IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2011-08-03

replaceafillaelkner refresh00:00
replaceafillso, do we need to set the second div above?00:00
* replaceafill goes to see the plugin we found00:00
aelknerreplaceafill, this is the link:00:04
aelkneri found a hidden iframe in one of the divs, you see that?00:06
aelknerwith style of position: relative right in the element00:06
aelknerin the containing div that is00:06
aelknerreplaceafill, do you see the div i'm referring to?00:07
replaceafillhhm no00:07
replaceafillthere's one at the bottom but it has no effect on the table00:08
aelknerperhaps a red herring00:08
replaceafillfor this to work we need to set a height on the th's00:10
aelkneri thought i did that already00:10
aelknerperhaps i missed a th00:10
aelkner.gradebook-row {00:10
aelkner    height: 30px;00:10
replaceafillright, but those are the rows00:11
replaceafillnot the header00:11
aelknerthat one needs a class and height00:11
replaceafillsomething is still different00:13
aelknerhey, no more tripping effect :)00:14
aelknerinstead of asking you to describe your changes, i thought i'd ask if you pushed00:15
replaceafillhold on, i'm looking for this difference00:16
replaceafillthere's something different in the rows00:16
replaceafillcan you help me look?00:16
aelknerin firebug, you mean, right?00:17
replaceafillthe activity inputs!00:17
aelkneractivity inputs?!00:20
replaceafilldo you see the difference?00:20
replaceafillin the heights of the names?00:20
aelknerah, that00:20
aelkneri do00:20
aelkneri also see dark blue, do you?00:21
replaceafillyes, i added it to tell one apart from the other00:21
aelknerperhaps gradebook-row needs more rules00:21
aelknerlike padding?00:21
aelknerreplaceafill, are you adding rules to gradebook-row?00:24
replaceafillthe current diff00:25
replaceafilli'm just trying to find what's making the gradebook-rows lower in the freeze div00:25
aelknerwhat about my suggestion with pading?00:26
replaceafillbut we already have height00:27
aelknerpadding is something else00:27
aelknerthe actual renderings of these elements is often based on some magic math00:27
aelknerthat combines the height, padding, i don't know what else00:28
aelknerisn't it important that we fix all the parts of that equation00:28
aelknerso that the calculation is predictable00:28
aelknerwhatever that calculation is00:28
aelkneri mean, we can just guess at what attributes effect it00:28
replaceafilllet me try something00:29
replaceafillhhmm the width of the freeze will depend on the gradebook preferences, right?00:35
* th1a_ is back briefly.00:37
th1a_Ooh, I like that blue!00:37
replaceafillsorry :D00:37
replaceafilltaking it out00:37
th1a_I think butting the grid. works.00:38
replaceafilli'm stuck trying to find something different between both divs00:38
th1a_One thing I should throw in is that I'd like the style of the cells themselves to change to look more like the Journal.00:40
th1a_That is, not looking like every one is a separate form element.00:40
* th1a_ goes to play with the kids.00:45
aelknerreplaceafill, yes the freezeols are controlled by preferences00:59
replaceafillit's the inputs :(00:59
replaceafilllet me fix this mess :)00:59
replaceafillaelkner refresh01:02
replaceafilli've added a static activity01:03
aelknergetting closer01:07
aelknerbut you need to deal with the hidden column math01:07
replaceafillone step at the time :)01:08
replaceafilldoes the preferences view work now?01:08
aelknerno, not yet01:09
aelkneryou don't need that though01:10
aelkneryou could harcode the hiding with tal:condition="nothing"01:10
replaceafillah, right01:10
replaceafillwill try that way01:10
aelknerbtw, why nothing rather than python: False01:11
aelknerit's easier to change False to True than add/remove the whole condition01:11
aelknerreplaceafill, am i right?01:12
replaceafillyes, it's easier01:12
aelkneri'll work on the preferences view in the meantime since there won't be any conflicts01:13
replaceafillcool, thanks01:14
replaceafilli'm going to make the inputs a little wider01:14
replaceafillok, i think we got it01:43
