IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2011-08-16

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* th1a goes to take a quick shower.16:19
th1ahi yvl, menesis, aelkner, repl...16:32
yvlhey guys16:32
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replaceafillgood morning16:32
th1aOK, let's start at a high level today.16:33
* th1a was just doing a lot of thinking in the shower.16:33
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th1aWhat led you to naming the new skin "flourish," yvl?16:33
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yvlthesaurus :)16:33
th1aFor... growth?16:34
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yvldon't remember now actually,16:34
yvlI was searching for a word that could represent all we want to do with SchoolTool16:34
th1aWhat would you guys think about changing the name of SchoolTool to Flourish?16:35
th1aLike, for the next release.16:35
aelknerwhat's wrong with SChoolTool as a brand?16:36
yvlmy opinion would be strongly subjective ;)16:36
aelknerand what does the word, flourish, have to do with schools?16:36
th1aaelkner:  We do have this trademark stalemate with schooltool.com16:37
aelknerwhat kind of difficulty has that caused us?16:37
th1aMore to the point, we're working on new branding in general.16:37
* yvl had the same thought16:37
th1aAnd the first drafts of a new logo from Schwa weren't particularly inspiring.16:38
th1aBut I think we could come up with a Flourish look really easily.16:38
th1aA Flourish brand.16:38
* yvl thinks that their second logo is not that bad16:40
th1aFlourishing is a positive psychology concept that refers to the concept of living in an optimal range of human functioning.16:42
menesisand I don't like this name at all16:43
yvl... you would think that a word like flourish would be unclaimed by now :)))16:43
aelkner+1 on not liking flourish as a name16:43
yvlmenesis, this brand is awesome!16:44
th1aIt is relatively un-taken for a single word.16:44
th1aI don't like Flourish SIS.16:44
* yvl too16:44
th1aFlourish... something.16:44
yvlCard Flourish: a stage magic term for a visual display of skill.16:44
yvlfor developers to feel good ;)16:45
* yvl thinks that if we go with flourish, it should probably stay a single word -- in terms of a brand16:46
aelknerin music, a flourish is the act of adding extra notes to a phrase to make it more ornamental16:46
aelkneri still don't see what this has to do with schools16:46
th1aWe'd need a secondary word for, say, launchpad.16:46
th1aaelkner:  Well, you're stuck on a secondary meaning.16:47
th1aThis would require Mark's approval, of course.16:48
aelknerotherwise, to flourish is to prosper16:49
aelknerlike with a biological organism or population of people16:49
th1aThat's what we want, aelkner.16:50
th1aOur children to flourish.16:50
yvland Flourish as a style of branding is kind of distantly related to Ubuntu style of branding ;)16:50
yvlfor LP we could go with flourish-school16:50
th1aDid you guys get an email with the logo ideas?16:50
th1aThey were too circle of friends.16:51
yvlliked the second one most of all, but can't say I'm extremely thrilled16:51
th1aThey're too Ubuntu.16:51
* yvl agrees16:52
th1aI mean, it is an understandable error considering our conversations, so I'm not mortified.16:52
th1aLook at the suit icon in the first panel here:
th1aWe could have something kind of like that that said "school" somehow.16:53
menesisI like the second logo16:53
th1aThe magnifying glass?16:53
th1aOh, in Schwa's?16:53
yvlno, the one with a teacher "holding" a child16:53
th1aYes, that's the best one.16:53
th1aThe first looks like biohazard and the third looks like the inquisition.16:54
yvlfourth is a nice try, but realy -- that's as old as design itself16:54
th1aBut "cuddle" isn't really the brand I want.16:55
aelknerhow does one sign in to the site to see the pdfs?16:55
th1aDid you get an invitation to set up an account?16:56
yvlfrom Basecamp16:56
yvlsome weeks ago16:56
replaceafillaelkner the email i got was titled "You're invited to join our project management system"16:57
th1aFlourish Baking Company16:57
aelknergot it16:58
th1aI think that PHP Flourish didn't come up on Google when we started using the name.16:59
yvlGoogle probably thinks that we're talking about that framework a lot :)17:00
th1aTrending up!17:00
menesisfor "school management application"17:01
th1aI'm trying to get something *more* evocative menesis.17:01
