:05
aelkneralso, i started work on the intervention student view changes we discussed, but nothing to show at present17:06
replaceafilli sync'ed the headers between journal/gradebook17:07
replaceafilli have a question for yvl17:07
replaceafillyvl, would it be possible to create a non-modal dialog with our current stuff?17:08
replaceafilllike setting modal: False in the Dialog class?17:08
replaceafilli need a non-modal dialog for the Help in Journal17:08
replaceafillth1a i also put the Journal tab back17:08
* yvl hasn't tried that17:08
yvlbut should be that simple17:08
replaceafillok, i'll try17:09
replaceafillth1a we're porting the score systems views, correct?17:10
yvl(replaceafill - just set modal to false in dialogInit )17:10
replaceafillyvl right17:10
replaceafillyvl i still can use the ModalFormLinkViewlet for the link, right?17:11
yvlI think so17:11
replaceafillthanks will try it later17:12
yvltry it out - if it does not work, it should be fixed17:12
th1areplaceafill, That page isn't loading for me.17:12
replaceafillth1a the score systems one?17:13
replaceafillit's probably the port...17:13
replaceafillanyway, we need that view to manage score systems (i think)17:14
replaceafillshould it go under School?17:14
replaceafillmaybe next to demographics17:14
replaceafillreport sheets too, right?17:16
replaceafilldoes this port work for you?17:16
th1aYeah, I guess report sheets goes there too.17:16
replaceafillok, i'll work on that today17:16
th1aOK, I'm looking at the old score systems page.17:17
replaceafilli had thought of a table with title and (-) button17:18
replaceafill- Score System17:18
replaceafillfor the sidebar17:18
th1aDo we actually delete score systems or hide them?17:19
th1aBut yes, that's the basic pattern.17:19
replaceafillk, i'll ping you when i have something to show you17:20
th1aI think we may just hide them.17:20
replaceafillah yes17:20
replaceafill                if 'hide_' + name in self.request:17:21
replaceafill                    ss.hidden = True17:21
replaceafillok, that's it from me17:22
th1aThanks replaceafill.17:22
th1amenesis, anything to add?17:22
menesisfixed one intervention bug17:23
menesisbut other than that, no17:23
th1aOK, thanks.17:23
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:23
yvlsee you guys tomorrow :)17:26
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fsufitchaelkner: ping18:18
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fsufitchreplaceafill: ping19:41
replaceafillfsufitch pong19:41
fsufitchdo you know of any place in schooltool where a form is rendered from z3c form widgets, but in a regular template, rather than in a z3c form itself?19:42
replaceafillyou mean, like getting "content, content, form here, content content"?19:43
replaceafilli mean, in the rendered page19:43
fsufitcher... sort of19:43
fsufitchwhat i have to do is render two forms on the same page, side by side: a view form and an edit/add form19:43
pgulleyreplaceafill, dreich and I are trying to install schooltool so we can work on pyquiz tests in the newest version, and are running into an error. zope.ucol can't be found.19:44
replaceafillfsufitch maybe you could set both forms as class attributes and do tal:content="structure view/form1/render"19:45
fsufitchthing is, i wanted to render them in a table format, to make sure equivalent fields lined up19:46
fsufitchi mean i could do that, but that's more messy and prone to visual breaking19:46
replaceafillfsufitch what i suggest is what we do here schooltool/course/browser/templates/section_add.pt19:47
fsufitchaelkner mentioned that with z3c forms it's possible to do a render() on the widgets for each attribute, but i havent seen anywhere in schooltool where that's done19:48
fsufitchokay, i'll check it out19:48
replaceafillfsufitch ah you should check the z3c-form macros19:48
replaceafillhold on19:48
replaceafillfsufitch schooltool/skin/templates/z3c-schooltool-form.pt19:49
replaceafillmaybe aelkner was suggesting the widget-rows macro19:49
replaceafillthat would give you only that part of the form19:50
fsufitchmaybe if we mention aelkner's name enough he will come up and clarify :P19:50
replaceafillwithout label and buttons for instance19:50
replaceafillmaybe you should call him19:51
fsufitchi should19:51
fsufitchin fact i think i will19:51
replaceafillfsufitch  last suggestion schooltool/level/templates/add_level_subform.pt19:51
fsufitchhm okay19:52
replaceafillpgulley how did you set up your instance?19:54
pgulleyjust branched your branch of schooltool (Jamie reference us) and ran make run.19:55
aelknerfsufitch, replaceafill, sorry i was away from keyboard, let me explain19:57
replaceafillpgulley did you run 'make ubuntu-environment'19:57
replaceafillpgulley let's continue on google talk, so we don't interrupt aelkner19:58
pgulleyreplaceafill, no, running now. And agreed19:58
fsufitchreplaceafill: it's ok, i have aelkner on the phone20:06
aelknerreplaceafill, i suggested crating the form manually and mapping the request names to the objects20:15
replaceafillah ok20:15
aelknerin the update method of a BrowserView based class20:15
aelknerlike the gradebook, it's easier that way20:15
replaceafilldreich pgulley we can chat here again (so jelkner can read the log :D)20:43
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replaceafillmenesis do you know why this happens in natty?
