IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2011-06-28

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th1areplaceafill: ayt?02:23
replaceafillth1a yes02:23
th1aWhat if we just added a delete action to the person edit?02:24
th1aAs the way to do that.02:24
replaceafilldelete button on edit form?02:25
replaceafillsounds weird...02:25
replaceafillwhy not on /persons?02:25
th1aWhy there?02:25
th1aIt isn't like we want to make it easy to bulk delete people.02:25
th1awhat about a link on the person view.02:26
replaceafillthat would be better i guess02:26
replaceafillyou'll need a title for that button group, right?02:26
replaceafillsince it makes no sense under "Alvaro" or "Settings"02:27
th1aI'm getting a little annoyed with the titles...02:27
th1aOr we just need a generic title.02:28
replaceafillhey i forgot the error on the login form!02:29
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th1aCan modals trigger page reloads?02:35
th1aIs it a problem if a modal dialog should trigger a change in a table index?02:35
replaceafillactually, they do that right now02:36
replaceafillwhen you hit Add or Cancel or Apply in a modal, you get a full reload next02:36
replaceafilllogin form fixed02:53
th1aProbably we need a better message too.02:56
th1aI'll look into it.02:56
th1areplaceafill, Will you be working on Cambodia into tomorrow?02:57
replaceafillth1a yes02:58
replaceafilli'm almost done with the gradebook changes02:58
replaceafillbut i'll need to work on the new reports02:58
th1aOK.  I won't be at the meeting for the most part tomorrow.02:58
replaceafillah, ok02:58
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yvlmorning guys16:32
th1ahi yvl, aelkner, replaceafill, menesis.16:32
th1aI'm here after all.16:32
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:32
th1aNo traffic.  ;-)16:32
yvllucky :)16:32
th1aNice being able to get to the airport in 12 minutes.16:33
aelknermorning all16:33
th1aaelkner:  How are you feeling about the Boston/Philadelphia series?16:33
aelknerexcited, looks like a world series preview16:34
th1aThe Red Sox seem a bit rattled playing by National League rules.16:34
aelknerwe can use all the help we can get16:35
th1aOK, let's get started.16:35
aelknerit's good that its homw this year16:35
th1areplaceafill:  How's Cambodia coming?16:35
replaceafillthe changes to the gradebook are done16:36
replaceafillneed to work on the new reports now16:36
aelkneri added the Done button to the relationship views16:40
aelknerbut i only added it to the top, do you want it on the bottom as well16:40
th1aYou know, aelkner, all my instructions here are recording in a log on the internet.16:40
th1aCan we see that on the testing instance?16:41
replaceafillyep, it's updated16:41
aelkneryes, and you said you did, but i wanted to double-check16:41
th1aaelkner, you have to get used to the idea that we're going to try things and then change them.16:41
aelkneri'm used to it, that's why i feel free to change it now if you want :)16:42
th1aIt should be a link, not a button.16:42
aelknera link?16:42
th1aAnd top really isn't going to work.16:42
th1aDistinguishing between a form action and navigation.16:43
th1aI'm really thinking it could go above Available contacts.16:43
aelknerthat is at the top16:44
aelkneroh, no16:44
th1aIt is below current contacts.16:44
aelknerbelow Current contacts, above Available contacts16:44
th1aI think more space between the two wouldn't hurt.16:45
th1aLets try that next, as a link.16:45
th1aAlso, we could put it at the bottom but reduce the batch size again.16:45
th1aFor the Availables.16:45
aelknerso is that an <a><h3>Done</h3></a> that yo want?16:45
th1aLet's try that, aelkner.16:45
th1aI think the anchor inside the h3 is better style though.16:46
aelkneractually, it depends on what css we have16:46
aelknerreplaceafill, which one should i use?16:46
replaceafillas th1a said16:47
aelkneri got the This person has no... messages into the person info viewlets16:47
aelknerand finally, as you know, i dealt with z3c form hell until i got the Submit and Submit and add to work16:48
aelknerthat's it for me16:48
replaceafillare we putting an empty message on the Sections accordion?
