IRC log of #schooltool for Friday, 2011-06-17

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th1areplaceafill:  Got a little feedback from Helder.  He doesn't like the one-section only behavior of the accordion.16:20
replaceafillwell, there's a hack16:21
replaceafillto open them all16:21
th1aThe jquery page seems to suggest that you could just write your own.16:22
th1aThat might make more sense.16:23
th1aWell, we could hack it to see how it looks.16:23
replaceafillwe could do that and use the same styles from jquery ui16:23
th1aHack the current one.16:23
th1aJust to prototype.16:23
th1aWe can talk about it some more.16:23
* replaceafill updates the testing instance16:29
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th1ahi aelkner, yvl, menesis, replaceafill.16:32
yvl morning guys16:32
th1aOK, you guys got my followup to yvl's workflow yesterday.16:32
th1aWhere I arbitrarily divided the list between yvl and aelkner?16:32
th1aMake sense?16:34
yvlI'm pretty sure both Alan can also do the top part16:35
yvlsorry, I meant - Douglas, Alan, and I can do these things16:36
yvlprobably Alan and Douglas will do most of the stuff after the cutting point16:36
yvlsimply because they're on the same timezone16:36
yvland it's easier to get feedback16:36
th1aSo... what are you suggesting?16:37
yvlwell, basically keep doing what we were doing16:38
yvldecide who does what every day16:38
yvlfor another week16:38
yvlit would be nice if Alan and Douglas ported some more views by themselves16:38
yvlbecause that would make drawbacks more obvious16:39
th1aaelkner? replaceafill?16:39
replaceafilli agree with yvl on us porting views16:39
replaceafillto give him feedback16:39
th1aOK.  SEttled.16:39
th1ayvl: What did you do today?16:40
yvlIt was a slow day actually16:40
yvlstarted working on splitting person add forms to multiple fieldsets16:40
yvlended up realizing that it's a good time to do some base classes now16:40
yvlkeeping in mind forms that we all wrote16:41
aelknerdidn't i do the person forms already16:41
aelknerwith multiple fieldsets and all16:41
th1aI was going to mention that they don't seem to be in trunk.16:41
th1aWe can't be sitting on code.16:41
replaceafilli thought aelkner made a fieldset only for demographics16:42
replaceafillin trunk16:42
th1aOh, right.16:42
th1aThe view, not the form.16:42
th1aOh, right.16:42
th1aI see.16:42
aelknerwhat view/form?16:42
yvlaelkner - we need 4-5 fieldsets in say "Add Teacher" view16:43
th1aOrganizing it more as we discussed yesterday.16:44
yvland I remember Alan wanting for a while now16:44
yvland our current forms that have "subforms" are not that consistent in the old skin16:45
yvland probably they could be16:45
yvlalso we tend to skimp on error validation16:45
th1ayvl, we really have to be careful right now about diving into plumbing.16:45
yvlmy plan is to marinate it over the weekend16:46
yvlif I arrive at something - do a simple implementation on Monday16:46
yvlif not, just port the views bluntly16:46
th1aWe have about 40 work days between now and feature freeze and probably around twice that many views.16:46
th1aSo we need to get cranking through several a day.16:47
yvlgood point16:48
th1aSome of those are complicated (manage...)16:48
th1aAnd some are just hairy (term calendar).16:48
th1aWe've still got things from yesterday's list.16:50
th1aIf we get that far I'll have aelkner work on the add forms because.16:51
th1aI'd like to wrap this part up if possible (probably not)16:51
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th1aSo starting next week should we focus on easier management views first?16:52
th1aGroups, courses, sections?16:52
th1aBefore tackling years and terms?16:52
th1aProbably would be good to get a little momentum.16:53
yvlyou know, that might be a very good idea16:53
yvlsince we want to represent groups and courses without necessarily traversing through schoolyear16:54
th1aOh... yes, that is an issue I guess.16:54
th1aYou can't do groups without a year.16:54
yvlbut it's a good exercise16:55
yvlsay, we have no year - how will our interface look?16:55
yvlsay, we have one year - how will our interface look?16:55
yvlsay we have two or more years - <...>16:55
aelknerback in 5 min16:55
th1aWe really could primarily switch to filtering by current year by default.16:56
yvlwe can fill the Data.fs from a trunk instance16:56
th1aAnd hide the navigational aspect.16:56
