IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2011-06-13

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aelknerhey yvl11:02
yvlgood evening, aelkner11:02
aelkneri'm about to go to sleep, but i'm glad i caught you11:03
aelkneri got the accordion to work in the person view, so you can look at that in my branch11:03
aelkneri know you're not a fan of the accordion, but the main issue was getting jquery to work11:04
yvlwill definitely look at it11:04
yvlin fact, I'm doing this as we speak ;)11:04
aelknercool, anyway, i had a question about the modal dialogs that i've been working on11:05
aelknerin the case of the inline form, the page template is just the form macro11:05
aelknerand the registration necessary for that would not be the same asa a flourish page11:06
aelknerthe question is where and how to register things11:06
yvlideally, the difference should be11:07
aelknerwe have flourish.zcml in basicperson11:07
yvlspecifying template= instead of content_template= in zcml11:07
aelknerand we have skin/flourish/templates11:07
aelknerbut the directive would also be just page, not flourish:page, right?11:08
yvlno, keep the flourish:page11:08
yvlit should be the same11:08
aelknerbut put template= as you just said11:08
yvlso the inner part would be rendered as the result of that page11:09
yvland you can put this result in a modal dialog11:09
aelknerso even though the base class for Page uses, that can just be overridden11:09
aelknerok, thanks11:11
yvlideally, it should be that simple11:11
yvlif you ran into something troublesome, please let me know11:11
aelkneri'll try it out tomorrow right after the meeting11:11
aelknerwe should be able to meet for a while after the meeting, right?11:11
aelknerok, great, i'm off to bed now11:13
aelknercya soon11:13
yvlget some sleep11:14
yvlsee you soon :)11:14
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th1aHi aelkner, yvl, replaceafill.16:31
yvlgood morning16:31
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:31
* yvl will be here in 2 mins16:31
th1aaelkner:  What have you been up to?16:33
aelkneri got the accordion to work in the person view16:33
* yvl here16:33
aelkneri finally figured out that the flourish layer does not inherit from schooltool layer16:34
aelknerso the resources all had to be added one by one16:34
aelknerso now jquery is part of flourish16:34
aelkneri put the jquery.js and jquery-ui directory js file inclusion in main.pt16:35
aelknerand i put the jstree stuff in the person view pt itself16:35
aelknerbecause that's the way it was in the old skin16:35
th1aDid you send yvl a merge request?16:35
yvlI merged it16:35
* yvl rememberd this time to do a daily merge :)16:36
* replaceafill updates the testing instance16:36
aelkneri didn't think i needed to request the merge since yvl knows what branches we are working on16:36
yvlcentral flourish branch has th1a + replaceafill + aelkner changes16:36
aelknerhe merges every day anyway16:36
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aelkneri started working on the first modal dialog, and i had some questions for yvl lasdt night16:38
aelknerwhich he answered, so i think i know what i need to do to get that to work16:38
replaceafilltesting instance updated:
aelknerso that's it for me16:39
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th1aI'd like to go ahead and fix the CSS on the accordion before anything else.16:40
th1aPerhaps I can make replaceafill and aelkner do that with me after the meeting.16:40
th1aTo make sure aelkner starts to get up to speed on the new CSS regime.16:40
aelknerok, we could do that16:41
th1aThanks, aelkner.16:41
th1areplaceafill, any comments from the weekend?16:41
replaceafillsorry, i didn't have a chance to respond to your emails, i thought i could do it here:16:42
replaceafillabout the shadows, i have no problem with them, just one16:42
replaceafillwe have <header><page><footer>16:42
replaceafillfor the main layout16:43
replaceafilli couldnt find a way to connect the shadows from <header> and <page> and make it look like the guidelines16:43
replaceafilli always got a small gap in the shadow betten the <header> and the <page>16:43
replaceafillbut i didnt want to insert a wrapper yet16:44
replaceafill2. about the ubuntu font in the screenshots16:44
replaceafilli dont have it installed in my system :P16:44
th1aOn... Ubuntu?16:44
replaceafillno, i use debian :)16:44
replaceafilli'll install the deb16:44
replaceafill3. about the dotted background16:45
replaceafillit's in the guidelines, so i added it ;)16:45
th1aThat's what I told you to do.16:45
th1aI'm leaning toward considering that Canonical branding.16:45
th1aWhich we don't want.16:45