replaceafilli need to remove the borders from the inputs01:44
replaceafilland it works with variable width for  the freeze part01:44
replaceafillaelkner does it look ok in your browser?01:45
replaceafillyou're using ff 4.0 right?01:45
aelkner3.6.18, but it looks fine for me01:47
replaceafillcool, thanks01:47
aelknerquite nice actually01:47
aelkneri have a working preferences view that could use some of your css love01:47
replaceafilli'll keep working on it: remove the borders of inputs, making it look more like the journal01:47
aelknercan we cross merge a second01:47
aelkneri'd like to get what you have there01:47
aelknerok, committing my stuff....01:47
replaceafillaelkner i think i'll rename the classes from 'gradebook-*' to 'grid-*'01:48
replaceafillwhat do you think?01:48
replaceafillhhmm although it's a gradebook... :)01:48
replaceafillso it's the journal and cando...01:49
aelknerreplaceafill, sounds like a good idea01:50
aelknercan you merge with trunk to look at my preferences view?01:51
aelknerthere's a Settings linkset with Preferences link on the left now01:51
aelknerthe template is a copy of the custom old skin template01:51
aelkneri got rid of all css classes01:52
aelknerand made sure to put spans in the legends01:52
aelknerbut there's a width problem01:52
aelknerand the <p> elements in the second fieldset have no padding01:53
aelkneralso, could you push your stuff to trunk now?01:53
replaceafillah yes, i added a style for that, i need to make it generic01:53
replaceafillsure, hold on01:53
th1a_Ooh.  Locking columns.01:54
aelknerare you asking, saying, what?01:55
replaceafillth1a_ i need to make it look more like the journal01:55
replaceafillno borders in the inputs01:55
aelknerthere's no reason all our grids shouldn't look the same01:55
replaceafillprobably will take some vertical space out too01:55
aelknerreplaceafill, how soon can i merge?01:56
replaceafillsorry, i'm moving the styles together01:56
replaceafillstructure, form, columns and activities01:56
replaceafillhold on01:56
replaceafillaelkner pushed01:58
replaceafillit's still work in progress :)01:58
replaceafillbtw, i thought 999.99 it's a good width for the inputs, right?01:59
replaceafilli have to test the spans01:59
replaceafilllike for linked columns01:59
aelknerdon't forget to get rid of the tal:condition True statements02:00
aelknerthat's the one drawback of using that condition, one can forget to remove them :)02:00
replaceafillwill do02:00
replaceafillwill try to get rid of the gradebook-row and gradebook-header classes too02:01
replaceafillset things generically on tr and td02:01
replaceafillok, time for a shower for me02:01
replaceafillwill continue later02:01
replaceafillthanks for the help aelkner02:02
replaceafilli was really confused for a while :P02:02
aelknerit was a nice collaboration02:03
aelknerit's looking really nice now02:03
aelknerhow did you get the buttons to come out right?02:03
replaceafilli removed the absolute positioning on the non-frozen div02:04
replaceafillthat put it back in the flow of the doc02:04
replaceafilland makes the button go down02:04
aelkneri was thinking of dong that :)02:04
aelknerso the freecol div is absolute so that it comes out at the beginning02:05
aelknereven though the other div flowed down02:05
aelknerthat's good to know02:05
replaceafillwill fix02:06
replaceafillok, later guys02:06
aelknerok, nice working with you today02:06
replaceafillditto aelkner02:07
*** replaceafill has quit IRC02:07
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*** th1a_ has joined #schooltool16:30
* th1a_ wonders where he left himself logged in.16:31
th1a_Perhaps on my mother's computer.16:31
th1a_hi aelkner, replaceafill, yvl, menesis.16:31
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
yvlgood morning16:31
yvlth1a_, just ghost yourself16:31
yvl(/msg nickserv ghost nick pass )16:32
*** th1a has quit IRC16:32
th1a_Yeah, that worked.16:32
th1a_Now I have to change my password.16:32
th1a_How do I do that.16:32
th1a_Or did only I see that?16:33
* th1a_ has managed to not learn much about IRC.16:33
yvlonly you saw that16:33
*** th1a_ is now known as th1a16:34
th1aOK, thanks yvl.16:34
