IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2011-08-02

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th1a_hi aelkner, replaceafill, yvl, menesis.16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
yvlgood morning16:32
* th1a_ is back home.16:32
* yvl hopes you had a nice visit16:32
th1a_I did!  Thanks.16:33
th1a_Rough drive back...16:33
th1a_But we all survived.16:33
yvlgood to hear!16:33
th1a_OK, yvl, would you like to go first?16:34
yvlI did a crude port of main calendar views today16:34
yvlforgot to push... replaceafill can you please update your instance?16:34
yvlit's deeply WIP at the moment, but feel free to comment16:35
* th1a_ is going to be gentle on the calendar.16:37
yvlok, something seems to be wrong :(16:37
yvlah, no, here we go:
yvlalso, your own calendar:
th1a_We will be getting new colors.16:40
yvlhopefully :)16:40
th1a_We're paying for new colors.16:40
th1a_Although you should take the colors out of the table headers.16:41
* yvl does not remember if calendar colours are currently stored in database16:41
yvlfor the views with tables, right th1a ?16:42
th1a_That is, colors only for events.16:43
yvlok, so here are the views to look at:16:43
aelkneris it me, or is the demo server running REALLY slow right now?16:44
replaceafillaelkner +116:44
* yvl too aelkner 16:44
aelkneri'm glad it's not me :)16:44
yvlby the way, who owns the server?16:46
replaceafilleven ssh into it is very slow :(16:46
th1a_We do.  It is a linode virtual server.16:46
yvlit's somewhere on schooltool.org16:46
yvloh, right16:46
yvlnow I remember :)16:47
th1a_That's a different server.16:47
aelknerprobably just needs a reboot?16:47
th1a_aelkner the sys admin.16:47
aelkneri did put a question mark there16:47
th1a_Perhaps reinstalling Windows would help.16:48
replaceafilli'll restart it16:48
yvlok, so anyway, things are moving along16:48
* yvl is not going to be around this Friday16:48
th1a_OK yvl.16:48
th1a_It looks fine so far.16:48
replaceafilli cleaned some forms yesterday16:49
replaceafillremoved some duplicated templates16:49
replaceafilland now i'm fixing the /courses, /groups and /sections views to work with other years16:50
replaceafillthey only work with the active year right now16:50
replaceafillalso added css rules for dialog content16:51
replaceafillwhich allowed me to remove some css hacks16:51
replaceafillth1a_ question16:52
replaceafillis the journal next for me?16:52
th1a_It seems so.16:52
* th1a_ has not looked at it.16:52
yvlby the way, replaceafill, please commit to main sprint branch :)16:52
replaceafillyvl will do, it's just that i'm testing not to break stuff16:52
yvljust reminding :)16:53
replaceafillok, server seems to be responding well now16:53
replaceafillwill start the instance16:53
aelknerreplaceafill, before you work on the journal, perhaps we can work together on gradebook grid16:53
replaceafillaelkner ah, sure16:54
aelkneri have a number of css issues that may impact you later16:54
th1a_The three of us should probably work on gradebook this afternoon.16:54
replaceafillserver restarted16:54
replaceafilloops, i meant, instance16:54
replaceafillth1a_ will work on some form issues too, like the add person form doesnt display errors on the password fields16:55
yvlth1a, please log in as jeffrey/jeffrey also16:55
th1a_replaceafill:  OK.16:55
replaceafilland the add section form doesnt display errors on term fields16:56
th1a_I guess the big project management question now is fitting in a reports makeover.16:56
th1a_And who will do that.16:56
th1a_We've got about a week and a half to have all the views in place.16:56
th1a_And the basic to do list is:16:56
th1a_1) finish calendar16:56
th1a_2) finish gradebook16:56
th1a_3) do interventions16:57
th1a_4) and...?  which views are we missing?16:57
th1a_4a) student views?16:57
th1a_(i.e. views of a student)16:57
aelknerthere's plenty of things that we have to do16:57
th1a_(that is, where the student is the user)16:57
th1a_what else?16:57
aelknerand things we haven't even thought of16:57
aelkneri woldn't recommend reworking reports until next release16:58
th1a_Well... how do we think of them?16:58
th1a_How do we think of the views we aren't thinking of?16:58
yvlthere's a load of details that are not done yet16:59
aelkneri would say, while we are busy making changes you request, you can go around the app making sure things are done or not16:59
yvlresource booking, broken modal dailogs when session times out16:59
aelkneryes, those16:59
yvlhighliting correct top tab16:59
aelknerwe haven't even touched tests for a long time17:00
yvlproper redirects for teachers to "home"17:00
aelknersecurity tests!17:00
yvloh, the tests are a big heap17:00
yvlbasically, we have zero functional tests and some unit test coverage for views17:00
th1a_I know there are things to do.  I guess aelkner wasn't directly responding to my question about missing VIEWS.17:01
th1a_Basically, the goal for next Thursday is a beta of every view that will be in the final release.17:01
aelkneri did respond, you need to poke around17:01
aelkneryou'll need a new book, right?17:02
aelknerwhile you are redoing the new book, you coul verify that certain views exist or not17:02
th1a_I will poke around, but saying there are lots of missing views implies that you have some idea of what they are.17:02
aelknerlet's say we all have a feeling, but we aren't necessarily looking at the whole code base17:03
th1a_The book doesn't hit edge cases.17:03
aelknerto make a determination of what views are missing17:03
aelknerfor instance, the gradebook:17:03
aelknerwe need those Settings views17:03
aelknerwe need views for report sheet maintenance17:03
th1a_Yes... I know there are things that we are working on that are unfinished.17:04
replaceafillth1a_ are we creating /contacts?17:04
aelknerok, never mind, you are asking about new views, right?17:04
replaceafillsorry, porting17:04
aelknersomething the old skin never even had?17:04
th1a_replaceafill:  Yes, we need /contacts!17:04
th1a_Oh, levels!17:05
th1a_replaceafill understands what I'm talking about.17:05
th1a_yvl: We're gonna fix levels next week.17:06
th1a_That is, rip them out of years.17:06
th1a_They don't belong in years.17:07
th1a_Because they essentially never change.17:07
th1a_The PITA is the evolution script.17:07
th1a_But it is not so bad because we can still assume nobody is really using them in an important way.17:08
th1a_Since the don't do much.17:08
yvlyes :)17:08
th1a_So we can be a little sloppy.17:08
yvlok, will do that after calendars17:08
yvlthe evolving/moving part17:08
th1a_OK.  That's a plan.17:09
yvlbut I'm getting a hunch that callendars will be done roughly mid next week17:09
