IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2011-06-21

th1aIf I break a wrist I'll have to type one handed for a while.00:04
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replaceafillaelkner little fix pushed to trunk, ""Moved username column to person table container view""01:11
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th1areplaceafill:  Can you update the test server?16:28
replaceafillth1a ok16:28
th1ahi replaceafill, aelkner, menesis, yvl?16:30
replaceafilltest server updated with my changes and aelkner's16:31
th1aI'm still seeing that preferences link.16:31
aelknermorning all, where's yvl?16:31
th1aProbably getting coffee.16:32
replaceafillth1a ah right, i didnt include it in my branch16:32
replaceafillwill take it out16:32
replaceafillth1a i changed the links for submit buttons in the group view16:34
replaceafilland styled them16:34
th1aWhy is Groups in the sidebar?16:34
replaceafilloh, my bad, isn't supposed to be there?16:35
th1aIt is redundant.16:35
th1aUse a much smaller button for Add/Delete.16:35
* menesis hi16:36
replaceafillth1a ah you mean Groups shouldn't be in the sidebar in the groups view, correct?16:36
replaceafillbut it should in the person view16:36
th1aShouldn't be in the sidebar at all.16:36
replaceafillah ok16:36
th1aIt is in the accordion.16:36
th1aRelated groups is from all years, correct?16:36
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th1a"Delete" should be "Remove" I think.16:37
replaceafillGroups link gone16:37
yvlmorning guys!16:37
th1aGood evening, yvl.16:38
* yvl was all alone :/16:38
yvlno th1a , no replaceafill, no aelkner...16:38
th1aHow long does it stay dark this time of year in Vilnius?16:38
yvlyou mean sunrise/sunset?16:39
yvlsun rises something like 4-5 AM16:39
yvland it get's dark around 11-12 PM16:39
* yvl agrees16:40
th1ayvl:  How did things go today?16:40
yvlit turned out to be a heavy plumbing day after all16:40
th1aI figured.  ;-)16:40
yvlI made a LinkIdViewlet16:41
yvland bound preferences modal dialog with it16:41
yvlin the sidebar16:41
* replaceafill updates the server with yvl's changes16:41
yvlthen there was something else...16:41
yvlah, right16:41
yvlaelkner's report links16:42
yvlaelkner, you did quite well!16:42
aelkneri tried :)16:42
yvlfor one, you made a small typo16:42
aelkneri saw that just now16:42
yvlso, I added a small method for debugging16:43
yvl<tal:block define="providers context/schooltool:content">16:43
yvl  <p tal:content="python:list(sorted(providers.get_providers(direct=True, adapted=True).items()))" />16:43
replaceafillserve updated16:43
yvlit's not convenient now, but that at least renders you16:43
yvlthe content providers that are available16:44
aelknercold you explain that part please16:44
yvlgets you to the available content providers16:44
yvlfor the context and the view the template is for16:44
yvland instead of using some provider, like this: context/schooltool:content/schooltool.person.FlourishInfo16:45
yvlyou call get_providers16:45
yvlthat looks up every single content provider that is available inside that template16:46
yvlnow, there are two parameters16:46
yvldirect and adapted16:46
yvldirect means - show me providers that are registered with flourish: directives16:46
yvlor implement flourish.interfaces.IContentProvider to be more precise16:46
yvlour mechanism currently allows to use old content adapters, like we were doing with PersonInfo at the very beginning16:47
yvlit basically looks up zope-style content providers16:47
th1areplaceafill:  Can you check in the TODO.txt file?16:47
yvland proxies them to behave like flourish content providers16:47
th1aadd it.16:47
replaceafillth1a ah ok16:47
yvlyou can put flags like direct=False, adapted=True to see what old-style content providers are available16:48
yvlor you can put both to true, to get the whole available set16:48
aelknerwhere is this small template you listed above?16:49
yvlget_providers returns a dict, hence the .items() part16:49
yvlaelkner, this is just a snippet I just came up with16:49
aelknernot yet committed?16:49
yvlI put it temporarily into some template16:49
yvlwhen I want to look at the list of adapters16:50
replaceafillth1a added16:50