replaceafillah, 4. inline-blocks16:46
replaceafillyvl i just dont like it because for instance, if you use inline-block to create the secondary navigation16:46
replaceafillyou get whitespaces you cannot control between the tabs16:47
replaceafillbecause the "inline" part16:47
replaceafillis like having <span></span> break line <span></span>... and so on16:47
replaceafillthe break line in the source code is converted to a white space in presentation16:47
yvlyes, you get those 4 px16:47
replaceafilli know i can use negative margins, but...16:48
replaceafilldont know, just didnt like it :P16:48
replaceafillwe can use it of course16:48
replaceafillif you consider they're better than floats16:48
yvlI just think that floats are horrible16:48
yvlbecause of the way they behave16:48
replaceafillah, 5. good point in the child selectors and templates16:48
yvlgod save us if they wrap around16:48
replaceafillyvl really?16:49
replaceafillok, let's put the inline back and adjust the margins16:49
replaceafilli guess that's it16:49
replaceafilli mean, all the comments i received16:49
replaceafilli guess we still have to adjust some things16:50
th1aI'm not completely following this inline-block discussion.16:50
th1aI'd avoid anything that inserted extra pixels of space.16:50
yvlwell it's your choice really16:51
yvlI can't tell right now what's the problem with floats16:51
replaceafilli think we can manage both if we're careful :)16:52
yvlI remember that they do not respect some elements in some cases16:52
yvlsomething with height16:52
th1aYes... but I don't understand the issues enough to make a decision.16:52
th1aI'd actually rather have something that breaks overtly than subtly throws everything off all the time.16:52
th1aAnd I'd like to see the shadows in the meantime.16:53
th1aI was just wondering why the grays in the UWG and our page look completely different -- it is the difference in my monitors.16:55
th1aThanks replaceafill.  Let's move on to yvl.16:55
yvl40 minutes ago it struck me I should have re-introduced breadcrumbs and log-in link today16:56
yvltoday I experimented with json serialized view states for javascript16:56
th1aOr first thing tomorrow.16:56
yvlwill do that then, th1a16:57
yvlbasically, what I want to end up is:16:57
yvlyou have a dict in the view, called state16:57
yvlyou put python strings, dicts or other data in16:57
yvland later on, in your page templates, in javascript sections16:58
yvlyou can address it directly16:58
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yvland so on16:58
th1aTo what end?16:59
yvlfrankly I didn't expect that question.16:59
yvlso you can communicate cleanly with you JS in a decent manner16:59
yvlwith at least some protection17:00
yvland that you can biuld upon it later on to do json ajax communication17:00
th1aWell, as long as it makes sense to aelkner and replaceafill.17:00
yvlas opposed to serialized form communication17:00
yvlto do both, actually17:00
th1aI don't necessarily want to start another plumbing project now though.17:00
replaceafill+1 on json views for JS functionality17:01
yvlkind of seemed like a reasonable thing to do for modal dialogs17:01
yvlwell anyway17:01
yvlI just wanted to research how it should be done17:02
th1aOK... it is your call.17:02
yvlI'll do the breadcrumbs and whatever else is needed now17:03
yvlas in - next17:03
th1aAnd we need to start nailing down the sidebar structure.17:03
yvlcan you please push some tasks in my queue at the end of your day?17:03
yvlor else I'll be working on other stuff - plumbing mostly17:04
th1ayvl:  Yes.17:04
th1aWhat needs to be done sidebar-wise?17:04
th1areplaceafill? yvl?17:04
yvlhard to tell17:04
yvlwhat do you need?17:05
th1aWell, what can we do now?17:05
th1aDefine a viewlet that goes in there and add links to it?17:05
yvlput a viewlet there17:05
replaceafillthat's already there17:06
replaceafillrelated content17:06
yvlthere's a base viewlet that can also hold links17:06
yvlyes, replaceafill17:06
replaceafillwhat i think we should decide about is the secondary navigation17:06
replaceafillwhat you see in the current view is mock content17:07
th1aWhat's there now shouldn't be there.17:07
th1aOh, I mean, secondary navigation...17:07
replaceafillbut yvl had a secondary navigation already in place, correct yvl?17:07
th1aI'm just thinking breadcrumbs and login/logout for now.17:07
th1aAnd in the sidebar, what's there I don't want.17:07
th1aWe'll need a link to switch to the delete view.17:08
* yvl doesn't quite follow the sidebar thing17:09
th1aThis view doesn't have many "actions" anyhow.17:11
th1aAdd, I guess!17:11
th1aAdd, Delete.17:11
th1aThose go in the sidebar, right?17:11
* yvl has no idea now17:13
