IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2011-06-22

replaceafillth1a zyt?00:27
replaceafill3 years, 2010-201200:38
replaceafillyou see the 2010 years in the person view, but not in the groups view00:38
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* replaceafill updates the Data.fs in the test instance16:18
th1ahi replaceafill, aelkner, yvl, menesis.16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:30
th1aOK, yvl, would you like to start?16:32
yvlI spent all day researching and experimenting16:32
yvlputting in javascripty behaviour cleanly is not that easy16:33
yvland by cleanly I mean that I don't want to shoot myself in a foot16:34
yvlI think I'll go with the simplest solution for now16:34
yvlthe problem:16:35
yvlwe don't have an easy simple and safe way to comunicate data from view to javascript16:35
yvl<tal:script replace="serialize: html_id view/get_html_id" />16:36
th1aFor example?16:36
yvland for binding use something like16:36
yvlbasicaly, whenever we have generated element ids, or generated urls, or negotiated widget language16:37
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yvlwe need to pass it to javascript, and tal templates don't have anything built in for that16:38
yvlthe rest of the solution is postponed indefinitely16:38
yvlit's putting attrbute named "state" in each view, which is a dict16:39
yvland you can put your variables, in the view, in self.state dict16:39
yvland in the templates16:40
yvlyou can use ST.view. ...16:40
yvlto access those variables16:40
yvlself.stat['foo'] = 'bar'16:40
yvlin javascript you can get it with ST.view.foo16:40
yvlwell, that's that16:41
yvlI'm probably not very clear with the explanation16:42
yvlanother thing, I was looking at preferences modal dialog16:43
yvland can't help but wonder if we should have library "shortcut" for that16:43
yvl$(document).ready(function(){ ST.dialogs.modalform(ST.local.html_id, ST.local.form_url); })16:44
yvlany comments? :)16:45
th1aNone from me.  ;-)16:46
yvl(oh, and "serialize:" directive is not in sprint trunk yet)16:47
th1aaelkner, replaceafill:  You following this?16:48
aelkneryvl, did you create the serialize directive?16:48
yvlyes, have a draft of it, not committed16:48
replaceafilli can't wait to see it working :)16:49
aelknerwhat does it do exactly?16:49
replaceafilli know it's a difficult problem and i hope this will make things way more easy16:49
yvlwell, it takes a local variable in tal16:50
yvlsay "view/get_html_id"16:50
yvlor anything else16:50
yvland uses json to serialize it16:50
yvlthen puts it into ST.local javascript dict16:50
replaceafillwill it be able to serialize our own objects?16:51
replaceafillor just builtin types?16:51
yvltechnically - yes it could16:51
yvlbut I'd like to avoid that16:51
yvleverything that you want to pass to javascript16:51
aelkneri'll need to see this to understand it :)16:51
yvlmust travel with the html to the client16:52
yvlpeople are known to wildly serialize everything and end up with huge payloads16:52
yvl(simply because it's fun and seems harmless)16:52
yvlaelkner, I think it will be quite simple in the end16:54
aelkneri'll take your word for it :)16:54
yvland I'll restrain myself from implementing too much16:54
th1ayvl:  Will you be able to finish this tomorrow?16:54
yvlI think so16:54
yvlthere is one more technical detail I haven't looked at16:55
aelknerback in 5 minutes16:55
yvlit's js local state "leakin" to other templates16:55
yvl* "leaking"16:55
yvlI'll try to convert preferences dialog16:56
yvlto something that uses this16:56
yvl(and I think it preloads the form at the moment)16:57
yvl(which is horribly evil)16:57
th1aUnsustainable in the long run at least.16:59
th1aThanks yvl.16:59
th1aOK, so for replaceafill and aelkner I think we have a lot of review/nitpicking to do.17:00
th1aI'm just going to start with aelkner, because it is quicker.17:00
th1aI've been won over to the Name: Page Title as Title: Subtitle paradigm.17:01
th1aSo what does aelkner need to do to switch Student Reports to do that?17:01
aelkneri'm back17:01
th1aI guess it is probably obvious if you look at an example.17:01
replaceafillremove title from the view17:02
th1aBut basically, yes, that's the way we want it.17:02
replaceafilland add subtitle="Reports" to the page registration17:02
th1aThese aren't "Student Reports" necessarily, correct.17:02
th1aYes so $PERSON: Reports is essentially the form.17:03
th1aWell, I guess no colon at this point.17:03
th1aMoving on...17:04