yvldepending on how nitpicky we are17:09
th1a_Also yvl -- resource booking is part of calendars.17:09
th1a_yvl's estimate has increased...17:09
* yvl remembered that there are "calendars" and "calendars" and they're not the same17:10
th1a_OK.  Like I said, don't get too nitpicky, but I understand it is always complicated.17:10
replaceafillcan i work on /contacts before moving to the journal?17:10
* yvl understands what we're shooting for17:10
th1a_replaceafill:  Yes, but we should talk journal a bit today.17:11
th1a_Thanks replaceafill.17:13
aelknerth1a i need to discuss gradebook css with replaceafill17:13
th1a_aelkner: Well, the three of us need a gradebook meeting later.17:13
aelknerbut first, signing in as jelkner/jelkner:17:13
aelknernote the change in order of the sidebar stuff as you requested17:14
aelkneralso, i got the long name to truncate17:14
aelkneras yvl requested, i added a title to the links so that you could see the whole name17:14
aelknerth1a, is that ok, it pops up when you mouse over the name17:14
aelkneralso, the truncated name means truncating the '>' link17:15
th1a_Can you do that for the activities?17:15
aelknerdo what?17:15
aelknermouseover the link means long description?17:15
th1a_Give them titles that are the full titles?17:15
th1a_Not description.17:15
th1a_Full title.17:15
aelknerfill titles, ok17:15
aelknerso you're ok with the student titles?17:15
aelknerthe mouseover part, i mean17:15
aelknernow, for the '>' issue17:16
aelknershould we put it BEFORE the name so it oesn't get truncated out?17:16
yvlor maybe make the students have dropdown menus?17:16
aelknerwe could also have a popup menu for the student17:16
th1a_Yes, that.17:16
aelkneryvl, you beat me to t :)17:17
yvlsorry, aelkner :)17:17
aelknerth1a, could you name the items on the student menu?17:17
aelknerView Details?17:18
th1a_What does that do?17:18
aelknerto look at the student page17:18
aelknerView Student Info?17:18
aelknerwhat should it be called?17:18
th1a_View Student17:19
yvlStudent Details, Student Profile?17:19
aelkneranother thing17:19
yvlView Student :)17:19
aelknerwhen the user clicks on View Student, they are taken to the student's index.html17:19
aelknerwhen the click on Done, they will be taken to the persons view17:20
aelknerin other words, they will need to use the back button to get back17:20
aelknerunless we do what i did with activity edit17:20
aelkneri added a test in nextURL17:20
th1a_We need a dialog version of view student.17:21
aelknerif self.request.get('nexturl')17:21
th1a_That is really the desired behavior.17:21
aelknerth1a, we did talk about that at one point17:21
aelknerand we mentioned that it would not have everything that the index.html view would have17:21
aelknerbut that it would have a link on it to take you to the person index.html view, right?17:22
th1a_We might need a modified version.17:22
th1a_That might happen after next thursday...17:22
th1a_Which missing things are you referring to by the way?17:23
aelknerall the accordions and stuff would not go in a dialog, right?17:23
th1a_Well... they could.17:23
aelkneri thought the rule was that dialogs should be small, not larger than visual space17:24
aelknerthe person page can be of a very great size depending on what the person has17:24
th1a_This could be bigger than usual because it is not a form.17:25
th1a_The thing is, leaving the gradebook in the situation is problematic.17:25
th1a_Because you don't necessarily want to completely switch contexts.17:25
th1a_You probably just need Jimmy's parent's phone number and back to grading.17:26
aelknerwell, if the Done link on the person page was smart enough to go back to the gradebook17:26
aelknerlke i was saying before17:26
aelknerif self.request.get('nexturl')17:26
th1a_That would work but I think a dialog would be better in this particular case.17:26
th1a_We should probably just come up with an abbreviated person dialog view.17:27
th1a_It isn't like it would be complicated.17:27
aelkneri knew that if you thought about it enough, youd come around to my point of view :)17:27
aelkneranyway, i can limit the menu to Score for now to get it going17:28
th1a_The abbreviated view will probably be larger than the accordions.17:28
aelknerwe'll see17:28
aelknerso anyway, i worked on trying to lock the columns17:28
aelkneri went from what i could learn from the example we found last week17:29
aelkneri have a number of uncommited changes that i couldn't push of course17:29
aelknerbut that's what i was hoping to work on with replaceafill17:29
aelknerthe first step, btw, was to include the locked columns in the pt17:30
aelkneri know we want to use js eventually to dynamically copy the dat17:30
aelknerto copy the redundant columns to the other div17:30
aelknerbut it's easier to do it in the template first17:30
aelknerso that we can work on the css necessary for getting it to work17:31
aelkneri had to override lots of css that table.css has17:31
aelknerlike width: 100% for tables17:32
aelkneri need the column widths to be predictable17:32
aelknerin order for the columns div to overlay the other div precisely17:32
aelkneri got pretty close after i did that, but it's still off a tad17:32
th1a_OK, anyhow, I think we're done with the "formal" meeting.17:32
th1a_aelkner & replaceafill, do you want to keep going right now or a bit later?17:33
aelkneri'm done yes17:33
th1a_Thanks aelkner.17:33
aelknerreplaceafill, your call17:33
replaceafillright now17:33
replaceafillunless you want a break ;)17:33
aelkneroh, one last thing for the group17:33
aelkneryvl, replaceafill, please look at f_gradebook.cssin firebug on my demo instance17:34
aelkneri wanted to talk about class naming conventions if i could17:34
aelknerfirst off, i was wondering this:17:34
aelknershould we agree that all our plug-ins use the following as a convention for their own css17:35
aelknerall class names must start with a prefix17:35
aelknergradebook-table, for instance17:35
aelknerjournal-activity or something17:35
aelknerif we do that for all css classes in plug-ins, it may be easier to follow in the future17:36
aelknerwhat do we think?17:36
yvlgood point17:36
yvlbut I'm not sure if we should prefix all of them17:36
aelkneras you see, my css file there offends that rule in many ways17:36
aelknerif we don't prefix them all, why do it for ay?17:37
yvl.gradebook-table .gradebook-row .gradebook-current-cell is a bit of overkill17:37
yvlhmm, how to put this17:37
aelkneri never undestand this acceptance of the notion of limited adaption of a principal17:37
aelknereither a notion is correct or it isn't17:37
aelknerif it isn't, then why partially adapt it?17:38
yvlwell, I would put it like this - it would be reasonable to use a way more complicated notion17:38