th1aThat's still on the TODO.16:49
th1aI've got that assigned to aelkner.16:49
aelkneroh, that16:49
th1aAlso, I added some instructions for doing the demographics management screen.16:50
aelknerright now, the Sections Taught, for instance doesn't even apear if the person doesn't teach anything16:50
aelknerit's different than the other viewlets16:50
th1aWell, you should get a message if both are empty.16:50
th1a"This space intentionally left blank."16:51
aelknerwhat should it say?16:51
th1a"This person has no sections." is probably ok.16:51
th1aI don't think it needs to say,16:51
th1a"This person neither teaches nor attends any sections."16:51
th1aSo you need to look at the todo.16:52
th1aI assume we don't really want to do drag and drop ordering.16:52
th1a(we could use it to order demographics fields)16:53
th1aI don't think it is worth the bother.16:53
th1aUnless someone's really geeked up about it.16:54
menesisI think empty fields should not be displayed in person tables.
th1aDid you implement that in that branch?16:55
aelknerthe branch has code to skip showing fields that have no value16:56
aelknerare you sure that's what the user wants?16:56
aelkneri mean, doesn't the user want to know what fields are possible?16:56
th1aWell... probably not.16:56
aelknerso we want the change from that branch, is it merged to trunk?16:57
menesisno, I would like this merged16:58
menesisbecause especially in Contacts, most of the fields are blank16:58
aelknerwe've been merging our own changes so far16:59
th1aaelkner:  I'm sure we can handle this.16:59
aelknerif you prefer that one of us does it instead of menesis, fine17:00
th1aaelkner:  This doesn't really require any discussion.17:00
th1amenesis knows how to merge his branch.17:01
th1aAnyhow, I think it is the right change, thanks menesis.17:01
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th1aWrapping up aelkner -- finish up what you've got, the smaller things on the todo and then we probably have to discuss the demographics container further.17:02
th1aRemember to restyle the report card modals to look like the prefs one -- I sent you an email on that, iirc.17:03
aelknerit's in the todo also17:03
th1aOK, cool.  Thanks aelkner.17:03
yvlth1a, did you get my email?17:03
yvljust checking17:03
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yvlsummary: looked at wizards again for timetabling wizard, found no useful ones17:04
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yvlnow merging timetable branch with flourish branch17:04
yvllooking ok, server starts, flourish functionality seems to work17:05
yvlI'm thinking of doing the ttwizard next17:05
yvlare you ok with this?17:05
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th1aWe don't want this to turn into a tarpit, but since it is basically the first complicated thing a user has to do, it needs to be decent.17:06
yvlit will take some time to do this17:07
yvlI'd like to try out some ajaxy stuff17:07
yvllike using local variables instead of session data to keep the wizard state17:07
yvlshould be not too difficult, just didn't try that before :)17:08
yvl* "haven't done that before"17:08
th1aLocal javascript variables?17:08
yvlit'll be a modal dialog17:08
yvlthat loads different steps17:09
yvlcurrently step state is stored in session data17:09
yvlserver side17:09
yvlI want to store it on client side17:09
yvlin a javascript state in the modal dialog17:09
th1aThat's reasonable.17:09
yvlI think so17:09
yvlwell, I'll keep you posted ;)17:10
th1aWe're almost done with the person and persons views.17:11
th1aMake sure you've all had a good look through them, as that's the model for the rest of the application.17:12
th1aOh, I was speaking to the crowd there.17:13
th1aThanks yvl.17:13
th1aI guess that's about it.17:14
th1amenesis is working on a bugfix release for this week.17:14
th1aAt this point replaceafill has me addicted to the test server, so maybe replaceafill can facilitate aelkner updating it so I can see his stuff.17:16
