IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2011-08-05

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th1ahi aelkner, replaceafill.16:31
replaceafillgood morning16:31
th1aOh yeah, it is a holiday in Vilnius.16:31
th1aSo this will be short...16:32
th1aYou and I need to actually look at the Journal.  More precisely, I need you to point me to old and new ones if we16:33
th1ahave them yet.16:33
aelknerth1a, i have nothing to report this morning16:34
aelkneri've started on the worksheets view, but can't show you it yet16:34
th1aShort meeting!16:34
aelknerhow about this afternoon?16:34
th1aI'll be around.16:34
aelknerok, cool, i'd like to go back to sleep now if i may16:35
th1aYou may, aelkner.16:35
th1aGood night.16:35
aelknerthanks, cya this afternoon...16:35
th1aOh God, we can finally get rid of (fix) that legend hanging over there.16:36
th1aI guess there is not much to this, screen-wise.16:36
replaceafillth1a just a question16:37
th1aNow... replaceafill, I have an important message for you.16:37
th1aThe priority here is making the new journal look like the new gradebook, not making the new journal look like the old one.16:37
th1aAny odd details here are things requested by long-gone Lithuanian teachers.16:38
th1aSo... numbers?  I don't think we need them.16:38
th1aYour question?16:38
th1aThe first column16:38
th1aSorry, that wasn't clear.16:38
replaceafillmy question is related to popups16:39
replaceafillthe gradebook has popups for the activity titles for example16:39
replaceafillare we doing the same for the journal?16:39
replaceafillwith the same options16:39
th1aYou mean the a titles?16:39
replaceafillfor example, it doesnt make sense to move a date right?16:39
th1aOh, right.16:40
th1aI don't think we need the column menus.16:40
replaceafilland the "current" journal doesnt have a view to grade just one day16:40
replaceafilllike the gradebook does16:40
replaceafillor to grade just one student like the gradebook does16:40
th1aYeah, you don't need those.16:41
replaceafilli also think First name, Last name become just one column, right?16:41
replaceafill"Last name, first name"16:41
replaceafilllike in the gradebook16:41
th1aYeah.  You don't really need to sort attendance by first name.16:42
th1aWell, unless that's your surname.16:42
replaceafilland it doesnt have preferences view for average, absences and tardies16:42
replaceafillsorry, i meant, for hiding or customizing those columns16:42
th1aWhich is not a journal bug but maybe a SchoolTool bug.  I don't know if.16:42
th1aI'm just pondering moving them to left for consistency.16:43
th1aBut I don't really like them at right in the gradebook either.16:43
th1aDo you think, by the way, that we could lock columns at left and right?16:43
th1aaelkner didn't seem to want to touch it.16:44
replaceafillyes, it's possible16:44
replaceafillthe frozen panels are absolute positioned16:44
replaceafillwe just need to create  the second frozen panel and put it on the "right"16:45
th1aI would like that.  Maybe you can sneak it in while aelkner is asleep.16:45
replaceafillah sure, i can start with that16:46
replaceafillare we doing that on the "preferences" columns?16:46
th1aTypically those would be at right in your gradebook.16:46
replaceafillkk, i'll start with that after having breakfast :)16:47
replaceafillwill ping you when i have it16:48
replaceafillfrozen panel to the right17:11
replaceafillcan you see it?17:11
th1aI needed to reload CSS (or whatever).17:11
replaceafillah yes, i added a style17:11
th1aYeah, like that.17:11
replaceafillhide some preferences to test :)17:12
replaceafillyou know, maybe for next release17:15
replaceafilli'd like the scrollbar to scroll only on activities17:15
replaceafilli mean, it seems like it does17:15
th1aI guess that would be proper.17:15
replaceafilli can give it a try after i finish the gradebook ;)17:16
replaceafilli mean, the journal17:16
replaceafillwe may need a "background" table for that case17:18
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fsufitchaelkner, ping18:20
fsufitchth1a, ping?18:22
fsufitchdo you have any way of contacting jelkner when he's not at his computer?18:22
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th1aCell phone?18:23
fsufitchi accidentally slept in today, and i was going to get right to work, except it seems i lost my netbook's power cord18:23
fsufitchheh, iirc he doesn't use cell phones18:23
th1aYeah... I don't think I have his cell.18:29
fsufitchalright, i guess i just have to drive over there18:30
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* replaceafill wants to cheat and use a table of tables for the gradebook :)18:31
th1aAs opposed to divs?18:31
replaceafillthe thing is18:31
th1aIt IS a table.18:31
replaceafillhhmm nope18:31
replaceafillit is *3* tables!18:31
th1aI mean, platonically.18:31
replaceafillthis is what i want to do18:32
replaceafilla super table with 3 columsn18:32
replaceafill1 column for the names18:32
replaceafill3 column for the 4 totals18:32
replaceafilland 2 column for the activities18:32
replaceafillthe 3 columns would contain tables inside18:32
replaceafillthat way18:32
replaceafillif the user hide some totals18:32
replaceafillthe second column adjusts itself18:33
replaceafilland we don't need javascript to calculate width18:33
th1aI don't care about the details.18:33
th1aIs it all divs now?18:33
replaceafillyes, divs with tables18:33
th1aDivs AND tables.18:34
