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th1ahi replaceafill, aelkner, yvl, menesis, jelkner.16:31
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
th1ayvl is probably getting his coffee.16:34
th1aWhat's up jelkner?16:34
jelkneri'm on my bike trip16:34
jelknerbut grounded because of rain16:34
jelkneranyway, the three pyquiz developers meet today at 10 am EST16:35
jelknerthey will start meeting here16:35
jelknerso i thought i'd be here when they get here16:35
th1aWell... we'll be meeting here too...16:35
jelknerwe will stay out of your way16:36
jelknernot to worry ;-)16:36
jelkneractually, they will all be in the same place, so they won't need irc to communicate16:36
jelkneri was supposed to check in with them at 2 pm16:37
jelkner(i thought i'd be riding now :-(16:37
* th1a wonders if today is a holiday in Lithuania too...16:37
th1aAssumption day?
aelknerwhat happens when you make an assumption?16:40
th1aOK, well, let's assume yvl is still on holiday.16:40
th1aaelkner: Are we "done" with the gradebook?16:41
aelknerjust about, pending your approval of its current state16:41
aelkneri added breadcrumbs for all the views16:42
aelknerrestructured the weights template to look and act like our other flourish forms16:42
aelknerand finally created edit.html views for linked activity and linked column actiivity16:42
th1aI'm thinking the breadcrumbs should be more like:16:43
th1aschool > year > section > gradebook.16:43
th1aOtherwise it is just completely redundant to the tabs.16:43
aelkneri was thinking you would want that but wasn't sure16:44
aelkneri mad IActivities the interfact that creates the Gradebook breadcrumb16:44
aelknerand ISection is the parent of IActivities16:44
aelknerso i'm not sure why the breadcrumb logic doesn't continue to render section, term, year, school16:45
aelkneri can check that today16:45
aelknerbut if i'm only resolving that issue, i won't really be getting in replaceafill's way16:46
aelknerif you want him to ove onto the gradebook today16:46
* th1a wonders how, as a manager, he got aelkner to the point where he doesn't do what he thinks I want.16:46
aelkneri wasn't sure about the section thing, actually16:47
aelkneri was wondering about the permission issue16:47
aelknerand i thought there was a chance that you would only want the Gradebook breadcrumb16:47
aelknerso that16:47
aelknerthat's why i didn't do it16:47
th1aBut also this is kind of the default that yvl set up for breadcrumbs?16:48
aelknerwhat do you mean?16:48
th1aForget it.16:48
aelkneri actually had to subclass the Breadcrumbs python class to get it to work16:48
aelknerbecause IActivities wouldn't lead to the gradebook itself16:48
th1aDid you guys read the email I sent on Friday?16:49
aelkneri did, but i''d have to check again for the details16:49
replaceafilli'd like to take the password screen issue16:49
replaceafill(since i have other issue in that form in my TODO)16:49
th1aWell, I don't literally want to dive into those yet.16:49
th1aIt is just helpful to remind aelkner to read his mail.16:50
th1aMake sure he sees it...16:50
th1aOK, so aelkner and I have to look at interventions, which I've basically avoided doing so far.16:50
th1aWhen do you want to do that, aelkner?16:50
aelknerany time you want, i can look at the breadcrumbs problem any time16:51
aelknerreplaceafill, i pushed all my changes to trunk16:51
replaceafillthanks just pulled16:51
th1aOK, aelkner, I guess we should bite the bullet and start that after replaceafill's report.16:53
replaceafillon friday i added the Day/Period rows to the journal header16:54
replaceafilli think we should do the same for the gradebook16:55
replaceafillif aelkner moves to intervention today i can do that16:55
aelkneri will be16:55
replaceafillah ok16:55
replaceafillalso, made a couple of tests to insert an empty "row background"16:56
replaceafillto avoid the gap we talked about16:56
replaceafilli'd go with the jquery solution16:56
replaceafilllike i explained16:56
replaceafillth1a question about the Journal tab16:56
replaceafillit is my understanding that yvl is going to add section preferences to core16:57
replaceafillshould i add the journal tab now and send the user to any of his sections?16:57
replaceafillso he can start using the journal16:57
replaceafillat least16:57
replaceafillk, will do that, easiest solution16:57
replaceafillright now, i'm putting the ajax behaviour back16:58
replaceafillalso made a couple of changes to css in core16:58
replaceafillthe select elements were not using the ubuntu font16:59
replaceafilli had a couple of questions for yvl, but i'll wait until tomorrow16:59
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replaceafilli guess that's it from me17:00
th1aOK.  Thanks replaceafill.17:00
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:00
th1aOK aelkner, Intervention Dashboard.17:00
th1aIs there a student's view of this at all?17:01
aelkneroh, no17:01
th1aI didn't think so.17:01
aelkneractually, yes17:01
aelknerthe old skin version has a test file called security.txt17:02
aelknerand it proves that the student can only see its owm interventions in the dashboard17:02
aelkneradn clicking on one of them leads to a view-only view17:02
aelknernaturally, a student can't edit its own intervention17:03
th1aOK, so we'll need to update that too.17:04
th1aBut let's start with the teacher, etc. views.17:04