yvlbut the system should be very operational without schoolyear add/index and so on views16:56
yvlhaving no index.html for schoolyear can make this easier to design16:57
th1aWell, the real issue is just that groups and other things have to be contained in the year, right?16:58
th1aIt is a matter of where things go in the database.16:58
yvlit's built that way now, yes16:59
aelkneri'm back16:59
th1aOK.  We're not changing that now.  ;-)16:59
th1aI'd rather just make it clear that you have to start with a new school year and leave it at that.16:59
th1aBut really, I don't even want to get into that issue now.17:01
yvlthat's probably the first thing user should see when he hits manage school on fresh instance17:01
replaceafill"set up procedure" :)17:01
th1aPretty much everything else should be greyed out.17:01
th1aSo probably we need to port years first.17:02
th1aHaving said that, navigationally, you shouldn't have to go through the year to add a group.17:02
th1aThe whole concept of the year tab is going away.17:02
yvlthen we can postpone porting of school years maybe?17:03
yvljust use databases with one set up year17:03
th1aOK, fine.17:03
menesisthe year tab is confusing17:03
th1aIt will be gone.17:03
menesisI understand it will move to School tab17:04
menesisplus some things moved from Manage17:04
th1aWell, we probably don't need it at all.17:04
yvl+1 th1a17:04
menesismake People, Courses top-level?17:04
yvl"School" level?17:05
th1aI'm not even sure what the distinction between "Application" and "School" is and who sees them.17:05
yvlApplication is the server17:05
yvlyou do have things like email support17:06
yvlalso other settings17:06
yvleven packing a database17:06
th1aMaybe "System" ?17:06
yvlit's a place for administrators ideally17:06
aelknerApplication Setig from the old manage view17:06
yvlschool is for clerks17:06
th1aThe actual model of the school.17:07
th1a I think we can change the term for Application.17:07
aelknerSite Management17:07
th1aAnd perhaps it should be at right, not left.17:07
th1aSo a teacher would only see Gradebook and Intervention right now, correct?17:08
yvland Journal17:08
yvlI was thinking to use "School" in place of "Home" for simpler users17:09
yvlIt's still your school17:09
th1aWell, there really should be a personal home page for users that is different from the school home.17:09
th1aPersonal dashboard.17:10
yvlof course!17:10
yvlI'm just talking about the tab name17:10
th1aIf they do different things they should be different tabs.17:10
yvl"Home" is ok.  "School" seemed like an interesting alternative.17:10
th1aI think they're different things.17:10
yvlI was thinking from a different angle17:11
th1aRight?  School is an admin page.  Home is a personal dashboard.17:11
yvlAdministrator sees a school in a different way than a teacher17:11
th1ayvl:  That's why we have these discussions.  ;-)17:11
yvlsure :)17:11
th1aThey might be the same person.17:11
yvlgood point17:12
th1aOK, we'd better shift to what aelkner and replaceafill are going to do today.17:13
aelknerI need to ask a question first17:14
aelkneryvl, you say we should derive the new classes from the old ones as much as possible17:14
aelknerbut i'm not sure how that can work17:14
aelknerthe old classes derive from z3cform in some cases17:14
aelknerand override the update method17:14
aelknerthe new base classes flojurish.Page, etc.17:15
aelknerderive from z3cform also, and have an override of update17:15
aelkneri'm not saying it can't work, i just don't know why it would17:15
yvlyou are right17:15
yvlbasically you have some of the methods that overlay each other17:16
yvl__call__ and update17:16
yvlmaybe something else17:16
yvlit is a bit pesky17:17
aelknermy question was, how can this work?17:17
yvltake a look at person edit view17:17
yvland add multiple person view17:17
aelknerclass PersonEditView(form.EditForm, PersonForm):17:18
aelkner    def update(self):17:18
aelkner        super(PersonEditView, self).update()17:18
yvland FlourishPersonEditView17:18
aelknerclass FlourishPersonEditView(, PersonEditView):17:18
aelkner    def update(self):17:18
aelkner        PersonEditView.update(self)17:18
yvlbasically you have two options17:19
yvlwhen inheriting17:19
yvlmake the old class methods "primary"17:19
yvlsay, like this class FlourishSomeClass(OldEditView,
yvlthen you have to manually replace __call__ and render17:20
yvlat the very least17:20
yvlbecause you want them from
