IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2011-06-29

replaceafillwhat do you think? :)00:00
aelknerand what code are you referring to that you did to make h3 hide/ove to dialog title00:00
replaceafillthe h3 in modal forms is hidden through css00:01
aelkneradn call_modal_form is the js that moves it to title00:02
aelknerthat part yvl did, right?00:02
replaceafillwell, yvl put it there00:02
aelknerso that's what i was blaming him for :)00:02
replaceafilli wrote the nasty hack00:02
aelknerwhich hack, the css?00:02
replaceafillback to gradebook work00:02
aelknercould you point me to it?00:02
aelknerform > .viewspace > h3 {00:04
aelkner    display: none;00:04
aelknerok, well i used h2 for now to get around that00:04
replaceafillyeah, that's bad00:05
replaceafilli hope we fix it soon00:05
aelknertomorrow morning we shall discuss it with yvl to come up with a plan for going forward00:06
th1aOne issue is why does it show a box around the first year when you open it?00:29
th1aaelkner:  Do you think you could turn this into a form with radio buttons in less than two hours?00:30
th1aAlso, aelkner, sync from trunk so I can see the new CSS with this.00:30
aelknerth1a, yes i could, so i will00:43
aelknerdo you want Submit | Cancel instead of Download | Cancel?00:44
aelknerkeep in mind that we need to preset the first radio button to selected00:52
aelknerotherwise we would need to have an error message for if the fail to select one and hit Download or Submit00:53
aelknerthen that would definitely take longer than two hours00:53
aelknerif on the other hand, we do set the first one to preselected it would not require and error message step00:54
aelknerbecause once a radio button is set, you can't unset it as far as i recall00:54
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th1apreset button is fine.02:02
th1aSubmit | Cancel02:02
aelknerth1a, loaded on my instance02:06
aelkneri anticipated you would approve preloading, so i went ahead and did it02:07
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th1aaelkner:  Why do the years/terms have the same title?02:26
th1aJust the way you set them up?02:27
aelkneryeah, my mistake, i can change the Data.fs and ship it up02:27
aelknerit's a single term year02:27
th1aThat's fine.02:27
aelknerdon't bother changing it?02:27
th1aOtherwise, looks pretty good.  You need to match replaceafill's button style.02:27
th1aI see.02:28
aelkneryeah, i was looking at the css in firebug, and i don't know whether it works for modals yet02:28
th1aIt is in the preferences modal.02:28
aelkneri follow the form .buttons .submit-widget parapdigm02:28
aelkneroh, i should check there02:28
th1aLet's discuss the year/term issue tomorrow.02:29
th1aYou can go watch the game.02:30
replaceafillaelkner make your tables to use <thead> and <tbody> when necessary02:31
replaceafillfor the meeting tomorrow: styling of generated content and styling manual content02:32
* replaceafill goes to buy dinner02:33
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th1ahi yvl, replaceafill, aelkner, menesis.16:30
yvlmorning guys16:30
th1aHow's it coming yvl?16:31
replaceafillgood morning16:32
yvlmoving forward, th1a16:32
yvlI'd like to finish the wizard tomorrow if the rest goes well16:32
yvlon a related matter:16:32
th1aGood news.16:32
yvldoes anybody have any concerns related to javascript JSON library?16:33
yvlI mean - do you have a preferred one?16:33
yvlor json_sans_eval.js ?16:34
* yvl is leaning towards json_sans_eval16:34
* replaceafill has never used js + json :(16:34
aelknerme neither16:34
yvllet's go with json_sans_eval for now then16:35
th1aAre any packaged for Ubuntu?16:35
yvland switch if it annoys us16:35
yvlwe'll bundle local copies16:35
yvlpeople tend to link them directly in *websites*16:35
th1aOh... right, javascript.16:37
th1aI'd think the libraries are pretty simple since they're just javascript data structures.16:37
th1aOK.  Moving on...16:38
yvland quite small, and in public domain16:38
