IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2011-08-01

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th1ahi replaceafill, aelkner, yvl, menesis.16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:30
yvlgood morning16:30
th1aWe should probably start by looking at the new /server page.16:32
* th1a doesn't have the test server bookmarked on this computer...16:32
th1aSo... that's it.16:33
replaceafill"Pack database" doesn't work yet :)16:33
yvlwell, I have few comments if I may :)16:33
yvlfirst of all - I like most of it16:34
yvland especially the part where you renamed it to Server16:34
th1aStarting with warm feedback, good...16:34
yvlbut few things strike me a bit odd16:34
yvlon one hand school name kind of fits there16:34
yvlbut it's a bit odd that it is a part of server and not school16:34
th1aYes, that's a good point.16:35
yvlalso - "calendar"16:35
yvltwo things there16:35
* yvl is somewhat dubious about "front page calendar" setting there16:36
yvlbut probably it is a good place to put it16:36
yvlsecond, I lean towards renaming "calendar settings" to localization settings or something16:36
yvland maybe we can add other things to those later16:37
th1aWell... Calendar is really an oddball.16:37
yvllike "use language prefered by user's browser settings"16:37
yvl"use this language [v   ....  ]"16:37
th1aThat is, one would think there would be similar settings for other components, but I guess there aren't for some reason.16:38
yvland... sort people names by this language: [ v ...]16:38
yvlwell these are localization settings in my head - hence there are those for calendar and that's it16:39
yvlbecause we set languages in .conf file now16:39
th1aI think Calendar is kind of wrong there, but we might as well leave it there for now.16:39
yvlwe can get that in next release16:40
th1aBut yes, we could move school name to school.16:40
replaceafillunder Customize in School?16:40
th1aI guess so.16:41
yvlalso, a small suggestion16:41
yvlrename ZODB control to Database control16:41
yvlI think that would make a bit easier to discover the path to the database16:42
yvlsince people have been asking that AFAIR16:42
th1aWell, just put it in the shorter server information table then.16:42
replaceafilli thought we were moving the database info to /control16:42
replaceafilland getting rid of ZODB coontrol16:42
th1aI forgot why it was useful.16:42
yvlright, replaceafill16:43
yvlmove the path to table and get rid of zodb control then :)16:43
th1aActually, put it in settings, too.16:43
replaceafillah, ok16:43
th1a /settings16:43
th1aI forgot it was a faq.16:44
th1aDon't call it database path though.16:44
th1aDatabase file?16:44
yvlmaybe plain "Database"16:45
th1aThat's probably fine.16:45
th1aAnything else?16:46
th1aOK, update yvl?16:47
yvlI did the exception days view today16:48
yvlit's a bit unorthodox; replaceafill can you please pull to your instance?16:48
replaceafillyvl done16:48
yvland now I'm working on calendars16:48
yvlth1a, please add an exception day16:50
yvland make errors as you do so16:50
yvlespecially in the second step, where you set the times of the period16:50
th1aIs this a one-period day?16:50
yvlah, here's a two period day:
yvlplease check if error view is ok16:52
yvlby erasing one "new start" but leaving "new end"16:52
th1aIt let me end the preiod before it starts.16:53
yvlit's an old bug then16:53
yvlthanks, will keep this one in mind16:53
th1aThe X should be to the right of the field.16:54
yvlwell, ok16:54
yvlit was easier to put it on the left16:54
replaceafillin, i think Date should be above the field and " Please enter the date when the periods need to be changed below. " should be the hint of the field16:55
th1aThat's the way we *used to* do things.16:55
yvlgood points guys16:56
yvlI guess I just wanted to jump to calendaring16:56
menesisI expected to be able to move a period to another day..16:56
yvlwell, technically it can be done16:56
th1aWe might be able to make the text clearer, but I'm not going to try to do it now.16:56
menesisbut it was not possible before?16:56
yvlbut I'd rather not do much work on this one now16:56
yvlno, menesis16:56
yvlas in - not possible16:57
yvlthe whole exception day situation is/was a bit hazy16:57
yvlI'd like to revisit the whole concept for next release16:57
yvlI mean - tidy up everywhere16:57