yvlother option (and that happens with the FlourishMultiplePersonAddView)17:21
yvlwait, sorry, no17:21
yvlthe first option happens with multi-person-view17:21
yvlthe second option is to do like FlourishPersonEditView17:22
yvlbut then the update and __call__ methods are overshadowed from Page17:22
yvlso if your view has an update, or some logic in __call__17:22
yvlyou need to copy that logic to respective FlourishPersonEditView.update and FlourishPersonEditView.render17:23
yvloh, and a third option17:23
yvldo not inherit anything17:23
yvlwrite from scratch17:23
aelknerthat's what i did with the viewlets17:23
aelknerbut that's not what you suggested when you said use the old classes17:24
yvlit's a developers call actually17:24
yvlby "where possible" I meant "where resonable"17:24
replaceafilli see a lot of duplication between GroupsViewlet and FlourishGroupsViewlet17:25
aelknerright, that's my point17:25
yvldamn, "reasonable"17:25
yvlnot reson..17:25
aelkneri couldn't get it to work if i simply derived from the old class17:26
th1aWe aren't going to be maintaining the old classes.17:26
th1aThere won't be a "classic" skin.17:26
aelknerth1a, right, so is it so bad to just duplicate the code17:26
replaceafillif we start to use them as base , we will have to17:26
aelknerand throw away the old classes when we are done17:26
yvloh, so no CanDo / Cambodia support ?17:27
th1aWell, if we use them as a base because it saves time, that's different.17:27
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th1aThey both have time to catch up.17:27
aelkneryvl, can we come up with a pattern that we can follow17:28
th1aI mean, basically the old views are going to hang around for a few releases.17:28
aelkneri don't care which of the options above we choose, but leaving t up to developer's discretion17:29
th1aBut as a legacy.17:29
aelknerthat seems to be more trouble than it's worth17:29
th1aNot an ongoing option.17:29
yvlok, th1a17:29
yvlyou're right aelkner17:29
yvllet me think about that a bit over the weekend17:29
aelknercan we look at class FlourishPersonEditView a second?17:30
aelkneris it just as simple as using that base class order17:30
aelknerand calling the update method from the old class?17:30
aelknerand perhaps the __call__ method when needed17:30
aelknerif so, that pattern seems like an efficient one17:31
yvlfor z3c forms, yes, I think17:31
yvlaelkner, you just gave me an idea17:32
yvlyes, have a similar simple pattern17:32
aelknerkeep it simple you know who :)17:33
yvlthank you :)17:33
yvlok, I'll have something more on the topic on Monday17:33
aelknerok, in the meantime, if that pattern works17:33
aelknerthen i'd feel comfortable doing add/edit forms for now17:34
aelknerand await your analysis on monday17:34
th1aHave a good weekend yvl and menesis.17:34
yvlif anything, you can always add import pdb; ...17:34
yvlin the new view17:34
yvlI mean, just17:35
yvldef update(self):17:35
replaceafilli have a quick question related to pdb :)17:35
yvlimport pdb; pdb.set_trace()17:35
yvlsuper(TheNewView, self).update()17:35
replaceafillwhen are we going to start caring about tests again? :)17:35
yvldo same for render and __call__, and you'll see if it takes you where you want17:35
aelknerwell, that's what i did17:36
* yvl looks at the sky...17:36
yvlin two weeks?17:36
aelknerand that's why i found the difficulty17:36
yvlin one week?17:36
th1aOne week.17:36
yvlI'd say, when we kind of settle on on what goes where17:36
yvlaelkner, bascially what you want to see is17:37
yvl__call__ methods leading to
yvlupdate methods leading to your view17:38
yvlredner methods - also to your view17:38
yvlif the base class had some logic in __call__, you need to put that logic in your own render17:38
aelknerwhy not call the base class __call_?17:39
aelknerlike FlourishPersonEditView does with update17:39
aelknerwell, maybe call is different17:39
yvlhmm it just looked weird to me17:39
aelknerbecause it involves loading the template17:39
yvlbut you totally can17:39
aelknerok, well i can play around with these things as they come up17:40
aelknerbut definitely a general pattern that is efficient would be better than playing around each time17:40
yvlwell, the rule of the thumb is "if it's too difficult - it's either broken or not worth it"17:40
* yvl thought to wait for the pattern to emerge :)17:41
yvlmaybe it's time17:41
yvlany more questions?17:41
yvlinsights? ;)17:41
