IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2011-06-14

* th1a is going to make dinner.00:02
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th1aHow we doing aelkner?01:08
aelknerit will be a while before i have anything to show you01:23
aelknerlots of classes to make/register01:24
th1aMoving things around?01:24
th1aOK.  We won't be messing this extensively with most views.01:24
aelknerthen there's the matter of changing the classes to not make the tree01:24
aelkneractually, wait01:24
aelkneri think the tree could exist within the change to the use of the heading, but i haven't gotten that far yet01:25
aelknerbut how wold you characterize the change you want to the viewlets01:26
aelkneryou say you want an html table there?01:26
aelknerso that the css you guys worked on kicked in nicely?01:26
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aelknerth1a, the sections and groups viewlets use jstree01:33
aelknerthe advisors is just a <ul> at the moment01:34
aelknerthe demographics viewlet should have a display form in it01:34
aelknerreplaceafill, ayt?01:39
replaceafillaelkner yes01:40
aelknerso for the icon, you realize that it is rendered via a background image01:41
aelkneri got rid of two accordion background images01:41
aelknerthe header and the content01:42
aelknerbut getting rid of the icon will only get rid of the icon :)01:42
aelknerthat, btw, is why we needed to shove the text to the right01:42
aelknerbecause the background image is not a content element01:43
replaceafillth1a wants the icon white, correct?01:44
aelknerwell, actually, it is a content element, just an empty span01:44
replaceafillthey apply the background-image to that span01:44
replaceafilldo you want to do that right now?01:45
replaceafilli mean, i think i know how to solve it01:45
aelknerdo tell01:45
replaceafill1. we simple edit the icon set image and put it as our own resource file01:46
replaceafill2. we build a custom jquery ui theme with white icons01:46
replaceafilland use that image01:46
replaceafilleither way is easy01:46
aelknernot rocket science, but tedious01:47
replaceafillnot a big deal01:47
aelkneri was hoping you were gong to suggest some unicode that would work as a text icon01:48
aelknerbtw, do you know what th1a wants changed in the viewlets?01:48
aelknerperson info, that is01:49
replaceafillyes, i read the log01:49
replaceafillblue icons ;)01:52
replaceafillaelkner and...?01:52
aelkneryou said you read the log, so what did you find?01:52
aelkneri was asking what you thought th1a wanted changed01:52
replaceafillthat we're changing the viewlets01:53
aelknerin what manner was the question01:53
aelknerthey have jstrees (some) and the advisory is just two <ul>s01:53
replaceafillyou have to make them look like tables :)01:53
aelknerthat's why i ask, because that can't be done01:54
replaceafillwhy not?01:54
aelknerperhaps the advisory can01:54
aelknerbut a tree can not be represented with a table01:55
replaceafillwhy not?01:55
aelknerthat should be obvious, are you looking at one?01:56
replaceafillwant me to?01:56
aelknerwell, if you want to see my point, then yes01:57
replaceafillok, i have one01:58
aelknerso how wold that look like a table?01:58
aelknertables are square01:58
aelknerthis is heirarchical01:59
th1aIt will just be longer.01:59
th1aAnd have columns.02:00
replaceafilldidnt you do something similar for sections02:00
replaceafillone column, school year02:00
replaceafillnext column term02:00
th1aHopefully it will be tolerable since the whole thing can be collapsed anyhow.02:00
replaceafilland maybe section links02:00
aelkneri haven't made anything like that yet, but the Sections view is already a table02:01
aelknerthough i believe it's just course, section as the columns02:01
aelknerbut if that's whatyour asking for, th1a, i could do the year/term/section columns02:01
aelknerwith the section still being a link02:02
th1aThe alternative would be an embedded accordion...02:02
th1aWith each term getting a section.02:03
replaceafillaccordion inside accordion?02:03
th1aChrome plated chrome!02:03
th1aOr the tree.02:03
th1aI just think the tree is kind of jarring in there.02:03
replaceafilli'd vote for 3 column table02:04