yvlwelcome back! :)16:34
th1aOK then!16:34
th1aI guess I know where aelkner and replaceafill left off.16:34
th1aShould we show yvl?16:34
yvlnice work!16:35
* yvl looked at that this morning16:35
yvlsome vertical separating line would be nice though16:35
replaceafillwill do, have to make it look like the journal gradebook16:36
th1aWe will be getting a design for grid lines, spacing, etc. from schwa.16:37
th1aBut I think it is a safe bet that it wont include standard input widgets in each cell.16:38
th1aI'm just saying we don't need to spend time fiddling with the lines now.16:39
th1aAnything further to discuss about this?  I assume replaceafill and aelkner and I will continue to bang on it today?16:39
replaceafillyes, i still have to fix some things on it16:40
menesisnice! and arrows finally work in the grid :)16:41
aelknerthey work again, you mean16:41
th1aThis view is going to take longer than I though 24 hours ago, but about as long as I thought when we started.16:41
menesisin the second Sheet I see two columns for Total and Ave.16:42
replaceafillmenesis right, that's one of the things i have to fix :)16:42
aelknerreplaceafill, why are the column width rules not taking there?16:44
replaceafillaelkner because the bottom table is filling the whole space16:45
aelkneryeah, but why?16:45
aelkneri'm talking about the bottom table there16:46
aelknerand in firebug, the column widths are set right16:46
th1aLet's move on to yvl and come back to this.16:46
th1aThis may be a very short meeting.16:47
replaceafillaelkner fixed16:47
replaceafillsorry, never mind16:47
menesisare menus on column titles implemented yet? I see them in firebug but no way to open them from the page16:47
replaceafillmenesis left click on the activity title16:48
yvlI made some of the managers filter empty viewlets better, not showing what is not needed16:48
yvlreturned subtitles to calendars16:48
yvladded month viewlets and tomorrow events to sidebar16:49
yvland I'm almost done with tertiary nav16:49
yvlas in - will commit in few minutes16:49
yvlthat's it16:50
th1aOK.  Thanks yvl.16:51
th1aI need INVOICES.16:51
aelkneryvl, did you notice what we did yesterday to Page?16:51
yvlaelkner, the class thing? +1 on that.16:51
aelknerwe added a couple view attributes and used them in the page templates16:52
aelkneralso, the header16:52
yvl-1 on that16:52
yvlnevermind, I'll let it slide16:53
yvlok, pushed latest calendar changes16:53
aelkneralso, we could get rid of if we make the container class a view attribute16:53
yvlth1a, feel free to look over them at some point16:54
aelknercontainer_class = 'container' by default16:54
aelknercontainer_class = 'widecontainer' in WideContaerPage16:54
aelknerwhat do you think?16:54
aelknerit's the only difference between the two templates16:54
aelknerand that's a lot of cloning for one simple difference16:55
yvlare you thinking of keeping widecontainerpage view class itself?16:55
aelknerwell, we dn't even need that, true16:56
yvl(and I would prefer simplifying it to WidePage)16:56
* replaceafill updated all his instances to latest trunk16:56
aelknerthe individual deriver (just you and i so far, right?) could set the view attribute16:56
aelkneris that what you mean?16:56
yvlbut I'm not sure if that's the best way to go16:56
aelknerok, but i didn't want to get rid of WideContainerPAge if you were using it16:57
yvlI kind of like being able to differentiate stuff via adaptation16:57
aelkneri kind of don't :)16:57
aelknerbut that's me16:57
yvlwe'll see.16:57
aelkneri like class derivation and overriding myself16:57
aelknersimple python is enough for most jobs16:57
th1aI think we've had this discussion before.16:58
aelkneri'm going to add the class attribute now and let you know when it's done16:58
yvlwait, didn't you do that already?16:59
yvlrev 304016:59
yvlwell anyway, I'll wait and see what you commit :)17:00
th1aAnything else before I drop the gravel?17:02
aelkneryvl, i see eight places where you derive from WideContainerPage17:04
aelkneri will need to change all eight to use Page and set container_class = 'widecontainer'17:04