replaceafillwell, aelkner has an account on that server17:16
replaceafillcould he set up an instance he can control?17:17
replaceafilli dont mind pulling from trunk17:17
replaceafillto make thing easier17:17
th1aaelkner:  Can you set up an instance?17:19
aelknerreplaceafill, could you email me a password for aelkner on that machine?17:20
aelknerand a port numer to use please17:20
* th1a knew aelkner was going to say that. :-D17:20
th1aThat should do it for today.17:21
th1aThanks guys.17:21
th1aUnless aelkner wants to discuss form base classes.17:21
aelknernot at the moment, that's ok17:21
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:22
yvlwell, a productive day to you guys :)17:23
aelknerand to you as well, yvl :)17:23
replaceafillaelkner login data sent17:25
aelknerreplaceafill, thanks, what port number would be best for me to use?17:26
replaceafillit's in the email...17:27
aelkneroh, sorry, there at the bottom17:27
aelkneroh, that's the same machine i used to host schooltool.niepa17:28
aelknerit's been a while17:28
replaceafillsince october 5 :)17:28
* replaceafill goes to get breakfast17:29
th1aaelkner:  Can we get this link straightened out?18:03
aelknerthat's what i'm doing now, and setting up the server instance18:05
aelkner69.164.203.135:36660, btw18:05
aelknerrunning now18:05
replaceafillaelkner have you synch'ed this branch with trunk?18:11
aelkneri do from time to time, why?18:21
replaceafilli didnt get the new login form18:23
aelknerth1a, Done is now a link on relationship views, loaded on my instance18:23
th1aCan you make it h3?18:24
aelknerit is18:24
replaceafillthe <a> style wins over the <h3> style18:25
aelknerhow about h2 which would make it as big as the headings?18:25
replaceafill12px font-size18:25
th1aWell, that's a bug.18:25
aelknerreplaceafill, that's why i asked before :)18:25
replaceafillwe can add a new rule ;)18:26
th1aWhy does link affect size?18:26
th1aThat's not in the spec.18:27
aelknerwe just need a rule for h3 > a18:27
th1aThere is a bug in the CSS.18:27
th1aIt is incorrect.18:27
aelknerright, that's what i'm saying18:27
aelknercss rule for h3 > a18:27
replaceafillth1a agree, it's a bug18:28
aelknerso that is keeps to the guidlenes18:28
th1aanchor should not affect size at all.18:28
th1aThat is the bug.18:28
th1aIt is not your bug.18:29
th1aBut that's the bug, and we need to fix it.18:29
th1aWhen CSS doesn't work, the first thing you should question (in SchoolTool) is whether there is a problem in the basic element CSS.18:30
th1aNot how you can cover over it.18:30
th1aBecause usually there IS a very fundamental flaw in SchoolTool CSS.18:30
th1aI just need you to think that way.18:30
* replaceafill reviews all the font-size rules18:31
th1aAnd fixing a basic CSS bug isn't as hairy as fixing z3c.form magic.18:31
th1aThere is just a line or two in the anchor CSS that needs to go away.18:31
th1aActually, maybe the problem is that H3 is just so close to the paragraph font.18:32
th1aNo, I'd be able to tell the difference.18:33
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replaceafillth1a i'll add 8px margin-bottom to tables18:35
replaceafillto give them some room18:35
replaceafill<table><h2><table> looks tight18:36
aelknerreplaceafill, so if the problem is that the <a> style wins over the <h3> style18:36
th1aThat is not the problem aelkner.18:36
aelknerdon't we want to create a special h3 > a rule in flourish.css?18:36
th1aThat is not the problem.18:36
replaceafillaelkner no18:36
th1aThe problem is that a should not dictate size.18:36
replaceafilli just removed the font-size, line-height from the <a> rule and it looks right18:36
aelknerso, so we take out the rule that makes it so18:37
aelknera, a:link, a:visited, a:active {18:37
aelknerfont-size: 12px;18:37
th1aConceptually <a> should not change the size.18:37
th1aYes, just remove that.18:37
replaceafilli just did in trunk18:37
aelknerline-height should go, too, i suppose18:37
aelkner    line-height: 16px;18:38
replaceafillaelkner just sync18:38
aelknerth1a, instance updated18:40