fsufitchreplaceafill: sounds like the wrong version of python-dev is installed20:45
replaceafillhe has python2.6-dev20:46
fsufitchmaybe schooltool is running on a different version of python without you knowing?20:46
* fsufitch takes a shot in the dark20:46
replaceafillhhmm we have:20:50
replaceafillin the Makefile20:50
pgulleyreplaceafill: I'm not sure what changed, but realclean seemed to have fixed it. I pulled again, and it's running now.20:51
replaceafillpgulley yay!20:51
menesisreplaceafill: not sure why, but I know this happens21:02
replaceafillmenesis i think it was because he started download eggs before running 'make ubuntu-environment'21:02
menesisit is our custom that does not work with python 2.721:02
replaceafillbut everything is fixed now21:02
menesisI havent' looked at the pastebin21:03
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menesisyes python-dev missing is the problem21:04
menesisand because does not work with python2.7, python2.6-dev is needed21:06
th1aflourish grinding away at migrating the sample data set...21:19
th1aAttributeError: type object 'IInterventionMarker' has no attribute 'providedBy'21:23
replaceafilldid you add the flourish intervention branch to your buildout.cfg?21:24
th1aAh, yes, that's what I was wondering.21:24
th1aWhat do I need to add?21:24
replaceafillbzr branch lp:schooltool.intervention/flourish flourish.intervention21:25
replaceafilladd "flourish.intervention" to the develop = ... line in buildout.cfg21:25
th1aWhat do I add to buildout.cfg?21:25
replaceafilland "schooltool.intervention" to the [package] section21:25
replaceafillunder eggs = ...21:25
th1adevelop = . flourish.intervention21:26
th1aUnder eggs on on that line?21:26
th1aor on that line21:26
th1aor under21:26
replaceafilljust omit the things you dont need :)21:27
th1ahm... same error21:34
th1aDo I need to do something other than make run?21:34
replaceafilloops, yes, run bin/buildout21:35
replaceafillalthough 'make run' should do it...21:35
th1aOh, I see.21:35
replaceafillth1a you should probably activate all the flourish plugins21:40
replaceafill(just in case)21:40
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th1areplaceafill:  Should I be worried about this?21:48
th1aDevelop: '/home/hoffman/Desktop/flourish/flourish.intervention'21:48
th1awarning: no files found matching '*.js' under directory 'src'21:48
th1awarning: no files found matching '*.mo' under directory 'src'21:48
th1awarning: no files found matching 'version.txt'21:48
replaceafillth1a no21:48
replaceafillusual buildout warnings21:48
th1aMaybe it is a bug?21:54
replaceafilldid you enable the gradebook?21:55
th1aOK, I see it.21:55
th1a    ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/hoffman/Desktop/flourish/eggs/schooltool.gradebook-0.9.2dev_r269-py2.6.egg/schooltool/gradebook/browser/report.zcml", line 9.2-17.921:58
th1a    ConfigurationError: ('Missing parameter:', 'file_type')21:58
replaceafilldid you add the gradebook to the develop = ... line?21:59
replaceafilli mean, the gradebook branch directory21:59
replaceafillthe error shows your instance is using the schooltool.gradebook egg21:59
th1aIsn't that what your buildout.cfg is telling it to do?22:00
th1aeggs = schooltool.gradebook?22:00
replaceafillyes, but the file_type change is only in the flourish version, iirc22:01