aelknerconsider this, though17:04
aelknerthere isn't any distinction in the intervention package between student and teacher views17:05
aelknerthere is just security that limits the views17:05
aelkneri think when i have created the flourish version of these views, things will become more clear17:05
th1aActually, the security probably needs to be redone there, but we aren't going to do it now.17:05
th1aIt shouldn't be by group at all, but role in each intervention.17:06
aelknerthat's how it works17:06
th1aOh, good.17:06
aelknerlook at an old skin intance, and hit the security settings view17:06
aelknerit explains what roles can see what17:06
th1aOK, let's just work on the main views first.17:07
th1aThe Inbox should be a pretty straightforward flourishing.17:07
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th1aThe Search Students box I'd like to move.17:08
th1aLet's make a Search section in the sidebar with Students as the link.17:08
th1aAnd perhaps use a modal?17:08
aelkneri'm not sure of the advantage of the modal there17:09
th1aBut basically the two searches on the same page are confusing.17:09
th1aMaybe there is no advantage.17:09
aelknerthe search view is one of those table formatter views17:09
aelknerso the user sees the search and the results in the same view17:09
th1aNavigationally I like it a bit.17:10
th1aI guess "Return to Inbox" would just be Done now.17:10
aelkneri have a good navigational pattern to follow with all the progress we've made so far in core17:11
th1aOK, that shouldn't be a problem.17:12
th1aMake sure and make all the search widgets act like the rest in flourish.17:13
aelknerok, will do17:13
th1areplaceafill: We've made search by first, last, id standard, correct?17:13
replaceafillperson filter widget17:13
aelknerso, the intervention search should look like the person search in that sense, right?17:15
th1aCan aelkner use the same widget?17:15
aelkneri'll look into that today, we can discuss any problems tomorrow if they come up17:16
replaceafillhhmm the person filter widget has groups in it17:16
replaceafilli mean, filter by group17:16
aelkneryeah, i wouldn't need that, right?17:16
aelknertell you what17:17
aelknerlet me get started, and we'll see where we are tomorrow17:17
th1aJust make them as similar as possible from the user's perspective.17:17
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th1aOK, flipping through the others, just make the goal form a single vertical row like the other forms.17:19
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th1aI guess in the student intervention center we can still use fieldsets to organize it.17:20
th1aAlthough that seems a little heavy.17:20
th1aOtherwise just give the whole thing a quick flourishing.17:21
th1aAnd ask me if you're not sure about something -- don't spend a lot of time on a guess.17:21
th1aI think that's enough to start.17:22
pgulleyHey, I'm one of the developers working on pyquiz, and I wanted to break ground and styling the app. Should I try just importing the css from the current schooltool trunk, and implimenting that?18:18
th1aLet me rephrase that.18:19
th1aUse this, and ask us if you have any questions:
th1aJust follow that document religiously.18:20
th1aWe're almost done completely redesigning SchoolTool to fit those guidelines.18:20
th1aWhich is why you don't want to look like old SchoolTool.18:20
th1aWe did change the color and get rid of the dots though.18:21
pgulleyahhh, I see.18:21
pgulleygreat, so will do. thanks, hah.18:21
pgulleyAlright, so I will design based on these specifications as closely as possible,  and will tweak it to work with the schooltool redesign when you all are done with that.18:31
th1aSounds good.18:32
jelknerdreich, pgulley did jboisture arrive?18:44
pgulleyjelkner yep, he's here18:45
jelkneri'm going to grab lunch at noon18:47
jelknerlet's check in at 3 pm and see how things are going18:47
jelknersound good?18:47
jelknerpgulley, sound good?18:48
pgulleyjelkner We won't have that much time, it looks as though we won't have a way out of here past four. But three should work just to touch base.18:49
jelknerok, i'll be here at 318:50
jelknerwe can talk then about how to work going forward18:50
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replaceafillth1a zyt?20:42
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th1ahi replaceafill.20:53
replaceafillth1a can we take a look at /errors, i'm about to push my changes20:54
th1aWhy not a pencil next to settings?20:55
replaceafillok, and remove Configure, right?20:55
th1aAlso you could make that table more narrow.20:55
th1aThe settings table more narrow.20:55
replaceafillah ok20:55
th1aOr just move over the second column.20:55
th1aWhat does copy exceptions to the event log mean.20:56
th1aAlso, what does "keep" mean in this context?20:56
replaceafillexceptions are "rotated" in the log20:57
replaceafillyou get the "keep" most recent exceptions in the view20:57
th1aHow about "show" instead?20:57
replaceafillcopy exceptions to the event log means the errors are saved to your instance log directory under schooltool.log20:57
th1aWhat if you don't choose that?20:58
th1aDo they go into any log?20:58
replaceafillyou get the exceptions in the view, but they're not save to the filesystem20:58
th1aDo they go into the paste.log?20:58
replaceafilloh, let me check20:58
replaceafillwow, what exception names!!!20:59