th1areplaceafill:  Thanks.16:50
yvlI probably should add some handy debug shorcut16:51
yvlwas too busy, so just did the basics16:51
yvljust put it somewhere in some template16:51
yvland probably use .keys instead of .items16:52
yvlhere's an example of what is available in in flourish package:16:52
yvl[u'', u'actions', u'breadcrumbs', u'header_navigation', u'label', u'link', u'page_content', u'page_navigation', u'page_refine', u'page_related', u'schooltool.Actions', u'schooltool.ActionsMenu', u'schooltool.CSS', u'schooltool.CalendarEvent', u'schooltool.CalendarPortlet', u'schooltool.Header', u'schooltool.JavaScript', u'schooltool.ManageMenu', u'schooltool.MenuBar', u'schooltool.NavigationMenu', u'schooltool.ReportLinks', u'schooltool.SchoolYearMenu', u'16:52
yvlschooltool.person.Info', u'secondary_navigation', u'title']16:52
yvlyou can see old providers, like schooltool.CSS fall in16:53
yvland here's a list of our new providers only:16:53
yvl[u'', u'actions', u'breadcrumbs', u'header_navigation', u'label', u'link', u'page_content', u'page_navigation', u'page_refine', u'page_related', u'secondary_navigation', u'title']16:53
yvlyou know, I'll definitely add some shortcut tomorrow16:54
yvlok, moving on16:54
yvlI didn't finish fixing report links yet16:54
aelkneryvl, can we talk about this more after the meeting?16:55
yvlbasically I'd like for report:reportLink to stay in report namespace16:55
yvland not do the flourishReportLink or whatever directives16:55
yvlso I'll finish that after this meeting16:56
yvldid most of the grunt work already16:56
aelknerlooking forward to seeing it :)16:56
yvlit should pick up the already registered report link directives16:56
yvlaelkner - just so you know16:57
yvlyou made quite an impression today ;)16:57
aelknerhow so?16:57
th1aIn figuring out the weirdness?16:57
* yvl was pleasantly surprised with the code16:57
th1aGood news.16:58
aelknereven a broken clock is right twice a day :)16:58
th1aI can cancel my conference call with the Indian outsourcing company.16:58
yvlyou're not a broken clock, aelkner ;)16:58
yvlso... further plans16:58
yvlbasically I'll do more plumbing16:59
yvlI want to do json serialization16:59
replaceafillyvl table formatters!!!16:59
yvland little js moving here and there16:59
yvlfor the preferences modal dialog16:59
yvland the date picker widget16:59
th1aYou can do some wizardry too.16:59
* yvl looked a bit into that17:00
th1aOr Pain?17:00
yvlwell, hard to tell17:00
yvlI mean - it is promising17:01
yvlbut I'm not sure if we end up needing jquery wizzards at all in most cases17:01
yvlwant to experiment a bit first17:01
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yvlI mean - do some plumbing in that direction, then it'll be easier to see17:01
th1aThe main thing is that the timetable thing was never a real wizard because you couldn't go back/cancel.17:02
th1aSo if we could get those features without too much pain, it would be nice.17:02
* yvl agrees17:02
th1aaelkner:  Do you need things to do?17:03
aelknerdepends if i'm going to be blocked waiting for yvl or working with him17:04
* yvl should finish the work in ~2 hours after the sprint17:04
yvlmaybe 1h17:04
yvlif I'm lucky :D17:04
yvlit's one of those cases where writing code is faster than explaining what I'm doing ;)17:05
aelknerso perhaps i will be able to continue on after that with the actual table rendering for that view17:05
aelkneryvl, that's fine, i can wait for the code befreyou explain17:05
aelknerjust as long as you don't go away right away17:06
th1aaelkner:  One quick little outstanding task on the TODO is making sure all the accordion sections have "This person has no..." messages when empty.17:06
yvl(btw, how do you guys like link id="LinkIdViewlet-page_refine-person-settings-links-preferences-"? ;) )17:06
th1ae.g., contacts to now.17:06
replaceafillyvl :|17:06
aelkneryvl, haven't had a chance to look at it, but will be interested17:07
th1acontacts DO now.17:07
aelkneris the preferences button wired to the modal dialog now?17:07
yvlyes, manually17:07
yvlsorry for interruption, th1a17:07
th1aanyhow, aelkner, you can do that if you need to keep busy.17:09
th1areplaceafill:  How are relationship views coming?17:09