th1aAnything else?16:40
yvlno at the moment16:41
th1aOK.  I think aelkner and replaceafill have some issues to raise from yesterday's work.16:41
replaceafilli have one16:42
aelkner' styling of generated content and styling manual content'16:42
replaceafillso far i've been setting styles for generated content like z3c.form output or table formatters16:43
replaceafillfor example table formatters spit tables like:16:43
replaceafillz3c.form also generates a lot of "redundant" mark up16:43
replaceafillso my question is, should we define styles for generated content + manual content or16:44
replaceafillshould we produce our manually created forms and tables to match the structure of the generated ones16:44
yvlideally they should match16:45
yvlhtml that defines a form we want to style a certain way16:45
yvlshould be the same, no matter if it was "generated" or copy-pasted "manually"16:46
aelknersound reasonable16:46
replaceafilli agree, we should make our manually created stuff to match the generated one16:46
yvlunless it's turns out to be too much work for some views16:47
yvlbut since we re-make templates anyway16:47
yvlit should not be a common case16:47
replaceafillyvl the other issue is the title hack for dialogs :)16:48
aelkneralso, as uch as possible, we should be using templates from flourish/skin16:48
aelkneryes, the title hack16:48
yvlit's a good question what to do with that one16:49
yvlon one hand we can easily add dialog titles to link viewlets that spawn them16:49
yvlbut it just doesn't feel right16:50
aelknerwhy not16:50
yvlsay you want somewhat dynamic title16:51
aelkneroh, right16:51
yvland you have a page that calculates it's title16:51
th1aDynamic title bar for a modal?16:51
replaceafilli assume we put the title of the dialog in the z3c.form class that renders the dialog content16:51
yvlyou need to move that logic to the viewlet16:51
yvlwell, replaceafill dialog might not be a form16:52
replaceafillyvl correct16:52
yvlso I just haven't decided on that one yet16:53
yvlI think at some point modal versions of the views could carry some16:53
yvljson payload16:53
th1aWe don't need to overthink this.16:54
yvlI know16:54
yvlbut I rather we should16:54
aelknerwhy can't dialog_title be an attribute of the viewlet16:54
yvlit can16:54
aelknersomething that can be set in zcml16:54
aelkneror overridden with @property in the viewlet class16:55
yvlit can16:55
yvlI'm just saying it does not feel right16:55
aelkneragain, why not?16:55
th1aI'm not feeling that feeling.16:56
yvlI know16:56
yvlprobably none of you get that feeling ;)16:56
replaceafilli do if you do :)16:56
yvllet's put it this way16:56
th1aDynamic dialog titles doesn't strike me as important.16:56
yvlI know16:56
aelknerwhat ever happened to YAGNI16:57
yvlwe can really do whatever there16:57
aelknerin other words, if we can't define a problem, then it doesn't exist16:57
yvland change our minds later on16:57
yvlit's not like we write code in stone16:57
aelknerwe've been doing that with everytthing else, why not here?16:57
yvlI'm not sure we actually grasp JS coding that well at the moment16:58
th1aI'm on aelkner's side on this one.16:58
yvlI know16:58
yvlso I'm ok with setting it from viewlets16:59
th1aOK.  Settled.16:59
th1aMoving on...16:59
th1aAny other issues aelkner & replaceafill?16:59
th1aOr yvl, menesis?16:59
aelknerif we do that, then we remove the magic <h3> becomes title, then display: none magic, right?16:59
th1aWho are you answering, menesis?17:00
menesisI have no issues :)17:00
yvlaelkner - we obviously add another parameter named title in both methods in flourish.js, then we manually pass it17:01
aelknersounds right17:01
aelknerthe viewlet pt can do the passing, right?17:01
aelknerusing the class attribute, i assume17:02
yvlaelkner, check out the modal_form_link.pt17:02
aelkneryvl, would you be able to do this today before knocking off?17:02
aelknerthat's the template i was referring to17:02
yvlthen again, other views that do not use that viewlet17:03