replaceafillso you need the flourish branch for the gradebook22:01
replaceafilldevelop = . flourish.gradebook flourish.intervention flourish.journal22:01
replaceafillline 4 in the pastebin22:01
th1aYes, I have that.22:01
th1aI also have the old one, presumably.22:01
th1aDo I need to get rid of it?22:01
replaceafillcan you run buildout again and paste the full log22:02
replaceafillyou should have lines like:22:03
replaceafillDevelop: '/home/hoffman/Desktop/flourish/flourish.gradebook' in the output22:03
replaceafillyes, everything seems fine there22:04
replaceafillwell, get rid of the egg directory for the gradebook22:05
replaceafillrm -rf eggs/schooltool.gradebook*22:05
replaceafillth1a could you paste your buildout.cfg (i'm just curious)22:06
th1aNow you can find my stupid mistake.22:09
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replaceafilli dont see anything wrong there either22:12
th1aSo... how would I just start over?22:12
replaceafillyou sure you branched the gradebook? (just asking)22:12
replaceafillcd ~/Desktop/flourish/flourish.gradebook && bzr info22:13
th1aStandalone tree (format: 2a)22:14
th1a  branch root: .22:14
th1aRelated branches:22:14
th1a  parent branch: bzr+ssh://
replaceafillthat's intervention branch ;)22:14
th1aHow does that happen?22:15
replaceafillbzr branch lp:schooltool.gradebook/flourish flourish.gradebook22:15
th1afrom where?22:15
replaceafillcd ~/Desktop/flourish22:15
replaceafillrm -rf flourish.gradebook22:16
replaceafillbzr branch lp:schooltool.gradebook/flourish flourish.gradebook22:16
th1aoh shit, yeah, I see what I did.22:16
th1aThis is why I never try to FIX these things once they go pear shaped.22:18
th1aI don't need to fix them.22:18
th1aLet's say I'm starting over.22:18
th1aI should...22:23
replaceafillbzr branch lp:scholtool/flourish22:23
replaceafillcd flourish22:23
replaceafillbzr branch lp:schooltool.gradebook/flourish flourish.gradebook22:24
*** fsufitch has quit IRC22:24
replaceafillbzr branch lp:schooltool.lyceum.journal/flourish flourish.journal22:24
replaceafillbzr branch lp:schooltool.intervention/flourish flourish.intervention22:24
replaceafill[edit the buildout.cfg file, your previous changes were good]22:25
replaceafillmake run22:25
th1ahoffman@stone:~/Desktop/flourish$ bzr branch lp:schooltool.gradebook/flourish flourish.gradebook22:33
th1abzr: ERROR: Permission denied: "Cannot create 'flourish'. Only Bazaar branches are allowed."22:33
replaceafillth1a my bad, we dont have a flourish series for the gradebook22:35
replaceafilli thought we did22:35
replaceafillbzr branch lp:~schooltool-owners/schooltool.gradebook/flourish flourish.gradebook22:35
replaceafillwe don't have one for the journal either22:36
replaceafillbranch lp:~schooltool-owners/schooltool.lyceum.journal/flourish flourish.journal22:36
replaceafillbzr branch lp:~schooltool-owners/schooltool.lyceum.journal/flourish flourish.journal22:36
th1aI had working flourish without any of these branches.22:41
th1aCan I just add the intervention branch?22:41
replaceafillyou'll need the gradebook for the file_type error22:42
replaceafillth1a why dont we use the vps?22:43
replaceafilli set the instance up22:43
replaceafilland you send me the Data.fs22:43
th1aI should be almost there now.22:43
th1aok, gotta go.22:50
* replaceafill goes to get lunch22:50
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