replaceafilli have a few questions for yvl17:09
replaceafillthe old model used checkboxes, right?17:09
replaceafillwith a submit button below17:10
replaceafilland used a table formatter for that17:10
replaceafillso, every column in the formatter used only (item, formatter) as usual17:10
* yvl listens17:11
replaceafilli couldnt find a way to insert the appropriate "Delete" "Add" button withouth knowing the whole set of items17:11
replaceafillin the column17:11
replaceafillso, i attached the view to the formatter :(17:11
replaceafilland in the column i could do:17:11
replaceafillif item in formatter.view.availableItems()17:12
replaceafilland such17:12
replaceafillthis felt wrong :(17:12
replaceafillyesterday i found that our table formatter really uses a zc.table table formatter for rendering17:12
yvlyes :D17:13
replaceafillso i tried to implement this without our table formatter17:13
replaceafilldont like it either :(17:14
yvlah, thank you for the code17:14
* yvl looks17:14
replaceafillyvl loot at the XXX at the bottom of group.py17:14
replaceafilland i used the @Lazy decorator for the items and school years list17:15
yvlreplaceafill, I am somewhat curious17:16
yvlwhy didn't you use a column in the same way the CheckBoxColumn is used/17:16
replaceafillyvl what do you mean?17:17
yvlok, let me put it this way17:17
yvlwhy do you need the view?17:17
yvlto get an unique button key, right?17:17
yvlif you looked at implementation of CheckBoxColumn17:18
yvlin table/ I think17:18
yvlit has an id_getter parameter17:18
yvlyou could write a SomethingButtonColumnOrOther that behaves this way17:18
replaceafillyvl but the submit needs a value too17:20
yvlyou can look at contact/browser/relationship.py17:20
replaceafillwith the string "Delete" or "Add"17:20
replaceafilldepending if the item is in the relationsihp or not17:20
yvlyou do have two talbes now, right?17:20
yvlfor two separate sets of items17:20
yvland available for relation17:21
yvlpopulate one with buton column that says Delete17:21
yvland other that says Add17:21
replaceafilltwo different columns?17:21
yvladd title to you ActionColumn17:21
yvlActionColumn(title="Add"..) :)17:22
replaceafillduh moment ;)17:22
yvland for the form key17:22
yvlgrep for IUniqueFormKey17:22
yvlit's messy IIRC17:22
yvland you probably can't use it out-of-the-box17:23
replaceafillah ok17:23
yvlbut the adapter generates unique keys for this exact case17:23
replaceafillis it possible to get the items back from the key?17:23
replaceafilli mean, when handling the request parameters17:24
yvlwell, yes, but you don't need to17:24
yvlyou have a list of items and their unique keys17:24
yvlgo through that list17:24
yvland look if any of them are in request17:24
replaceafillthe reverse of what i've done17:24
replaceafilllast question yvl17:25
replaceafilldo you think we should stick to the old edit relationship view17:25
yvlyou might want to look at contact/browser/relationship.py17:25
replaceafilli mean with all its logic17:25
replaceafilland methods17:25
replaceafillbecause here, i tried to simplify, but was not happy with the result :(17:26
yvlwell, we do need some common view for this17:26
yvlI'm not sure if you want to inherit any of our views directly17:26
yvlI remade it from scratch in contact/browser/relationship.py17:27
replaceafillah ok, i'll look at that module17:27
yvlit's not pretty17:27
yvlbut the thing is, we don't have a decent base now17:27
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yvlso if it's easier to write from scratch - do that17:28
replaceafillok thanks yvl17:28
th1aI guess this is the week we come back to earth and fix the plumbing.17:30
th1aOK, so you have things to do too, replaceafill?17:31
th1aCan I push my TODO changes directly to trunk?17:32
yvlyou should be able to17:33
yvlif you do a checkout you can commit directly17:33
th1aAs opposed to a branch?17:33
yvllet's say yes17:34
yvlif you just did the17:34
yvlbzr branch XXXXXXX/schooltool/flourish17:34
yvlthen you can just do the17:34
yvlbzr bind lp:~schooltool-owners/schooltool/flourish17:34
yvland it will be considered a checkout17:34
yvlthen just use bzr up17:34
yvland bzr ci17:34