replaceafillthe supertable wouldnt need absolute positioning either18:34
th1aWhat's the argument against this other than "tables are bad?"18:34
replaceafillthat's why i said i want to cheat ;)18:35
replaceafilli'll try it out18:36
replaceafillwont take much time18:36
aelknerreplaceafill, what's going on with the gradebook?19:47
aelknerare you changing it to have frozen cols to the right?19:47
th1aWhile aelkner slept...19:47
aelknerdo you have a link i can visit?19:48
replaceafillaelkner not at the moment19:48
replaceafilli'm making some changes19:48
aelknerth1a, i wonder whether this is going to be so clear for the user19:49
aelkneri mean what example of a program do we have that locks cls on left AND right?19:49
aelknerhow does the user know that there is stuf hididn under the cols to the right?19:50
aelkneri guess i just need to see it19:50
replaceafillif i got it right, there shouldnt be hidden columns at the right19:50
replaceafilland the scrollbar should be applied only to the grades area19:50
replaceafillthat's what i'm working on19:51
aelkneri see19:51
aelknerok, ping me when you have a link i can look at19:51
th1aIdeally, also the user should be able to shift them from pinned left to pinned right.19:51
* th1a didn't make that clear to replaceafill...19:51
th1aBut I'd rather have them pinned only right than only left.19:51
replaceafillth1a how? preferences?19:51
th1ain the menu.19:52
th1aThe preferences screen is going away anyhow.19:52
replaceafillok, the user uses the popup, but we store the value as preference?19:54
replaceafillmaking it global for all the worksheets btw19:54
replaceafilland since we don't have that preference yet, right position is the default, correct?19:57
replaceafillthis blows my width idea for the panels :''''(19:57
replaceafillbut it's possible :)19:57
replaceafillthe width needs to move from the panel to the column...19:58
replaceafillyes yes, details :)20:03
th1aI'd rather have a clean right only implementation than a hackier choice.20:03
replaceafillah, cool20:03
replaceafilli'll finish the right only then20:03
th1aWe'll have to switch to alternating colors for the rows.20:17
replaceafillah, ok20:18
aelknerth1a, replaceafill, could we please have the zero font for the gradebook match the font of the sidebar links?20:41
aelknerwe already can get it to be smaller if we want20:41
aelknerneed that be the default size?20:41
th1aaelkner, you get a vote after you buy glasses.20:42
th1aOr, more precisely, after you get a prescription.20:42
replaceafillit surprised me yesterday when i asked jelkner about the font size20:58
replaceafilland he said it was ok20:58
replaceafilli was expecting "it's too small"20:58
aelknerwell, if it's just me, then i withdrawl my request21:12
replaceafilli agree with you aelkner21:13
aelknerah, well, time will tell how the user-base reacts21:16
replaceafillaelkner could you help me with something?21:36
replaceafillaelkner never mind, just thought of something21:37
aelknerreplaceafill, what was it?21:39
replaceafillhold on, let me show you21:39
replaceafilli was looking for a way to calculate the width of the totals part21:42
aelkneryes, the scroll bar makes it clear what can scroll21:42
replaceafilland i dont wanted to use js for that21:42
replaceafillso i was thinking of a way to return how many preferences columns we're showing21:42
aelknerholy cow, the worksheets tertiary scrolls21:43
replaceafillvertically :(21:43
replaceafillwe need it horizontal ;)21:43
aelkneryeah, and if you choose one on the second row, it stil only shows the first row :(21:43
aelknerin other words, you don't see the current worksheet21:44
aelknerthat same problem would happen horizontally, no?21:44
replaceafillanyway, i think i'll use js to set the width of the grades part21:44
replaceafillaelkner good point21:44
aelknerdoes js allow or setting the scroll position, i would think it would21:45
replaceafillaelkner yes21:45
aelknerif so, we'd need to do that on load21:45
* th1a is back.21:59
th1aI think we should crunch the tertiary navigation rather than scroll it.21:59
aelkneri added a Worksheets link to Settings22:04
aelknerIt renders pencils that don't do anything useful yet22:05
aelknerbut check out the action of changing the order or hiding, any change happens immediately22:05
th1aSeems good so far.22:05
aelknerdo we want a modal for changing the title of the worksheet, i.e., the pencil action?22:06
th1aThat would be fine.22:07
th1aHopefully we've gotten to the point that it is straightforward to do it that way.22:07
aelknerreplaceafill, do we have another example of modal for title change that you can recall?22:07
replaceafillaelkner no22:08
th1aIt wouldn't seem to have any unique characteristics.22:08
aelknerit's just that we haven't gotten around to writing any modals other than delete confirmation22:09
aelknerisn't that right, replaceafill?22:09
replaceafillreport requests?22:09
replaceafillsection linkage?22:09
aelknerthat's modal?22:09
th1aIf you can't do anything else, it is modal.22:10
aelknerah, and you tackled the whole modal-styling issues with that, right22:10
replaceafillaelkner no, not yet22:10
replaceafillyou'll see the XXX about it22:11
aelknerok, i'll look22:11
aelknerreplaceafill, FlourishSectionLinkageView is derived from Page22:13
replaceafilloh sorry, look for extend section22:13
aelknerah, ok22:13
* replaceafill goes to get lunch22:30
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