yvlwill need to pass their own titles17:03
aelknerreport/templates/ needs to change, too17:03
yvlthat's the one I'm talking about17:03
yvland others to come, of course17:04
aelknerso we are on the same page17:04
yvlsure :)17:04
aelknerno pun intended :)17:04
* yvl just got that :DDD17:04
aelkneri vote for having yvl fix that real quick before leaving today, and replaceafill and i can enjoy the fruits :)17:05
yvlwill do17:05
aelknerwe will need to remove display: none from flourish.css and rework views not to have <h3>17:06
yvlI'll leave that part for you guys ;)17:06
aelknersure thing17:06
replaceafilljust the modal dialogs, right?17:06
aelknerwe are only talking about them, right17:07
replaceafillregular z3c.forms still need the display:none hack17:07
replaceafillwe can set it back for forms "inside" jquery ui dialogs17:08
aelknerunless we create a new version of the form macro for flourish17:08
yvlsure, replaceafill17:08
aelknerhow about we create a modal_form macro?17:08
yvlui-dialog class if memory serves well17:08
yvlwhy would we do that?17:09
yvlwe were talking about html being same for same things17:09
aelknercurrent form macro puts an <h3> n the form, display: none hacks around that17:09
aelknerwhy not just leave out the <h3> for modal forms17:09
yvlwe can do that17:10
replaceafilllabel = None?17:10
aelknersince we are going to put the title in the modal dialog title17:10
yvlflourish has a copy of form macros, IIRC17:10
aelknerthing is, we need two versions17:10
aelknernon-modal forms still need the <h3>17:10
replaceafillaelkner we can do that with appropriate css17:11
replaceafillforms that are INSIDE a dialog display the h3s17:11
replaceafillforms that are not dont17:11
aelknerthat's the hack, we agreed the hack was bad17:12
th1awtf is this h3 issue?17:12
aelknerlet's think about this17:12
aelknerif i want to put a heading in a modal dialog17:12
aelknerright now i have tp not make it an h317:12
aelknerbecause some hack is going to make it disappear17:12
replaceafillaelkner because the css is wrong17:12
aelknerwell, how would it be right?17:12
th1aAre we arguing over something we already decided to fix?17:13
aelknernot arguing, just asking17:13
th1aAre we asking about something we already decided to fix?17:13
aelknerwe haven't decided aything, that's wh i'm askingy17:13
aelknerreplaceafill, please lay out exactly what you intend to do with the css17:14
replaceafillyvl you agree with doing it through css?17:14
yvlset a css "form-label" class to the form's label probably17:14
yvland not displaying it in modals17:15
aelknerso any h3 that is not class="form-label" will display17:15
replaceafillhhmm yvl i was thinking display all in modals17:15
replaceafillhide only in regular z3c.forms17:15
yvlwell I don't know what th1a wants there17:16
yvlwe can do whatever17:16
yvlit is styling... :)17:16
th1aI don't know what h3 has to do with anything.17:16
th1aShouldn't it just be div class form-label and forget about it.17:16
th1aOr is it 1998 again?17:17
yvlthat's what we're trying to do17:17
yvlset the class17:17
yvland let you decide if forms have the whatever text is now set as their labels17:17
yvlvisible in all views / visible only in modals or non modals / removed completely17:18
replaceafilli'd say, lets not hide anything and fix the regular z3c.forms to not have labels17:18
yvlit's one of the things you and replaceafill go through really fast :)17:18
th1aThe modal label should be a special case.17:18
th1aHandled through zcml or whatever.17:19
aelknerreplaceafill, when you say 'fix the regular z3c.forms' you really mean fix the form macros17:19
replaceafillno, i meant the z3c.form classes17:20
aelknerwe need to consider the modal and non-modal cases together17:20
replaceafillbut i'd have to test that17:20
th1aSo... dialog label is a special div that is not rendered outside a dialog?17:20
th1aIs that ok?17:20
aelknerand extrapolate the pattern from there17:20
aelknerno div for dialog label17:21