aelknerthe other option is to leave WideContaerPage in place and have it do the container_class = 'widecontainer'17:06
th1aINVOICES, gentlemen.17:06
aelkneri kind of like that idea17:06
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:07
th1aThat sounds like a better idea, aelkner.17:07
aelknerbecause if we ever need to do something that effects all wdie pages, we only need to do it in one place17:07
yvlsorry, aelkner went out for a smoke17:07
aelknerthought so :)17:07
* yvl is indifferent at the moment17:08
yvlso ok17:08
*** yvl has quit IRC17:09
aelknerreplaceafill, have you pushed to trunk?17:11
replaceafillaelkner not today17:11
aelkneri'd like to have a working gradebook17:11
replaceafillhhmm cause i havent started yet :)17:11
aelknerstarted, you finished17:12
replaceafillwhat's not working?17:12
aelkneryou just fixed the gradebook, right?17:12
aelknerwhy must keep these changes to yourself, aren't we a team?17:12
th1aI think replaceafill just got up...17:13
replaceafilli'm not keeping them, i only changed one line!17:13
aelkneryeah, so could you push that please?17:13
aelknerto trunk, so i can merge17:13
replaceafillaelkner of course17:13
*** yvl has joined #schooltool17:14
aelknerso th1a, isn't it nice that we were able to get the columns to freeze without needing a plugin?17:15
aelknerthe less dependencies, the better17:15
th1aThe only problem is... each improvement makes me want more.17:16
aelknerthat's life17:16
aelknerso anyway, today i can work on adding category weighting17:17
th1aCan you add a menu to the total and ave so they can be moved and locked/unlocked?17:17
aelknerthat's an interesting idea17:17
th1aYou don't really expect them to be at left.17:17
th1aOr... you don't necessarily expect them to be at left.17:18
aelkneri think you get used to them being at the left pretty quickly17:18
aelknerconsidering that they are there before you add the first activity17:18
aelknerthat has never been a complaint in the past17:18
aelknerand we need the fixed cols to be at the left anyway17:19
th1aLeft or right.17:19
aelknerstudent name at the right?!17:19
aelkneryou just said left or right17:20
aelknerand the student name is a fixed column17:20
aelknerso could you explain the contradiction in your statement there17:20
th1aYou could just move total and or ave to the right.17:21
aelknerthen we would need two freezecol tables17:21
aelknerand they would have to positioned with absolute coordinates17:22
aelknerup until now, we haven't had to do anything like that17:23
th1aDon't worry about it for now then.17:23
aelknerit's possible, but a lot tricker17:23
aelknerwe can revisit that later17:23
aelknerbut i could at least allow the user to hide with the popup menu17:23
aelknerand change the label, i guess17:24
th1aOh, yes, that's one thing we can take from preferences.17:26
th1aI need to look at the old preferences form.17:26
aelknerbtw, the new one exists already17:26
aelknerbut it has css issues17:26
aelknerreplaceafill, can you take a look at that?17:26
replaceafilli did, it's in my TODO for styling17:26
aelknercool, thanks17:26
aelknerth1a, in the meantime, it still at least works17:27
replaceafillold preferences form17:27
th1aI don't think that form will survive the week.17:31
th1aEspecially since we're going to need a "worksheets" view.  The summary sheet control can go there.17:32
replaceafillth1a could you check
replaceafilli removed some vertical space17:32
replaceafillis it too tight?17:33
th1aIn the rows?  They could be a little tighter and with more left margin.17:34
th1aWhat's the font size of the text in the cells?17:36
th1aMake everything inside the grid 10.17:37
th1aThat's the default for libre office, after all.17:37
replaceafillah ok17:38
replaceafillhhmm 10px seems very small17:39
th1aMake the header 10 too.17:40
th1aLet's go with that for now.17:41
replaceafillwith 10px i can still remove vertical space :)17:42
* aelkner needs to restart his machine17:42
*** aelkner has quit IRC17:43
th1aHm... 10 point in my browser is much smaller than 10 point in my spreadsheet.17:43
replaceafillbecause of the zoom ;)17:43
th1aSo I guess we probably shouldn't assume we can get away with it.  :-(17:43