th1a_You shouldn't need prefixes in CSS.17:39
aelknerthanks for that brain tister17:39
th1a_You have other ways of creating namespaces.17:39
aelknerth1a, i'm all ears17:39
aelknerthla, we are discussing class names17:40
* th1a_ doesn't remember the CSS terminology.17:40
yvlyes, classes17:40
* th1a_ goes back to sleep.17:40
yvlbut they tend to clash17:40
yvlso, aelkner, basically what we are trying to solve, is to:17:40
aelkneri want us to prefix our plugin class names so that it is obvious where they come from17:40
yvl1) keep plugin css from affecting the rest of the app17:41
yvl2) keep the code readable17:41
aelknerprefixes helps the programmer realize where the css comes from17:41
replaceafillto me the gradebook styles should be prefixed by an id: #gradebook .activity17:41
yvlreplaceafill, what about journal links in calendar events?17:42
yvlthat's not a best example, but I hope you get my drift17:42
replaceafillthey're not simple links?17:42
aelknera class name like activity is very hostile to the programmer17:43
yvl+1 aelkner17:43
aelknerwhere is the style defined17:43
yvlno, +2 :)17:43
aelknerthat's why i suggested gradebook-activity17:43
yvl+1 on this one17:44
yvlwhat I'm trying to say17:44
yvlis that I think that should be rule of a thumb17:44
yvlprefix your classes17:44
yvlhave a "container" class17:44
th1a_Why not give the body on that page an id?17:44
th1a_Is that what replaceafill is saying?17:45
yvlbecause that solves nothing17:45
replaceafillth1a_ yes17:45
aelknerreplaceafill suggested using a class name like activity17:45
aelknerthat is exactly what i'm trying to avoid17:45
replaceafillaelkner did you see the #gradebook part?17:45
th1a_replaceafill's answer is the correct one according to my book.17:45
aelkneryes, exactly what i'm trying to stop us from doing17:45
replaceafilli don't think the issue is in the class name in the html17:45
replaceafillit's in the css rule17:46
yvlreplaceafill, please don't do those17:46
replaceafillwe write17:46
yvlsorry, not those, but this one17:46
yvlhave a gradebook class to enable gradebook styles on sub-elements17:46
yvlthis way17:46
yvlif somebody wants17:46
th1a_yvl:  Right.17:46
yvlto add a small summary or something17:47
yvlof a gradebook, styled correctly17:47
yvlin a... say person accordeon17:47
yvlor whatever - you can control scope17:47
replaceafilland the id doesnt allow you to control the scope?17:48
yvltry making two boxes17:48
yvlsay, one in sidebar, another in accordeon17:48
yvlid is supposed to be unique, right?17:48
replaceafillyvl but you're talking about something outside the gradebook view17:49
yvlI'm sorry, I just fail to see the point of an id based approach17:49
yvleither you style with class17:49
yvlor you include a css that applies to whole page and overrides other css17:50
aelknerthe other approach seems fragile17:50
yvlwell it is - but say, for Cambodia... it should work nicely17:51
th1a_I think aelkner is trying to move style info out of the CSS file.17:51
aelknernot in least bit17:51
aelknerjust trying to make code readable, but never mind17:52
aelknerwho needs to read code easily17:52
th1a_Well... making the template more readable at the expense of the CSS.17:52
yvlhmm, I really have trouble formulating the thing17:52
* yvl would like to prefix, well, atomic things17:52
aelkneri was talking about making CSS more readable17:53
yvllike activity - a thing17:53
aelknerbut whatever, my toughts seem to fall on deaf ears17:53
th1a_CSS is carefully constructed to not require hyphenation here to create namespaces.17:53
yvlif activity has sub-elements like title, label and so on17:53
yvlkeep them loose17:53
aelkneri respectfully withdrawl my initial suggestion17:53
yvland style17:53
yvl.gradebook-activity .active-title17:53
aelknerwhatever, i'll name my classes foo-bar17:54
yvlaelkner, please!17:54
aelkneri tried, but once again, deaf ears17:54
aelkneri'm ready to move on from this17:54
yvlplease don't17:54
replaceafillaelkner wer'e talking about it17:54
th1a_I'm just going by the design of CSS.17:54
yvlprefixing is good17:54
aelknerthat's all i was suggesting17:55
yvlyou know what17:55
aelknerthis idea of not prefixing and using ids with css rules, ...17:55
yvllet's do it like this17:55
th1a_ #gradebook .activity is correct style.17:55
yvlsimply try out several approaches17:55
yvland whichever makes most sense, make it uniform later on17:55
th1a_Look, you're also forgetting that as much of this as possible, probably more than you think, will be used in the journal and CanDo.17:56
* yvl would really like to see aelkner do the prefixing in gradebook17:56
yvlth1a_, I remember that - but that does not matter in this discussion17:57
yvlthis is not what we are discussing about17:57
aelknerthla, i was thinking that anything that gets used in gradebook, journal and CanDo should not have prefixes17:57
yvlsomething will depend on something17:57
aelknerthose should be identifiable by the fact htat they don't have prefixes17:57
yvlparent something will define the namespace17:57
yvlthe prefix, I mean17:58
yvland it's a very good chance that this will be gradebook17:58
th1a_The point is you should identify those things by looking at CSS.17:58
th1a_If that is difficult for you, you need to get better at reading CSS.17:59
* yvl should really think up an example how we can get screwed17:59
aelknerthat should be a credo for schooltool in general17:59
aelkner'f you have problems reading this code, you should get better at reading code' :)18:00
yvlCSS rules are usually extremely loose - and it's easy to get accidental composition of different rules18:00
th1a_A major objective of this work is clean, correct CSS.18:00
th1a_yvl: That's ok.18:00
yvlwell, if you say so18:01
aelknerth1a, for some reason you think i'm having a problem with CSS rules18:01
aelknerwhich i never said i did18:01
aelknerbut that's the deaf ears part again18:01
aelknerif i'm can;t be heard, then i'll shut up18:01
th1a_All I'm saying is that you shouldn't need prefixes per component.18:02
th1a_It is bad style.18:02
aelkneri thought it would be nice to have any css class that does not apply to the whole app18:02
th1a_It is like violating PEP 8.18:02
aelknerto have a prefix that shows that to be the case18:02
th1a_You can do that like:18:02
th1a_ #gradebook .activity is correct style.18:03
th1a_All I'm saying is ^18:03
th1a_Not gradebook-activity.18:03
yvlth1a_, a nitpick:  not #gradebook (that's an id selector)18:03
aelknerthat's what he is saying18:03
yvl.gradebook .activity18:03
aelknerhe wants us to use ids to change css rules locally18:03
aelkneror maybe not :)18:04
yvlif you don't define the loose:18:04
yvl.activity {...}18:04