th1aPlease start using XXX, like "XXX - Need description." if you don't have an idea of what might be a useful description, etc. in the interface.17:05
th1aIt is less painful for me.17:05
th1aThan restating the title as a description.17:05
th1aAnd will ensure that these things don't make it through to the final product, as they've tended to do in the past.17:05
th1ae.g., "Export Person as XML: Contains an XML representation of a person."17:06
aelknerwhat would be a better description ?17:07
th1aWell, what data is in the XML document?17:08
th1aSimple XML document containing the person's name, group memberships and ?"17:08
th1aIs that it?17:08
th1aOr just "Contains the person's name... etc."17:09
th1aYou just have to imagine the second question.17:09
th1aWhen someone reads this description, looks up at you and says "What is this?"17:09
th1aAnyhow, if you don't want to think about how stuff will be worded, I'd rather you just put in XXX's.17:10
th1aI was going to ask if aelkner was using a smaller font in the table, but I guess that's because his screenshot was scaled by my browser.17:11
th1aSo otherwise, that looks pretty good.17:11
aelkneryeah, i didn't change any font sizes17:11
th1aNext we need the actual PDF report selector views.17:12
aelknerwhat is that?17:13
th1aWell, whatever you call the views that are linked in this table that don't work yet.17:13
aelknerah, the report request views17:13
yvlnow those17:14
yvlthose could be modal17:14
th1aWant to try it that way, aelkner?17:15
aelknertry what what way?17:15
aelknermaking the reqpoet request views modal?17:16
th1aThey're simple.17:16
aelknerisn't yvl in the process of changing the way we do modals?17:17
yvlmight be a low hanging fruit17:17
aelknercould it save time to wait for that change and follow the pattern17:17
th1aNo, let's just do it.17:17
aelknerrather than code the current way and only create work for yvl to change it17:17
th1aI'm definitely feeling like we need to tie up all the loose ends of persons before moving on.17:18
yvlgetting "the feel of it working" might be better than making it right17:18
th1aAlso, we don't have to worry about long term bloat in these pages anyhow.17:19
th1aOK, so that's next task aelkner.17:19
yvlby the way, can I humbly ask you to process the questions related to me, and let me off early today?17:19
th1aAnd replaceafill and I will fix up the CSS for modals.17:19
th1ayvl:  You're excused.17:20
th1aWe're done with you.  ;-)17:20
yvlthank you, th1a17:20
th1aOh, well, one question.17:20
th1aLet's jump to replaceafill.17:20
th1aI'm feeling like trying icons for add/delete in these tables because buttons are too big.17:21
th1aAny concern about that?17:21
replaceafill+1 on icons17:21
yvlalso you can try plain links17:21
yvlmaybe not17:21
yvljust an idea17:21
replaceafillth1a i was thinking we should move the Action column to the left17:22
th1aNot plain links I think.17:22
yvlbuttons are really too ugly17:22
th1aYeah... bad.17:22
th1aOK, you can go now yvl.17:22
aelknerone thing frst17:22
th1areplaceafill, let's just start with that then.17:22
th1ayvl WAIT!17:22
* yvl here17:23
aelkneri was not aware that we had created a flourish version of schooltool.gradebook17:23
th1aaelkner:  We are flourishing all the core components.17:23
replaceafillaelkner there are flourish version for all the plugins17:23
aelknerso i need to branch that and put it in my buildout.cfg17:23
aelknerreplaceafill, is that what you do, branch side-by-side in the sandbox and change buildout.cfg?17:24
replaceafillaelkner yes17:24
aelknerok, got it17:24
* yvl too17:24
aelknerso the changes to the report request views go in schooltool.gradebook, so that's why i asked17:25
aelkneri hadn't changed anything in the gradebook yet and didn't know we were doing that17:25
aelknerreplaceafill, that's the trunk, right?17:25
yvlI made those branches just in case17:25
aelknerthat's the trunk, right?17:26
replaceafillth1a i just changed the Data.fs in the server17:28
replaceafillit has more than 25 persons17:28
replaceafilland it shows the batch17:28
th1aah, a major innovation.17:28
replaceafillfor groups too17:28
replaceafilli need to style that17:28
th1aShould we go with "+" and "-" for add/remove?17:29
th1aOK, we're done here.17:29
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:29
yvlsee you guys tomorrow! :)17:30
th1aThat'll do.17:31
th1aFor now.17:31
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th1aAre those LP?17:32
th1aFine for now.17:33
replaceafillok, changing the buttons for images17:33