th1aSo, basically I think I'd need a secondary word even if we usually just called it Flourish.17:02
th1aSo I'll think about that.17:03
th1aAnd suggest it to Schwa.17:03
th1aI am seriously considering this, but I don't consider it particularly likely.17:03
th1aLet's look through Justas's response to my pending issues mail.17:05
th1aSo one thing we need to prioritize is things that will affect translations.17:05
th1aDo we have the new jquery calendars anywhere in trunk?17:06
th1aOr just in Cambodia?17:06
yvljust Cambodia I think17:06
replaceafillbut Cambodia doesn't need the widget to be translatable to all the languages17:06
replaceafilltrunk does17:07
yvlthat's one part of "not 100% straightforward"17:07
th1aOK, so even if it isn't everywhere in trunk by next Thursday, it should be *somewhere* in trunk, correct?17:07
yvlwe won't translate it anyway, I think17:07
th1aIt is jquery's problem?17:08
yvljust use the existing translations - right?17:08
th1aOh... same words?17:08
yvltheir translations are built in javascript17:08
yvlthey have some set of languages built-in17:08
yvla lot, actually17:09
th1aSo... yvl, you can look into that.17:11
th1aYes to "Maybe add a school calendar section to the manage (School) view and bring back the Calendar tab for your own calendar."17:11
th1aWe can fiddle with the school view later.17:11
yvlone more important thing - we will need to go over everything and make sure texts are translatable17:12
th1aRegarding levels, they're really one of the most deeply embedded concepts in any school system.  You just don't change them.17:12
aelknerth1a, what about a new school?17:13
* yvl was more interested in how data is bound to them later on17:13
aelknerlike with SLA, they only had freshman the first year17:13
aelkneralso, if a school adds a level as it grows17:13
th1aThen add a level.17:13
aelknerof if the township changes a middle school to be 6-817:14
th1aHaving unpopulated levels does not hurt.17:14
yvllike -- track record of how a person advanced over levels over the years17:14
yvlWell, anyway -- if you're sure, you're sure.17:15
th1aIt would only be complicated if a school switched to a completely different system of grade levels, which almost never happens.17:16
th1aAnyhow, yes, I want to make the change.17:16
aelknerth1a, i was thinking the same thing about the rare switch17:17
aelknerwould it be a case for setting up a new instance?17:17
aelknerand perhaps the old data could be imported in17:17
th1aAt this point I don't think levels DO enough for it to be a big issue.17:18
aelknerbut a switch is not possible if it means removing a level17:18
th1aYou never need to remove one.17:18
aelkneri'm speaking to the switch case you just brought up17:18
aelknerif 6-8 turns to 9-12?17:18
th1aAre they a sequence now?17:19
aelknerit's a list, right?17:19
th1aUnused levels are not a problem.17:19
aelknerah, so 6-8 becomes 6-1217:19
th1aAt WORST, we'd need to allow multiple sequences.  That's it.17:19
th1aOK, moving on.17:19
th1aSo, yvl, what did you work on today?17:21
yvloh, and the Fri report17:22
yvla lot of breadcrumbs, including "server"17:23
yvland some small tweaks you asked me to do17:23
yvloverlaid calendar selection17:23
yvlsome other calendaring tweaks17:24
yvlfound one more forgotten resource booking view -- fixed17:24
yvlnow making ttwizard look... well like the rest of the app17:24
yvlthat's it.17:25
yvloh, and for developers - breadcrumb metadirectives are now upgraded a bit17:26
yvljust look for flourish:breadcrumb and flourish:page_breadcrumbs all over the core17:26
replaceafillyvl i had an issue with page_breadcrumbs, i guess i just need to learn how to use it :)17:28
replaceafillbtw, yvl another question of mine (sorry for interrupting your report)17:28
replaceafillis it ok if we change the errrors view to live under /errors17:29
replaceafillit used to be: /++etc++site/default/RootErrorReportingUtility17:29
yvlfine by me ;)17:29
th1aSo take a look at evolution next.17:30
th1aThat's definitely a blocker for a preliminary release.17:30
th1aI guess we should just shoot for beta1 after we do a string freeze next Thursday.17:31
yvlth1a - please send me the db :)17:31
th1aYou should have it.17:31
th1aI sent it during the meeting.17:31
aelkneri had breadcrumb issues that lead me to create breadcrumb classes17:31
* yvl just checked mail17:31
aelkneryvl, did you see that change?17:31