th1aWhere else?17:13
th1aEither there or in what I suppose is more properly called Third-level nav.17:14
th1aI don't think they should be in the body of this view.17:14
th1aWe're going to all have to agree on this.17:15
yvlIf you put them in third-level nav17:16
yvlthey just look weird17:16
* replaceafill is afraid to mention "action buttons"17:16
yvlunless you shrink third-level nav to only center of the page17:16
th1areplaceafill:  Good.17:16
yvlwhich makes them action buttons17:16
yvlif you put them into body of the page17:17
yvlthey look weird17:17
yvldelete view, if you choose to have it separate17:17
yvlwell, it kind of can have a nav link at the left bar17:17
yvlit looks out of place to me17:17
th1aIt doesn't seem weird to me.17:18
yvlit looks exceptionaly weird to me17:18
yvlthings like add, are things that you do modal dialogs on17:18
yvlnot for person17:18
yvlbut for other containers17:19
yvlso it would be good to put them consitently17:19
yvlmodal dialogs from a link in the left bar17:19
yvlI just can't imagine it17:19
yvland a separate delete view...17:19
th1aI think you overestimating how many modal dialogs we're going to be creating.17:19
yvlI've not seen that on internet yet17:20
yvlbut, but...17:20
yvlone is enough17:20
yvlwell, probably it work out great somehow17:20
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th1aThis just doesn't seem that complicated.17:21
yvlmaybe put an Add button as "primary" below the table list?17:22
th1aThe trickiest question is if we want to mostly use third-level navigation or not.17:22
* yvl is just throwing in suggestions17:22
replaceafillthird level navigation instead of "action buttons"?17:23
* yvl does not get the ban on action buttons17:23
replaceafillsorry for still bringing the "action buttons" phrase :(17:23
th1aOK, if we do third level navigation, those are tabs.17:23
th1aNote that for now I'm just putting breadcrumbs in the "second-level navigation" spot.17:24
th1aI don't want a row of buttons.17:24
th1aIn a lot of cases, I do want the main actions embedded in the page.17:25
yvloh, which reminds me17:25
th1aBut I guess I'm saying that "Add" is not the main action of this page.17:25
th1aSearch is.17:25
yvldo we put log-in at the left?17:25
th1aYeah, probably.17:25
th1aTry that first.17:26
th1aDoes that help if "Add" is not the main action of this page?17:26
th1aIt is something you're navigating to.17:26
* th1a may have to get up at 3:00 to go through this with yvl.17:27
yvlwe can put it on the left and call "New person" maybe17:27
yvllike a "box" named persons17:27
yvlwith the link new person17:28
th1aActually it probably should be more like -17:28
th1aAdd new:17:28
th1a - Student17:28
th1a- Teacher17:28
th1a- Administrator17:28
replaceafilli'd like that :)17:28
th1a- Person17:28
aelknercan i ask something semi-related?17:30
aelknerthe modal dialog that i'm currently working on is for person preferences17:31
aelknerso the question is: where is the button, 'Preferences', to go on the person index.html view?17:31
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aelknerok, do we have that, yet?17:32
th1aThat's pretty much what we're discussing.17:33
yvljust to throw a random idea in...17:33
yvla box called "2011" (or whatever the schoolyear)17:34
yvlwith "Teachers, Students, Courses" and such17:34
yvlalso add teacher links in Teachers, and so on17:34
yvlnot saying that we should17:34
yvland, like, grayed-out disabled teacher links until somebody sets up a schoolyear17:35
th1aWell, we just need to start using the sidebar and see where it takes us and if anyone's head explodes.17:35
yvland maybe a working "new schoolyear" link there17:35
th1aBut we don't want a lot of cruft there.17:36
th1aIt is ultimately the action bar moved to the side.17:36
th1aJust a better one.17:36
th1aIt is where things go AFTER you try to think of a better place for them.17:37
th1aOK.  Let's take a ten minute break, then I'll do some accordion css with aelkner and replaceafill.17:38
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.17:38
yvlplease don't forget to update me with a list of TODOs17:38
yvland please be very explicit, I have some trouble figuring out a pattern at the moment17:39
yvlaelkner, do you have some questions?17:42
yvlor do we postpone them until tomorrow?17:42
replaceafillyvl i updated the testing instance17:43
replaceafillcan you refresh it?17:43
replaceafilli added the shadow17:43
replaceafillsee the little gap between header and page?17:43
replaceafilli guess i just have to learn to use shadows :)17:44
* yvl doesn't remember how it was done before17:44
replaceafilli'll look17:44
replaceafillbut i definitely dont want to group header and page17:44