aelknerone level of accordions is enough i think02:04
th1aOnce people have five years worth of data in here we can embed an accordion.02:04
th1aWe just want to reverse sort by year by default.02:04
th1aSo the current year is at top.02:04
replaceafillisn't it like that already?02:05
replaceafilli mean, the jstree?02:05
replaceafillah ok02:05
th1aSo... Edit advisors -- button or link?02:06
aelknerso i used the color for table headings for the accordion headings02:06
aelknerwait, follow this question02:06
th1aThere is a sub-table heading.02:06
th1atable sub-section.02:06
aelknerso the table in the viewlet itself will have sub-heading styles for its headings, right?02:06
th1aI'm saying yes.02:06
th1aAt least, unless it looks stupid.02:07
aelknerwell, there are no subheadings in the tables themselves, so i think we are safer for that02:07
th1aI'm not coming up with a new shade of gray.02:07
aelknerbtw, the grey that i have for the viewlet background is wrong, isn't it?02:08
aelkneri need it to be white like the table guidelines i guess02:09
aelkneroops, that's not white02:09
aelknerit's just a very lite grey02:09
aelknernever mind02:09
replaceafillaelkner you should use background: none instead of background-image: none02:11
replaceafillremember cascading02:12
aelknerbecause they supplied the color, right?02:12
aelknerwill do, thanks02:12
aelknerth1a, i'm not sure what to do with Sections Taught and Sections Attended02:14
aelknerright below them will be the headings for each table02:14
aelknerSchool Year       Term        Section02:15
th1aOh, I see.02:15
aelknerand that will have subheading color02:15
th1aWe might need more colors...02:15
aelknerwe're going to need a bigger boat :)02:15
th1aOK, let's try making the active accordion the dark red used in the header and the inactive ones the lighter red in the header.02:16
th1aLighter = #AA000002:16
th1aDarker = #540000002:16
aelknerok, let me try that out first02:17
th1aHow does that look?02:25
aelknerreplaceafill, they have a class for ui-state-active, but nothing for inactive02:26
th1aThey're different in the demo, right?02:26
replaceafillaelkner assing the inactive color to all of them02:27
replaceafilland just change the active02:27
aelknerthe active class comes after the other classes, so the other ones win02:30
aelknerwhen you firebug a heading, you'll see that the active class is at the end02:33
aelknerif you take the background away from the ui-accordion-header class, you'll see02:33
aelknerthe color for the active tab is different while the inactive ones will have no color of course02:33
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replaceafillaelkner just move .ui-state-active below .ui-accordion-header in the css file02:34
aelkneroh :)02:35
aelknerso it's the order in the css, not the element02:35
aelknerthat's why the order of the files is important, right02:36
replaceafilland remove that h5.xxx02:36
replaceafillnot only of files, rules inside a single file too02:36
aelknerwell, that one we just said02:36
replaceafilli'd revert those colors...02:37
replaceafillmake the active darker02:37
replaceafilllike the primary navigation02:37
aelknerreverse, you mean, right02:37
* replaceafill has had a headache all day :(02:38
replaceafilllack of coke ;)02:38
aelknerrevert is on the tip of your tongue as a user of revision control02:38
aelkneri reversed the colors, fixed the css and pushed02:41
aelknerperhaps we should bring it up on the instance02:41
aelknersee what th1a thinks02:41
hoffmanI've switched computers so that would help.02:41
replaceafillok, a sec02:42
hoffmanI think that looks ok for now at least.02:45
hoffmanIt doesn't look weird.02:45
hoffmanI think that orange halo is still there.02:45
replaceafillaelkner remove the border in the active class02:47
hoffmanThe links should be the lighter red there too -- that is, they're currently lighter than the lighter red in the top navigation.02:47
hoffmanOr make it dark red.02:47
aelknerreplaceafill, border: none?02:49
aelkneri did hat, but i don't notice any difference02:49
aelknerthen again, i don't even know what halo you're talking about02:49
aelknerdid you try it ourself, and it worked?02:50
replaceafill:/ no02:51
replaceafillwant me to?02:52