yvlgot it, thanks17:31
yvlno, aelkner17:32
aelkneri should find the revision a sec...17:32
yvlwas a bit busy with, well, breadcrumbs ;)17:32
aelkneri needed a breadcrumb class that would simply pass along to the parent17:32
aelknerbecause i needed IActivities to be the context that created the Gradebook breadcrumb17:33
aelknerbecause there are many levels of contexts17:33
aelknerIActivities, IWorksheet, IGradebook17:33
yvlhmm, breadcrumbs are wildly undocumented at this point17:34
aelknerIActivities/addActivity needed to yield Gradebook -> New Activity17:34
aelknerwell, i groked it by looking at the code17:34
aelknerand sub-classing it17:35
yvl... and the code got upgraded recently :)17:35
aelkneryes, so i need to regrok it17:35
replaceafillin my case the problem is that i get Server >> Errors successfully, but i can't get Server >> Errors >> foobar17:35
yvlbut thanks aelkner, good to hear that code is readable17:35
aelknerand perhaps even change my subclasses17:35
yvlok, let's go over this after the meeting17:35
replaceafillall of them being on views of ISchoolToolApplication17:35
th1aThanks yvl.17:37
th1amenesis: So after next Thursday the top priority is getting new translations up for people.  And then an early beta out.17:38
th1aUnless you want to put out an alpha first.17:39
menesistranslations of the new skin...17:40
menesiswill look into that17:40
th1aOK.  Thanks menesis.17:41
aelkneri added a number of views to the intervention package, not worrying at first about style issues17:41
aelknerbut wiring the templates to work with the new flourish view classes17:42
aelknerand being that we are using z3c in all our new views17:42
aelkneri needed to create a z3c version of AddMessage17:42
aelknerand had to grok how to create a z3c field widget for the email person list widget17:43
aelkneri got it to display, but it fails on submit17:43
aelkneri private chatted yvl so as not to interrupt the flow of our meeting17:43
aelknerperhaps he will have a chance to figure out the widget error by his day's end17:44
aelknerbut we could go over cosmetics, too, so here's the link:17:44
aelkneras always, jelkner:jelkner17:44
aelkneri put Search Students as you asked17:45
aelknerthe search view works17:45
aelknerif you click on a student, you get to the student intervention view17:45
aelkneryou will have many suggestions for changing that form, but i thought the sidebar would be good for17:46
aelkneradding messages, goals an status messages17:46
aelknerbut we could also change the Add Message link in the form to be a + icon17:46
th1aMake the inbox view look more like People.17:47
aelkneryes, i alrady had that in mind17:47
aelkneri was looking at them side by side17:47
th1aMake the search students view look more like people too.17:47
aelknerthe tricky one s the student intervention view17:48
aelkneralso, any suggestions for the title/subtitle pairs for these views?17:48
th1aI don't think you need the name in the content area if it is the subtitle, which seems fine.17:48
th1aPut the year in the sidebar like gradebook.17:49
th1aAnd can the sub-sections look like tables rather than forms?17:49
th1aThe form boxes are rather heavy.17:49
aelknerdefinitely i like the way the tables are a consisten way the user sees our data now17:50
th1aIt is a big improvement.17:51
aelknerfunny thing is i only used fieldsets because of the whole css support in the old skin17:51
aelknerthere isn't actually a FORM to submit17:51
th1aJust make them tables.17:51
aelknertables makes a lot more sense17:52
th1aAnd use add icons.17:52
th1aWhat does "View All Messages" etc. do?17:52
aelknerthat's another view which i haven't made yet that shows all messages in one long view17:52
aelknererhaps one table for each message?17:52
th1aCould that just say More...17:52
aelknersince our table css is so nice now17:53
aelknerMore... s better link name17:53
th1aUm... I'd have to see it.17:53
th1aA giant cell for the message?17:53
aelkneryeah, i haven't looked yet so we can look tomorrow17:54
aelkneror i could look at it first today and talk to you later today17:55
th1aI think it can just look like subheaders and paragraphs.17:55
aelknerah, we have the css set up for that17:56
th1aIt doesn't need a lot of lines, just clean formatting, which should be easy if our styles are finally straight.17:56
aelknerreplaceafill, what is it, h2 or h3?17:56
replaceafillaelkner hm?17:56