th1abzr up!17:35
th1aup does what?17:35
th1apulls or pushes?17:35
yvlits same as bzr update17:35
yvlbzr ci17:36
yvlis same as bzr commit17:36
yvlplease be careful not to merge other changes17:36
th1aI will.17:36
yvllike thos to buildout.cfg you might have made17:36
yvlbzr commit TODO.txt should do the trick17:36
yvland bzr diff17:37
th1aI have a clean branch.17:37
yvlgo to the root folder, where and Makefile is17:37
yvlcreate a TODO.txt file17:37
yvlbzr add TODO.txt17:37
yvlbzr commit TODO.txt17:37
th1areplaceafill added it already.17:37
yvlah, ok then17:38
yvlso bzr st or bzr status shows if you have changes17:38
yvlbzr diff shows the changes themselves17:38
yvljust a reminder17:38
th1aOK, see if you get the changes.17:39
aelknerreplaceafill, is this in trunk?  i just merged and i don't see it17:39
yvlgot them17:39
replaceafillth1a me too17:39
aelknerreplaceafill, never mond17:39
aelkneri see it now17:39
th1aMake sure and note there when you start something.17:39
th1aThings that are unassigned any of you can do.17:40
yvlplease don't forget to do bzr up before modifying17:41
yvlconflicts are a b*tch17:41
aelknersounds like a movie line :)17:42
menesisFYI I made "flourish" series so you can use lp:schooltool/flourish shortcut17:42
yvlthanks menesis !17:42
yvlgravel time, th1a ? :)17:44
*** asharma has joined #schooltool17:48
th1aSorry, dwelsh called me.17:48
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:48
* yvl takes a break, then - on to report links17:49
aelkneryvl, so an hour or so, and then we look at some code together?17:49
yvlsure, aelkner17:49
aelknercool, thanks17:49
* replaceafill goes to get some breakfast17:51
th1aOne thing.17:51
th1aMake sure both tables' columns are aligned.17:51
th1aIn the relationship view.17:52
replaceafillth1a ah yes17:52
replaceafillth1a question17:52
replaceafilldo you want the group titles to be links?17:52
replaceafilllike in the accordions?17:52
replaceafillschool year titles?17:52
th1aI guess theoretically it would be nice for these to be popups since you don't necessarily really want to leave the page.17:53
th1aBut we'll leave that for now.17:53
th1aThat sounds like a good way to never finish the project.17:53
th1aWell, maybe for the sake of consistency the years could be links.17:54
th1aWhy not.17:54
* th1a goes to run some errands.18:20
th1aI think we got the sprintiest part of the sprint done before everyone started switching over to summer mode.18:20
replaceafillhey! after and before take multiple values!!!18:46
* replaceafill was wondering how to set viewlets positions taking into account plugins :)18:49
replaceafillyvl, that's the way, correct?18:49
replaceafilli set two values18:49
replaceafillone for the plugin and one for core18:49
yvlit should work18:49
yvland ignore unknown values18:50
yvlif it does not work, it's a bug18:50
* replaceafill disables intervention to test ;)18:50
aelknerreplaceafill, are you working with plugins?18:51
aelkneri thought we were working on the flourish branch of core which is a mass undertaking in itself18:52
aelkneris this something for cambodia?18:53
replaceafillmade a small commit to flourish trunk and flourish.intervention trunk18:53
replaceafillaelkner no, we have plugin packages for flourish18:53
replaceafillflourish.gradebook, flourish.journal, flourish.intervention18:54
replaceafillaelkner if you look at the testing instance you will see the tabs at the top18:54
replaceafillanother small push to flourish trunk, "Fixed self-closing div and removed jstree from person view template"18:59
yvlaelkner, report links work now19:12
yvlI sent you an email with the diff that is probably worth looking at19:13
yvlthat's the essence of changes I made19:13
aelkneryvl, one sec19:15
yvllet me got some coffee19:15
* replaceafill thinks we should use the subtitle viewlet for "Student Reports"19:17
replaceafillto get "<h1>Tom Hoffman</h1> <h2>Student Reports</h2>"19:18
aelkneryvl, sorry, i know you need to go after we talk, so i didn't mean to hold you up19:18
aelkneri was having an important phone call19:18
yvlI understand19:18
aelknerlooking at code now...19:18
yvlaelkner, if it's ok, look at the diff I sent you19:20
yvlit's easier to see what files I changed19:20