replaceafilli'd say: no header, move to the right and make column narrower17:50
replaceafillsorry, move to the left :)17:51
th1aSwitch "Action" to "Add" and "Remove"17:51
th1aAnd add tooltips.17:51
th1aAnd Hm?17:52
replaceafilllooks like we should use <a> instead of <input>17:52
replaceafillah no17:53
replaceafilltitles work fine for buttons :)17:53
replaceafillwhat should the tooltip say?17:53
th1aAdd Remove17:53
th1aIt would be easier to set up the table if we knew people would use short year names, which we don't apparently.17:54
replaceafillth1a refresh17:57
th1aLooks pretty good.17:58
replaceafillcan we try to the left? :)17:58
th1aCan you move the images down a couple px?17:58
replaceafillvertically aligned18:01
replaceafillis that ok?18:01
replaceafillmade the row smaller!18:02
replaceafilli think it looks better :)18:02
* replaceafill goes to see it in chorme18:02
th1aYes, tighten it up.18:02
th1aMaybe bump it up a px now...18:03
replaceafillwe'd need a smaller image18:08
replaceafillwe have font-size of 12px18:08
replaceafilland our icon has 14px18:08
th1aWe can address that later.18:08
replaceafilli'd say keep only vertical-align: middle for now18:09
replaceafillthose icon may change anyway18:09
th1aYes, fine.18:10
replaceafillth1a what about the titles of the sections, like "Available Groups"18:10
replaceafill"Available Advisees"?18:10
replaceafillcan i try hover on the table rows?18:11
replaceafillwith all those + icons it could be helpful18:11
replaceafillknowing in which row you are18:12
th1aThe headers there are supposed to be sentence capitalization.18:12
th1aLike, a highlight color?18:12
replaceafilltoo much?18:12
th1aTry it.18:12
th1aWhat shade?18:12
th1aI think Current and Available groups is ok.18:14
replaceafill"groups" instead of "Groups" correct18:14
th1aI think we can go with the highlighting for now.18:14
th1aLive with it for a while.18:15
replaceafillchanged the capitalization for the other views18:17
th1aWe'll focus on one at a time, ok?18:18
replaceafillsorry :)18:18
replaceafillgo on18:18
th1aIt is just that will probably change the wording when we get there.18:18
th1aDo you have ideas about the pagination formatting?18:18
replaceafillnot really18:19
th1aPerhaps formatted as a table subheader.18:19
th1aWe can make a row span all the columns, right?18:19
th1aOr it is the header and the current header is the subheader...18:20
th1aOr something...18:20
th1aOr it is formatted as a subheader but above the header.18:20
replaceafillfirst, we should put the batch below the form, right?18:20
replaceafillbetween the search form and the available items table18:21
replaceafillit's a separated <div>18:22
replaceafillwe can style it to look like a table header/subheader18:22
th1aIt is batching the table, not the form.18:22
replaceafillbatches moved18:25
replaceafillth1a refresh18:36
th1aDo we need "Show less" ?18:37
replaceafillby default batches show 25 items18:37
replaceafillshow less make them show 10 only18:37
replaceafillshould i take it out?18:38
th1aI'm thinking so.18:38
th1aThe current page should not be a link.18:39
th1aI'm not sure about the spacing.18:39
th1aProbably it could all be aligned more closely to the left.18:40
replaceafilli wonder how many page links are possible18:44
th1aI think it adds elipses at some point.18:47
replaceafillyes <span class="separator">...</span>18:48
replaceafillis it ok as it is now?18:49
th1aI can't think of any reason why this shouldn't just be aligned right.18:50
th1aThat is.18:50
replaceafillah ok, let me align everything to the left18:50
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replaceafillth1a refresh18:55
replaceafillleft Show All to the right though18:55
th1aThe page numbers could be closer together.18:55
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replaceafillof space18:57
th1aThat'll do for now.18:58
th1aThe current page should not be a link though.18:58
replaceafilli'll dig into the batch template18:58
replaceafillit's kind of complex18:58
replaceafilllater if that's ok18:59
replaceafilli'd also test this with more pages18:59
replaceafillback to section titles?18:59
replaceafillAvailable advisees? ;)19:01
replaceafillfor some reason i'm ok with "Available advisors" :)19:02
th1aI mean, I don't know what else.19:03
replaceafillwell, if you're ok with the rest, then i am19:04
replaceafillwhat should i do next? contact management?19:04
replaceafillah! dialog styling19:04