th1aWhich zoom?17:44
replaceafillin the spreadsheet you have zoom17:44
th1aFrom where?17:44
replaceafillah, no, never mind, 100% zoom is default17:45
th1aCan we do the grid (with em?) so that the user could change the size and it'll adapt?17:45
replaceafilli'm thinking about the inherited styles17:46
replaceafillthey're in px17:47
th1aDon't you use em to make the rest of the spacing match the changes in text px size?17:47
* replaceafill is trying ems17:49
replaceafillmaybe i'm missing something but i don't see the advantage of using ems now that the browsers can zoom pixels anyway17:50
*** aelkner has joined #schooltool17:50
th1aI'm just asking about something I once vaguely half understood.17:50
replaceafillthere, grid using ems17:56
replaceafillby default the browser uses a 16px font17:57
replaceafillif you set it to like 20px, you'll see the difference17:57
th1aon 7777?18:00
th1aIf you increase it on the server side, it will proportionally increase the size of the cells?18:02
th1aWell, that's the right way to do it then, correct?18:02
replaceafillthere, 80% font-size on grid18:02
replaceafillit was 62.5%18:03
th1aThen we can add a (+|-) control somewhere, right?18:03
replaceafill62.5% gives you 10px per em18:03
replaceafillif your browser uses 16px font18:03
replaceafillso it's easy to do calculations18:03
replaceafilllike 16ems = 160px18:03
replaceafill1.2em = 12 px and so on18:03
replaceafillbut we could do the +|- with js18:04
th1aAh, yeah.18:04
th1aDo you want to try that?18:04
replaceafillis it going to be a preference or something?18:06
replaceafillor is the user going to do it everytime he sees a new worksheet?18:06
th1aWell, if we like it, you'd do it on the page (maybe in the same row as save, far right) and I guess it would need to be stored as a per-user preference.18:21
replaceafillah ok18:21
th1aThe fact of the matter is there are times when teachers would gladly trade smaller type to see the whole class/semester at once.18:22
replaceafillright, like i do with spreadsheets in cacl18:23
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replaceafillaelkner i'll remove the gradebook-message div from the gradebook template19:10
replaceafillwe're not showing it anyway19:10
th1aAny questions/comments before I go run some errands.19:11
aelknerreplaceafill, ok, and please push your changes19:11
replaceafillth1a not from me, i'm cleaning the gradebook styles19:11
th1aI just got a call from Hertz explaining that they sold the car I've been driving last week, and thus I need to go get a different one.19:11
replaceafillchanging them to be 'grid'19:11
* th1a out.19:12
replaceafillaelkner changes pushed19:14
aelknerreplaceafill, you don't anticipate making any more changes to the template, do you?19:18
replaceafillyes, i do19:19
aelknerwell, that kind of makes it hard for me to do the same19:19
replaceafilli want to remove most of the gradebook classes19:19
aelknerhow long do you need to do that?19:19
replaceafillwhat changes do you need to make?19:19
aelknercan you move that task up to the top?19:19
aelknerall kinds of popup menu stuff19:20
replaceafilllet's do this, you push your changes to trunk and let me know when you're finished19:20
replaceafillthen i'll resolve any conflicts19:21
aelknerwhy are we working so much on the same part of the app?19:22
aelknerwhy i can't be making gradebook changes while you do the journal or something?19:22
replaceafillthis is journal work actually19:23
aelkneri had a feeling19:23
replaceafillthat's why i want to remove most of the gradebook specific stuff19:23
aelknerok, go ahead19:23
aelkneri'll let you resolve ay conflicts19:23
*** menesis has quit IRC20:01
replaceafillbuttons on the bottom right20:29
replaceafillaelkner the tertiary bar in the gradebook needs title attributes for the items20:44
replaceafillsince titles may be cut when displayed20:44
*** menesis has joined #schooltool20:48
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* replaceafill goes to get lunch21:13
* th1a is back.21:51
* replaceafill is back22:30

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