aelknerth1a, when you said subheader, were you referring to table still17:57
aelknersorry, i got confused thinking you meant to go in another direction17:57
th1aIf we're talking about a list of actual message texts.17:57
aelknerlike h3, p, h3, p, etcv.17:57
aelknereach h3 (or h2) would be the subheading you refer to, right?17:58
th1aIf we're talking about essentially an "inbox" view with titles, dates, etc., then a table.17:58
aelknerreplaceafill, do you have an old skin instance running on the demo server?17:58
aelknerwith intervention?17:58
th1aIf we're talking about messages, then it should look like text, not jammed in boxes.17:58
replaceafillaelkner yes, but no data17:59
th1aLIke this? http://localhost:7080/schooltool.interventions/2009-2010/cbrown/messages/allMessages.html18:00
th1aI'm saying that for that view ^ we don't need boxes in boxes in boxes.18:00
th1aOr really even lines.18:00
th1aIf the styles are working correctly.18:01
aelknerthere's a message sent by, a recipients list and a body18:02
aelknerwould it be h3 for the message sent by, <p> forthe other two18:03
th1aWe can fine tune it.  Just on the first pass try to only use text styles.18:03
aelknerok, i'll do that then18:03
aelknerreplaceafill, is it h3 or h2?18:03
replaceafillaelkner we usually use h318:04
th1aOK, thanks aelkner.18:04
replaceafilli made the changes you suggested to /errors18:05
replaceafilltoday i'm fixing the gap issue in the gradebook/journal18:05
replaceafillth1a can we style the add/edit term forms today?18:06
th1aI have an appointment at the Apple Store Genius Bar at 2:00 PM ;-)18:06
th1aMy iMac has a shadow in its screen.18:06
replaceafillah ok18:06
replaceafillor tomorrow, that's fine18:06
replaceafillit's just in my TODO18:06
replaceafillth1a i think i'll finish my gradebook/journal queue today18:07
replaceafillshould i jump to the gradebook report sheet views?18:08
replaceafilli mean, management views?18:08
replaceafillah ok, will do18:08
replaceafilli'll ask yvl a couple of things after the meeting18:08
th1aOK.  Thanks.  You can ask him now.18:08
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.18:08
replaceafillso, as i was saying, the breadcrumbs here work well18:09
replaceafillclick on Settings18:09
replaceafilli couldn't find a way to make the breadcrumbs on the settings form: Server >> Errors >> Error Settings18:09
replaceafillis it possible?18:10
replaceafilli mean, all the views are on the same context18:10
replaceafillis that the problem?18:10
yvlyes, but it's quite work-aroundable :)18:11
aelkneri worked around things by subclassing18:11
aelkneryvl, is that the way to do it?18:11
yvlfrom Fri, no :)18:11
aelkneri have to look over your new changes now18:12
yvlok, first replaceafill18:12
yvllet me find your breadcrumb code...18:12
* replaceafill listens18:12
replaceafillit's mostly zcml18:12
replaceafilli defined a breadcrumb class for Errors, but i was getting an error about 'property + list18:13
replaceafillin the base breadcrumbs method18:13
yvlthat's the way to go18:13
yvlyou want to add more than one breadcrumb for same context18:13
yvlyou have two options here:18:13
yvl1) inherit from Breadcrumbs and in your breadcrumbs property put more than one BreadCrumbInfo18:14
yvlbasically copy the Breadcrumbs.breadcrumbs property18:14
yvl2) again, make some Breadcrumbs class, and set it as follow_crumb in zcml18:15
replaceafillok, since i don't want to keep you for long, i'll go with 2) again and show you the code with the error tomorrow18:16
yvlyou can also set your follow_crumb in the inherited class to whatever18:17
replaceafillit needs to be a list with classes, correct?18:17
yvla list with instances18:18
yvlof BreadCrumbInfo18:18
yvl[BreadCrumbInfo(title, url), BreadCrumbInfo(another_title, another_url)]18:18
replaceafillok, i didnt do that18:19
replaceafilli'll try it18:19
replaceafilllast question18:19
replaceafillwhat is it crumb_parent for?18:19
aelknerthat answers my question about how to fix gradebook breadcrumbs, too :)18:19
yvlah :)18:19
yvlbasically there are some interesting things configurable from zcml:18:20
aelkneryeah, i was wondering why crumb_parent didn't seem to get followed18:20
yvltitle - if you set a breadcrumb's title="" it will be hidden, but parent breadcrumbs will be displayed as normal18:20
yvlcrumb_parent - a quick way to specify "the rest of parent" breadcrumbs18:20
yvlsay, you have an adapter for IActivity that returns IGradebook18:21