aelknerwe'll have code changes for you to look at over the weekend17:42
yvlthank you17:42
aelknerso perhaps that will help you come up with a pattern17:42
yvlI'll do that late Sunday17:42
yvlor even early Monday17:42
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:42
aelknersounds like a plan17:42
th1aaelkner & replaceafill:  We just need a plan for today.17:42
yvlgood luck, guys!17:43
aelknergreat weekend yvl!17:43
th1aWe need:17:43
th1apreference dialog (and link)17:43
th1aedit views for advisors, advisees, groups17:43
th1a"add another" buttons for the person add forms17:44
aelknerrelationship views are more complex than simple add/edit view, so...17:44
th1areorganized person add forms17:44
th1areplaceafill, Could you start with the person sidebar17:44
aelkneryay, we need some action buttons to call up these views17:45
aelknersidebar buttons?17:45
th1aAlso, replaceafill, could you fix the hover color for the buttons.17:45
th1aNOT BUTTONS.17:46
aelknerok, links, that's what i meant17:46
replaceafillth1a do you want background color on hover for the action links?17:47
aelknerdid you just call them action links?!17:47
th1aThat's semi-acceptable.17:47
th1aBackground color on hover?17:47
th1aLike, the whole background?17:47
replaceafillwe're talking action links on left sidebar, correct? (just confirming)17:48
th1aI'm ok with them the way the are now.  At this point.17:48
th1aError messages look ok on the forms, btw.17:48
th1aI don't know about "There were some errors." though.17:49
th1aBut but I need to shower and go to the grocery store or my children will have no lunch.17:49
* th1a goes to take a shower...17:49
replaceafillth1a can i work on the accordions?17:49
replaceafillto display them all?17:49
aelknerreplaceafill, sounds like a good idea17:59
aelkneri'm going to work on the preferences form, the first modal form in the flourish skin18:00
replaceafillall accordions open18:09
th1aThey do?18:12
replaceafillthey dont?18:12
th1abtw, we need some border on the inactive accordion sections.  Probably just matching the background.18:12
th1atbh, I'm a little dubious.18:13
th1aWhat do you think?18:13
th1aI like that it keeps the page size under control.18:13
replaceafilli'd like a button somere "expand all"18:13
replaceafilllike launchpad branches18:14
replaceafilllike in18:14
replaceafilland yes, the whole point of using accordions was to make the page smaller18:14
th1aLets leave it as it was for now.18:15
th1aIt is something we can come back to when we get more feedback.18:15
replaceafillinactive accordions have a different background18:15
replaceafillmaybe we need more contrast?18:15
th1aThey just have no border.18:15
replaceafillhold on, let me revert this change first18:16
th1aNow.  A border shouldn't appear from nowhere when you hover.18:16
replaceafillchange reverted18:16
* th1a goes to the grocery store.18:17
replaceafillso you want the border to always appear and change color when they hover on the innactive accordions?18:17
replaceafillok, i'll be here18:17
th1areplaceafill: Yes.18:40
replaceafillth1a refresh18:41
th1aCan you move the Value over to 1/3rd right instead of 2/3rds?18:42
replaceafillah ok18:42
replaceafillth1a done, 33%, 66%18:50
replaceafillfor general information and attributes18:50
replaceafillth1a what action links do you want in the person view?19:00
th1aNeed a section in the sidebar for $USERNAME's ...16:5119:01
th1ath1aThat will have:16:5119:01
th1ath1a- Intervention center16:5119:01
th1ath1a- Reports16:5119:01
th1ath1aI'm not sure what the header is in whatever section Preferences goes in.16:5219:01
replaceafillah! :)19:01
aelknerreplaceafill, i get 5 conflicts while merging from trunk19:07
aelknerall having to to with:19:07
aelkneronflict: can't delete src/schooltool/app/help because it is not empty.  Not deleting.19:07
replaceafillno idea e19:08
replaceafillhavent seen it19:08
aelknerhave you merged your branch with trunk?19:08
*** fsufitch has quit IRC19:09
*** asharma has quit IRC19:10
replaceafillaelkner when was the last time you merged trunk to your branch?19:10
replaceafillah, menesis made some changes19:10
aelkneryes, he removed the help directories19:11
aelkneri don't understand the conflict19:11
aelknerwhy can't bzr just remove them while merging?19:11
aelknerand not complain about it?19:11
menesisaelkner: can't remove them because they contain *.pyc files19:11
menesisrm -r src/schooltool/app/help19:12
menesisbzr resolved src/schooltool/app/help19:12