th1aIt probably would be more useful to just have have a short list of the ones people are likely to want to turn off.21:01
th1aNotFound, Unauthorized.21:01
th1aWhat else?21:01
replaceafillthose are the only ones i've been testing :)21:02
replaceafilli think Forbidden -> Unauthorized21:02
replaceafillValueError, IndexError and those?21:02
replaceafillthose are programming errrors though21:02
replaceafillif we dont mark "  Copy exceptions to the event log" the exceptions are not saved to paste.log21:03
th1aNotFound and Unauthorized are the ones likely to just flood out more useful ones.21:04
th1aLike, if you're getting spidered or something.21:04
replaceafillchange the textarea for checkboxes with those?21:05
th1aI think that's better.21:06
replaceafillah last question21:06
th1aOtherwise it is just an impenetrable mystery for the user who isn't a zope expert.21:07
replaceafillwhat should be the subtitle for that page?21:07
replaceafillError Entry?21:07
replaceafillthe date?21:07
replaceafillah ok21:08
th1aAlso, I'd do Server >> Errors >> Error21:09
th1afor the breadcrumb21:09
replaceafillwill do21:09
th1aOr you could do $TYPE Error21:09
th1aNotFound Error21:09
replaceafillgot it21:10
th1aYou've also got some randomly larger text on the error page.21:10
replaceafillit's old zope output reused21:10
replaceafillit's even non html in some parts21:10
replaceafilllike the wsgi stuff21:10
replaceafill<socket._fileobject object at 0xc460cec length=0>21:11
th1aNot particularly surprising.21:11
th1aEh.  Just try to make it all the same size.21:12
th1aWe don't need a formatting wild goose chase, but a little cleanup would be nice.21:12
replaceafillhave you refreshed?21:12
replaceafillwe should set th1a's cache option to not-cache...21:12
th1aThat's fine.21:13
replaceafillkk, will make these fixes21:13
* replaceafill goes to get lunch21:22
jelknerdreich, pgulley, how did it go?22:02
jelkneryou can be more specific, i hope ;-)22:02
dreichwe're taking a while to get used to the various new things22:02
dreichthis app's still pyramid, but it's not ZODB3/Traversal22:02
pgulleyBut we dug into working on styling.22:03
pgulleyif just as a way to familiarize ourselves with the app.22:03
jelknerjboisture wanted to use  an approach with which he was familiar22:03
jelknerbut he is giving you the tour, yes?22:04
pgulleyJamie didn't have too much to say as far as what functionality needs work.22:04
jelknerdid he leave?22:04
dreichyeah, he did22:04
dreichhe didn't explain that much about the site, any further than giving us the code22:04
jelknerhe told me that you would first be adding tests22:04
pgulleyI mean, he ran us through the functionality. but that was it.22:05
jelknerhow long was he there?22:05
jelknerwhat did he say is next?22:05
dreichhe said that both styling and tests needed to be added22:05
dreichand we decided that looking at styling first would probably be easier, to start with22:05
jelknertomorrow i'll be riding all day22:06
jelknerso what  do you need from me at this  point?22:06
jelknerseems to me we need to do the following things:22:07
jelkner1. get back to full test coverage22:07
jelkner2. setup a deployment (mattva01 needs to do this) where  i can begin using what you have22:08
jelknerit is ok to work on the  styling22:08
jelkneri will definitely want that done before we start in september22:08
dreichtests are more important though?22:08
jelknerstyling needs to happen before my colleagues see it22:09
dreichright, if we're going to work on those, more advice and so on would be useful22:09
dreichmainly because I've not done much testing before22:09
pgulleyafaik all the functionality for use is present, too. creating, grading, and taking tests.22:09
jelknertest coverage needs to happen before you add anything new to the code22:09
dreichcould you or replaceafill send me to some docs about doing testing in pyramid?22:10
jelknerso we need matt to setup a deployment22:10
jelknerdreich, talk to replaceafill about that22:10
jelknerwhen he comes back from lunch22:10
dreichwell, we're leaving pretty soon, but I will tomorrow22:10
pgulleyAnd i can handle styling. I've just been going off of the new canonical-compliant schooltool styling that was being tossed around earlier in this chat. so that should go fairly quickly.22:11
jelknerok, pgulley, that's fine22:11
jelknerhow will you be working tomorrow?22:11
jelknerat acc?22:11
jelknerfrom home?22:11
dreichfrom the career center, i emailed matt and he can let us in at 922:11
jelknerok, if all goes well i'll reach my destination by 3 pm and will check in here with you again22:12
dreichi'm not sure I'll be able to be online every day at 322:13
jelknerpgulley, will you?22:13
pgulleybut if he isn't, I will be22:13
jelkneri'll check in with pgulley then22:13
dreichand I can almost certainly be here tomorrow22:14
jelknerplease record your time on the time sheet each day22:14
jelknerso i can keep an eye on the budget as we plan22:14
jelknerand provide a brief description of what you accomplished22:15
jelknerreal brief22:15
jelknerany questions?22:15
jelknerdreich, pgulley, any questions?22:16
pgulleyDon't think so, this sounds good.22:16
pgulleywe are all set.22:16
jelknercool, talk to you tomorrow then...22:16
dreichyeah, we're good, thanks22:16
dreichyep, see you then!22:17
* jelkner signs out for today22:17
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