aelknerit is passed to the call_dialog js method17:21
yvlreplaceafill, yes, that's another way of doing that17:21
replaceafillyvl i think it's easier, css hacks wont bite us17:21
replaceafilli mean, not easier17:21
replaceafillwe would need to review the z3c.form classes :)17:22
replaceafillbut it's not hard17:22
replaceafilland dialogs can do whatever they want17:22
yvlor we can remove the label rendering completely17:22
yvlfrom the macros17:22
aelkneryes, it's the macros17:22
replaceafilltomorrow we could say "we need a label in this form..."17:22
replaceafilland we would have to do this then17:22
yvlhence - th1a's choice17:22
aelknerobviously the macros depend on the view classes17:23
aelknerbut first the macros need fixing17:23
aelknerthen anything we need to add to the view classes, we can17:23
replaceafillaelkner we can do it without touching the templates17:24
yvlyes, there is actually at least 3 simple solutions to this17:24
aelknerwell, simple is key17:24
aelknerespecially since it is going to be omnipresent17:25
* yvl does not see this as an issue worth talking about for almost half an hour17:26
yvljust decide how all forms in ST will look and make the right solution17:26
yvleasy as that :)17:26
replaceafillth1a can i do this?17:26
th1aMoving on...17:27
th1areplaceafill:  How's Cambodia?17:27
replaceafillth1a last report to go17:27
replaceafilli'll finish today17:28
th1aOK.  Good.17:28
replaceafillth1a i plan to: 1/2 day css, 1/2 day cambodia17:28
th1aaelkner:  Do you have any loose ends at this point?17:29
th1aWant to start on /demographics?17:29
aelkneralready started looking at it, have lots of questions for you17:29
replaceafillthat will be an interesting view!17:29
aelknerafter the meeting?17:29
th1aThere isn't that much too it!.17:30
th1aOK, give me 10 minutes to make some brunch.17:30
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:30
th1aThanks guys!17:30
aelknerok, see you in ten17:30
* replaceafill goes to remove the infamous css hack...17:31
* th1a is back.17:42
aelknerth1a, let's go over demographics, one step at a time17:43
aelknerfirst we have the person index.html view17:43
th1aI'm talking about the management view.17:44
th1aas in /demographics17:44
aelknerwhat user action?17:45
th1aNot $PERSON/demographics.17:45
th1aLIke go to localhost:7080/demographics17:45
aelknerusers don't type urls17:45
aelknerat least the app shouldn't require it17:45
th1aGoing from manage.17:45
th1aOK, starting at the beginning...17:46
aelknerok, not having a manage tab, we could force us to type the url17:46
th1aWe are done with person views and moving to management views.17:46
th1aWe aren't doing the manage view in general yet because it is one of the hardest.17:46
th1aSo we're going to go through some of the simpler ones.17:46
th1aLike /demographics17:47
aelknerwe do have an Application tab17:47
th1aWe don't really care how you get there at the moment.17:47
th1aWe don't care!17:47
aelknerbut that's not the right place for it, right?17:47
th1aWho knows?17:47
th1aIt is irrelevant at the moment.17:48
aelknerso first thing is we need a flourish view of IDemographicsFields index.html17:49
*** menesis has quit IRC17:50
aelknerwhat did you mean by "Change title to "Demographics and Personal Information""17:50
th1aOn /demographics17:51
th1aInstead of "Demographics Container"17:52
aelknerso i know what needs to be done first, so i'm doing it now17:53
aelknercouldn't we just add a Demographcs link to the Application tab for ease of testing?17:54
th1aCan't you add a bookmark if it bothers you?17:55
aelkneryou like typing urls, don't you?17:55
*** menesis has joined #schooltool17:55
aelkneryeah, so i'll need a book mark for both instances, local and demo17:55
th1aWe're working on the look and feel of the app, so we can't just drop things around.17:56
aelknerok, now that i know that you meant IDemographicsFields and not IDemographicss, i know what to do for now17:56
th1aOne thing I didn't note is that the index view isn't going to do reordering.17:57