replaceafilljust for this effect :)17:45
* replaceafill goes grab a sandwich17:45
* th1a back.17:50
replaceafillin the last bug reported seems to me that English IX 1 is the Students group17:54
th1aThat's what I just asked.17:54
th1aOK, let's hit a few general points here about the layout.17:55
th1aWhy is the content in /persons off center?17:55
replaceafillbecause the left sidebar is narrower than the right sidebear17:56
replaceafillpage 1017:56
replaceafill144px, 544px, 224px17:56
th1aWell... yes.17:57
th1aBut is that what we want?17:57
th1aThat is, there is no sidebar in the UWG, and things are centered, right?17:57
th1a(the forms are centered)17:58
th1aOr am I wrong?17:58
replaceafillth1a i think it's because they dont show the whole page17:58
th1aOh, I think the image is cropped.17:58
th1aI see.17:58
th1aThey just use a wider right margin.17:59
th1aWe're probably going to have to adjust to account for the sidebar.17:59
th1aProbably I'll just have schwa figure it out since we'll also need a sidebar in the book.18:00
th1aOK, aelkner, ready?18:00
replaceafillwe should enable adding of school years, courses and sections to test accordions css18:01
replaceafillso we can see the accordions with data18:01
replaceafillor... use a Data.fs with those :)18:02
yvlwell, good luck guys! :)18:02
th1aI'll have tasks for you yvl.  Don't worry.18:03
th1areplaceafill:  I'd rather just use a populated data.fs for now.18:03
replaceafillok, let me set one18:03
th1aaelkner:  Do you know where the CSS for the accordion is?18:04
aelknerso we want to override some of the styles, correct?18:08
th1aWell, we want to underride them, really.18:08
th1aUse the base classes.18:08
th1aOur base styles18:08
th1aIf possible.18:09
aelknerjquery-ui dynamically inserts the classes listed in that file into the elements18:10
aelknerso we are stuck with those classes18:10
aelknerif you would want them to look different, we need to override the styles for those classes18:10
aelknerand i'm guessing you do want them different18:11
* replaceafill stops the testing instance18:11
aelknerreplaceafill, is it possible for us to override the styles in our own css file?18:12
aelknerdoes it matter the order of inclusion of css files?18:12
th1aBasically, let's start by making them match the style of UWG tables.18:12
th1aAlignment, color, spacing, etc.18:12
th1aIf we could we'd just try using the table CSS.18:13
th1aMake sense replaceafill?18:13
replaceafillok, persons with data now18:13
replaceafillfor example18:13
* replaceafill reads the log18:13
replaceafillcan we add a jquery-ui.css file to flourish?18:14
replaceafilland override jquery-ui styles there?18:14
replaceafillfor accordions, dialogs, etc18:14
aelknerthat's what i'm asking you18:15
replaceafilldo it18:15
aelknerth1a wants different styles for the accordion classes18:15
replaceafilli know18:15
replaceafilladd that file18:15
aelknerdoes file inclusion order matter?18:15
replaceafillof course it does18:16
replaceafillcheck the source of a rendered page18:16
replaceafillreset, flourish, page, form, table18:16
replaceafillsame as in zcml18:16
replaceafillaelkner you didnt change the <h5>, <h3> as i asked you18:17
aelkneryes, i know, i was waiting for some of the reorg to solidify18:18
replaceafilltop level headings are bigger18:18
replaceafillok, could you do it before we start doing this?18:18
aelkneri could ask now, though, is h3 what we want for accordion headings18:18
aelknerand is h5 what we want for the subheadings?18:19
replaceafillthat's a good question18:19
aelknernow that you guys have been thinking about this since Friday18:19
replaceafillso far, the only heading i've seen in code is h1 h218:19
replaceafilland that's not even in the page18:19
aelknerwhich pages do you see this on, flourish pages?18:20
aelkneror are you referring to old skin?18:20
replaceafillno, /persons view18:20
th1aThis isn't a matter of anyone making a decision.18:20
th1aIt is a matter of everyone following the guidelines.18:20
th1aAnd that is it.18:20
replaceafillpage 16 aelkner18:21
th1aI'm just a little unsure if we should start with the form style or the table style as the basis for the accordions.18:22
th1ap. 22 vs p. 27, basically.18:23
th1aThe form header is probably a little closer to what we want.18:23
aelknerth1a, i thought i was gong to be working on modal dialogs and js, so i haven't grokked your css work from Friday18:23
th1aaelkner, that's why replaceafill is here.18:23
aelkneri was going to ask:18:23
aelknerhow does the > work?  i noticed that for the first time while looking at your branch18:24
replaceafillaelkner saw my email referring to "child selectors"?18:24
replaceafilllet me give an example18:24
