IRC log of #schooltool for Saturday, 2011-06-18

replaceafillworks in chrome00:02
replaceafillmy firefox is too old i guess00:02
th1aAh.  Makes sense.00:03
th1aMy Chrome converts everything to Ubuntu font.00:03
replaceafillman! this is how they'll see it in ubuntu!?!?!00:03
replaceafillit's looks very very different00:03
replaceafilli should probably install the font00:03
th1aWell, I'm glad we did that.00:04
th1aMaybe you should keep seeing it wrong.00:04
replaceafilli was thinking the same00:04
th1aSo we know what the other version looks like.00:04
replaceafilland i have chrome to see it the other way00:04
th1aOK, I'm going to make chicken salad.00:05
th1aYou can work on the groups view if you want.00:05
replaceafilli think i'll go visit my folks00:05
th1aOr do that.  ;-)00:05
replaceafillwill work on the groups view during the weekend00:05
th1aI think we're on a good course now.00:05
replaceafillif you think of something else, send emails :)00:05
replaceafillwas a good week00:05
replaceafilli think00:05
th1aIf you compare the old and the new, YES!00:06
* th1a starts the weekend.00:07
replaceafillsee u th1a00:08
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