* hoffman resists making a sarcastic joke about aelkner's vision.02:52
replaceafillhoffman you dont see it anymore, correct?02:52
hoffmanDid you push it?02:53
* replaceafill is resisting making jokes on aelkner :D02:53
replaceafillhoffman i changed it in the testing instance....02:53
replaceafill(here we go!)02:53
hoffmanIt is gone.02:53
replaceafillaelkner see? border: none;02:53
replaceafill.ui-state-active {02:53
replaceafill    background-color: #540000;02:53
replaceafill    border: none;02:53
aelknerthat's what i did02:54
hoffmanFor the table inside the accordion we can mostly use the standard table css, right?02:54
aelknernow we are freed up to do that02:55
hoffmanIt will just be a bit narrower I guess.02:58
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dadengaelkner, hi15:51
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th1ahi replaceafill, aelkner, yvl, menesis.16:31
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:32
th1aOK, so do we have a fresh flourish branch?16:33
th1aWe need yvl...16:33
yvlmorning guys!16:34
yvlyes we do16:34
yvlI mean - we do have a fresh branch16:34
th1aWe need you too.  ;-)16:34
th1ayvl:  Does this include some changes from you?16:35
yvlsorry, no16:36
yvlit's Alan's and Douglas' changes16:36
dadengaelkner hi16:36
yvl+ fixed FlourishInfo registration16:36
yvlbtw, I made the links red yesterday16:37
yvlI doubt anybody noticed16:37
th1adadeng:  We're having a meeting now.16:37
yvlthey look very close to orange16:37
replaceafillyvl i did :)16:37
th1aThey're too bright.16:37
dadengyeah, sorry, i did not look well b416:37
dadenglater pls16:37
th1aWe don't actually want any orange in the UI.16:38
yvlI just took the colour from UWG and switched the hue from orange to red16:39
th1aYeah, that's too light.16:39
th1aJust work off the colors in the top navigation.16:39
th1aOK, so... aelkner, do you have the updated flourish branch?16:41
th1aI'm a little confused about where we are as far as getting the pending work in the branch.16:41
aelkneri mean, i merged wth the central branch16:41
th1aSo... are the accordions in the central branch?16:42
th1aThat is, I'm not seeing them.16:42
aelknerthey are broken now because i had to create a new viewlet manager16:43
th1aOK, so where does that stand now?16:43
aelkneri need to work with yvl to get it to work16:44
th1aOK, so we'll get to that.16:44
th1ayvl: Where are you now?16:44
yvltrying to put breadcrumbs near second nav16:44
th1aIN second nav.16:45
yvlI meant in16:45
th1aOK.  ;-)16:45
th1areplaceafill:  How's Cambodia?16:45
replaceafillalmost done16:46
replaceafilldidnt feel too well yesterday :(16:46
replaceafilli'll finish today16:46
th1aOK, good.16:46
th1aSo what I'd like to do is send the invoices in tomorrow with a link to the Persons index looking as good as we can make it.16:47
th1aSo I'd like to tidy that up as much as possible.16:47
th1aRight now the alignment is all off for some reason.16:48
replaceafillth1a it's the temporary margin16:48
th1aPerhaps replaceafill and I could work on that a bit after the meeting.16:48
replaceafillwe put yesterday16:48
replaceafillfor the accordions to simulate the sidebar16:49
th1aWell, we need to just put a sidebar in the person page.16:49
yvlI'll do that16:50
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th1aall right, aelkner and yvl, go ahead with your discussion.16:52
aelkneryvl, i created a florish version of the advisory viewlet for FlourishPersonInfo manager16:53
aelknerbut it doesn't get rendered in the view16:53
*** menesis has joined #schooltool16:54
yvlit does16:54
yvlbut there's nothing registered for it16:55
aelknerthe advisory viewlet is registered against it16:55
aelknerit.s rght below the manager registration16:55
yvllet me look at it16:56
th1areplaceafill:  Meanwhile, you could adjust the link css to conform to the UWG.17:00
yvllet me fix if17:00
yvllink css?17:01
th1aNo underline.17:01
replaceafillth1a, no underline at all, correct?17:02
th1aOn hover, iirc.17:03
replaceafillah right, page 25 :)17:04
th1aIs yvl looking at the viewlet registration now?17:04
yvlfixing zcml directives17:06
th1aJust checking.17:06
yvlaelkner, please pull17:08
replaceafilllinks with no underline unless they're hover17:09