aelknersaw, but maybe neglected to read carefully enough18:25
replaceafillok, prepare for some flooding18:26
replaceafill<div class="parent">18:26
replaceafill  <div class="child">18:26
replaceafill    <div class="foo">18:26
replaceafill    </div>18:26
replaceafill  </div>18:26
replaceafill  <div class="child">18:26
replaceafill  </div>18:26
replaceafill  <div class="child">18:26
replaceafill    <div class="bar">18:26
replaceafill      <div class="foo">18:26
replaceafill      </div>18:26
replaceafill    </div>18:26
replaceafill  </div>18:26
replaceafillaelkner see that structure18:26
replaceafilland now suppose we declare css:18:26
replaceafill.child .foo {18:26
replaceafill    background-color: red;18:26
replaceafillwhich "foo"s will have red background?18:27
replaceafillfirst, second or both?18:27
aelknerok, i read your email closely, now reading our log herey18:27
replaceafillthat css rules says:18:27
aelkneryour log18:27
replaceafillapply background to any .foo that it's contained in .child18:27
replaceafillbut we could declare css like this:18:28
replaceafill.child > .foo {18:28
replaceafill    background-color: red;18:28
replaceafillin that case the css says:18:28
replaceafill"apply background to any .foo whose parent is a .child18:28
replaceafillso, only the first would have red background18:28
replaceafillE > F18:29
replaceafillchild selector18:29
replaceafillthe first example is descendant selector18:29
replaceafillaelkner makes sense?18:31
aelknerso the > is kind of like the // in xpath, right?18:32
replaceafillhhmm no18:32
replaceafill/ in xpath means, "select the node no matter where it is"18:32
aelknerkeep gong down descendant path until, so to speak18:32
aelkneri'm sorry, i had it backwords18:33
replaceafillok, aelkner go to
replaceafilland open your firebug18:33
aelknerhey, you put the sidebar in!18:34
replaceafilllook for <div class="body">18:34
replaceafillthere's one under <div class="header">18:34
replaceafillyou see it?18:34
aelknerfound it18:35
replaceafillok, now inspect the "Persons" link in the left sidebar18:35
replaceafillyou will get an <a>, correct?18:35
replaceafillsee the parent of a, it's a li18:36
replaceafillkeep going up18:36
replaceafilland you'll see another "div.body"18:36
replaceafillright above the ul.filter18:36
replaceafillso, if i apply css like:18:37
replaceafilldiv.body { bla bla bla }18:37
replaceafillthat would affect both18:37
replaceafillso we do:18:37 > .body { bla bla }18:37
replaceafillto refer to the first one18:37
replaceafilland .refine > .content > .body18:38
replaceafillto refer to the second one18:38
replaceafillif in the first case i'd only do:18:38 .body { ... }18:38
replaceafilli'd affect both also18:38
replaceafillbecause both are descendant of .page18:38
replaceafillthat's the usefulness of child selectors18:39
replaceafillto be more specific :)18:39
aelknerso i think i understand the difference between .page .body and .page > .body18:39
replaceafillexcellent :)18:39
aelknerthe first is like // in xpath where the second is like /18:39
replaceafillthat sounds about right :)18:40
aelkner/ means any descendant and / means child only18:40
replaceafillnot like the same, but i think you get the idea ;)18:40
aelkner/ mean any, i meant18:40
replaceafillok, any other question?18:40
aelkneri'm trying to chat two /s18:40
aelknerwhy so many class="body" elements18:41
replaceafillah, remember xchat commands start with /...18:41
aelknerseems strange18:41
replaceafillyeah, not using ids also seems strange to me18:41
replaceafillbut i got used to it :)18:41
aelkneri don't quite understand18:41
aelknerisn't it your decision18:41
aelknerif you wanted ids instead of classes, you could make them so18:42
replaceafillnah, i didnt want to mess with that yet18:42
replaceafilli'm waiting for specificity to mess with us :)18:42
th1aIsn't the point that classes are better for use across the app?18:42
replaceafilllike it did in our prevous skin18:42
aelkneri just thought body is a strange name for a class that isn't intended for a <body> element18:43
replaceafillcorrect, you have less conflicts18:43
replaceafillwhy not?18:43
replaceafilli've seen it used all the time18:43
th1aOK, so can we move onto styling the accordion?18:43
aelknerso the in the page 16 example, it's not clear to me which we would select18:44
aelknerare the links under 'Local providers' the right level?18:44
aelkneror is Global/Local Providers the level for the accordion headings?18:45
th1aI said we should start by styling it like a table or form.18:45
replaceafill+1 on table styling18:46
aelkneri don't understand that statement, please expound18:46
replaceafillit's simpler18:46