yvlit does not affect antyghin18:04
th1a_To be clear, I'm anti-hyphen primarily.18:04
th1a_If we aren't talking about hyphens, good.18:04
aelknerwait, didn't we have a firm agreement that we were to use hyphens!18:05
aelknerthat was jquery-driven cnvention, i believe18:05
yvlth1a_ that was about "#"18:05
yvlyes, aelkner we're using - and not _18:05
aelknerth1a. please let's stay on the same page here18:05
th1a_replaceafill:  You are CSS Czar.18:05
aelknerand not change agreements we made in the past18:06
replaceafilloh oh18:06
replaceafilli'm still trying to get yvl's point about the sidebar and the summary18:06
aelknerth1a, what's this CZAR thing anyway, are you a republican?18:06
replaceafillbut i'm ok with using .UNIQUECLASSHERE .NOTSOUNIQUECLASSHERE18:07
aelknerdoesn't sound very left to me!18:07
th1a_My management philosophy and politics are separate.18:08
aelkneri don't think we've decided anything here, so won't do anything differently18:09
aelknerno prefixes until we all agree to use them18:09
yvlaelkner, if it's not too hard18:09
yvlplease us the .gradebook .sub .elements .here notation18:09
yvl* please use18:10
th1a_replaceafill, do you agree?18:10
aelknerso if i have a column that needs a certain width18:10
replaceafillth1a_ yes18:10
aelkneri should just call it column or name or activity or whatever i want18:10
yvloh, /me remembered something18:11
aelknerthat's fine, and i know how to use CSS rules18:11
yvlthat darn thing works both ways18:11
yvlsay you customize some.. h3 in gradebook18:11
yvlby doing so:18:11
yvl.gradebook .content h3 {}18:11
yvlthen if you put any viewlets from core, you're humped18:11
replaceafillyvl the way i see it18:12
th1a_We'll cross that bridge when we get to it.18:12
aelknerhello, what do think i was talking about from the start?!18:12
aelkneragain, deaf ears, i'm moving on18:12
replaceafillyvl and this is why i don't understand the sidebar part18:12
replaceafillif you put a piece of html inside another container18:12
replaceafillit's a new style18:13
replaceafill(at least to me)18:13
replaceafillyou took it out of context18:13
yvlaelkner, sorry, end of the day - /me is a bit dumb.  As in - stupid.18:13
aelkneryvl, i don't agree that you're stupid18:13
yvlright, I think I confused you with sidebar thing18:14
aelknerif anything you saw my point if none else did18:14
th1a_The whole point of Cascading Style Sheets is you have to manage the cascade.18:14
th1a_Not elude it.18:14
yvlwe understand that18:15
yvlthe thing is18:15
yvlthere is a good question18:15
yvlhow to better manage it18:15
yvlthink: viewlets and plugins18:15
yvlthat should say it all18:15
th1a_We don't need a lot of specialized classes.18:16
th1a_If we need a lot, we're doing it wrong.18:16
yvlI think you just don't get the point of the problem - or rather I'm a bit too tired and see something wrong18:16
aelkneri think what th1a is saying is this:18:17
aelknerif we need a gradebook column to have a certain width18:17
aelknerwe can still name the css class for that columns something like 'name'18:17
aelknerand the css rule:18:17
aelkner.gradebook .name {}18:17
aelknerwould be enough to solve the problem18:18
th1a_And it is proper style.18:18
aelkneri'm ok with that, and i'll table the whole prefix suggestion18:18
* yvl would like to add on this:18:18
th1a_Essentially, all the grid style should probably be going straight into core anyhow.18:18
aelknerif we run into the problems with viewlets using css names18:18
yvlisolate the "generic" things as best as you can18:18
yvl.gradebook .something-specific .name18:18
aelknerthat happen to collide with the local css rules18:18
aelknerthen we'll worry about that then18:19
th1a_And then when we find parts that don't work for, say, journal, split only those fragments into the component CSS.18:19
* yvl wants to be on advisory board of what goes where as far as plugins ar concerned18:20
yvland modules inside those plugins, for that matter18:20
th1a_There should be very, very little custom css for any component.18:20
* yvl agrees18:21
yvlthen again18:21
th1a_If that's not true, we're doing it wrong.18:21
aelknerwell, for starters, the grid css needs to be different than the table css we have18:21
yvlthen again18:21
aelknergirds can't have things like width: 100%18:21
yvlunless there's a common case of that grid18:21
th1a_It is not unique to gradebook.18:21
yvlit will not land into trunk18:21
th1a_It is a generic widget.18:21
yvlth1a_ were else do you see it?18:22
yvlin core?18:22
yvl* where18:22
yvlwhat view18:22
yvlmy god18:22
th1a_The CSS?18:22
yvlthese discussion should never ever happen18:22
th1a_OK, not literally a widget.18:22
th1a_Sorry for using that term.18:22
yvlstop making mess in my beautiful codebase!!!! :)18:23
th1a_The CSS is generic, at least.18:23
aelknerth1a wants the grid css to be generic, right?18:23
aelknerthat's why it should go in core18:23
aelknerthen gradebook could use it18:23
* yvl goes to kill himself18:23
aelknerjournal, too18:23
replaceafillyvl :D18:23
aelkneryvl, you can't get this upset, i'm the one who is suppose to aggravate th1a18:24
th1a_The grids should be based on the same styles, that's pretty obvious.18:24
yvlwhy core???18:24
th1a_I.e., not in gradebook.18:24
aelkneryvl, where should grid.css go for all plugins to find it if not in core?18:24
th1a_You don't want to create module dependencies.18:24
yvlreally now.18:25
* yvl is tired and frankly - very very angry18:25
yvllet me sleep over this18:25
aelkneryvl, what did i say?18:25
yvlI'm not angry at you aelkner18:25
th1a_We're probably just miscommunicating.18:25
replaceafillsorry yvl :(18:25
yvland not at you, replaceafill18:25
* th1a_ looks around.18:25
aelkneryes, let's ot jump to emotional conclusions18:25
yvlthat's why we should postpone the discussion :)18:26
* yvl doesn't want to say something inappropriate18:26
aelknerok, i suggest the following18:26
aelknerreplaceafill and i will work on grid.css in gradebook18:26
th1a_Given that I can't even imagine what yvl is angry about at this point, I think we're confused.18:26
aelknerwe'll get rid of prefixes for now18:26
aelkneryvl, you cold look over what we come up with tomorrow before we awake18:27
aelknerthen we could discuss it calmly18:27
aelknersound like a plan?18:27
yvlwell, frankly I would prefer to look over this in few weeks18:27
yvlthere's calendaring to do18:27
yvland a deadline approaching to the whole remake18:27
aelknerok, never mind, replaceafill and i will work out what we need to do18:27
yvlI'll trust your judgment :)18:28
aelknertalk about blind faith :)18:28
yvlok guys... sorry for ruining part of your day18:29
aelknerguys, sorry to open wounds18:29
aelkneri was really trying to help, i swear18:29