th1aThat wounds like a good idea until it deletes something you want without telling you.19:12
aelknermenesis, thanks19:12
aelknerth1a, yeah, bzr shouldn't do TOO much, i didn't think about the pyc files19:13
*** fsufitch has joined #schooltool19:13
replaceafilloh oh, server error in cambodia19:17
replaceafillawesome! videos instead of screenshots!!!19:17
th1aYeah, funny.19:19
replaceafillmade a mistake in one adapter registration :(19:19
aelknermenesis, a question19:19
replaceafillth1a can i work on cambodia until we finish paiting today?19:19
replaceafillit's weekend for them anyway :P19:19
replaceafillyes, css work19:20
th1aWhich do you want to do first?19:20
replaceafilli'm on the sidebar links19:21
replaceafillsee the ###? ;)19:21
replaceafillwe need a title19:21
replaceafillah! ok19:21
th1a(in bash)19:21
aelknermenesis, nevermind, i figured it out19:21
th1aIt is a little redundant, but makes the point.19:22
replaceafillhhmm should we use:19:25
replaceafillUser: alvaro19:25
replaceafillinstead of just "alvaro"19:25
th1aOh, I forgot the "'s"19:26
th1aAlvaro Alvarez's...19:26
replaceafillyou mean for the title of the page?19:27
th1aThe header for the section of links?19:27
th1aIsn't that what we're talking about?19:27
replaceafill$USERNAME = user.title?19:27
replaceafilli thouth $USERNAME = user.username :(19:27
th1aNo, title.19:28
th1aI guess I should speak Python.19:28
replaceafillah, title is better :)19:28
replaceafill3 titles near each other though19:29
replaceafillwait, weren't we supposed to use "last name, first name" everywhere?19:29
th1aThat's the only problem but you kind of need it here for clarity.19:29
th1aNo... not doing that.19:29
th1aExcept in tables.19:29
replaceafillah ok19:29
th1aIn the accordion it is full name.19:30
th1aOr should be.19:30
th1aYou need the 's19:30
replaceafillbecause person.title gives you "last name, first name"19:30
th1aOh, switch that.19:30
replaceafilland about the 's, i think it has translation issues19:31
replaceafillyou see the extracted string as ${person_full_name}'s19:31
th1aWell, we'll do it my way for English.19:32
th1aIf it doesn't work in other languages, there is no reason to make it not work in English.19:32
th1aWhen we have a minute I have some small footer changes (again).19:33
th1aI can't seem to pay attention to more than one footer bug at a time.19:33
replaceafillwhere is the "Reports" link supposed to redirect?19:34
th1aWhere it does now.19:34
th1aI think just ./reports ?19:34
* replaceafill looks19:35
replaceafilli forgot we had a Reports button...19:35
* th1a checks to see if Center should be capitalized.19:35
th1aI guess yes.19:36
* aelkner goes to take a shower19:37
replaceafillth1a reports link done19:41
th1atbh, we can just put preferences in there too.19:42
th1aNow... these links do need to show up or not based on permissions.19:43
replaceafillthey are19:43
replaceafillintervention center, schooltool.view19:43
replaceafillreports, schooltool.edit19:43
th1aI have to run to the bank.19:45
replaceafillth1a change password?19:45
replaceafilli mean, for links?19:45
th1aMaybe we should just have a second section.19:46
th1a Preferences19:46
th1a Password19:46
replaceafillgood idea19:46
th1aOK, brb.19:46
replaceafillyvl, i love viewlet recursion and "positioning" (not sorting)20:00
replaceafillth1a according to core trunk, we're missing: [Export] [View Calendar] [Contacts]20:03
th1aOK, Calendar just goes first under $USERNAME20:09
th1aWhat do you think about exports becoming reports?20:10
th1aAnd we need an accordion for contacts.20:11
replaceafillexport doesnt sound like a report, at least to me20:12
replaceafilldo people really use that option?20:12
replaceafilli mean, on a single person20:12
th1aOh... what does it even export?20:13
replaceafillxml i think20:13
th1aIt is probably an historical artifact.20:13
th1aLet's call it a report.20:13
replaceafillan it doesn't export much anyway...20:14
replaceafill   baseball      alvaro  Álvaro  Álvarez20:14
th1aWe should probably do the reports view very soon.20:14
th1aWe don't need to kill it.20:14
th1aWould you like to work on the contacts viewlet?20:16
replaceafillsorry, i was changing the viewlets20:16
replaceafilloops, wrong viewlet manager :D20:17
replaceafillok, contacts accordion20:18
replaceafillContacts for the accordion header20:18
replaceafilltitle for the accordion content20:18
th1aAre you looking at one?20:18
