IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2011-07-19

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th1ahi aelkner, replaceafill, menesis.16:31
replaceafillgood morning16:31
th1aOK, how we doing aelkner?16:35
th1aOther than Halliday getting racked up.16:35
aelknerthe data is not good for testing this view16:37
aelknerthere are no groups or courses or timetables set up16:38
th1aWell, that's kinda up to you to fix aelkner.16:38
aelknerso let's get back to it after we get those things going16:38
aelknerfix what?16:38
th1aCan you make the header a proper header?16:38
th1aComing up with some sample data.16:39
th1aActually, should we do the XLS import next?!?!16:39
aelknerwhat does :| mean?  replaceafill used that yesterday, and i have no idea what that is16:40
th1areplaceafill and I went through that conversation about six months ago.16:41
th1aI have no idea.16:41
aelknerso you're just messing with me, great16:41
th1areplaceafill is messing with all of us gringos.16:42
replaceafillno, i'm not :P16:42
th1aSeriously though, we might as well do the XLS import now.16:42
th1aJust make the table header there a real table header.16:42
th1aOtherwise, looks ok.16:45
aelknerthere are no courses or timetables in the db16:47
aelknerso the copy choices don't register16:48
th1aOK, so your next job is xls import.16:48
th1aThat shouldn't take long.16:48
aelknerbtw, yvl broke the timetable data model so copying them is not possible till he returns16:48
aelknerhe got rid of ITimeTableSchemaContainer completely from the codebase for soe reason16:48
aelknerso i had to comment out that part of add year16:49
th1aHm... I guess we don't know if xls import works.16:49
aelknerfor timetables, it's probably broken16:49
aelknerbut otherwise, why do you say?16:49
th1aWell, add that.16:49
aelkneradd what?16:49
th1aFor that reason only.16:49
th1axls import16:50
* th1a is starting to lose track of what is done now.16:50
th1aHave we done courses?16:50
aelknerbut until yvl returns to explain his vast changes to the timetable data model16:50
th1aJust get the form out of the way.16:50
aelkneri can do that, i'm just saying i'll have to comment out the timetable import part as well16:51
th1aAll right.16:52
th1aForget that then.16:52
th1aOn to courses.16:52
aelknerwhere to start?16:52
th1ano wait.16:52
aelknerslow down, breath :)16:52
th1aYou need to finish terms.16:52
th1aI can't add a term yet.16:53
th1athere are two ways (at least) to do this.16:53
th1aJust "Add > Term" and you pick the year in the form.16:54
th1aOr an add link next to the year and you designate which year by which add link you pick.16:54
th1aThe first one makes it more likely you find the add link at all, but also more likely you'll add it to the wrong year.16:55
th1aEither one will work.16:55
aelkneryeah, i don't like the first one for the reasons you stated16:55
aelkneri still don't understand why the user would not like going to the schoolyear to add stuf to it16:56
th1aIt is not so bad for terms, but hard to remember which other stuff is "contained" in the year.16:56
th1aLook, I have trouble remembering.16:57
aelknerit's a difficult UI problem to be sure16:57
th1aI understand why courses are "inside" years, but it isn't even intuitive to me.16:57
th1aIt is only a difficult UI problem if you decide to do it the strange way we did, which we did because of how our database works.16:58
th1aAnd because we bolted years on after the fact.16:58
aelkneri understand we added years after the fact, but think about what the school needs16:59
aelknertypically, they don't want to think about other years16:59
th1aCan we add a plus icon in the year subheader that is a link to create a new term in that year.16:59
th1aaelkner:  it is fine.16:59
th1aIt is not a problem.16:59
aelknerso in /terms, in the subheader for the year, a plus icon to add a new term17:00
aelknerthat seems straightforward enough17:00
replaceafillis /terms public?17:01
aelknerthe plus icon can be conditional on canAccess17:01
th1aThere is no reason for it not to be replaceafill.17:01
aelknerth1a, i think you may have solved the UI problem17:02
aelknerwe could do this for /courses, too17:02
aelknerheck, even /timetables?17:02
th1aWe're at a fork in the road there so we should discuss that.17:02
th1aSo for things that there are a lot of, probably we should go to the tertiary navigation approach we discussed a bit, where there is just a page per year.17:03
th1aAnd you go to the active year by default and essentially tab to the other years.17:03
th1aSo... timetables could just be a table like this, because there aren't many.17:05
th1acourses, sections, groups should probably be multi-page.17:05
th1aMake sense?17:07
aelkneri guess, no strong opinion either way17:08
aelknerhow about we cross that bridge after i do add term?17:09
replaceafillok, i have a couple of questions17:10
replaceafilli finished the application control views17:10
replaceafillzodb is ok17:10
replaceafilltranslations domains for some reason is not picking schooltool's translations17:10
replaceafillbut my question is in Generations17:11
replaceafilli couldn't create a Data.fs that needs evolution at that point17:12
replaceafill(where you look at generations)17:12
replaceafillbecause evolution scripts are run when you start the server17:12
th1aWell... we have no reason to think it doesn't work, right?17:12
replaceafillso, when you get to that view, all the versions are up to date17:12
th1aI'm really not worried about that view.17:12
replaceafillcool, but you see how every package name is a link?17:13
replaceafilland it redirects to a view with no data17:13
th1aYes.  A quite informative link indeed.17:13
replaceafillcan we remove the link?17:13
replaceafillmenesis you around?17:14
replaceafillth1a i guess that was the only question i had :)17:14
replaceafilli'm going to remove the link and push to trunk17:14
replaceafillcan i do some cambodia work next?17:15
replaceafillor should i postpone that and continue with flourish?17:15
th1aProbably you should do Cambodia now.17:15
th1aDo you need a day or so?17:15
replaceafillah ok17:15
replaceafillyes, i think just today is enough, i have some other things i liked fixed in their gradebook17:16
replaceafilllike non-editable averages17:16
replaceafillsmall things17:16
th1aWe need to keep that moving.17:17
th1a1 day a week is fine.17:17
th1aWe all good then?17:19
th1aThanks guys.17:19
th1aI'll be around pretty much all day.17:19
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:19
replaceafillchange pushed to trunk: "Ported and styled /control"17:27
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* replaceafill steals flourish fieldset form logic for cambodia :P18:11
* aelkner goes out to run important errands this afternoon19:00
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