yvldevelopers tend to be passionate about their work... it's normal :)18:29
th1a_I'm glad we sort of cleared that up.18:29
th1a_And I'm pretty sure yvl is thinking of something completely different at this point than the rest of us, so that'll be cleared up in time.18:30
aelknerlet's release yvl with peace in his heart18:30
yvlthanks guys18:30
th1a_Go in peace, my friend, and have a beer.18:30
yvlsee you tomorrow :)18:30
aelkneryvl, happy drinking!18:30
* yvl goes away with a warm feeling ;)18:30
aelknerreplaceafill, want to take a lunch break before starting?18:31
th1a_Might be a good idea.  ;-)18:31
replaceafill9:30 here :P18:31
replaceafillbut ok18:31
replaceafilli'll be here18:31
replaceafill9:30 am, no lunch yet ;)18:31
aelkneri thought you were only one hour different than east coast USA18:32
aelkneris it two all year round?18:32
replaceafilljust when you change in the summer18:32
aelknerso you guys don't change at all, right?18:32
aelkneri see18:32
replaceafillbut i'll be here18:33
aelknerwell, let's take a break and meet in about an hour, ok?18:33
*** menesis has quit IRC19:13
th1a_replaceafill, aelkner: ayt?19:47
th1a_Should we start by looking at the gradebook CSS thus far?19:48
th1a_By "we" I mean "you."19:49
replaceafillhhmm i dont see aelkner's changes in trunk19:49
* replaceafill goes to check aelkner's branches19:49
th1a_OK, well, that was a short project.19:50
th1a_He might not have committed them.19:50
replaceafillah yes, i remember he said something about that earlier19:50
* replaceafill sets up aelkner's flourish branch19:52
th1a_replaceafill: do we have a running test instance that the journal works on.19:52
* th1a_ can't remember why it isn't enabled on his local one.19:52
replaceafillthe timetable work broke it19:52
replaceafilli mean, the journal19:52
replaceafillth1a_ you're talking about the flourish version, right?19:53
th1a_No.  The old one.19:54
replaceafillhold on, let me get the link19:54
replaceafillok, aelkner's flourish branch is set in my instance19:58
replaceafillhhhmm no, i'll better wait for aelkner, this is not his last version20:02
replaceafill(i think)20:02
*** alga has quit IRC20:03
replaceafillok, i've set up some activities20:11
* th1a_ will call aelkner.20:13
*** menesis has joined #schooltool20:13
aelknerth1a, replaceafill, i'm here20:15
aelknerreplaceafill, you need me to push my changes to trunk, i understand20:15
th1a_Push them to somewhere.20:16
replaceafillaelkner i branched your flourish branch20:16
replaceafillit's the latest, right?20:16
aelknerexcept the freeze column stuff20:16
replaceafillah ok, push to trunk then20:16
replaceafillso we both can commit20:16
replaceafillin case we need it20:16
aelkneri was just trying to decide what i was going to keep in my commit20:17
aelknerfor instance, i put python: True20:17
aelkneror False in the template to allow me to easily turn them on and off20:18
aelkneri'll keep that in there, you'll see the benefit20:18
aelkneri got it to line up pretty close, but even the slightest off makes it blurry20:18
aelkneralso, since i had to use position: absolute to get the two divs to overlap each other, the Save button gets20:19
aelknerpushed to the top, behind the divs that have hiher z-index20:19
aelkneranyway, i'll ping you when i've gotten it pushed20:20
aelknerreplaceafill, i pushed to trunk, but i want to make sure we are looking at the same code20:28
aelknerand the same running instance20:28
aelkneras we discuss things, i'd like to see it come out in firebug20:28
aelknerand also, where would you post your changes so I can see the diffs?20:29
replaceafillthat means just one of us makes the changes then20:29
replaceafillwhy don't you make the changes20:29
replaceafillin your instance20:29
aelknerok, i can do that quikly20:30
aelknerand you can play around with things without commiting them, right?20:30
aelknerthen you could pass along a suggestion for a change20:30
aelkneri think that would work well20:30
aelknerso, you could continue branching and pulling from my branch20:30
aelkneranyway, what do you think about the css?20:31
replaceafilli won't touch code aelkner20:31
replaceafillyou will20:31
aelknerbesides the four different naming conventions :)20:31
replaceafillcan you point me to a section with data in your instance?20:31
aelknerwait, sorry, havne't loaded my instance yet :)20:31
aelkneri was just worrying about branches20:32
aelknerjelkner/jelkner, and don't forget to ctrl-shift-r which i keep doing :)20:33
replaceafillit makes me dizzy :D20:34
aelkneroh stop those meaningless emoticons20:34
aelkneri meant the first one20:34
aelkneryeah, maaaaaaan20:35
th1a_^ ^20:35
aelkneris that what :| means, trippy? :)20:35
aelkneror tripped out20:35
aelknerthat looks like a i dunno20:35
aelknerthe lengths of each line are differenct20:36
replaceafillyou see it like this too?20:36
replaceafillcould you turn it off?20:36
aelknerthe length of each line is different20:36
replaceafilllet's focus on the other issues first20:37
replaceafillpadding, margins, etc20:37
replaceafillof the content area20:37
aelknerthe calculations of lengths and widths is key20:37
aelknerok, sorry, you first20:37
replaceafilllet's fix the form margins first20:37
replaceafillremove the title20:37
replaceafillsome things th1a asked20:37
aelknerremoving the title is tricky20:37
aelknerbut we can make a decision on how to do it now together20:38
replaceafillwhy don't just set the title="" in the zcml directive?20:38
replaceafillor return None in the view class20:39
aelknerit's the template in the flourish skin20:39
aelknerdiv class="page"20:39
replaceafillthe title and subtitle are conditional, right?20:39
aelknerthere is an alternative if the condition is not met20:40
aelknerso seomthing always renders there20:40
* replaceafill goes look20:40
replaceafillwe can either:20:40
aelkneralso, the div class="header" always renders20:41
replaceafillremove that alternative condition from the template or set an empty content title for the IGradebook objects20:41
aelknerwhat if we made that conitional on both title and subtitle?20:41
replaceafillwe can set an empty provider for the whole header20:41
replaceafilli vote for the last one20:41
aelkner+1 on simply removing the alternative condition20:41
aelknerhere's the thing20:41
aelknerthe alternative is there for convenience20:42
aelkneri think forcing us to supply one explicitly is better20:42
aelknerwhat do you think?20:42
aelknerit's easy to set title=None in view class or zcml20:42
aelknerlike you said20:42
replaceafilli think removing the alternative will break existing views20:42
replaceafillnot everything sets titles20:43
aelknera simple idea:20:43