yvland you have a breadcrumb for IActivity18:21
yvlyou can do:18:21
yvl(in zcml)18:21
aelknerwhat about __parent__?18:21
aelknerisn't that what crumb_parent uses?18:22
aelknerby default, i mean18:22
yvlyes, that's the default18:22
aelknerso, the parent of IAcitivies is ISeciton18:22
yvlbut you can override that18:22
aelknerno, i wanted it18:22
yvlyou can even write a function:18:23
aelknerbut it didn't seem to follow he parent18:23
yvldef getGradebookFromActivity18:23
aelknerit stopped at IAcitivites for some reason18:23
yvland set crumb_parent="my_module.getGradebookFromActivity"18:23
aelkneryvl, it's IWorksheet -> IGradebook, fyi18:23
yvlthanks :)18:23
yvlthere are no breadcrumbs defined by default for objects18:23
yvlthat's an explicit design decision18:24
yvlso if IActivity has no breadcrumb, the chain stops there18:24
aelknerIActivities does18:24
yvlthen the chain continues18:24
aelknerthat's the container of IWroksetts18:24
aelknerbut it deosn't, that's the problem18:24
aelkneri would expect to get breadcrumbs for ISection, ITerm, ISchoolyear18:25
aelknerjust becuase the __parent__ is in place18:25
aelknerbut it stops at IAcitivites18:25
aelknerfor some reason, i need to pdb it18:25
yvlhmm, let's talk real code :)18:25
yvlyou have it pushed to trunk, yes?18:25
aelknerthe gradebook stuff, yes18:26
aelknerthe intervention is still just my branch, is that ok?18:26
yvlthat's ok18:26
yvlpulling gradebook...18:26
aelkneri'm curious about your comments on my subclasses18:27
aelknerfor instance, since the heirarchy for objects is:18:27
aelknerISection, IAcitivities, IWorksheet, IGradebook (or IActivity)18:27
yvlok, first - if you want to skip a breadcrumb, just set title=""18:28
yvlno need to subclass18:28
aelkneri decided to just make IAcitivities be the context for the Gradebook breadcrumb18:28
aelknerah, so that's what you meant before, cool18:28
replaceafilltitle - if you set a breadcrumb's title="" it will be hidden, but parent breadcrumbs will be displayed as normal18:28
replaceafillthat's "if you dont set a..."18:28
aelkneryes, it makes more sense now18:29
replaceafillgot confused for a moment :P18:29
yvlyes :)18:29
yvlsorry for confusion18:30
aelkneryvl, but i do need the subclass for the IActivites breadcrumb18:30
aelknerthough maybe link = '//.gradebook' would work to get to the sections gradedbook?18:31
aelkneri meant link = "../gradebook'18:31
yvlah, I think I found why it's not working18:31
yvlsorry, no, I haven't18:32
*** jelkner has joined #schooltool18:32
yvlit's the hacky zope.container.contained.contained of course18:32
aelknercan link be overriden in zcml?18:32
yvlwell, no18:33
yvlbut a little bit yes18:33
aelknerso i did need that subclass, right?18:33
aelknerah, ok18:33
yvlI should have expanded zcml metadirective to do that, but...18:33
aelknerbut what do you mean a little bit?18:33
yvlyou can specify relative links, but that is really dangerous18:34
yvli.e. don't be surprised if it works for some reason, but don't be surprised if it breaks later18:35
aelknerthat's what automated tests are for :)18:35
yvland I will change that behaviour as soon as I can :/18:36
yvlI'm running an instance with latest gradebook18:36
yvlbreadcrumbs seem to work?18:36
yvl    * School18:36
yvl    * Sections18:36
yvl    * Blasphemy (1)18:36
yvl    * Gradebook18:36
yvl    * Edit18:36
yvl@ schoolyears/2010/2010/sections/1/activities/Worksheet/edit.html18:37
aelkneryou fixed them!18:37
aelknerthanks, yvl18:37
yvlwell, you see - sections did not have breadcrumbs earlier, so... :)18:37
yvlor something :D18:37
aelkneranyway, nice that it works18:38
yvlin any case18:38
yvlfell free to play around with them :)18:39
replaceafillyvl could you check (i did define the class for the "Errors" breadcrumb)18:39
replaceafilli thought i hadn't18:39
replaceafill  <flourish:page_breadcrumbs                                                                           |18:40
replaceafill      view=""                                             |    @property18:40
replaceafill      class=""                                              |    def crumb_parent(self):18:40
replaceafill      follow_crumb=""                                   |        if getattr(self.context, '__parent__', None) is None:18:40
replaceafill      />18:40
replaceafilloops, sorry18:40
yvlI found it18:40
replaceafillwhy doesn't get to Server when i visit the configure form?18:41