th1aEssentially the current view will become a "Reorder" action.17:57
aelknerso index.html is just a table rendering17:58
aelknerand buttons will take the user to edit views17:58
th1aThe links in the table will take you to an edit view, probably a modal.17:59
th1aI don't think we really need view views if we can fit enough in the table.17:59
th1aWe kind of need to see what fits.17:59
replaceafillthis is what i had in mind for the h3 problem:
replaceafillif your z3c.form has a label it will be rendered, so if you dont want the label dont set it or set it to None18:08
th1aI still don't even know how h3 got dragged into this at all.18:08
th1aWhat is the form label?18:09
replaceafillremember the old UI, forms had a gray title bar with black text18:09
* replaceafill referes to the old UI as in several years ago...18:09
th1aOh... ok, I get it.18:09
replaceafillwe dont use that anymore18:10
th1aI see.18:10
th1aYes, there are a million ways to fix this.18:10
th1aI think I should be kept out of this discussion though.18:11
aelknerreplaceafill, do you want me to weigh in here?18:12
replaceafillof course18:12
aelknerwhat is diff for again?18:13
aelknerform > .viewspace > h3 {18:13
aelkneryou got rid of display: none18:13
aelknerwhen was this?18:13
replaceafilllike 10 minutes ago...18:13
aelknerah, found the date18:14
aelkner+1 on the solution18:15
replaceafillth1a i'll change the request student report views to match the "generated" layout18:16
aelknerso if i want to have an h3 in my modal form, i'm free to without having it be either hidden or duplicated18:16
replaceafilland will remove the h2 workaround aelkner had to do18:17
replaceafillaelkner correct18:17
aelkneris yvl making the call_modal change?18:17
yvlyes, please wait18:17
aelknerok, looks like you two will have solution very soon18:17
yvlI did the thing with the modal title18:19
yvlnothing on h318:19
yvlbzr pull18:22
replaceafillah, nice18:24
replaceafillyvl we need to use translate before passing a _(..) :)18:29
replaceafillor i get Change preferences for ${person_full_name}18:30
yvlit's called Change Preferences18:31
yvlno for ${} part18:32
replaceafillthat's old version of trunk btw18:32
replaceafillthe title was customized to include the person's name18:32
replaceafillso i subclassed ModalFormLinkViewlet18:33
replaceafilland added:18:33
replaceafill    @property18:33
replaceafill    def dialog_title(self):18:33
replaceafill        person = self.context18:33
replaceafill        title = _(u'Change preferences for ${person_full_name}',18:33
replaceafill                  mapping={'person_full_name': "%s %s" % (person.first_name,18:33
replaceafill                                                          person.last_name)})18:33
replaceafill        return translate(title, context=self.request)18:33
yvlhmm, good point18:34
replaceafilli just return the _(...) it doesn't get translated18:34
replaceafillin the js18:34
yvlprobably serialization should do translate18:34
yvlthanks for the bug report ;))))18:35
replaceafilli'm ok with using translate18:35
replaceafillexplicit is bett...18:35
yvlJSONEncoder should take optional request parameter18:36
yvland translate messages if it has reuqest18:36
yvlin the same place where it does generator listing18:37
yvlI'll do that at some point18:38
yvl(and yes, here go the dynamic titles ;P )18:38
* yvl has to go18:38
yvlgood luck guys!18:38
replaceafillthanks yvl18:38
replaceafillth1a you there?18:43
* th1a is pacing.18:48
replaceafillth1a never mind sorry18:48
replaceafilli found it18:49
*** alga has quit IRC19:08
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replaceafillth1a could you check
replaceafill(i mean the dialogs)19:24
th1areplaceafill:  Checking...19:34
replaceafillth1a wait!19:34
replaceafilllet me revert a change19:34
replaceafilli was testing something19:34
th1aLook ok to me.19:37
th1aAm I looking for something in particular?19:37
replaceafilldialog titles19:38
replaceafillthey're generated with yvl fix now19:38