aelknerreplaceafill, is there something you could change on that box so my connection doesn't time out so quickly>18:41
replaceafillaelkner mine doesnt18:41
th1aI think that looks pretty ok.18:42
aelknerit's a keepalive setting i believe18:42
th1aWhat is timing out?18:42
aelkneri don't remember, but matt gallager set it up for me once18:42
aelkneri have to ssh to the server to maintain the instance18:42
aelknerand ssh is breaking the pipe18:42
replaceafilli'll ask Matt18:43
th1aDo the h2 and h3 have the right top and bottom margins?18:46
th1aTheir top margins should be 16.18:46
replaceafillall headers have 8px18:46
th1ap. 17.18:46
* th1a broke out firebug.18:47
replaceafillth1a you said h4-h6 are dead to us, right?18:50
replaceafilli should remove their rules18:51
th1aaelkner:  I'd say your task is complete, for today at least.18:52
th1aSo you can move on.18:52
th1aOr eat lunch.18:52
replaceafillth1a wow
replaceafilllots of room for that first h218:53
th1aDoes the container need that much top padding?18:54
th1aThat's the spec, I guess.18:54
replaceafillalthough page 16 looks kind of the same18:55
replaceafillyes, the spec says 32px top18:55
th1aAlso title and subtitle is off now.18:55
replaceafillcheck p1018:55
th1aOh... if the total space is 32, the padding is not necessarily 32.18:56
replaceafillbut check /persons ;)18:56
th1aAnd h1 has no margin top.18:56
aelknerth1a, empty sections message now loaded in my instance18:57
replaceafillth1a correct, the first header in the spec is h1, no margin18:58
th1aCan you make all those messages just regular paragraph size.18:58
th1areplaceafill, that seems like a bug.18:59
replaceafillin the spec? or ours? :)18:59
th1aIn theirs.18:59
th1areplaceafill, I think maybe forms need a top margin, and the padding of the container should go down.19:00
th1aMake the top container padding 16.19:00
th1aAnd give forms a top margin of 16.19:00
replaceafillyes, same margin-top as headers19:01
th1aI think that makes sense.19:01
replaceafillthe accordion will go up though19:01
replaceafillin person index19:02
replaceafillok, fixing those19:02
replaceafilli'm moving the first <h2> in the relationship views out of the form19:07
replaceafilli guess aelkner put it there on the first try19:08
replaceafillyou ok with that space?19:10
th1aThat's pretty good.19:10
th1aDefinitely better.19:10
replaceafillthank you ubuntu guidelines ;)19:11
replaceafillDone seems randomly put to me :(19:12
replaceafillmaybe it could use some background or something19:12
th1aLets leave it for now.19:13
replaceafillpushing my changes to trunk19:13
replaceafillaelkner sync with trunk "More css fixes"19:13
th1aActually, we could just try a <hr /> under done.19:14
th1aI never know if that is a positive or negative reaction.19:17
replaceafilli just dont like hr's19:17
replaceafillthat's all19:17
th1aIt isn't generally something I'd throw in.19:18
replaceafilli'm fixing the margin of the accordion...19:18
replaceafillit went up19:18
replaceafillth1a i'm not sure if us reducing that top padding to 16px is a good idea...19:19
replaceafillwe can add 16px margin-top to forms, sure19:20
replaceafillbut all the new pages will have trouble19:20
replaceafillfor example:19:20
th1aThere are only so many elements that will go there.19:20
th1aGive tables a 16px top margin too!19:20
replaceafillthat i didnt want to do, but ok19:21
th1aWell, we'll see.19:21
replaceafillsure, that fixes it19:21
replaceafillthe accordions have it too19:21
th1aI'm sure it doesn't break anything else.  ;-)19:21
th1aThat looks ok in the accordion.19:22
replaceafillthe batch ;)19:22
th1aI thought that was part of the table.19:22
replaceafillhhmm no19:23
replaceafillit's a separate div19:23
th1aIf it is an odd case you could just give it a negative bottom margin.19:23
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replaceafillnot sure that would work19:24
replaceafillsince the table below has its own margin-top19:24
replaceafilllet me try19:24
replaceafillwell margin-bottom: -16px looks great on chrome...19:29