replaceafillth1a what is the change you want for the links color?17:09
aelkneryvl, no revisions to pull17:10
aelknerdon't i want to merge?17:10
aelknerok, i merged and got your changes17:11
aelknerchecking now17:11
aelknerok, it works now17:11
th1aWhat do you (collectively) think of that link color.17:12
aelknerth1a, i can put the ther viewlets back in now17:12
aelknerbut as far as having them be tables by the end of the day, i can't promise to have that ready17:12
th1aGood, aelkner.  Any other blockers.17:12
th1aI'm just shooting for persons index by tomorrow.17:13
aelkneri know, but you wanted the viewlets changed to be tables, remember?17:13
th1aYes.  I'm just saying I don't need you to make that promise.17:13
aelknerok, that's good17:13
aelknerbut i'll do my best to get them to be tables anyway17:14
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th1aOK.  Good.17:14
aelkneryvl, can you explain what you had to change please17:14
replaceafillth1a regarding the link color, i like it :)17:15
replaceafillit's uniform with the primary nav17:15
yvlviewlets were registered to IPage, same as viewlet manager17:15
yvlthat was too specific17:15
yvlit is ok that viewlet managers are registered to IPage by default17:15
yvland when you want to specify a manger for a "content view" like FlourishPersonInfo is, you have to explicitly do that17:16
yvlbut it is overkill for the viewlets themselves17:16
yvlspecifying like you did should be enough17:16
yvlso I loosend viewlet binding to IBrowserView17:16
yvlby default17:16
yvlhence now your registration works17:17
aelkneri wish i understood what you were just saying, but it's not important for the short term17:17
yvlsimply put17:17
aelknerth1a needs something working for tonight, so that is going to be my focus17:17
yvlI thought the viewlet registration you wrote was right17:18
yvland the default behaviour of flourish:viewlet was not17:18
aelknerok, i understand that17:18
aelknerjust not the diff between IPage and BrowserView registration issues17:18
yvlIPage is our flourish page17:19
yvlthe whole page, that is17:19
aelkneronly whole pages?17:19
yvlby default17:19
yvlfor managers17:19
yvlFlourishPersonInfo is a small "view",
yvlit implements Zope's IBrowserView17:19
yvlwhen you write a template, and set it for some class17:20
yvlthe template's view is that class17:20
yvlit's like building a page from small views17:20
yvla page is a view, but a view is not a page17:21
aelknerhere's the thing17:21
aelknerit still is not clear what you are saying here, but17:21
yvlI imagine :)17:21
aelkneri don't have time to ask you explain any deeper17:21
aelknerwe can do that tomorrow17:22
yvlwill do that eventually17:22
aelkneri wanted to ask you about other things17:22
yvlgo ahead17:22
aelkneryou saw i added flourish.zcml for group and course17:22
aelkneri was wondering to what extent the new views are going to be sprinkled about the source code17:23
aelknerof the current views17:23
aelkneri mean, it's confusing t have these python classes, templates/ zcml mixed in with the old stuff17:23
aelknerbut i know that it is needed17:23
aelkneri'm just saying, could we agree on some conventions that will make it easier17:24
yvlwe can try17:24
aelknerto find, or better put, separate out one from the other17:24
aelknerlike for starters17:24
aelknercould we agree going forward that all new views, registered in flourish.zcml17:24
aelknerbe coded in
aelknerthat there be no flourish classes mixed in with old classes17:25
yvlthe /browser/ packages usually have one zcml file17:25
yvlso it's easy to go with flourish.zcml17:25
aelknerwell, now wth flourish.zcml, they have two17:25
yvlbut they do have multiple .py files17:25
yvlat the moment I tend to put flourish views dierctly below the old ones17:26
*** dadeng has joined #schooltool17:26
replaceafill-1 on flourish.py17:26
yvlsince they're very short17:26
aelknerthat is what i find to be a problem17:26
aelknershort doesn't matter17:26
replaceafillthink of course and section17:26
aelknerfinding stuff does17:26
aelknerhaving stuff mixed about is confusing and wasteful of time17:26
replaceafillit's easy to look into course/browser/course.py17:26
yvlit's just that I personally think that17:26 for finding course views17:26