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th1areplaceafill:  btw, do you understand Chandara's email?19:45
replaceafillkind of19:46
replaceafilli need to look at the formulas page19:46
replaceafill(the google doc i created)19:46
th1aPerhaps we should try to get the dialog styles down and then you should look at that.19:49
replaceafillah! ok19:49
replaceafillok, moving to cambodia...19:53
th1aWell, I meant get the dialog styles DONE...19:54
th1aDamn idioms.19:54
replaceafillok, moving back to styles ;)19:54
th1aGet them down not put them down.  :-)19:54
replaceafillyes, got confused by that19:54
replaceafillnext sprint: spanish19:55
replaceafillthe whole week19:55
replaceafillbtw, someone from argentina my address in a blog post and sent me a schooltool question19:56
replaceafillsaw my address19:56
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* th1a goes for shower, lunch.20:01
* th1a back.20:49
th1aaelkner: ayt?20:56
replaceafillone problem with putting <script>s inside <body>: preferences link works only on the person index view20:58
replaceafillif you click preferences from edit person, doesnt work20:58
th1aI'm wondering about that.20:58
th1aWhich pages should have the sidebar?20:59
th1aIn particular, if we made it fit in the original margins, we could omit it in a lot of cases.20:59
th1aUnless we're going to use it for navigation back more.21:00
th1aBecause right now we don't have back navigation from any of these relationship edit views, etc.21:00
replaceafilli use the breadcrumbs :)21:01
th1aWe definitely can't rely on that.21:01
th1aAnyhow, is this <script> issue the one that yvl is fixing anyhow?21:02
replaceafillwell, as you said, it's not an issue if we're not showing "Preferences" everywhere21:03
replaceafillif only shows in person index view is fine21:03
th1aYes, but would it fix the problem?21:04
replaceafilli guess they're not related (this issue and what yvl is doing)21:04
replaceafilli'll bring it up in the meeting tomorrow21:04
th1aI'm kind of leaning toward limiting the sidebar.21:05
th1aCould you shrink it back to its original size?21:06
* replaceafill goes to look for its original size, i guess it was 144px21:09
replaceafillcheck the preferences dialog21:09
replaceafill(still working on it)21:10
th1aI'm just wondering if there is a way to do it that doesn't look like a box in a box.21:11
replaceafilli was thinking the same, looks weird21:12
replaceafillsidebar resized to 144px21:12
replaceafillah! padding21:12
replaceafillyou want it exactly 144px?21:13
replaceafillbecause it has a lot of padding21:13
replaceafill16px left and right21:13
th1aWell... the left edge of the content area should be in its original position.21:13
th1aMight look worse in Debian.  ;-)21:14
th1aChange "Intervention Center" to "Interventions"21:14
*** menesis has joined #schooltool21:14
th1aYou know, I think we can do that.21:17
replaceafilldo you want me to shrink it more?21:19
th1aThat's back to the original left margin, correct?21:20
replaceafillit has a lot of room on the right21:20
replaceafillyes, but the padding is double21:20
replaceafillthe guidelines say 8px21:20
replaceafillwe're using 16px21:20
th1aWell, make up the lost space on the right.21:20
replaceafillyou mean in the content area?21:21
replaceafillalready did21:21
th1aOK.  For now we'll just use the standard width of the content area.21:22
th1aThe big remaining question is... how to do back navigation to index pages?21:22
th1aFirst:  links, not buttons.21:23
th1aBeyond that... what should the text be?21:23
th1a"Return to $PERSON"21:24
replaceafilli dont like back21:24
replaceafillsounds like "history back"21:24
replaceafillth1a i'll go get lunch21:27
replaceafillwill be back in 30 mins21:27
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*** jelkner has joined #schooltool21:58
jelknerjboisture, replaceafill, good afternoon22:00
jelknerwe are waiting for mattva01 to join us22:00
*** mattva01 has joined #schooltool22:01
jelknerthere he is22:01
jelknerok, i'll start22:01
*** mattva01 has quit IRC22:01
*** mattva01 has joined #schooltool22:01
jelknerwe have three teachers who are very interested in using pyquiz next year22:01
jelknerwhich means we have 3 active customers22:01
jelkneri spoke to th1a, who agreed what we need this year is the simplest authentication that will work22:02
jelknerso xml-rpc22:02
jelknerreplaceafill will have time next week to work with jboisture on that22:02
jelkneri need a test instance so that the 3 teachers can begin using it to make quizzes22:03