replaceafillbut not great in ff 3.519:29
replaceafillyou have ff th1a?19:29
th1aWorks in FF 4.19:29
replaceafilli should upgrade...19:30
th1aGives us some perspective.19:30
* th1a goes to make a sandwich.19:32
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* th1a is done with lunch.19:47
* replaceafill is fighting ff 3.5 :D19:48
th1aI was going to suggest tabling the issue for now.19:48
aelknerth1a, a quick question20:14
aelkneryou suggested taking out the Cancel button from report request20:15
aelkneryet you said you wanted it to look like preferences20:15
aelknerwhich has apply, cancel20:15
aelkneri don't think we want to require the user to hit the X20:15
aelknerthat's something power user know to do20:16
aelkneralso, besides getting rid of the redundant heading, it already looks like the preferneces view20:16
th1aThere shouldn't be a cancel button if you aren't submitting a form.20:17
aelkneri'll need to load it into my instance for you to see20:17
aelknerhow about a link to get back?20:17
aelknerlike Done in the relationship views20:17
th1aI don't think an x to close a window is a power user move.  It is on every window on your computer.20:17
th1aSince 1984.20:18
replaceafilli'd like Cancel buttons to do what the X button on dialogs do20:18
th1aOr Windows 3.1 at least.20:18
replaceafilljust .dialog('close')20:18
th1aIt isn't a form.20:18
th1aIf it is a form with a submit, there should be a cancel.20:18
th1aI mean, maybe we'll decide we need a close link, but I'd like to start without.20:19
th1aBetter to try simpler first.20:19
replaceafillth1a heh
replaceafillat the bottom of the page:20:20
replaceafill"2. don't use margin-top on table"20:20
replaceafillit seems like a known issue on ff 3.5 :(20:21
replaceafilli created a mock and it's true20:21
replaceafilltables with margin-top behave incorrectly20:21
* replaceafill just couldn't understand it :)20:21
th1aOK, so we'll just ignore it.20:22
replaceafillmoving on...20:22
th1aI'm trying to avoid sinking into browser compatibility hell.20:23
replaceafillaelkner sync with trunk "More css fixes"20:23
aelknerreplaceafill, will do, at some point20:23
replaceafillaelkner dont want to annoy you btw, just to inform you20:24
aelknerthat's ok, i just say 'something is pushed' to let others know20:24
aelknersync with trnk sounds more like something i need to do right away20:24
aelknerwhich in rare cases may be true20:24
th1aWell, considering we changed a bunch of CSS, you might want it now.20:25
th1aSince it changes the way every page in the application is displayed.20:25
aelknerso i'm strugling with modal form magic20:25
aelknerwhen i have the <h3> in my page, it shows up twice20:26
aelkneronce as the modal dialog heading, and once as the first ting in the content area20:26
aelknerif i remove the <h3>, it gets removed in both places!20:26
replaceafillaelkner the title of the dialog is a nasty hack20:26
replaceafill(as yvl says)20:27
replaceafillif your form follows the same structure of the preferences dialog, the css will hide the <h3> in the content20:27
replaceafill(or it should...)20:28
aelkneri probably need it to be in a form20:28
aelknereven though the download modal is not a form20:28
th1aIt could be a form.20:28
replaceafilldoes it need a button?20:29
th1aThat would solve both problems.20:29
replaceafilldamn css!20:29
replaceafillth1a check the preferences dialog ;)20:29
replaceafillmargint-top on the form :P20:30
aelknerit is a form and it has buttons20:30
replaceafillfixing it...20:30
replaceafillaelkner you can follow the same structure then20:30
aelknerso all agreed on me putting download modal content inside a form even though there are no buttons20:30
aelknerto solve the magic hack issue?20:30
th1aYou could just make it a form with radio buttons.20:31
th1aTo select the year/term.20:31
th1aAnd a submit and cancel button.20:31
replaceafillth1a btw, i'm changing cambodia to this:
replaceafillsince Chandara asked for an easier way to select years20:32