aelkneri don't think it's easy17:27
replaceafillcourse/browser/ for section views17:27
yvlis more important that for finding flourish views17:27
aelknerthat's not a sentence, please restate17:27
th1aIt is a continued sentence.17:28
yvlI personally think that having for finding all course views in the course package is more important than in the course package for finding all flourish views.17:28
replaceafill+1 on yvl pov17:28
th1aKeep the current view organization.17:28
aelkneri lose again17:29
* th1a sighs.17:29
aelknerit's getting to be a habit accepting design decisions that i don't like17:29
* th1a doesn't understand those emoticons.17:30
aelknerme, neither17:30
* menesis does not like everything being named *flourish* at all17:30
yvlI guess we're not happy that aelkner is sad17:30
th1aAnyhow, the views have to go in the individual components.17:30
th1aThat's not really up for debate.17:30
th1aYou break the whole component architecture then.17:30
th1aWe might as well switch to PHP.17:31
yvlmenesis, we can add *flourish_skin* if you like17:31
yvlor *in_flourish_skin*17:31
replaceafilli like flourish, i dont understand what it means, but i like it :D17:31
th1aIt means students flourish when their school uses SchoolTool!17:33
th1aOK.  Any other pending issues, aelkner?17:34
yvlby the way17:34
yvlif some modules get "out of control"17:34
yvlI mean - huge17:35
yvlwe could definitely split them17:35
yvllike to:, and section_flourish_skin.py17:35
yvlor something along the lines17:36
th1aIt is about time to come up with a workflow for revising pages.17:38
*** dadeng has quit IRC17:38
th1aThis is more sequential than I initially thought.17:38
th1aI think.17:38
*** ignas has quit IRC17:39
th1a1) make a flourish template.17:39
th1aSince we aren't changing views in place.17:39
yvlmaybe even17:41
th1aPerhaps yvl could make a list for me of the technical steps.17:41
yvl1) make sure that there is no view registered already17:41
th1aAnd I'll write a Zope 2 app using worflows.17:41
*** dadeng has joined #schooltool17:41
yvlyou know, I'll email you that17:42
th1aThat's what I was thinking.17:42
yvland we'll put it up for discussion tomorrow17:42
th1aOK, replaceafill, can we do a little more CSS hacking?17:42
th1aGet rid of the dots.17:43
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yvlso... we're done here?17:44
*** issyl0 has quit IRC17:44
*** issyl0 has joined #schooltool17:44
*** issyl0 is now known as Guest8161917:44
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:44
yvlgood luck guys17:46
yvland aelkner, keep your chin up17:46
yvlI modified flourish:viewlet because your approach was better ;)17:46
dadengaelkner, is the meeting over?17:47
th1aThe meeting is over dadeng.17:48
th1aaelkner, did you see dadeng's email?17:48
dadengyes, i want to talk about the email17:49
*** Guest81619 is now known as issyl017:49
aelkneri read the email17:54
aelknerso student filtering doesn't work the way you like17:54
th1aIs everyone enrolled for every class?17:55
th1aI'm confused.17:55
th1aOr at least the example person seems to be enrolled in everything at the same time?17:58
dadengwell... every subject is listed in each student's view18:01
dadengand when I clicked on groups under a particular student's view18:02
dadengi expected that it will just show the groups that student belong to18:02
th1aIs the student actually enrolled in all those classes?18:03
th1aThat's the question.18:03
th1aIs it a display bug or a model bug?18:03
dadengeven in the student home page view, all the subjects are shown18:05
th1areplaceafill:  Sorry, I missed your "done."18:05
th1adadeng:  Is the student actually enrolled in all those sections.  Look at one of the section pages.18:05
aelkneryvl, thanks for modifying flourish:viewlet18:06
dadengno, the student is not enrolled in all those sections18:06
dadengi can send the data.fs to u to confirm that18:06
th1aOK, well, I guess you need to do that.18:06
th1aand aelkner will take a look at it.18:07
th1areplaceafill, put the footer text on one line.18:07
th1aAnd get rid of that extra space at left in the body.18:07
aelknerdadeng, you are using a sandbox, right?18:07
aelknerif so, what branch does it say you are using when you do bzr info?18:08