th1aMake the accordions look like the tables (or forms)18:46
th1aWe can start with tables.18:46
aelknertables have heading rows and cell rows18:47
aelknerso the acordion heading should match the table heading?18:47
th1aAnd have the same alignment, etc.18:47
th1areplaceafill can take the lead in getting this rolling.18:48
replaceafillth1a are we making the accordion 100% with18:50
replaceafillthe table is18:50
replaceafillbut in this case i don't know if it's appropriate18:50
replaceafillsince we have no sidebars18:50
aelkneri'm looking at page 27 of the guidelines, an it doesn't state which <hn> element to use18:50
aelknerjust the height of the headings18:50
th1aThat is correct.18:51
th1areplaceafill:  The tables don't cover the whole width.18:51
replaceafillaelkner Header text18:51
replaceafillso, i'll give them the same width of the "content" part18:51
th1areplaceafill, that is, they have left and right margins.18:52
th1aThere should be a sidebar on this page anyhow.18:52
aelknerreplaceafill, so have you defined a class for table headers with the stuff18:54
aelknerfrom Header text filled in?18:54
replaceafilllook at table.css18:54
replaceafillok, i added jquery-ui.css18:56
replaceafilland added widths for .ui-accordion18:56
replaceafilli'll center them temporarily, ok?18:57
aelknerreplaceafill, what do you mean, 'added jquery-ui.css'?18:58
aelkneri already did that, didn't i?18:58
aelkneryou mean adding the resource or file inclusion?18:58
replaceafillaelkner i'm doing it in the testing instance18:58
aelknerisn't the testing image pulling from the sprint branch?18:59
aelknertesting instance, i mean18:59
replaceafillok hold on18:59
replaceafillare you going to do this and want me only to update the instance?18:59
aelknerdo what?18:59
replaceafillchanging the css for accordions19:00
aelkneranswer my question, please19:00
aelknerthe instance?19:00
replaceafillthe testing instance doesnt pull automatically19:00
aelkneryeah, but you start and stop it, so you can pull, too19:00
aelkneri don't get how you are adding code that is already there19:01
replaceafillok, you do the css changes and i just pull restart19:01
aelknerwhy are you ignoring me?19:01
replaceafillaelkner i'm not ignoring you19:01
th1aOne of you has to do the typing.19:02
replaceafillwe're both referring to ~schooltool-owners/schooltool/flourish19:02
replaceafillaelkner ?19:02
aelknerthat's the branch that the test instnace shold run off of19:02
replaceafillflourish doesnt have any jquery-ui.css resource in that branch19:02
aelknerso we all know what is what19:02
aelkneryvl didn't merge my branch?19:02
aelknerno wait, yes he did19:03
replaceafillMerge Alans jquery work19:03
replaceafill*i* don't see any jquery-ui.css resource file for flourish in there...19:03
aelknerso you see the part where i added  jquery-ui.css?19:03
* replaceafill sighs19:04
replaceafillaelkner ok19:04
replaceafilli'm referring to FILE RESOURCE for our own customizations19:04
replaceafillwhat you added there is jquery ui standard css19:05
aelknerwhat are you talking about?19:05
aelknerthat's the only  jquery-ui.css i know of19:05
replaceafilli added one!!!19:06
replaceafillfor our own css19:06
replaceafilljquery-ui.css :/19:06
replaceafillaelkner it's in the testing instance!!!19:06
aelknerah, ok, with the same name19:06
aelkneryou see why i got confused19:06
aelknermaybe ot such a good name19:07
aelknerhow about jquery-ui-overrides.css19:07
replaceafillok, i'll call it foobar.css, ok?19:07
aelknerstop telling me names dn't matter, they do19:07
replaceafillwhy do you need the overrides part?19:07
aelknerisn't that what the file does19:08
replaceafilli'll let th1a decide on this19:08
replaceafillmy head hurts :(19:08
aelknerwith the name you have it now, it impies that it is a copy19:08
aelknerof the jquery-ui file19:08
* th1a sighs.19:08
aelkneryou guys have no patience19:09
replaceafillsorry aelkner19:09
aelknerforget it, call it foobar.css19:09
aelknerthat will help me understand it19:09
th1aI don't know which name is better.  Let's move on.19:09
aelkneri wasn't asking th1a19:10
aelknerreplaceafill, did you push your new file?19:10
aelknershould i be looking at your branch?19:10
replaceafillaelkner no19:10
replaceafillaelkner i'm working on the testing instance, i cannot push from there19:11
aelknerwell, thats me a lot19:11
replaceafilli work this way so th1a can see the changes immediately19:11
aelkneri meant to say, that helps me a lot19:11
aelknerwe're supposed to using bzr for collaboration purposes, aren't we?19:12
replaceafillok, i'm moving away from the testing instance...19:13
replaceafillback to my personal branch19:13
replaceafillhold on, i'll sync my changes...19:13