aelkneradd an attribute to Page, etc.20:43
aelknercalled no_title20:43
aelknerand have it set to False by default20:44
aelknerthen have the div class="header" have tal:condition=".../no_title"20:44
aelkneractually, has_title would be better20:44
aelknerthat whole div could be controlled that way20:45
replaceafilli'd just set an empty page_navigation provider for the gradebook main view20:45
th1a_Why don't existing views set titles?  What goes there?20:45
aelknersorry, didn't see the nav links20:45
th1a_Blank space?20:45
replaceafillth1a it's an adapter20:46
replaceafillif the view doesnt set a title, a content adapter is called20:46
replaceafillfor instance, the email container used to have "Outgoing Email" set as title20:46
replaceafillso any view with no title on the email container, displayed that20:47
replaceafilleverytime you see "Your School"20:47
replaceafillit's probably the content adapter on app20:47
replaceafillgetting the title for the view from app.title20:47
aelknerso title is meant to be the context title mostly, right th1a?20:47
replaceafill(which in turns takes it from the preferences) :)20:48
aelknerso Gradebook is appropriate20:48
th1a_Except we want that space.20:48
aelkneryeah, true20:48
replaceafillwe're not rendering ANYTHING there20:48
replaceafillso, an empty provider for that part seems appropriate to me20:48
aelkneryou forgot to mention the nav links20:48
aelkneri thought you did, but you were talking about the content provider20:49
replaceafillaelkner we dont use the navlinks in header20:49
aelknerwe don't?20:49
replaceafillthe secondary and tertiary navigations are outside20:49
aelknerwhat's the div dong there then?20:49
replaceafillabove and below20:49
replaceafillit was on yvls original design20:49
replaceafillthat example we showed us at the beginning20:49
aelknerso, should we remove it?20:50
replaceafilli think we could20:50
aelknerbut that's a red herring at the moment because the condition is always false, right?20:51
replaceafillwhy dont you like the empty provider for the whole header?20:51
aelknerdid you suggest something somewhere that i missed?20:52
aelknerplease restate20:52
replaceafill"we can set an empty provider for the whole header"20:52
aelknerok, now you can translate that :)20:52
replaceafill <div class="header"20:52
replaceafill    width: 140px;                                                                                      |     tal:define="navigation providers/page_navigation|nothing">20:52
replaceafill  <div class="header"20:53
replaceafill     tal:define="navigation providers/page_navigation|nothing">20:53
replaceafillthe header is rendered from that provider: page_navigation20:53
replaceafillah damn20:53
replaceafillno forget it!20:53
replaceafillmy bad20:53
replaceafillit's define!20:53
replaceafillnot condition :(20:53
th1a_What if the adapter returns nothing?20:54
replaceafillemtpy title then20:54
aelknerok, so we need a condition there is what i thought you saying20:54
aelknercondition on empty title can't work20:54
replaceafillaelkner this is what i'd do20:54
replaceafillset an empty title provider on the IGradebook20:54
replaceafilland not set the title on the view20:55
replaceafillthat way you don't have any20:55
aelknerthen a condition on both, right?20:55
replaceafillwill you try that?20:55
replaceafillthe conditions are already there20:55
replaceafillyou dont set the view title, right?20:55
aelkneri get it20:55
replaceafillso you get to the alternative20:55
replaceafillbut the alternative renders nothing20:56
aelknerall three sub-divs are conditional20:56
aelknerif all all false, then none will render20:56
aelknerthat only leaves the empty containing div class="head"20:56
replaceafillah crap!20:56
replaceafillit's tal:content :(20:56
replaceafillwe'll get an emtpy h1 :(20:56
th1a_Can't you change it?20:57
replaceafillit seems like we have to change the template20:57
replaceafillth1a_ right20:57
aelknerwe're discussing that now th1a20:57
aelknerthat's what i've been saying20:57
replaceafillaelkner go ahead20:57
aelknerjust the right change would be nice :)20:57
aelknerwe were both throwing out suggestions, let's reign them in20:57
replaceafillset tal:condition on the alternative?20:58
aelknerwe could put a condition on the div class="header"20:58
aelknerbut i wouldn't want to put pythoin in the template, right?20:58
aelknerso a simple no_header tests20:58
replaceafillwhy not tal:condition on the alternative?20:58
aelkner@propety in code20:58
replaceafillso we're get an emtpy <div class="header">20:59
aelknerthere are three tests in the header div20:59
aelknerthe title, the alternative and the navigation20:59
aelknerunless the navigation is gone, then ust the two20:59
replaceafillhhmm no, you're right aelkner20:59
replaceafillwe have to take the whole <div.header>20:59
aelknerdoes that have css rules?20:59
replaceafillit has padding21:00
aelknerbut if it didn't exist?21:00
aelknerthe tal:condition?21:00
aelknersee, here's the thing21:00
aelknerwe already forked the view class/templates for WideContainerPage21:01
aelknernow, we have a case where we don't want the header21:01
aelkneri say these things should be contolled by class attributes21:01
aelknerand not by woing willy-nilly cloning code21:02
replaceafillnobody has suggested cloning, right?21:02
aelknerin the past, that has been the rule!21:02
replaceafillwe're not cloning aelkner21:03
aelknerdidn't you once say, 'everyone is doing it'21:03
aelkner'look all over schooltool source'21:03
* th1a_ sighs.21:03
* replaceafill sighs...21:03
aelkneryeah, that one again21:03
replaceafillok, let's clone! ;)21:03
aelknerserves e right for caring, right?21:04
aelkneri'd rather reverse clone if possible21:04
aelknernot even have WideContainer Page even use a different template21:04
replaceafillok, i'll let you that plumbing work, since i suck at it ;)21:04
aelknerthe css class is all that is different21:04
aelknerin our new case here21:04
aelknerwe only need to have a div not appear21:05
aelknerthese things shold be controlled by intelligent view classes21:05
aelknerand not by cloning code and templates all over the place21:05
aelkneryvl agrees with me whole-heartedly21:05
th1a_We don't need this meta-discussion.21:05
aelknerin order to decide how to proceed, i see no other way21:06
replaceafillaelkner go ahead, remove the <div class="header"> from the gradebook view21:06
replaceafillwe'll set the appropriate padding after that21:07
* replaceafill goes to see how much that would be21:07
aelknerreplaceafill, hugh?21:07
aelknerwe're talking about main.pt21:08
aelknerso there's nothing to remove from the gradebook21:08
replaceafillfrom the gradebook view21:09