th1a(from the sandbox directory...)18:08
dadengStandalone tree (format: 2a)18:09
dadeng  branch root: .18:09
dadengRelated branches:18:09
dadeng  parent branch:
dadenghey, my Data.fs file is 145MB18:11
dadengto large for uploading around this time18:11
replaceafillth1a done18:11
replaceafillth1a i dont think that one line footer is a good idea18:11
aelknerreplaceafill, do you know how dadeng can compress his Data.fs?18:11
replaceafillth1a because of translations18:11
th1areplaceafill:  OK.18:12
replaceafillaelkner i use bzip218:12
th1areplaceafill:  Just revert and...18:12
th1aPACK FIRST.18:12
th1aJust a sec...18:12
th1areplaceafill:  ...take out the extra spacing above and below.18:13
replaceafillaelkner Manage -> Application Control -> ZODB Control18:13
aelknerdadeng, could you try that, please?18:14
th1aThen zip.18:14
dadengok, let me see18:14
replaceafillth1a done18:17
th1areplaceafill:  can you update the live instance when you make the change.18:17
replaceafilljust did18:17
replaceafillsorry, got confused with all my windows :D18:17
* replaceafill starts closing some18:17
th1aI don't feel like I'm seeing shadows in the header.18:17
replaceafillth1a you want them in the navs?18:18
th1aAs they were intitially.18:18
th1aAlso, can you make the lines closer in the footer?18:18
replaceafillthat closer?18:18
th1aTake the background color out of the footer.18:19
replaceafillth1a done18:19
th1aAlso, uncapitalize the first "The Shuttleworth..."18:20
replaceafillth1a done18:20
th1aThere should be space above the form.18:21
replaceafillhhmm is that in the uwg's?18:21
th1aThat's probably standard for the content area.18:21
th1a32 px.18:21
* replaceafill looks18:21
replaceafillgot it18:22
th1aIs our spacing between fields and after the fieldset right?18:22
replaceafillth1a done18:24
replaceafilli mean the 32px18:24
th1aI'd say there should be more margin above the table.18:24
replaceafillth1a check the fieldset and fields18:29
th1aI think that's better...18:30
th1aIt isn't all completely delineated.18:30
th1aChange "Group" to "Filter by..."18:31
replaceafillmore margin for the table18:31
replaceafilllabel changed18:32
th1aWe need just a little more top margin in the footer.18:32
th1aAlso the sidebar needs the 32px top margin.18:33
replaceafillah ok18:33
replaceafillis it me or there are no sidebar examples in the guidelines?18:34
th1aThere are not.18:35
th1aWe're on our own.18:35
th1aWell, we'll get some help.18:35
th1aBecause the book will need one too.18:35
replaceafillok, 32px for the sidebar top18:36
replaceafillwe need to fix the login form :)18:37
th1aDo our bottom margins correspond to the standard?18:38
replaceafilli think so18:38
th1a32 & 64?18:38
* replaceafill looks18:38
replaceafill32 and 6418:38
th1aOK.  That's all my papercuts.18:39
th1aThanks replaceafill!18:39
* replaceafill imagines th1a with a ruler on the screen :P18:39
replaceafilli'll work on the shadows18:39
th1aI've got two screens with different color temperatures and pixel density, so it is a little confusing.18:39
th1aAh... I see that gap now.18:40
replaceafillin the shadows?18:40
th1aFirst priority now is wrapping up Cambodia before the end of the day today.18:40
th1a(but you don't have to do it first)18:40
replaceafillthe easiest way i can imagine to fix it is to use a wrapper around the header and page18:40
replaceafillok, i'll just put the shadows and get back to cambodia18:41
* th1a goes to lunch.18:41
dadengaelkner, i sent the email18:41
aelknerdadeng, i'm having an issue with the version of the branch i'm running being older than your data18:53
aelknercould you please email me the output of bzr info?18:54
replaceafillth1a nothing like a good css hack :P19:03
replaceafillth1a done with the shadows19:03
*** alga has quit IRC19:07
dadengStandalone tree (format: 2a)19:07
dadeng  branch root: .19:07
dadengRelated branches:19:07
dadeng  parent branch:
* replaceafill goes back to cambodia19:09
dadengaelkner, see it19:11
aelknerdadeng, what about the other command from my email?19:23
dadengwhich one?19:23
aelknerls -ld eggs/schooltool.intervention*19:23
dadengno didn't get that b419:24
dadengjust hold on19:24
dadengi've sent it now19:27