th1aI don't know why that "view details" was ever in there.20:19
*** menesis has quit IRC20:19
replaceafillhhmm remeber we also have "self contact info"20:19
replaceafillperson email, etc20:19
*** ignas has quit IRC20:20
th1aSwitch to Name, relationship20:20
th1athen just a table for the rest should be fine.20:20
th1aWe just have to deal with multiple phones?20:20
th1aOr is that hard coded to three options.20:21
replaceafillhome, work, mobile20:21
* replaceafill goes look20:21
th1aOK, that part should be straightforward.20:21
replaceafillclass IPhones(Interface):20:21
replaceafill    home_phone = TextLine(title=_(u"Home phone"), required=False)20:21
replaceafill    work_phone = TextLine(title=_(u"Work phone"), required=False)20:21
replaceafill    mobile_phone = TextLine(title=_(u"Mobile phone"), required=False)20:21
replaceafillhold on, explain this sentence please: Switch to Name, relationship20:22
th1aInstead of what it has now, Relationship, name.20:22
replaceafillah, got it20:22
th1aThe only problem is we need a separate edit link to manage all contacts for this person.20:23
th1aI'd say just a "Manage contacts" link below the tables.20:23
th1aDo we need headers on these tables that are just "Label | Value" ?20:24
th1aTry them without.20:24
replaceafillwant me to try that first on the other two accordions?20:24
replaceafill(removing the header)20:25
th1aOK, try that and get started on the contacts.20:25
* th1a goes to make lunch.20:25
th1a(or go have lunch, replaceafill_20:25
replaceafilli like tables with header better20:28
replaceafilli removed the header in general information so you can compare20:28
* th1a back.20:40
replaceafillth1a only had a cookie for lunch :P20:40
th1atyping one handed20:40
th1ai guess keep the header for now.20:41
*** ignas has joined #schooltool21:17
replaceafilldo we need empty values in these accordions?21:25
replaceafilloops forgot the language :P21:26
th1aThat seems like a lot of space between the two groups in the sidebar.21:28
th1aMake contacts second.21:28
replaceafillmake it 16px?21:29
th1aWell, there is the margin above for the heading.21:29
th1aMargin below for the previous line.21:29
th1aPlus what?21:29
th1aJust need the manage link at bottom.21:31
th1aOverall, I don't think it needs much tweaking, which is a very good sign!21:31
replaceafillhhmm messed up the order...21:31
replaceafilli'll start over, before... after...21:31
replaceafillthere, contacts second21:33
replaceafillisn't attributes too tech?21:33
* replaceafill leaves wording to th1a ;)21:33
replaceafillok, manage link below21:34
th1aWe need to let that soak a bit.21:34
replaceafillhhmm below...?21:35
replaceafillwhy not floated above to the right?21:35
replaceafillnah, i'll put it below21:35
th1aCould be.21:35
replaceafilllet's see21:35
th1aSet collapsible to true on the accordion.21:41
th1areplaceafill, I think I'll just put a TODO.txt in the flouish source.21:46
th1aIs the root directory ok for that?21:46
replaceafillwhat does "collapsible" do?21:47
replaceafilli dont understand the docs21:47
replaceafill"close all sections at once"..?21:47
th1aRight now one has to stay open.21:48
replaceafillgot it21:48
replaceafilli can close them all :)21:48
th1aConsidering the potential length of some of these, that might be less good.21:48
replaceafillok, put the Manage Contacts link21:49
replaceafillcheck it out21:49
replaceafillit doesnt look so bad21:49
replaceafillwith contacts21:49
replaceafillwith no contacts21:49
th1aI would do an h3 "This person has no contacts." if there are none.21:50
replaceafillno contacts message21:53
th1aOK. Cool.21:53
th1aI'd reduce the space between sections in the sidebar.21:53
replaceafillreduced to 16px21:54
replaceafillit was 32px21:55
th1aOK, can we do a little footer love for a minute?21:55
replaceafillfooter love, lol21:55
th1aMake "server running" lowercase.21:56
th1aand "Trademark"21:56
*** menesis has joined #schooltool21:56
th1aAnd TSF has a new subtitle: "We support exceptional people to change the world in extraordinary ways."21:57
th1aSo I would say...21:57
replaceafillserve running lowercased21:58
replaceafillwhat do you want me to do with Trademark?21:58
replaceafillis a trademark?21:58
th1alower case.21:58
replaceafillchange to the new TSF slogan?21:59
th1aI'm thinking maybe put the copyright and trademark on line 2.21:59
th1aAnd on line 3 the link and new TSF slogan.21:59
th1aOr maybe reverse two and three.21:59