replaceafillyou need to set the attribute you were talking about, right?21:09
aelkneri thought we were talking about reming the div class="header"?21:09
replaceafillbut we use it in other views!21:10
aelknerthats what i was saying21:10
aelknerby default, true21:10
aelknergradebook overrides it21:10
replaceafillso the gradebook does need to change :p21:11
aelknergood choices21:11
aelknerby default we show it21:11
aelkneri'm trying to get into the mind of the developer reading it...21:12
aelknerwhat do you think of show_header?21:12
replaceafilli like render_header, but i'll leave it up to you21:13
aelknerrender_header is cool21:13
aelknerit's the same thing really21:13
aelknerso i'll change trunk for that and push it first21:14
aelknerthen i'll change the gradebook to not render it21:14
aelknerthen i'll ping you21:14
aelknerafter loading the instance21:14
replaceafillth1a_ and :D21:16
th1a_Uh... little outlines around the white boxes?21:17
replaceafillno, Server title in both :)21:18
th1a_In exactly the same place.21:18
replaceafillalmost ;)21:18
*** alga has joined #schooltool21:19
aelknerreplaceafill, th1a,
aelkneri pushed my core changes all the way out to trunk21:30
aelkneri won't push to gradebook trunk unless someone asks me to occasionally21:30
th1a_What needs fixing?21:31
replaceafillaelkner now we need a way to set a custom class on the <div class="page"> container21:32
replaceafillto mark the view as *the* gradebook view21:32
aelknerin order to mark it up with different rules, right?21:32
aelkneri think we should make the same kind of change to the Page class to have some of these classes21:33
aelkneras view attributes21:33
aelknerthen we wouldn't even need WideContainerPAge21:33
th1a_Well... please keep remembering that these will be characteristics of all grid-based views.21:34
aelkneryeah, replaceafill, why do we need rules at the page level for this?21:34
aelknercouldn't we have a div class="grid"21:34
aelknerand put all the rules there?21:35
replaceafillto me it should be rendered like <div class="page grid">21:35
replaceafillan extra class21:35
replaceafillsee the old page_nosidebar.pt21:37
replaceafill<div class="container expand_container">21:37
replaceafillextra class besides the original "container"21:37
aelknerwhy do you say old?21:37
replaceafillbecause widepage is newer :)21:37
aelkneri thought you meant no longer in use21:38
replaceafillno, we still use it in some places21:38
replaceafillanyway, see both classes21:38
replaceafillgrid should be extra i think21:38
replaceafillor you lose all the styles from .page21:39
aelknerwhat if we have more than one grid on a page?21:39
aelkneris that even a possibility?21:39
aelknerif so, should the grid class go in a sub-div o the page div21:40
aelkneri.e., multiple subdivs21:40
replaceafillmultiple grids with multiple tertiary navs?21:40
aelknerand wouldn't any page rules still aplly to anyting grid rules didn't override?21:40
aelknerreplaceafill, good point21:41
aelknerany grid with tertiary nav has to be the only grid21:41
th1a_One grid.21:41
th1a_Tertiary nav.21:42
th1a_Now this discussion is making me feel like the grids should have their own page template...21:43
* th1a_ looks up in the air.21:43
aelknerwe have a whole set of rules that replaceafill worked on that he doesn't want to lose21:43
th1a_I'm not particularly serious.21:43
aelknerso i get the need for the class="page"21:43
aelkneri'm just ignoring you partly :)21:44
replaceafillit's not that i dont want to lose them, it's that you'll need to set the styles back21:44
replaceafillif you remove the class21:44
aelknerbut replaceafill, is there any reason the grid css couldn't be defined in a lower level div21:44
replaceafilldo it in firefox :)21:44
replaceafilland you'll see the mess ;)21:45
aelknerdoing what exactly?21:45
replaceafillaelkner no, you can do that21:45
replaceafilldeja vu! :)21:45
replaceafillopen firebug21:45
aelknerok, so you agree we don't need to change the page template21:45
aelkneror the base view class21:45
aelknerjust the content are template21:45
aelknerit has to have a div class="grid"21:45
replaceafillaelkner no21:45
replaceafillthe problem is the tertiary nav21:46
aelknerwherin the table is contained21:46
aelknerwhat about it21:46
replaceafillit's outside the content div21:46
aelknerthat's all right21:46
aelknernow that i think about it21:46
aelknerthe tertiary div is designed to go above the content div, right?21:46
replaceafillyes21:46 has two children: .third-nav and .body21:47
replaceafill.body contains the sidebar and content area21:47
replaceafillthat's why i think you need to modify .page21:47
replaceafillto be <div class="page grid">21:47
replaceafillthe top padding/margin will be on .grid21:48
replaceafillto separate it from the breadcrumbs21:48
aelkneri'll take your word on the nature of the integration of css rules with div structure21:49
aelknerwe could add a page_class attribute to Page21:50
aelknerand it can be overriden in grid view classes like GradebookOverview to be "page grid"21:50
aelknerthen no need for a new template21:51
aelkneri can do that one right away, too21:51
aelknerthen you realize, replaceafill, that we could get rid of widecntainer!21:52
aelknerwe could keep the bse view class for now21:53
aelknerbut axing the template would please me no little bit21:53
replaceafillthen you'll need to mark the content area21:53
aelknerhow do you mean?21:53
replaceafillwidecontainer marks the content area, not the page div21:53
aelknerreplaceafill, sorry, you're right, not the same thng21:54
aelknerbut you see how that could have been soved with a view class variable?21:54
aelknerwe need to start doing things like that21:55
aelknerit will speed up our ability to make conditional changes to the div classes21:55
aelkneranyway, it's that needs to render the conditional class, so i'll do that21:56
replaceafillyou could leave 'page' by default21:57
aelkneryes, it will be21:57
replaceafillthis is what you get if you remove 'page' from that div: :)21:59
aelkneryeah, well, what would be the point of removing something that is so central to the look22:01
aelknerreplaceafill, ok, so i put the grid class in:22:24
replaceafillah ok22:25
th1a_The tertiary navigation shouldn't literally be butting up against the header.22:25
th1a_Align it with the sidebar.22:25
replaceafillnow, i'd set .schooltool > .grid {padding-top: 16px;}22:25
replaceafillth1a only for this view?22:26
th1a_I will be saying nothing gradebook specific.22:26
th1a_I'm only talking about grid views generically.22:26
replaceafilli mean, all the other views with tertiary nav stay the same, right?22:26
replaceafillaelkner that sounds like cloning :(22:27