aelknerok, i have a buildout issue that i will try to solve by removing the eggs19:32
aelknerok, got it running19:34
replaceafillyvl took the liberty to push to flourish "trunk" directly, only small css changes :)19:35
replaceafillaelkner sync with flourish "trunk" to get the latest css19:35
replaceafillaelkner and you'll see the person view moving to the left again19:35
replaceafillaelkner we'll fix that once we insert a sidebar19:35
aelknerreplaceafill, will do, thanks19:36
aelknerdadeng, i sent you an email with a password request19:36
aelknerok, i can sign in now19:41
aelknerth1a, ayt?19:45
aelknerdadeng, what student were you and th1a discussing?19:46
dadengu can pick any student, but i used aabidemi and the same password i sent u19:46
aelknerok, so what class is that particular student not in that the app says he/she is in?19:49
*** menesis has quit IRC20:01
*** dadeng has quit IRC20:27
*** dadeng has joined #schooltool20:40
* th1a is here20:50
th1aaelkner:  is the student enrolled in all those sections?20:51
*** menesis has joined #schooltool21:12
aelknerth1a, yes, but that shouldn't surprise us21:12
th1aIt is a rather essential bit of information though.21:12
th1aDoes this make sense in terms of what's in the spreadsheet?21:12
th1aThat is, did the spreadsheet put her in every section?21:13
aelknerthere are 17817 rows in the sections sheet for that term21:29
th1aOK.  Problem solved!21:30
th1areplaceafill:  ayt?21:53
dadengso, is it possible to have a solution to this problem by tomorrow morning, aelkner?21:55
th1adadeng:  The problem is in your spreadsheet.21:55
dadengwell... the spreadsheet was directly exported from the ST instance21:56
dadengand there was never anytime we put those repeated stuff in there21:56
dadengso did it happen?21:57
dadenghow did it happen?21:57
th1aWell... do you still have the old instance?21:57
dadengi have them all21:58
dadengrunning on the initial system we setup for demo21:58
th1aSo you have the old instance which looks correct.21:59
dadengthat's where i have been copying the Data.fs file out21:59
dadengi'm not sure anyone looks correct until i check21:59
dadengi had not use the student's module since21:59
th1aWell, we have to confirm that at some point this worked.21:59
dadengbut now that we are making progress towards real deployment22:00
replaceafillth1a back from lunch22:00
dadengok, give me some time to check it out now22:00
th1aAlthough I guess it is not officially official.22:01
th1aBut yes, that's a good start.22:01
replaceafillyes, it's different from the uwg22:01
replaceafill250px width22:02
replaceafillso, should i take those links styles and put them on our sidebar?22:03
th1alet me compare for a minute.22:03
replaceafillfont is bigger :)22:04
th1aI like the width we have, we do need a little clearer spacing between the two.22:05
th1aI like their section header.22:05
th1aBorder, etc.22:06
replaceafilldotted border22:06
th1aThe main thing we need is a gap between the sidebar and main content.22:08
*** ignas has joined #schooltool22:08
th1aDo you have a sense of how the spacing should be according to the grid?22:08
replaceafillpage 1022:09
th1aWell... do you feel like fiddling with this now?22:09
replaceafillsure, you're awake ;)22:09
replaceafillhold on, let me get to the server22:09
th1aI think we should try Aubergine links.22:10
replaceafilloops typo22:12
replaceafilli put backgrounds so you can see the gap22:12
replaceafillthere's 16px22:12
replaceafillok, removing the weird background colors...22:13
th1aSo the gap is right we just need to rejigger the foreground and background colors so that the gap is the background color.22:13
th1aThat is, white.22:14
dadengaelkner, th1a, it is the same in the original machine22:14
dadengwhere all data was manually entered22:14
dadengand they were not entered that way22:14
th1aThe enrollment process is by far the most used and tested part of SchoolTool, so it is relatively unlikely to be a bug in SchoolTool.22:15
replaceafillth1a changed the links colors22:16
replaceafill(just for the table for now)22:16
replaceafillth1a they looked like "visited" links22:17
th1aYeah, I guess change them back.22:17
replaceafillchanging the background to white, correct?22:18