ignasyvl, ayt?21:59
th1aignas:  It is friday night in Lithuania.22:00
*** klausade has joined #schooltool22:00
ignasyeah :) like 10 pm or so22:00
ignasso yeah, he probably is not there :)22:00
*** menesis has quit IRC22:01
replaceafillth1a refresh22:02
replaceafillreverse 2 and 3?22:02
th1aNo... line 2 should be copyright + trademark.22:03
replaceafillah ok22:03
th1aAnd only the last one should be a link.22:03
ignasth1a, how's redesign going?22:03
th1alog in as default manager.22:04
th1aIt is a lot easier if you start with a good set of guidelines.22:04
th1aAnd have been looking at the problems for years...22:04
ignasvery flaky22:04
ignasconnection is dropping a lot22:05
replaceafillth1a refresh22:05
th1aSometimes this doesn't work remotely.22:05
replaceafillsorry :(22:06
th1aLine 2: "© the Shuttleworth Foundation 2003 - 2011;  SchoolTool™ is a trademark of the Shuttleworth Foundation.22:06
replaceafillthat's better ;)22:06
th1aLine 3:  the Shuttleworth Foundation 2003 - 2011: We support exceptional people to change the world in extraordinary ways.22:06
replaceafillyeah sometimes doesnt work :P22:07
th1aLine 3:  The Shuttleworth Foundation: We support exceptional people to change the world in extraordinary ways.22:07
th1aAnd make the TSF link in line 3 the only link in the footer.22:07
replaceafill3 TSF...22:11
replaceafillth1a refresh22:11
ignasth1a, I think we did 3 redesigns of our product in 2 years :)22:12
th1aYou know... I think you can just add line 2 to the end of line 1 with a couple spaces between.22:12
th1aAnd we'll be done.22:12
replaceafillmore space?22:13
th1aOK... let's leave this for a while...22:14
replaceafilli used the infamous &nbsp; for the moment ;)22:14
th1aThe tables have a dotted divider above the first row.22:15
th1aCan we control that?22:15
th1aI'm thinking we can tweak that a little to make a headerless table acceptable.22:15
replaceafillth1a refrsh22:16
th1aWhat if we have a 2px gray line at top -- particular for headerless tables?22:17
replaceafillth1a like that?22:20
replaceafillhhmm th1a said "at top"22:20
th1aThe same gray as the dotted line, and without the label/value.22:20
th1aThe words, that is.22:21
replaceafillthese changes should apply only to tables inside accordions, correct?22:22
th1aNot necessarily.22:24
th1aI only really want it to show up if there is no header.22:24
th1ayou can probably blend it into the header where there is one.22:24
replaceafillah ok22:24
th1aIt can be the same gray.22:24
replaceafillth1a refresh22:28
replaceafillsomething like that?22:28
replaceafilli removed the headers from general information22:29
th1a1px might be fine.22:29
replaceafilland attributs22:29
replaceafillchanged to 1px22:29
th1aThat's fine, I think.22:29
replaceafilland still looks fine :)22:30
th1aAlthough we blew our column spacing again.22:30
replaceafillah true22:30
th1aThat's definitely better.22:30
th1aOK, footer line 1 is the server info.22:31
th1aLine 2:  © 2003 - 2011 the Shuttleworth Foundation: We support exceptional people to change the world in extraordinary ways.22:32
th1aWe don't need the trademark on every page.22:32
th1aOr at least Launchpad doesn't think so.22:32
replaceafillfixed the widths again22:32
th1aNice to have plenty of related projects you know someone else has vetted.22:32
replaceafillchanging the footer22:33
th1aI don't know if "We" should be capitalized.22:35
th1aDo you want to take a first cut at a relationships view?22:38
replaceafillcan i havve like 30 mins to get lunch22:39
replaceafillwill you be around after that?22:39
th1aWe're just having sandwiches for supper.22:39
th1aSo yes, for a while.22:39
replaceafillk, bb in 3022:39
aelknerth1a, i'm still working on the modal dialog for person preferences22:41
aelknerit's a bit tricky because the new flourish view macros don't work the same as the old22:41
aelkneri think i'm going to have to recode the view from scratch because the old is not z3c22:42
aelknerbut i'll figure it out22:42
th1aProbably you should just re-write it.22:43
aelkneryeah, that's what i'm going to do22:43
replaceafilldidnt we have that already?22:43
replaceafillperson preferences as z3c form?22:43
th1aThis does sound familiar.22:44
aelknertrue, and i cheked22:44
aelknerbut modal_test is the branch that i worked on with replaceafill22:44
* replaceafill remembers saying "this is not a good example"22:44
aelknerand it isn't there22:44