th1aAh... ok.20:32
*** menesis has joined #schooltool20:33
replaceafillMore css changes pushed to trunk...20:35
aelknerreplaceafill, holy cow, yvl has really created a fancy paradigm with his scriptlocal directive20:38
* replaceafill was scared of touching js after seeing what yvl did :)20:39
aelknerin schooltool/report/templates/f_report_link_manager.pt20:39
replaceafillscared in a good way ;)20:39
aelknerhe loads the same view attribute, table that i used for rendering the html20:39
aelknerinto a js variable20:39
aelknerthat's the json stuf i guess, right?20:40
replaceafillManage contacts as h3?20:41
replaceafilli remember you said it should be bigger20:41
th1aWell, I just told aelkner to make other things smaller in there.20:41
replaceafillah ok, reverting then20:41
th1aI'm not sure...20:42
replaceafilli just don't like we're using a special css class for that link :)20:42
th1aWe are?20:42
* replaceafill is trying to kill special cases20:42
th1aWhat's the special case?20:42
replaceafillwell, when we put it back it was an special case...20:43
replaceafillit's not anymore20:43
th1aAnyhow, I think I prefer it as an h3.20:43
th1aYou're too quick for me, replaceafill.20:43
replaceafillso, not reverting then...20:44
* aelkner runs to the WaWa to grab a bite20:44
th1aI'm getting current contacts header running to two lines now.20:44
th1aThe arrows are on a second line.20:45
th1aAh... ad Yolanda Alvarez.20:46
th1aTake address out of that table.20:47
replaceafillthe arrows for sorting!20:47
th1aAlways good to look at some actual data.  ;-)20:47
replaceafilli thought you were referring to the arrows in the accordions...20:47
replaceafillso, Address out only in the first table (current contacts)?20:48
replaceafilli think we should set widths on those table columns20:51
replaceafilllike we have in the groups relationship view20:52
*** alga has joined #schooltool20:53
replaceafilluniform column widths21:02
th1aWe don't need to jam address in their though.21:03
th1aBut yes, we also need to control those.21:03
replaceafillremove address from the second table?21:03
* aelkner is back21:05
replaceafillchanged pushed to trunk "Removed address column from contact relationship view and fixed css for tables"21:13
* replaceafill goes back to cambodia gradebook work21:14
th1areplaceafill:  Weren't you supposed to be doing that anyhow?  :-D21:17
replaceafilli got caught in css work easily ;)21:17
th1aWe made some important fixes.21:21
replaceafillaelkner i added ClientAliveInterval 12021:36
replaceafill to the ssh server configuration21:36
replaceafilllet me know if you still get broken pipes21:36
aelknerreplaceafill, thanks21:40
th1aOne thing we could do to solve the done placement problem on the relationship view is to put the search results in an embedded scrollable frame, so on the most common browser sizes the done button would be at the bottom and visible.21:41
aelknerth1a, report request views loaded in my instance21:44
th1aCan you give me a fresh url?21:44
aelkneri figured out how to structure my template to get the magic title hack to work21:44
th1aI guess you didn't like the idea of actually making it a form?21:45
aelknerreplaceafill, what do i need to do to enable pdf support there?21:45
aelkneri checked schooltool.conf and the reportlab_fontdir is set:21:46
aelknerreportlab_fontdir /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-liberation21:46
th1aOK... title works.21:46
aelkneryeah, i figured out the hack21:47
aelknerth1a, oh, and making it a form21:47
aelkneri thought you only suggested that to get around the hack21:47
aelknerdo you want me to change it to have radio/submit buttons21:48
th1aWell, it might be an improvement, but at this point I'm not sure it is worth the bother.21:48
aelknerlet's table it then if you're ok with what is there21:49
th1aIt is a better paradigm I think.21:49
th1aI was originally thinking of buttons next to the title.21:50
th1aBut radio buttons are probably better.21:50
th1aBut I suspect it would all take a while at this point.21:50