replaceafillpassing it explicitly in js19:38
th1aCould they say "Request a Student Report Card"19:38
replaceafillsure, let me change it19:39
replaceafillactually, the title of the dialog is taken from the reportLink directive :(19:43
replaceafillif i change the title of the directive the link gets changed here too:
replaceafillrefresh to see what i mean19:44
th1aEh.  That's a little more magical than I'd like, but I guess we'll live.  You can revert it.19:45
replaceafillok, pushing the style changes19:46
replaceafillchanges pushed to trunks19:49
aelknerguys, if the dialog title can be driven by the reportLink directive, i would say that is good magic20:16
aelknerreplaceafill, do i understand it correctly?20:17
replaceafillaelkner it's used for two things20:17
replaceafillthe links in the /reports page20:17
replaceafilland the dialog title20:17
aelknersounds great, doesn't it20:17
aelknernothing better than reuse20:17
replaceafillwhat if you want them different?20:18
replaceafilloverrides what?20:18
replaceafilli mean, different link title and different dialog title20:18
aelknerwe can add an override to the reportLink directive if you want it different20:18
aelknerbut if you mean dynamic, then that has to be solved by the view class20:19
replaceafillif you change title="..." in the reportLink directive you change both20:19
aelkneryeah, i was suggesting if we had dialog_title=""20:19
aelkneras an override20:19
replaceafilli feel like we're going to start adding dialog_title for everything20:19
aelknerbut otherwise, reusing the title is ok20:19
replaceafillbut th1a said we're ok, so...20:19
aelknerfor reports, we probably will have a consistent title matching the link20:20
aelknerwhy not20:20
* replaceafill shrugs...20:20
aelkneranyway, as you said, whatever20:20
th1aI don't want to sink too deeply into this.  Nobody reads title bars anyhow.20:21
aelknerfor now, reusing the title allows us to move more quickly, so i say stick with that20:22
replaceafillwe are aelkner ;)20:22
aelknergood then :)20:22
aelkneri'm just always gong to vote for efficient development patterns20:22
th1aWhy don't we start this conversation over from the beginning?20:23
aelkneri thought we were done20:23
th1aI'm joking, aelkner.20:23
aelkneryou're so wry20:23
* replaceafill looks up "wry"20:25
* replaceafill has learned a new word20:26
aelknerth1a, i did the first step which was to create flourish versions of old views, pushed to my instance20:35
aelkneri'd like to look at them together to discuss details20:35
th1aWe're starting over from scratch.20:37
th1aForget this exists.20:37
th1amove it to reorder.html20:37
aelkneryes, reoorder.html20:38
aelknerindex.html will be a table20:38
aelkneras you suggested in TODO20:38
aelknerhow about we collapse these:20:39
aelknerAll (i.e., checked if no limits) | Teach. | Stud. | Admin20:39
aelknerinto just Limit20:39
aelknerand list the groups (most of the time empty)20:39
aelknerthat would solve the width problem20:39
th1aI'm not sure that helps much -- or that we really have a problem.20:40
aelknerfor resources, it wouldn't be Teacher, Student, etc. anyway20:40
aelknerit's Location, Equiptment...20:41
th1aWell, that's a different view.20:41
th1aNext project!20:42
th1aHow you doing, aelkner?21:05
aelknerreceiving many calls from family for my birthday, so nothing new to show you yet21:37
replaceafillhappy birthday aelkner! :)21:37
aelknerif that's not fishing, i don't know what is :)21:37
aelknerbut thanks21:38
th1ahappy birthday aelkner.21:38
th1aYour present was me taking your side in an arugment.21:38
th1aMy most precious gift, after my virginity.21:39
th1aBut what aelkner really wants is for me to be less of a smartass.21:40
aelknerth1a, i did notice you're taking my side, and i did almost faint :)21:41
aelknerbut i am glad that i got your *second* most precious gift21:42
th1aAs am I.21:44
* replaceafill goes to get lunch21:47
th1aAre you working on the table, aelkner?22:08