yvland I can explain the changes file-by-file19:20
aelknerok, i looked over the diff quickly, go ahead19:21
yvlor - doh! -
yvlsame diff, highlited properly19:21
aelknerthe diff as file is not so bad actually19:21
yvlthanks :)19:21
yvlso, src/schooltool/basicperson/browser/flourish.zcml19:21
aelknerthe diff viewer is color19:21
yvlI removed "flourish" report link registration there19:22
yvlas I also removed the directive itself19:22
yvlit now uses all the registrations we have already19:22
yvlfor example persons now have...19:23
yvl[server is booting up]19:23
yvl    * Student Detail Report19:23
yvl    * Student Report Card19:23
yvlnext, src/schooltool/report/browser/flourish.zcml19:24
yvland src/schooltool/report/browser/report.py19:24
yvlcan have it's own content_template19:24
yvlso I removed FlourishReportsInfo, and set the template directly19:25
yvlviewlets for ""19:25
yvlare intended to be registered19:25
yvlwhen you want to put more things on the same page19:25
yvlsay, plugins can add their own info on somebodys home.html19:26
yvlor such19:26
yvlsrc/schooltool/report/browser/templates/  :19:26
yvlI fixed the typo19:26
yvlalso, used context/schooltool:content convention19:26
yvlI strongly prefer it to provider:19:27
yvlmade the old report links manager specific to SchoolToolLayer19:27
yvlsrc/schooltool/report/ :19:27
yvl(and meta.zcml19:28
yvlremoved flourishReportLinks directive19:28
yvland made reportLinkDirective to register for IDefaultBrowserLayer19:28
yvland IReportLinkViewletManager19:28
yvlthis makes the report links common to both SchoolToolLayer and FlourishLayer19:28
yvlfinally, I also needed to src/schooltool/report/report.py19:29
*** menesis has quit IRC19:29
yvlIFlourishReportLinkViewletManager inherit from IReportLinkManager19:29
yvlso the essence of the changes19:29
yvlis that reportLink directives register for common things19:30
yvlbut there are two different report link manager implementations19:30
yvlone renders for old SchoolTool look19:30
yvlthe other - FlourishReportLinkViewletManager -19:31
yvlrenders for our new look19:32
yvlit has a template you added19:32
yvlso if you, say, want the report links to render as a table19:32
yvlyou should change to render a table19:32
aelknerok, i'll take this moment to ask something19:33
* yvl is done19:33
aelkneroh, good timing then :)19:33
aelknerfirst off, yay on not needing a new directive, so much is saved there19:34
aelkneri know that i need the table in the report links viewlet manager, but how about the viewlets19:34
aelknerthat are registered against the base interface?19:35
aelknerhere's the thing19:35
aelknerthe old skin manager/viewlet relationship was simple19:35
aelknermanager rendered the shell19:35
aelknerthe zope manager base rendered the viewlets19:36
aelknerthe vewlets themselves were only responsible for rendering a link fro themselves19:36
aelknernow i will need something else19:37
aelkneri need access to the viewlets first19:37
aelknerthey need to have a new property called type which i will have to add to reportLink directive19:37
aelknerbut anyway, i need to gather in all the viewlets and sort them by type19:37
aelknerand then display the table with heading/subheadings as per the guidelines19:38
yvlah, that hopefully shouldn't be too hard19:38
aelkneri just need the line of code to get the viewlets into a variable19:38
yvlif you look at f_report_link_manager.pt19:39
aelknerthe manager class can have a table() property that does the work of gathering the viewlets19:39
yvlyou can see it uses view/viewlets19:39
aelknerso i can just say self.viewlets?19:39
yvlthe FlourishReportLinkViewletManager is the said view19:39
yvlview is the self - the manager19:39
yvlso in the manager, yes, you can say that19:40
aelknercool, that helps19:40
aelknerno line of code needed then :)19:40
aelknerso for adding the type to reportLink19:40
aelkneryou inderstand what th1a wantes there, right?19:40
aelkneryou and i could work out a list of possible types right here19:41
aelknerfor instance:19:41
aelknerpdf, xml, csv, ...?19:41
yvlI see19:41
yvlalso xls19:41
aelknerso the table will group the subheaded sections according to type19:42