aelknerit would, but perhaps later, after we have more experience with other cases, we will want to change it21:51
replaceafillaelkner sorry i was away21:51
th1aThere are some other style changes in the email.21:52
aelknerbut for now, i'm ok fr moving on from it21:52
replaceafillah, we don't have that package installed in the vps21:52
aelknerthought that might be the case ::)21:52
aelknerbut then i thought, doesn't he have many users using that machine?21:52
aelkneri guess none have need reports yet21:53
replaceafillaelkner done21:53
aelknerth1a, he, read replaceafill21:53
th1aIt is our demo server.21:53
aelkneroh, i thought it was something replaceafill built21:54
replaceafillpdf support should be now enabled21:54
aelknernever mind21:54
aelknerreplaceafill, thanks21:54
aelknerpdfs work now21:55
aelknerth1a, i pushed TODO.txt changes to trunk, so you can pull to see22:15
th1aAre you restarting the demo server now?22:19
th1aaelkner: Your server instance isn't up.22:20
aelknerdamn, the broken pipe again22:21
replaceafillaelkner why don't you start the server in the background?22:21
replaceafillbin/start-schooltool-instance instance --daemon22:21
replaceafillbin/start-schooltool-instance instance --stop22:21
*** menesis has quit IRC22:25
aelknerreplaceafill, thanks, that will work better than make run &22:26
aelknerwhich still had the backround process attached to the terminal instance22:26
replaceafillah and dont forget:22:26
th1aCan you take the header out and put in the text from the email?22:26
replaceafillbin/start-schooltool-instance instance --status22:26
th1areplaceafill & aelkner:  I think we need some padding in the modals.22:39
* replaceafill checks our modals22:42
replaceafillpadding: 2px22:42
replaceafillaelkner have you pushed your changes to trunk?22:43
th1aSome... more padding.22:43
replaceafillwith 8px22:47
th1aI guess that includes the title bar?22:48
th1aCan you put the padding just in the content area and make it 16?22:48
replaceafillyes, you want padding only in the content area?22:48
th1ais that 8?22:49
replaceafillno, 1622:49
th1aOh, I'm looking at aelkner's server now...22:50
th1aI guess 8.22:51
replaceafillshould i take the Cancel button out of preferences?22:52
replaceafillor is aelkner doing that?22:52
replaceafillor are we not doing that? :D22:52
th1aIt is not that I'm anti-cancel button in general.22:52
th1aI'm anti-cancel buttons outside of forms.22:52
replaceafillah ok22:52
replaceafillgot it22:52
th1aAnd still considering whether to just make the report modal a form... because it'll be the first annoyance I've just given up on if I do.22:53
th1aAnd it is a slippery slope...22:53
replaceafillok pushing this padding change to trunk...22:54
replaceafillchange pushed to trunk, "Fixed padding of dialog content"22:55
th1aaelkner:  Are you making those changes to the report modals?23:05
aelknerth1a, are you saying get rid of any mentioning of Report Card vs. Detail Report on the modal23:14
aelknerA user can forget where they are from click (phone call distraction) click23:14
th1aPut as a h3 "Select a year or term" and then just take the header off the table.23:15
aelknerPut what?23:15
aelknerYour shorthand is not comprehensible to me23:15
aelknerRed bar has what?23:16
aelknerTable has no header?23:16
th1a move "Request Detailed Student Report" to the red bar.23:16
th1aWhich you did.23:16
th1aPut as a h3 "Select a year or term" in the body of the modal.23:16
th1aTake the header off the table.23:16
aelknerth1a, loaded on my instance23:56
aelknerhad to use h2 instead of h3 because of yvl hack23:56
aelknerwe can talk about that at tomorrow's meeting23:56
replaceafillaelkner don't blame yvl :)23:56
replaceafillit's mine ;)23:56
aelkneroh, sorry yvl23:57
aelkneri just assumed because he worked on the whole modal js magic stuff23:57
aelkneri'm happy to blame you though :)23:58
aelknerbut seriously, is this a short-term hack or a long-term design pattern?23:59

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