aelknerth1a, loaded in my instance, reorder.html still brings up old view22:13
aelkneri chose x for checked22:13
th1aI forgot the . in Admin.22:13
aelknerit is a view only table, not an edit table, so i didn't put <input type="ckeckbox">22:13
th1aaelkner:  Right.22:14
* replaceafill is back, typing with one hand :)22:15
aelknerreplaceafill, i pushed my changes to trunk22:15
th1aCan we make tooltips (title) come up for the column headers?22:15
aelknerreplaceafill, i only know of title attribute for <a> elements22:16
replaceafillaelkner is this a tableformatter?22:16
aelknerwhat is the general way to do that?22:16
aelknerno not table formatter22:16
replaceafillaelkner most modern browser will show the title="..." attribute as a tooltip22:17
replaceafillfor any element22:17
replaceafilltry setting titles for your <th>22:17
replaceafilland youll see22:17
aelknerany element, cool22:17
replaceafillwell, most elements ;)22:17
aelknerth1a, what titles wold you want for the column headings22:17
aelknerreplaceafill, yeah, probably the ones we need, right?22:18
replaceafillaelkner correct22:18
replaceafilltitles work on <th>22:18
aelknerif you look at basicperson/interfaces.py22:20
th1aThere is some problem explaining this logic.22:20
aelknerthere are descriptions for title, name and required22:20
th1aYeah, don't use those.22:20
aelknerThe title of this Field Description22:20
th1aDon't use those.22:20
th1aForget they exist.22:20
aelknerok, i didn't think you'd like them :)22:20
th1aYou have no idea how much I hate them.22:21
aelknerjust list the descriptions here and i'll put them in the title attributes22:21
th1aWell... we need to think about this a little more.22:21
aelkneryour thoughts?22:21
th1aA field is for all groups by default, but if you select one limit group, it toggles to only that group.22:22
aelknerit can be for multiple groups22:22
aelknerit's a list22:22
th1aYes, but selecting all those groups is not the same as "all"22:22
th1aIs the weird part.22:23
aelknergood point22:23
aelknerselecting all WOULD have the same effect as none22:23
aelknerbut it would show up as the different ones being checked22:23
aelknerhowever, i don't think that is a problem22:23
th1aWell, we should make this clearer in the edit form,22:24
aelkneri believe the information is there for the user to figure out22:24
th1abut in terms of the table...22:24
aelknerwhat fields are limited22:24
aelknergo on22:24
th1aActually, "all" should probably be "other"22:24
th1aand if it is "all" then each group plus other should be checked.22:24
th1aOtherwise, just the groups.22:25
th1aI think that's the right logic.22:25
th1aFrom the user's point of view.22:25
th1aI'm talking about the table view now.22:26
aelkneri don't know why you think that is clearer, i think it is clearest right now22:26
aelknerall means all22:26
aelknernot all means what's checked22:26
aelknerif all three are checked22:26
aelknerthe user can work out what that means22:26
th1aIt should be explicit.22:26
aelknerit's not pretending to be anything it isn't22:26
th1aIf all is checked, then also all three should always be checked.22:27
th1aIt is not really clear what the difference between "all + s + t + a" and "s + t + a" is.22:27
th1a"s + t + a + other" is clearer.22:28
aelknerwell, here's the thing22:28
aelknerthe user needs to, at some point, grapple with the concept of limit_keys22:28
aelknerif not with those workds22:28
aelknerbut the concept is that you don't have to think22:29
aelknerabout anything unless you want to limit a field22:29
aelknerso the default is all, no tiking22:29
th1aThe form needs to be a bit more clear to first give you a choice between no limit and some limits.22:29
aelknerthe problem with outgenerated forms22:30
aelknerwe could code the flourish version to be custom22:30
aelknerare you referring to the field edit view?22:30
aelkneror add, right22:30
aelknerso anyway, not your concern on the view class, template, etc. so never mind22:31
aelknerbut you would like a better explanation on the edit view of limit_keys22:31