jelkneri have new user stories on the quiz making side, but i want to see the current version 1st22:03
jelknerjboisture, how will we do that?22:03
jboisturethat's up to date22:03
jelknermattva01, will you please set up apache so we don't need 56543?22:04
jelknermattva01, make pyquiz.gctaa.net22:04
jelknerok, jboisture, should i tell you about the new stories before i put them on launchpad?22:05
jelknerour English teacher wants to be able to add quiz items that have text fields for responses22:06
jelknerhe agrees that automated grading won't work22:06
jboistureI already have that actually the questions are ignored when grading for now22:07
jelknerso he is looking for a type of item that requires the teacher to evaluate those items22:07
* th1a is back.22:07
jelknerjboisture, but he wants to be able to grade them himself, and then have the grades go into the ST gradebook22:07
mattva01jelkner, will do22:08
jboistureI haven't written the ability to evaluate them because I need to get authentication before I can do that22:08
jelknerour math teacher wants to be able to put up mathematical questions22:08
jelknermakes sense, jboisture22:08
jelknerso we will wait to talk about that22:08
jboisturemathematical questions?22:08
jelknermath diagrams, and such22:08
jelknerhere is what i'm thinking22:09
jelknerjust add the ability to add images to questions22:09
jelknerthen i can teach him to use latex to make the kinds of questions he wants22:09
jelknersave them as png or svg and upload them22:09
jboistureok I can do that22:09
jelkneri will want that ability too22:09
jelknergoogle forms does not allow rich enough questions22:10
jelkneri would also like to be able to edit the html22:10
jelknerso i can use pre tags and such for python questions22:10
jelkneror whatever else i want to do with html22:10
jelknerthat's all we can think of for now22:11
jelknerwhat i want to do is to get my two colleagues to begin testing these features as soon as they are able22:11
jelknerso all three of us can provide feedback22:11
jboisturehmm the questions are currently rendered with deforms as replaceafill suggested.  I don't know that there will be a way to edit the html22:12
jelknerthat will assure we can all use this heavily next year22:12
jelknerreplaceafill, what says you?22:13
mattva01I guess you could do an html block and store the  styling in the database as well.....22:13
jelknerhow can we most easily gain some control over the editing of questions22:13
th1areplaceafill is apparently not back from lunch yet.22:14
jelknerwell, jboisture, do you have any questions or concerns?22:14
* replaceafill is back22:14
jelknerthat's all i had, so we don't need to let this meeting drag on22:14
jelknerreplaceafill, did you see the question?22:14
* replaceafill reads the log22:14
replaceafilljelkner you want a form field to edit html?22:15
jelknerthat's what i was thinking22:15
jelknerbut the bigger idea is a way to make questions customizable22:16
jelknerI don't want to be limited to simple text22:16
jelkneri wanted the simplest way possible to do that22:16
jelknerso i was thinking html editing22:17
replaceafillrestructured text is not good this time, uh?22:17
jelkneri would love ReST22:17
jelknerbut isn't that harder?22:17
replaceafillif you keep using deform you'll have to integrate something else for the html fields22:18
jelknerReST would be much easier to teach to my colleagues22:18
replaceafilldeform doesnt have that22:18
replaceafillrest doesnt need external widgets22:18
replaceafillthe work is done while rendering the content22:18
replaceafilllike the pybookbuilder does22:18
replaceafilland docutils provides the services you need for rendering22:19
replaceafillif you're putting equations and diagrams in images, you could get away with the same approach used in pybookbuilder22:19
replaceafillbut it's your call22:20
replaceafillyou're the user ;)22:20
* jelkner is waiting for fsufitch to read the log22:21
jelknerin case he has anything in pybookbuilder that would help us here22:21
fsufitchreplaceafill: docutils is the way to go22:23
jelkneri would be most happy with a screen into which i write ReST, that renders using docutils22:24
fsufitch is, for example, how my blog does ReST -> HTML for my content and for comments22:24
fsufitchcheck the RSTtoHTML() function22:24
jelknerjboisture, thoughts?22:26
jboistureI've never worked with ReST so it would take a while to get up to speed.  but if that's the consensus I guess I can start working on it.22:27
jelkneryou'll love it22:27