replaceafilli have the zcml for ErrorsBreadcrumb with follow_crumb to the ManageSite breadcrumb18:41
yvlbecause you specified it for a specific view, I gues18:42
yvlyou should hack-in the follow_crumb directly in the ErrorsBreadcrumb18:43
yvlas a property18:43
replaceafillah ok18:43
yvlreturning ManageSiteBreadcrumb(self.context, self.request, self.view)18:43
replaceafillah ok, will try that18:44
aelkneryvl, do you think you'll have a chance to pdb that intervention widget?18:45
yvldoing it already :)18:45
aelkneryou're so handy :)18:46
replaceafillyvl it worked!!!18:46
yvlyay :)18:46
replaceafillso, dont mix classes with zcml :)18:46
replaceafillthanks yvl!18:46
yvlwell, you were simply specifying a different thing there:18:47
yvlzcml was saying:18:47
yvlwhen rendering errors page, start with it's title, then follow that breadcrumb18:47
yvl(and you can add show_page_title="false" to page_breadcrumbs by the way)18:48
yvland errors breadcrumb (used for other pages) was saying:18:49
yvlhey, I'm ISchoolToolApp I has no parent so I'm root18:49
aelkneryvl, btw, it's great having you back!18:59
yvlgood to be back, aelkner :)18:59
aelknerreplaceafill, i snuck in another commit to the gradebook, pushed to trunk19:00
replaceafilljust pushed the Errors breadcrumb fix to trunk19:01
*** jelkner has quit IRC19:08
yvldoh :)19:10
yvla moment...19:11
yvladd this:19:11
yvl  <zope:class class=".widgets.PersonListZ3CFormWidget">19:11
yvl    <require19:11
yvl        permission="zope.Public"19:11
yvl        interface="z3c.form.interfaces.IWidget"19:11
yvl        />19:11
yvl  </zope:class>19:11
yvlto flourish.zcml in interventions browser19:11
yvldamn, how I missed it?  Getting tired probably :/19:12
replaceafillth1a zyt?19:12
* th1a is looking at tld's.19:12
aelkneri thought it was somting like that, a permission registration19:12
replaceafillth1a :D19:12
replaceafillth1a can i spend a couple of hours in the afternoon working with the pyquiz developer?19:13
replaceafillth1a great19:13
yvlaelkner, if that works, I could... well, go home :)19:14
th1aI don't think we could get an .edu domain.19:15
aelkneryvl, that solves the permission issue, yes, now i have to get it to know that i clicked something :)19:16
aelknerbut thanks a ton for the solution19:17
yvlyou're welcome19:18
yvlgood luck, guys!19:18
aelknerans yes, i release you :)19:18
aelknerthanks again, cya19:18
th1aYou know, it would be awesome if in the group add view you could filter by groups from other years.19:33
replaceafillin the "group add view"?19:35
th1aer, group membership edit19:35
th1awhatever you call it.19:36
replaceafillwith tertiary navs :)19:37
th1aBasically so if you forgot to bring across last year's students, you could just search for last year's and select all.19:38
replaceafillah, i was looking at person's group memberships19:39
replaceafillbut you meant members_persons.html19:39
replaceafillor maybe not...19:40
* replaceafill is confused with all the memberships!19:40
th1aI'm looking at the old http://localhost:7080/schoolyears/2009-2010/groups/students/@@members_persons.html19:42
*** alga has quit IRC19:49
*** menesis has quit IRC19:52
dreichreplaceafill, I'm going to start working on tests for pyquiz soon21:40
dreichnot right now, actually, but I thought i'd ask if there was any documentation I should look at beyond
replaceafillfor unit testing maybe nose documentation, for functional tests look for webtest21:41
replaceafillthat's what the buildout uses21:42
replaceafillthere's also the nose-cov plugin21:42
replaceafillwhich is enabled by default in the buildout21:42
replaceafillso when you run the tests you get the summary with coverage info21:42
replaceafilland for webtest there's a dummy example in the module :)21:43
replaceafillusing xpath for testing21:43
dreichright, jamie had some old ones that are apparently broken as well21:44
replaceafillsince you're not using the pyramid default skin, they should21:44
dreichyeah, ok21:44
dreichgreat, i think that's enough to get me started at least21:45
dreichI might bother you with some more specific questions once I actually start on it21:45
dreichbut thanks a lot!21:45
replaceafillah, and look for lxml too21:45
replaceafillfor xpath examples21:45
* replaceafill goes to get lunch22:12
*** pgulley has quit IRC22:19
*** dreich has quit IRC22:20
*** replaceafill has quit IRC23:13

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