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* th1a is back.17:33
aelknerhey th1a17:46
th1ahi aelkner.17:46
aelknernothing to show you today, though i'll have lots for you on Monday morning17:46
aelknerbut i have a couple of questions17:46
aelknerfor the messge(s)/goal(s) views17:47
aelknerfir the singular views17:47
aelknerwe need an <h3> with a pencil by it for edit17:47
aelknerthen, doe each field, we need a label, then the value17:47
aelknerfor each field17:48
th1aThe fields in question being?17:48
aelknerFrom (sender), To (recipients), Body for message17:48
aelknerlet's start there17:48
aelknerfor From, what element would be best?17:48
aelkneri know you want <p> for the values, right?17:49
aelknerwhat about the labels?17:49
th1aWhat is the h3, you refer to above?  Title?17:49
aelknergood question17:49
aelknerThe title/subtitle is also a question17:50
aelknerIntervention: Message?17:50
aelknerthen Message regarding John Doe for the <h3>?17:50
aelknerin old skin version, that's what the fieldset legend had17:51
aelknerbut do we want to use fieldsets for display views this time?17:51
th1aThis conversation would go quicker if I was looking at an old message.17:52
aelkneryou don't have an old instance handy?17:52
th1afiring it up17:52
aelknerdid replaceafill set up a demo instance for that?17:52
aelknerah, you have one17:52
th1aWe're just talking about message view here?17:56
aelknerso far17:57
aelknerand messages17:57
aelknerit wouldn't hurt to think about them together17:57
aelkneri guess whatever looks good for one message should look good for multiple17:57
th1aJust as h317:58
th1aAnd then we'll go from there.17:58
aelknerah, the pencil after From:17:58
th1aCan you edit a message?17:59
aelkneractually, there is no edit message17:59
aelknernever mind17:59
aelkneryou can't edit email17:59
th1aThese message should have a subject too, but that's a different question.17:59
aelknerthat's a data model question, something we never considered necessary in the past18:00
aelknerbut we could add it in the future18:00
aelknerperhaps after the release?18:00
aelknerso no more box around the message like in the old skin version?18:01
aelknerust h3, p, h3, p, etc.?18:01
th1aOnly make it more complicated as necessary.18:02
aelknerwhat about multiple messages?18:02
aelknerwhat would we use to set one off against the other?18:02
th1aIt is really better to do this iteratively than guess at something complicated.18:03
aelknerwhat do you mean?18:03
aelknerdo you mean you'd rather see the single message view before deciding how the multiple would look?18:06
th1aNo, I mean I just want to see what simple formatting looks like.18:18
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aelkneri'm working on the message view right now so that you can look18:19
aelknerth1a, here's the first draft of the view:18:34
aelknerthe Done button takes you back to the student intervention view18:34
th1aPut the information on the same line.18:40
th1aAlso... just make it a little table.18:40
th1aAbove the body.18:40
aelknera table with From, To and Date as columns18:41
aelknerthen the h3, p for the body?18:42
th1aWhat's the h3?18:46
aelkneryeah, no need for that18:46
aelknerone sec...18:46
aelknerman, tables looks so nice in flourish!18:48
th1aI was thinking two columns.18:48
aelknerwhich ones?18:49
th1aA headerless key/value table.18:49
th1aIsn't that what you were talking about in the beginning?18:49
th1aAnyway, try that.18:49
aelkneroh, sorry, i didn't understand18:49
aelknerwhat about the body18:49
aelkneralso in column two of the two column table?18:50
aelknerthing is18:50
aelknernow that i did the table as is, it makes multiple messages easier18:50
aelknerthey would be naturally set off from one another with the thead css18:50
aelknerthe grey bar, i mean18:51
aelknerand the bodey can flow as long as it wants to below18:51
aelknersome message could be long, so i'm not sure what it would look like in col 218:51
th1aNo... the message still just goes below in a paragraph.18:52
aelknerok, so a three row, two column table, then <p> below for body, no <h3>18:52
aelknerand not thead for the table18:53
aelknerall correct?18:53
aelkneri guess the horizontal rule at the top of any non-thead table would set off one message form the other18:56
aelkneryou think?18:58
th1aYeah, that's pretty good.18:58
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aelkneri'll do the multiple view now so that you could see it this after noon18:58
aelknerwhat about the More... you talked about?18:59
th1aMove the second column about an inch to the right.18:59
th1aMore instead of show all?18:59
th1aWhat about it?18:59
aelknerwhere should the link go in the student view18:59
aelknerright after the table?18:59
aelkneri'm not sure More is clearer than Show All though19:00
th1aAfter the table.19:01
th1aIt is an iterative process... ;-)19:01
aelknerMore or Show All?19:02
th1aTrying things out.19:02
aelkneranyway, it's not important, you can decide the text later19:02
aelkneri'll go with More for now19:03
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th1aaelkner:  Too bad last night's football game doesn't count.19:07
aelknerway to expose our weeknesses19:10
aelknerand of course, my personal idol, Troy, had another big play19:11
aelkneryou guys should be good this year, but anything can happen come playoff time19:11
th1aThe question is whether the Steelers' defense is going to suddenly get old before it can get young.19:23
th1aAlso, I'd be happy if Polamalu would just lay down after making an interception in the preseason.19:24
aelknerhow about Vick tackling him!19:25
th1aAh, I haven't seen the replay yet.19:25
aelknerfrustration with three interceptions not withstanding...19:25
aelknerthe More button may be too big as h319:25
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aelknerit's not h3, so it doesn't have space before it any more19:28
th1aI'm still getting h3?19:28
aelknernope, it's just an <a> element19:29
aelknercould we tweek the css on monday when douglas is around?19:31
aelknerotherwise, any comments on the messages view?19:32
th1aWhy is it big?19:32
th1aIs it it a p?19:32
aelknershould it be?19:32
th1aEverything should have a format.19:32
th1aYes, make it a p.19:33
aelknerlooks small now19:34
aelknerok, so i have lots to do for Monday19:35
aelknergetting goals to add, display19:35
aelknerfixing the person list widget19:35
th1aaelkner:  Do you know what kind of setup problem causes this kind of error: LocationError: (<schooltool.basicperson.person.BasicPerson object at 0xe2e43ac>, 'layout.css')19:36
aelknerthat's the error we always get when we haven't created the flourish version of a view19:36
aelknerwhen we already have the same exact view registered in the old skin19:37
aelknerotherwise, Not Found would come up19:37
th1aThis is my fresh flourish, with checkouts for flourish.gradebook, etc.19:37
th1aDo I need to do something to tell it to use those?19:37
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aelkneryes, change buildout.cfg19:38
aelkneri'll email you my copy19:38
aelkneryou'll need to branch intervention and journal to use my buildout.cfg19:40
aelkneralso, i haven't merged my intervention to trunk yet19:40
aelknerdo you mind if i skip that for now19:40
aelkneryes, you mind19:40
th1aYes I mind, pretty much.19:40
aelknerok, i'll do the long overdue merge19:40
aelknerok, pushed to trunk, actually not that many changes since lat merge, i forgot19:42
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pgulleyjelkner, dreich and I just wanted to fill you in: We're at 95% unittest coverage of views- the remaining five percent is a function jamie commented as incomplete.22:35
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