aelkneryou cold switch the testing instance to your branch while we collaborate?19:14
replaceafillanything to make you happy aelkner19:14
replaceafilland stopping my head from hurting ;)19:14
aelknerdon't patronize me, i don't deserve that19:14
replaceafilli'm not, honestly19:14
aelknerwe just need a way to see each other's changes and have th1a see them quickly19:15
aelkneri'd recommend having the instance be tied to your branch19:15
replaceafilli know aelkner19:16
aelknerand you can merge from the sprint branch19:16
replaceafilli know, i'm doing it...19:16
th1aWe did this last week aelkner.19:16
aelknerok, so let me know when you've pushed you css changes19:16
replaceafilli will19:16
replaceafillsetting new instance with my personal branch...19:21
replaceafillaelkner i pushed the change i was referring to19:21
aelknerok, i'm looking at the new file now19:21
replaceafilland i added a comment to jquery-ui.css that may helps19:21
aelknerok, should i be the one who builds this filoe now?19:22
aelkneri can do that so that i get up to speed with the guidelines19:23
aelkneri think that is what th1a wants, right19:23
th1aIf you feel up to it aelkner.19:23
aelknerreplaceafill, it's up to you19:24
replaceafillgo ahead, you do it19:24
replaceafilli'll merge your changes19:24
aelknerok, i'll give it a shot19:24
replaceafillwhen you want to show it to th1a19:25
aelkneryeah, i'll let you know when i have something pushed19:25
th1aTalk about what you are doing, aelkner.19:27
th1aOtherwise I'll just have replaceafill get to work on his Cambodia stuff.19:27
aelknerth1a, so i'm going to be looking at the guidelines and the changes from19:28
aelknerFirday and add overrides for accordion styles to the new css file replaceafill just added19:29
aelknerafter i've pushed, i'll let you guys know19:29
th1atbh, what I needed replaceafill for is to make sure aelkner is making changes in the right files and with the right style.19:29
th1a(coding style)19:29
th1aSo if aelkner knows what he is doing in those respects, we can excuse replaceafill.19:30
replaceafillaelkner just stick to skin/flourish/resources/jquery-ui.css19:30
replaceafillif you think we need to change something in the other files, ping me19:31
replaceafillbecause that could be a RED FLAG ;)19:31
replaceafill(using th1a terminology)19:31
th1aIf aelkner can't use other styles directly, this makes this organizationally simpler.19:32
th1aSince he has to retype everything anyhow.19:32
replaceafillwe should think about using skype sometime...19:33
replaceafilltyping doesnt help me in this kind of confusing19:33
aelknerme too, sometimes skype would help avoid confusion19:34
aelknerhowever, we would want to limit our use of it since the chat log is like the mailing list19:35
aelknerwhere a skype conversation is forever lost once terminated19:35
th1aMore to the point, aelkner and my first attempt at Skype chatting didn't go very well.19:36
th1aOK, so replaceafill is excused?19:37
th1aAnd aelkner should be pinging me as he goes so I can pull his branch and check his work.19:37
*** menesis has quit IRC19:43
replaceafillok, testing instance with my personal branch in place, in case we need it19:45
th1aI can just run aelkner's branch locally.19:46
th1aI don't want to start another conversation.19:46
th1aI'm going to have lunch.  I'd like you to work on this this afternoon aelkner and keep me in the loop.19:48
*** menesis has joined #schooltool20:26
th1aHow's it coming aelkner?20:32
* replaceafill goes to have lunch21:55
th1aaelkner:  Do you have the spreadsheet David is trying to import?22:00
aelknerit was in one of the email thres, yes22:04
aelknerth1a, i can work on the niepa issue or the ui this afternoon, but not both22:10
*** asharma has quit IRC22:11
th1aWell, can you look at the spreadsheet for five minutes and see if it is something obvious?22:25
aelkneri looked, and he has two rows that have FALSE filled in for columns that are for demographics22:26
th1aOK, why don't you tell david to change them to strings.22:26
aelknerthat's the only errors that he has from his screenshot22:26
th1aOK -- easy, done.22:27
th1aSend him an email.  Thanks.22:27
aelkneryes, i just checked, and the cells were not strings but =FALSE()22:27
th1aIn the spreadsheet.22:28
aelknerthat wasn't even obvious to me when i first looked, but one has to click on the cell to really know22:28
aelkneri just say FALSE and thought that it was a string22:28
th1aOK.  Let him know that and we'll move on.22:28
th1aIs that from the export?22:28
aelknerok, email sent22:30
aelkneri don't know if he created those rows from exporting or manually22:31
th1aAre they things that it makes sense to be true/false?22:31