aelknerwhat would the sub-heading look like for a given type?19:42
aelknerPDF reports19:43
aelknerCSV reports19:43
aelknerthe type uppercase with reports after it?19:43
yvlactually I would ask th1a about the naming19:43
aelkneri could start with that until th1a suggests otherwise19:43
yvlI think yes19:43
aelkneryour thoughts on the directive?19:43
aelkneris type a good name for the new attribute?19:43
yvlnot very19:44
yvltype is reserved in python19:44
yvlor report_type19:44
aelknerfunny i 'felt' your hesitation half way around the world :)19:44
yvlteamwork! :D19:44
aelknerfile_type seems appropriate19:44
yvllet's go with that19:44
aelknersince that is what we are talking about here19:44
aelknerok, agreed19:45
yvland just look at how "description" is added in the directive19:45
yvland do the same19:45
aelknerbtw, did you push to trunk?19:45
yvland please don't neglect to update RegisteredReportsUtility19:45
aelkneri should merge now real quick before i let you go19:46
yvlby the way, feel free to treat that viewlet manager like any other view19:47
yvlit has update, render and template19:47
yvljust that if you override those methods, you'll need to call base classes19:47
yvlat least for update!19:47
aelknerok, good, that's simple enough19:47
aelkneryes, the update part i already have experience with, so that's no problem19:48
yvlit also has "filter" method19:48
aelkneraren't the viewlets already filtered?19:48
yvlif you need to additionaly remove some viewlets19:48
yvlyes, by security19:48
aelknerthat's what the zope base class does19:48
yvlviewlets can have before, after and required attributes19:49
yvlwe don't use that for report links now19:49
yvlbut manager base methods also use those19:49
aelknersome day i want you to explain before after and the code you wrote to handle them19:49
aelknerbut now is not the time19:49
aelknermaybe later in the week19:49
aelknerbut for now, i will add file_type and see how it goes19:50
replaceafillyvl you home?19:50
yvlnope, replaceafill19:50
yvl@ work19:50
replaceafillah ok19:50
replaceafillwill ask you tomorrow then :)19:51
yvlyou can ask now19:51
aelkneryvl, so i believe our work is done here, i can let you go19:51
yvlgood luck aelkner19:51
aelknerthanks for the quick fixes19:52
aelknerthey help a lot19:52
yvland if anything, don't hesitate to email, as always19:52
aelknerwill do19:52
yvlI just hope they make things simpler19:52
aelknersure looks that way19:52
yvlreplaceafill, any last words? ;)19:52
replaceafillyvl no, let you go19:53
yvlwell ok then19:53
yvlhappy coding, guys!19:53
aelknerthanks, have a good one19:53
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*** asharma has quit IRC22:06
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*** replaceafill has joined #schooltool22:16
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*** jelkner has joined #schooltool23:36
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jelknerth1a, can i use this channel at 3 pm tomorrow?23:37
jelkneri want to get jboisture, replacefill, mattva01, and i together to check in on progress with pyquiz23:38
jelkner(oops misspelled replaceafill :-(23:38
jelknerreplaceafill, have you seen th1a here recently?23:39
jelkneri just tried calling him at home23:39
jelknerbut no answer23:39
replaceafillnot since this morning23:39
jelknerwill you all be meeting here at 3 pm tomorrow?23:39
jelkneri'm looking for a time when you are not meeting23:40
replaceafillas far as i know, there's no meeting at that time23:41
jelknerok, i'm going to take a chance23:41
jelkneri'll cc th1a so he can complain if it isn't a good idea23:42
jelknercan you meet at that time?23:42
jelkneri just want to check in with jboisture23:42
replaceafillsure, i'll be around23:42
jelknerand give him some idea of when he will work with you on the xml-rpc stuff23:42
jelknerwe have another teacher acting as active customer23:42
jelknerso i have more stories on the client side23:43
jelknerbut we still need to begin thinking about the authentication23:43
jelknerthanks, replaceafill talk to you tomorrow then...23:43
replaceafillsee you jelkner23:43
*** jelkner has quit IRC23:43

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