yvland make sure that it works16:57
yvlbecause cancel school in emergency was surely... weird16:58
yvlthe code, I mean16:58
* yvl doesn't trust it16:58
th1aI never trusted it at all.16:59
yvlyou were right to do so :)16:59
yvlok, so:16:59
yvlI should fix the hint/label, move the error image to the left16:59
yvlwhat else?16:59
yvlimprove error checking?16:59
yvlcan I do at least some calendaring first?17:00
yvlbecause I'm kind of in a middle of that now17:00
yvland they're messy17:00
th1aI don't have very strong feelings about the calendar other than I don't want to spend too much time on it.17:01
th1aI think we'll probably put about a developer/month into it for next release though.17:02
yvlhow much time are you willing to spend now?17:02
yvlroughly, in days17:02
th1athree or four?17:02
th1aHave it done this week.17:02
th1aIt already has sidebars anyhow.17:02
yvlwell that's the problem17:03
yvlin users' eyes it has17:03
yvlI'll have something to show you on Wed I think17:03
th1aThanks yvl.17:04
aelknersigning on as jelker/jelkner, call up:17:05
aelkneri made a umber of improvements17:06
aelknergot rid of the javascript warning, hid the error message div to be used later by popup dialog17:06
aelkneri got rid of all css classes from the gradebook and added new ones that i needed17:07
aelkner40px width for activity columns17:07
aelkner160px min-width for student name17:07
aelkneri ported the popup menu stuff from the r&d branch that i did over a onth ago17:08
aelkneralso, i created flourish versions of edit activity and score activity17:08
th1aCan you reverse the order of the menus in the sidebar to:17:08
aelknersure, i was already going to ask about that, but then i let it go17:09
th1aDon't let me forget to fix those activity attribute hints.17:09
* th1a is not going to do it now.17:09
yvlaelkner, if it's ok I'll review your code next week17:10
aelkneri'll try to remember :)17:10
yvlplease remind me :)17:10
th1aDo you want to do move left/move right for the columns?17:10
aelknergreat, everyone's asking the guy with the worst memory to remind them of stuff :)17:10
th1aFeel free to make the descriptions XXX in the meantime.17:11
th1aThen I won't forget.17:11
th1amenesis will remind me then.17:11
yvlbtw, "Edit" and "Score this" would look awesome as modal dialogs17:11
aelkneryvl, score this is for scoring every student for a given activity17:12
aelknerso that wouldn't be a good modal17:12
th1aaelkner:  Can you and replaceafill try to make the grid have zero margin to the top and right?17:12
aelknerwhen are we going to have css suggestions from Schwa?17:13
th1aNot for a while.17:13
th1aIt actually looks pretty good now...17:13
aelknerthere's a lot of padding css that comes from table.css17:13
aelkneri was wondering if we should override that to have less padding in the gradebook17:14
th1areplaceafill: This grid will be used mutiple places, so custom css for it is reasonable.17:14
replaceafilli agree17:14
th1aSo you guys should give that a try.17:15
aelkneri will move grid css to a special grid.css file in the gradebook17:15
aelknerthat way, we can move it to schooltool core at some point17:15
th1aI may be on crack but I think it would look ok to make the grid fill the content area completely.17:15
aelknerand then journal can just use that17:15
th1aYou don't need to move it to core at some point.17:15
aelknerdoes that seem like a plan?17:15
th1aJust put it there now.17:15
aelkneri have a list of things to do next (besides your suggestions so far)17:16
th1aDo we need the old activities view for anything other than ordering now?17:16
th1aOK, so put move left | move right in the column menu and then we dont need it.17:17
aelkner1) code grade student view17:18
aelkner2) add Settings? linkset with Preferences and Cateogry Weights links17:18
aelkner    Export XLS, Download PDF also?17:18
aelkner3) add js and pt for fixed rows/columns17:18
aelknerthat would round out the links that the old skin had for IGradebook17:19
th1adon't do preferences today.17:20
aelknerbut yes, our new design means not having to have a Manage Worsheet or Worksheets17:20
th1aMove worksheet below the activities.17:20
th1aIn add.17:21
aelknerwe just need to be able to hide a worksheet with a red '-'17:21
aelknerdo we need a popup menu for the worksheet?!17:21
aelknerthat would be tricky because the woksheets are tertiary nav17:21