jelknerit rocks!22:27
replaceafill...python programmers...22:28
jelknerok, that's all for now22:28
jboisturealright sounds good22:28
jelknerreplaceafill and jboisture, you will start next week talking xml-rpc, yes?22:28
replaceafilli think so22:29
jelknerth1a, said that was ok22:29
jelknerth1a, can you confirm?22:29
th1aI will allow replaceafill to speak.22:30
th1aBut I appreciate you asking my permission.22:30
replaceafilljboisture you can fake auth credentials for now, correct?22:31
replaceafilllike having a hard-coded dict with them22:31
jboistureya I just started working on that today22:31
replaceafilljelkner btw have you thought what user data you will need from schooltool?22:32
jelknerperson, section, gradebook items22:32
jelkneror actually, we report to ST that we have a new gradebook item, yes?22:33
jelknerbut when user logs in22:33
jelknerST needs to confirm they are in a section22:34
jelkneri'm still not sure how it works22:34
jelknerlet's say i'm teaching Intro to ICT22:34
jelknerand zawolo is teaching Geometry22:34
jelknerand mattva01 is in both our classes22:34
jelknerand each of makes a quiz22:35
jelknermattva01 should be told there are quizzes for him when he logs in22:35
*** mattva01_ has joined #schooltool22:35
jelknerhe takes a quiz22:35
jelknerclicks submit22:35
*** mattva01 has quit IRC22:35
jelknerand the grade goes to the gradebook22:35
*** mattva01_ is now known as mattva0122:35
replaceafillso, one activity for each quiz?22:36
*** mattva01 has quit IRC22:36
*** mattva01 has joined #schooltool22:36
replaceafillone gradebook activity22:36
jelkner1 quiz == 1 gradebook activity22:36
replaceafillone gradebook worksheet just for quizzes?22:36
jelkneri would be fine with that22:36
jelknerbut is scares me a bit22:36
jelknersince i haven't had a lot of luck computing grades from multiple worksheets22:37
jelknerthis could be the year we do that, if you say so22:37
replaceafillwe put all the quizes in one single worksheet and you link as needed from other worksheets22:37
jelknerthat would work22:38
replaceafillbut i'llt think about it22:38
jelknera special kind of worksheet22:38
jelknerthat knows about pyquiz22:38
replaceafilljboisture will you be using sessions for pyquiz?22:39
replaceafillhow do you plan to "persist" schooltool data on the pyquiz side22:39
mattva01is there a real need to ?22:40
jboisturehmm haven't thought it through to much yet.  what do you recommend?22:40
replaceafillmattva01 i was thinking at least temporarily22:41
replaceafillfor example22:41
replaceafillfirst_name, last_name22:41
mattva01ah ok, I get what you are saying22:41
replaceafillpyquiz ask schooltool, does this user exist {'username': 'jelkner', 'password': 'pwd'}22:42
mattva01sounds like a job for a session cookie :p22:42
replaceafillthat'd be the easiest solution i think22:43
replaceafillpyquiz gets the user data from schooltool and saves it temporarily in a session22:43
mattva01looks like pyramid has a pretty standard set of tools for dealing with it :
jboistureya that should be easy to handle22:43
replaceafillwe're not worring about data changing while the user is logged in yet ;)22:44
replaceafilland yes, sessions are easy to use in pyramid22:44
replaceafillok, that's all from me i guess22:45
th1aShouldn't pyquiz grades just be external activities?22:45
jelknerok, sounds like jboisture has plenty to keep him busy22:45
replaceafillth1a i thought about that22:45
replaceafilland yes it seems like the way to do it22:46
jelknerth1a, i'm unclear about one thing22:49
replaceafillhowever it'd mean pyquiz should depend on schooltool code22:49
jelknerpyquiz is part of ST in my book22:49
jelkneri will never run it apart from ST22:49
jelknersince i definitely want this;22:49
jelknerteacher creates quiz22:49
jelkneron pyquiz22:49
jelkneris becomes an activity in worksheet in their section22:50
jelknerwe haven't talked about that22:50
jelknerwe've been talking students and grades22:50
jelknerbut the activity will be created in pyquiz and ST will be told about it22:50
jelknerso there will be teacher authentication required too22:51
jelknershould i be making these blueprints on launchpad?22:52
jelknerok, let's say meeting over22:53
jelknerand i'll go work on the launchpad stories22:53
replaceafillok, i'll send an email once i give more thought to this22:53
jelknerthis has been most helpful22:53
*** jboisture has quit IRC22:56
*** mattva01 has quit IRC23:07
*** jelkner has quit IRC23:15

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