replaceafilllunch time :P22:44
aelknerit subclasses the other view22:44
aelknerand that's based on BrowserView22:45
aelknernot a z3c form22:45
aelknerhowever, it uses the form macro22:45
aelknerso i'm still working out what's going on in the modal_test branch22:45
*** jelkner has quit IRC22:45
aelknerok, wait, correction22:46
aelknerit is z3c22:46
aelkneri've been looking at so many views, i'm getting them mixed up :)22:47
replaceafilli know the feeeling22:47
aelkneri was looking at the flourish branch where it failed to have replaceafill's change22:47
aelkneryeah, i need to port your z3c version while i'm at it22:48
th1aaelkner, Do reports have description properties?22:51
th1aYes they do.22:51
th1aThe biggest problem with this process is how awful the old version looks in comparison.22:55
replaceafilli was sad last night working in cambodia because of that :D23:05
replaceafillok, back23:06
th1aThe contacts one is more complicated so let's do group.23:19
th1aSo what do we have here?23:19
th1aA table23:20
th1aof current groups.23:20
replaceafillth1a a sec23:20
replaceafillim resolving conflicts23:20
replaceafillto push to trunk23:20
th1aOK, so here I'd feel ok with having remove buttons per row.23:20
th1aAnd for that matter, add buttons per row below.23:22
replaceafillaelkner you may want to sync WITH trunk, "Added action links and contacts accordion for persons. Changed footer and made other css fixes"23:25
replaceafillth1a i get the remove buttons part23:26
replaceafillbut "add buttons per row below"23:26
replaceafillBaseball (remove)23:27
replaceafillSoccer (remove)23:27
replaceafilland below23:27
replaceafillChess (add)23:27
replaceafilland so on?23:27
replaceafillth1a never mind23:27
replaceafillmakes sense now :)23:27
th1aOh, missed that.23:28
replaceafillth1a what about the search functionality?23:28
th1aYes, like we have in the persons view.23:28
aelknerreplaceafill, did you add a link for preferences?23:28
replaceafillaelkner yes23:28
aelknercool, thanks23:28
replaceafillth1a this is intended to be a single page at the beginning correct?23:29
replaceafilli mean, no intention yet to make it dialog23:29
* replaceafill thinks about the filter widget (search form)23:30
* aelkner goes to make dinner23:34
th1areplaceafill:  Yes.23:36
th1aThat is, correct.23:36
th1aJust improving the page.23:36
th1aI'd kinda like a choice to list groups from all years or just the current year.23:40
th1aForget that.23:40
replaceafilljust current year23:40
th1aYou can already do that.23:40
th1aThe accordion view should give all years, right?23:41
th1aOr is that School Year column just for show.  ;-)23:41
th1aYes, it will.23:41
replaceafillth1a the current groups view doesnt give me next years groups, unless the user is already a member of one23:44
replaceafill2012 groups are not shown in the "available groups"23:44
th1aOK, that's a separate issue.23:45
th1aBut a bug!23:45
th1aWe do need a year column, to be sure.23:46
replaceafillthat adapters looks for the active school year only23:47
th1aLet's fix the widget first.23:48
th1aI mean, get the style/design/layout.23:48
th1aI think this is fairly straightforward.23:48
replaceafilli think we only need to change the template23:49
th1abtw, last, fist snuck back into the person sidebar.23:49
replaceafillit was always like that :P23:50
replaceafillprobably Alvaro Alvarez was not the best person to test this :D23:51
replaceafillchanging it to "full name"23:51
th1aWait, full name?23:52
th1aIs that all the parts?23:52
replaceafillfirst name last name23:52
replaceafillah sorry, no23:52
replaceafilljust those two attributes23:52
th1aI'm already getting worried about length there...23:53
th1aGediminas's name barely fits.23:54
replaceafillwe have lots of space on the right ;)23:54
th1aYeah, we can just continue the name at right.23:54
replaceafillmenesis name is shown with two lines in my browser23:54
replaceafillprobably because i dont have the ubuntu fon23:55
th1aOh, fine.23:55
th1aAs long as it doesn't run into the content area or break in some other horrible way.23:55
th1aSometimes I  just assume the worst will happen.23:55
replaceafillsorry i used a screenshot instead of a video ;)23:56
replaceafillit's your "manager" nature ;)23:56
th1aOK.  It works.23:56
th1aAdd that.23:57
replaceafillweb fonts?23:58
replaceafillchanged to "first name last name"23:58
th1aSee if that works.23:59

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