aelknerthat was part of the demographics work i did last ear, to create BooDemographicField22:33
aelknerso yes22:33
th1aSo they are mostly strings and a few excel functions?  Are some correct and some wrong?22:34
aelkneronly the =FALSE() cells are wrong, and they are the only listed errors in the screenshot22:35
th1aBut some are correct?22:35
aelknerwhat do ou mena?y22:35
th1aAre there some "FALSE" strings mixed with some =FALSE() functions?22:35
th1aAre there any TRUE's that are correct?22:36
aelknerthere are no trues, and only the nine =FALSE() cells22:36
th1aSo in all probability it is our bug -- or we need to check for one.22:36
th1aI"ll file it.22:36
th1aAnd you can move on for now.22:37
aelknerso i figured out that background-image: none; works for getting rd of the accordion background22:37
aelkneri sent a screenshot22:40
aelkneri need to do the div of the accordion now22:40
th1aThere's still a gradient there right?22:41
th1aWhite at top, switching to gray?22:43
th1aOr am I imagining it.22:43
th1aNo, it is a gradient.22:44
th1aTake everything above the accordion out in the main body.  The name is already at the top.22:45
aelknerreplaceafill, ayt?22:55
replaceafillaelkner back23:05
aelknerwhat do you think about FlourishPersonView inheriting from PersonView23:07
aelknerwhich has its own template, which i guess is ignored because of class inheritance order rules23:08
aelknerand what i'm wondering is where the form comes from23:08
replaceafilli havent looked close at it23:08
aelknerit's a mess23:09
th1aIs there any reason to inherit from the old view?23:10
aelknerwell, maybe not if we don't need the display form anymore23:11
aelknerit contains the fields of IBasicPerson (first_name, last_name)23:11
aelknerplus all the demographic fields23:11
aelknerbut if we create a viewlet for demos23:12
aelknerand make that the first accordion, then we have it23:12
th1aOK then.23:12
replaceafill"viewlet for demos" means "viewlet for person demographic fields"23:13
*** jelkner has quit IRC23:13
replaceafillwhat about data like gender, date of birth?23:15
th1aThat applies to everyone?23:16
replaceafillit's a core attribute in the person class23:17
th1aWe could just always have that at the beginning of the demographics field.23:17
replaceafillwe should23:17
replaceafillprefix, middle name, etc23:17
th1aThis is going to take a little customization.23:19
th1aBut let's not veer off into that yet.23:19
aelknerth1a, replaceafill, i sent you guys a screenshot23:23
* replaceafill looks23:23
replaceafillaelkner can you push your changes?23:24
th1aYou've got an orange halo around the advisory heador.23:24
th1aAlso, the arrows could be the same color as the text.23:24
th1aNow... here's the problem.23:26
th1aThe results inside there should probably be laid out as tables, too.23:27
th1aI guess there is a table sub-section header.23:27
th1aSo is this currently based on the tables or forms?23:27
th1aI mean, the accordion.23:27
aelknerbased on a div that include a series of <h5><div> pairs23:28
th1aThe style?23:28
th1aWhat you just did aelkner.23:29
aelkneri based the accordion header style on the table header style from the guidelines23:29
aelknerbut the body of the viewlet is nother matter23:29
th1aSo let's format the results as tables, using the table sub-section header style.23:29
th1aBut we'll need some left and right margin.23:30
th1aIt'll really be a sub-table.23:30
aelknerso effectively, you're saying that all the viewlets need to be recoded to not use jstree23:31
th1aJust make them tables.23:31
aelkneri wish yvl were available to say how he'd prefer i do that23:31
aelknerthe viewlets are presently spread out in the various schooltool packages23:32
aelknercourse, group, basicperson23:32
aelknerthe question is, do i create the new ones next to the old ones23:32
aelkneror do we want to start to think about putting these things together23:32
aelknerbecause having flourish views spread out all over the old code seems sloppy23:33
aelknerand will probably cause us to scratch our heads at times wondering what goes where23:33
th1aWell, right now it is still easy to move things.23:33
th1aSo don't sweat it.23:34
th1ayvl can move things around if he wants.23:34
replaceafillaelkner could you remove of the <style> element and move that to the .css file please?23:35
replaceafill    <style type="text/css">23:36
replaceafill      h5.ui-accordion-header {23:36
replaceafill        padding-left: 2em;23:36
replaceafill      }23:36
replaceafill    </style>23:36
th1aYes, consider those entirely forbidden forever.23:37
th1a'cause that's something that's not easy to move and fix.23:37

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