replaceafillto match the layout of ubuntu news22:18
replaceafillwe need a taller sidebar :(22:21
replaceafillshould i make it go all the way down?22:22
replaceafilli dont like that way though22:22
th1aWell, the problem is now there's no left margin for the content area.22:22
th1aWithin the content area.22:23
replaceafillwe can steal some of those 16px ;)22:23
replaceafilland break the guidelines!!! :D22:23
th1aWe're going to have to.22:23
th1aThere should be 16 on each side within the sidebar too, I think.22:24
*** dadeng has quit IRC22:24
th1aIt is all a little cramped now.22:25
replaceafillhhmm yes22:25
th1aI was thinking leave the gap between the sidebar and main the same but add margin inside the main.22:26
replaceafillyou mean padding, right?22:26
th1aOh... I can never remember.22:26
replaceafillme neither ;)22:26
th1aBut essentially:22:26
th1ashadow border <-16->edge of sidebar<-16->text<-16->rt. edge of sidebar<-16->edge of main<-16->main content22:28
th1aThe only question is if that leaves the sidebar wide enough.22:32
th1aI think it can work.22:33
replaceafillwe're going to insert old action links  there, correct?22:33
replaceafill"New Administrator" :)22:33
th1aWell... yes.22:33
replaceafillah no22:33
replaceafill- Administrator22:33
replaceafillthe ubuntu news site uses shadows for the borders of the sidebar22:34
th1alol "Marius Gedminas has fixed a nice multi monitor bug, #778256 – “Notification area (‘system tray’) missing when using dual monitors of different sizes, with their bottoms aligned”"22:35
th1aSmall world.22:35
th1aWe could do that.  They have a rounded sidebar and square main area, which I don't like.22:35
th1a(mixing I don't like)22:35
replaceafilllittle shadow for the sidebar22:36
replaceafilllet's shadow everything ;)22:37
* th1a has caught replaceafill's headache.22:37
replaceafillhhmm same shadow for both, but the sidebar doesnt show its left shadow22:40
replaceafillmaybe because of its width22:40
th1aThat's a lot of shadow.22:45
replaceafillremove both?22:45
replaceafilli just noticed our dropdown has no height specified22:47
replaceafillbut if i set it to 20px22:47
replaceafillit looks good in chrome22:47
replaceafillbut not so good in firefox22:47
replaceafillor maybe it's just me?22:47
replaceafillselect element22:50
replaceafillfor groups22:50
th1aWell, let's try the current sidebar width for now.22:51
th1aSee how disciplined we can be.22:51
th1aConsidering that it has a fixed width!22:51
th1aotoh, languages have different widths.22:55
replaceafillthat will bring trouble22:55
th1aOK, just make the sidebar one step wider.22:56
replaceafillby one step you mean how many pixels? 16?22:57
th1aI guess.22:57
th1aThat's the system, right?22:57
*** menesis has quit IRC23:01
th1aAnd we need the wide right margin back on the main content area.23:02
* th1a goes to start a fire in the grill.23:02
*** menesis has joined #schooltool23:02
th1areplaceafill:  You can make the text style more like the ubuntu news site too.23:02
replaceafillth1a wide right margin?23:03
th1areplaceafill:  Remember when I was asking why it wasn't centered?23:19
replaceafillwhen i told you about: 144px, 544px, 224px?23:20
replaceafillbtw, i added the 16px to the sidebar width23:21
replaceafillnow its:23:21
replaceafill160px, 528px, 224px23:21
th1aWell, maybe we should take a bite out of the 224 instead.23:21
replaceafillok, 160px, 544px, 208px then23:22
replaceafillfor some reason i'm seeing the spinner in my firefox when i load the page...23:23
th1aThe bottom margin needs to be restored too.23:23
replaceafilllike it's not downloading completely23:23
replaceafillth1a they havent changed, 16px + 32px23:24
replaceafillthe thing is the 16px are white now23:24
replaceafillthey used to be gray23:24
*** ignas has quit IRC23:24
th1aYes... that's the tricky part.23:25
th1aDo we need to turn our margins into padding or something?23:25
replaceafillthey are paddings actually23:25
th1aI guess I have to go cook dinner now.23:27
replaceafilli'll be around23:27
*** menesis has quit IRC23:29
*** menesis has joined #schooltool23:29
th1aWell, these margins need to be sorted.23:38
*** dadeng has joined #schooltool23:51

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