replaceafillthe tertiary nav will need to be contained in the div.container22:28
replaceafillunless we use a css negative margin hack22:28
replaceafillsomething like:22:29
replaceafill.grid > .body > .refine {22:29
replaceafill    margin-top: -40px;22:29
replaceafillhhmm nope, we'd need to move the third-nav to the div.container22:31
aelkneri pushed my gradebook changes to trunk, too22:33
aelknerreplaceafill, sounds like you are thinking out loud here22:34
aelkneri mean, you designed the page templates to work with the css classees and rules22:34
aelknerif you can change the templates to make the rules as simple as possible, i'd recommend that22:34
aelknerbut i can't comment on the absolute need for a negative margin hack22:34
aelknercan you move around the divs some to remove the necessity for that?22:35
aelknerwe can continue to add view class conditions to the templates22:35
aelknerthat has been working well so far today :)22:35
replaceafilleither way would involve negative margin or absolute positioning :(22:35
replaceafilleither on .grid or .page22:36
aelknerit's tricky i'm sure22:36
replaceafillfor the tertiary nav22:36
aelkneri'll trust your decision either way22:36
aelknerjust hoping to emphasize simplicity22:36
replaceafilllet me check the tertiary nav styles22:36
aelknerbut you will have to do what you have to do22:36
aelknerbtw, why do we have this problem suddenly22:37
aelknerbecause we remoced the header div?22:37
replaceafillno, because th1a_ wants the sidebar aligned to the third-nav22:37
replaceafillin grid views22:37
aelknerand the header is above the third-nav, right?22:38
replaceafillthe header is not the problem22:38
replaceafillaelkner you changes are in trunks, right?22:39
replaceafilli'll fix the third-nav as th1a_ requested22:39
replaceafillgive me a few mins22:39
replaceafilli don't want to clone, but...22:40
replaceafilli'll try to fix it with css first22:40
replaceafillaelkner could you confirm something:22:55
replaceafilldo you see the Save button above the gradebook grid?22:55
* replaceafill goes to check chrome22:56
replaceafillah ok, chrome does the same22:57
aelknerreplaceafill, i noticed the Save button moved up23:03
aelkneri mentioned that this morning23:03
aelknerit has something to do with the position: absolute i think23:03
aelknerit's like divs with position: absolute take up no space, right?23:03
aelknerthat's why the second grid can overlay the first23:04
aelkneri think23:04
replaceafillwell, it's possible:
replaceafillwill fix the button issue now23:11
aelknerwhat's possible?23:11
replaceafilldoing it with css23:11
replaceafillwithout cloning ;)23:11
th1a_It is possible for the server to be down.  ;-)23:11
replaceafillth1a_ it works for me23:12
aelknerdoing what?23:12
replaceafillaelkner moving the third-nav23:12
aelknerah, i see23:13
aelkneryeah, that's better looking23:13
aelknerwhat was the change?23:13
replaceafill+.schooltool > .grid {23:13
replaceafill+    padding-top: 16px;23:13
replaceafill+.grid > .third-nav {23:13
replaceafill+    position: absolute;23:13
replaceafill+    left: 208px;23:13
replaceafill+.grid > .body > .widecontainer {23:13
replaceafill+    padding-top: 37px;23:13
replaceafill+    width: 736px;23:14
replaceafillsorry for the flooding :(23:14
th1a_aelkner:  Are you able to open replaceafill's link?23:14
aelkneryes, i was23:14
aelknertry again23:14
aelkneri'll try again23:14
th1a_I have been.23:14
aelknerit keeps working23:14
aelknerwhat happens for you?23:15
replaceafillhhmm, th1a_ will try a different port23:15
th1a_It keeps not working.23:15
th1a_This webpage is not available.23:15
aelknerprogram exception23:15
aelknerah the page23:15
th1a_I wonder if my internet connection is up.23:15
aelknerwell, you're talking here, so...23:15
th1a_However, about this CSS...23:20
aelknernow i can't view the site!23:21
th1a_At 7777?23:21
aelknerok, thanks23:21
th1a_Did you align the content area with the sidebar or the sidebar with the content area?23:21
aelknerreplaceafill, where's the freezecol stuff?23:21
replaceafillaelkner i removed it23:22
replaceafillwell, hid it23:22
aelkneryeah, no kidding23:22
replaceafilland removed the position: absolute on the gradebook23:22
replaceafillwe can start from here23:22
aelknerand what about the sidebar not going all the way up?23:22
aelkneryou had that working in 666923:23
replaceafillth1a_ fixing the sidebar23:23
replaceafillth1a_ is it ok like that?23:26
replaceafillrefresh :)23:26
* th1a_ is ordering some Bob and Timmy's...23:26
th1a_I was thinking more like 16px.23:27
th1a_We don't need to jam it up there.23:27
replaceafilli tried it23:27
replaceafillhhmm maybe we're not seeing the same23:28
th1a_Maybe I want more.23:28
replaceafillwe're talking about the Section text, right?23:28
th1a_It is less than the space between the sidebar and the content area.23:28
th1a_The gradebook?23:28
replaceafilllet me show you how it was23:28
th1a_I meant more space between secondary nav and the content area/sidebar.23:28
replaceafillok, resetting and adding more space23:29
th1a_Also, my holy grail here is getting the grid to be right up against the top right of the content area.23:30
* th1a_ might hate it once he sees it.23:30
replaceafillthat's 24px23:32
th1a_How about 48.23:32
th1a_That'll do for now.23:33
aelknerwhy so much white space?23:33
aelkneri liked 24px better23:33
replaceafilli thought th1a_ wanted it very tight23:34
aelknerthere's still lots of whitespace there that isn't doing anything23:34
th1a_It is less than half what was there before.23:35
aelknerreplaceafill, what are you styling, .grid?23:35
* aelkner wishes he could see a diff, couldn't you commit and push at least to your own banch?23:36
* th1a_ has to go get pizza.23:36
replaceafillaelkner i can push to trunk23:37
replaceafillaelkner pushed23:38
replaceafillok, now we're removing the extra space above the header, right?23:39
aelknerreplaceafill, are you asking th1a?23:49
aelknerhe's out for pizza23:49
replaceafillno, i was thinking out loud :)23:49
replaceafilli'm making these changes now23:50
aelknerso when can we look at the freezecol stuff?23:50
replaceafillhold on, almost there23:50
replaceafillaelkner refresh23:51
replaceafillah the right part23:52
replaceafillok, i think we got it23:53
aelknerless whitespace, better23:54
replaceafillok, aelkner i'm putting back the freezcol23:55
aelknerwasn't it nice that i put that tal:condition in there? :)23:55
replaceafilli use tal:condition="nothing" :P23:56
replaceafillok, put it back23:56
aelknershould i refresh?23:56
replaceafillyou know, i'll push these last changes before23:56
* replaceafill checks first with chrome23:57
replaceafillchange pushed to trunk23:59

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