th1aWe can't have "other" as a choice in the form because it is a different implementation.22:31
th1aTo have a field *only* for things not in the other groups.22:31
*** ignas has joined #schooltool22:32
th1aMaybe just clearer text would do it.22:32
aelknerhow about Limited | Teach. | Stu...22:32
aelknerlimited check only if others are checked22:32
th1aYou know, let's just do that.22:32
th1aI'll come up with better text.22:32
aelknerwhat i just suggested, do that?22:33
th1aBut what I do want is the table to have Stud. | Teach. | Admin. | Other22:34
th1aDon't change the edit form at all.22:34
th1aI'll just change the text.22:34
aelknerWhat does OTher mean?22:34
th1aI mean, update it and make it modal.22:34
th1aSo the logic you'll need in the view is:22:34
th1aIf "all" then all four are selected.22:35
th1aIf any limit keys are used, then other is empty and the selected groups are selected.22:35
th1aDoes that make sense to you?22:35
aelknerother does not ring as a concept22:35
aelknerso it confuses the naming of the other things22:36
aelknerhow about limited, teach, stu...?22:36
aelknerlimited is what it is22:36
aelknerthen teach, stu are the limits22:36
th1aHappy birthday, aelkner, I guess that does make sense.22:36
aelknersimple, no?22:37
th1aOK, do that.22:37
th1aI think we may end up with a subheader here.22:37
th1aJust to give us another line of explanation.22:38
th1aLet's just get the basic forms down first.22:38
aelknerlet's wire the add, edit, reorder, yes?22:39
aelkneri need to know how you would like to have the user find those views22:41
th1aThe add should go in the sidebar.22:41
aelknerI think i need to add a viewlet manager for action links for that page22:41
aelknerreplaceafill could help me with that if i need it22:42
th1a - Text field22:42
aelknerwhat shold the title of the manager be22:42
aelknerAdd is one of the actions under it22:42
th1aclicking on the title of a field should give you an edit modal.22:42
aelknerok, the edit modal22:43
aelknerso there are two tasks, add in the sidebar, and edit links that are modals22:43
aelknerbut getting back to the sidebar22:44
th1aAnd I'm leaning toward just putting misc things in an "Actions" section in the sidebar.22:44
aelknerwhat should the section of the sidebar's title be22:44
th1aThat's where Reorder fields would go.22:44
aelknerand then under it, Add22:44
th1aNo, Add is a section.22:44
th1a(Like in persons)22:44
th1a - Reorder fields22:45
aelknerso sections are Add, Actions22:45
th1areplaceafill:  Got that?  "Actions" is the catchall section for the sidebar.22:45
aelknerwhat does Add have under it so far?22:45
aelknerdid you say already?22:45
aelknerText Field22:45
replaceafillth1a i had bet that the word Actions would come up in that space :)22:45
aelknerBool Fields22:46
th1aWell, not "bool"22:46
aelknerunder Add we have four links:22:46
aelknerText Field22:46
aelknerDate Field22:46
aelknerYes/No field22:46
aelknerEnumerate Type Field?!!!22:47
aelknerthe last one is obviously wrong22:47
replaceafillwe should also change Enum in the table :)22:47
th1aTrue/False field?22:47
aelknerand the last one?22:48
replaceafillth1a sorry they're called Yes/No22:48
th1aOK, we can keep that.22:48
aelknerth1a, enums?22:48
th1aWhat's in the interface now is fine.22:48
th1aSelection list field22:48
aelkneroh, yes, the action buttons in the old skin tell the answer22:48
aelknerNew Selection List Field22:49
replaceafillaelkner for an example of how to set the sidebar look at basicerson/browser/flourish.zcml viewlet named person_container22:49
aelknerok, thanks22:50
replaceafillsince you'll probably need two viewlet managers, also check "person-links" and "person-settings-links"22:51
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*** menesis has quit IRC22:56
*** replaceafill has quit IRC23:10
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*** menesis has joined #schooltool23:44

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