th1aWell, we might need to keep the worksheets view.17:22
th1a4) add move left/right to column menu.17:23
th1aI'm going to have to go over all this more carefully tomorrow with you when I'm back home.17:23
aelkneryou already said that17:23
th1aI know, you just didn't include it in your list.  ;-017:23
aelknerok, sounds like a plan17:23
aelkneri have a question for the group17:24
th1aNow Mom's keyboard batteries are dying.17:24
aelkneri put a long student name in the demo server page i posted17:24
aelkneris it too late to talk about that17:24
th1aI'd like to see the rows forced to the same height.17:25
aelkneri was going to ask if we want to clip long names rather than letting them expand the row height17:25
aelknerreplaceafill, is there a way to do that with css?17:25
th1aWell, you can discuss the details later.17:25
replaceafillaelkner overflow: hidden i think17:26
aelknerok, thanks17:26
aelknerthis way, it won't matter how long a name thay make17:26
aelknerth1a, but 160pc looks good for the min-width, right?17:26
replaceafillwhy are we not showing the full name in the row?17:26
th1aOne thing I'd throw out is that we have three types of activities, two of which are somewhat obscure and hard to explain in a few words.17:26
th1aaelkner: Looks ok to me.17:26
aelknercould we include that in tomorrow's discussion?17:27
th1aAnd I'm wondering if perhaps we could, say, just have Add Activity and linked activities and columns as options in tertiary navigation.17:27
aelkneryou were going to change hints17:27
th1aWell, I'm priming the discussion.17:27
aelknerso we'll have plenty to discuss tomorrow17:28
aelknerin the meantime, i have plenty to do17:28
aelknercan i ask one more question?17:28
th1aRIght now the two things people are unlikely to need for a long time, if at all, kind of overwhelm the common case.17:28
yvlaelkner, by the way - can you add to student name links title="Full StudentnameStudentname" ?17:29
aelknerwe have horizontal scroll now, what about vertical?17:29
aelknerdo we want to limit the height of the grid?17:29
th1aThe reason to do it would be to lock the top row.17:29
yvl-1 personally on limit height17:29
th1aSo those go together.17:30
th1aWe could pass on it for this iteration.17:30
th1aOK, thanks aelkner.17:30
aelkneri thought we could have locked heading rows as well as columns on the left17:30
th1aaelkner: We can.17:31
aelkneranyway, i'm done17:31
th1aIf you think it is easy, you can do it now.17:31
replaceafillth1a there's one section view i don't know if we're going to port: Copy sections from previous term17:31
th1aOne last gradebook thing replaceafill & aelkner...17:32
th1aget rid of the title on the page.17:32
aelkneroh, that17:32
aelkneri was meaning to ask about that17:32
aelknerguys, do we need a new Page view class17:33
aelkneror can we make render nothing if there is not title or subtitle?17:33
aelkneri would prefer that we tweak the existing view classes17:33
th1aYou guys can sort that out later.17:33
aelknerrather than adding a new one just for that need17:33
aelknerfine, later17:33
aelkneri'll let replaceafill report17:34
replaceafillth1a the "Copy sections from previous term" is the only question i have for today17:34
replaceafillit does something related to what section_linkage does17:35
replaceafillbut in multiple sections17:35
th1aIt is mass section linkage.17:35
replaceafillif we port it, where should i put the link?17:35
replaceafillin the term?17:35
th1aI think in sections.17:35
th1aWell, sections or terms.17:36
replaceafillin /sections we would need to let the user select the term17:37
th1aHm.  We're kind of guessing what the place to put it is.17:37
th1aPut it in sections.17:38
replaceafilli have plenty in my queue too :)17:38
replaceafilladjusting /settings and /control, errors view17:38
replaceafillfixing some css hacks17:38
replaceafilland other small fixes17:39
th1aOK.  Cool.17:39
th1aI had a summit with jelkner.17:39
th1aI'll leave you with this...17:40
th1awe're probably going to partly re-write and assimilate CanDo next year.17:40
th1aHave a great day gentlemen!17:40
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:40
yvlthanks guys!17:41
replaceafillthanks everybody17:41
aelknerthanks all17:44
* replaceafill goes to get breakfast17:50
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