IRC log of #schooltool for Tuesday, 2011-05-24

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th1ahey aelkner.03:00
th1aDo I have your skype id?03:02
aelknerthe same as always03:02
th1aOK just a sec.03:03
aelkneri don't see you signed in03:03
th1aHm.  Weird.03:04
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asharmath1a, are you here?18:47
asharmareplaceafill, are you here?18:47
replaceafillasharma yes18:48
asharmareplaceafill, this is jelkner, masquarading as asharma18:48
asharmabut she is here18:48
asharmaready to start her senior experience18:48
asharmaher first task is translating the ST book into Nepali18:49
asharma(actually a huge task, so I don't know what else she will accomplish ;-)18:49
asharmaso, mattva01 is having a great deal of difficulty downloading the book18:49
asharmawe already setup Nepali language support18:49
asharmaand installed bzr18:50
asharmanow we need the book source18:50
replaceafillwhy is it difficult to download?18:50
asharmajelkner turns over the keyboard to /me18:50
menesisis the book source18:51
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mattva01ignore jelkner,  he wasn't paying attention :p18:52
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mattva01it wasn't branching properly due to our schools firewall, so I had to branch on an external vm and move it manuall :p18:53
jelknerth1a, i just left you a voice message at home18:54
menesisbzr branch
menesiswill use http that no firewall is blocking18:56
menesisor enable port 22 (SSH) on the firewall18:58
mattva01yeah, I wasn't sure if launchpad still supported http branching18:58
mattva01it's not that 22 isn't allowed, but it's semi broken , and breaks in the middle of connections18:59
mattva01I took care of it already, it just took me a sec18:59
mattva01speaking of which, launchpad needs to advertise the non "lp:" url, they used to , but now they don't :(19:00
jelknerreplaceafill, did you meet anyone from OLE Nepal in Uruguay?19:05
replaceafilljust Tony Anderson19:05
jelknerWho is Tony Anderson?19:05
replaceafillhe's helped with the Rwanda and Nepal deployments19:06
replaceafillbut as a volunteer19:06
replaceafillnot part of OLE Nepal19:06
jelknergot it19:07
jelknerat one point i thought someone from OLE Nepal was going19:08
replaceafillme too, but i asked Abhishek and he said they were busy with their training19:08
jelknerreplaceafill, when do you talk to abhishek?  what time is he usually on this channel?19:12
replaceafill1 am - 3 am your time19:12
jelknerhe sent asharma a google doc with part of the book translated19:12
replaceafillah yes, i saw19:12
jelknerwe were about to set her up with sphinx19:13
jelknerbut it seems that google doc will work better for her19:13
jelkneri just wanted to confirm with Abhishek that is how he wants her to work19:13
jelknertoday is infrastructure day19:13
jelknerwe want to get her started right so we don't waste time19:14
jelknerreplaceafill, asharma is now waiting to hear back from abhishek about where she should start with the ST book, so we are working on task 2: tranlating ST itself19:38
jelknerwe need to set her up with a launchpad account19:38
jelknerand she uses rosetta to translate the strings, yes?19:39
jelknermost of napali has already been done19:39
jelknerbut she is looking for untranslated strings, yes?19:39
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replaceafilljelkner i think the book can't be translated using rosetta19:55
replaceafillit's not like source code where you extract messages, it's just text19:55
jelknerreplaceafill, i got that20:06
jelknerher second task is translation for ST propoer20:06
jelkner*that* is where rosetta comes in20:06
jelknerand since you did the spanish translation20:06
jelkneri figured you know how that works20:06
replaceafillnepali messages for trunk20:07
jelkneri think asharma is already there20:09
jelknershe is a quick study!20:10
asharmayup! I'm there20:10
jelknerasharma, if you have any questions about how launchpad works for translations, replaceafill has done this before20:13
th1ajelkner:  OK, I'm back.20:23
th1ahi asharma.20:24
asharmahi th1a20:25
th1aMy understanding is that there is a partial Nepali translation of the SchoolTool book?20:26
asharmaYes there is20:27
th1aDo you have a copy of that?20:27
asharmabut it is in google docs20:27
asharmaI do have a copy of it20:27
th1aIs there a URL for that?20:28
th1aOh, nice.20:30
asharmaI looked at it against this . It's missing sections like exporting and importing from spreadsheet20:30
th1aHave you know about Selenium IDE?20:31
th1aDo you know, that is.20:31
asharmaumm no, not really20:32
th1aThat's what I use to generate the screenshots.20:33
th1aIt essentially lets you script a browser session.20:33
asharmaoh cool20:33
th1aActually... you could help me with that...20:34
th1aNow that I think about it.20:34
th1aDo you know how to use bzr?20:34
asharmaI could play around with it20:35
asharmacan't we use a text editor for translating?20:37
th1aTo be honest, I don't know much about the actual translation process, especially to non-latin alphabets.20:38
th1aPerhaps there is someone on your end who can get you started with bzr -- it is the version control system we use -- or you can look at
th1aAre you working on Linux?20:41
th1aAnyway, you need it to get my script at:
th1aActually using it will take some additional setup.20:53
replaceafillth1a you around?21:08
th1aI am around.21:08
th1aDid you look at Chandara's problem?21:09
replaceafilli'm on it, it's definitely a formatting issue21:09
replaceafillbut now, i have a question21:09
replaceafillshould we allow them to delete things? our delete vs hiding story is still confusing for me21:09
th1aWhich things?21:09
replaceafillthey're related with classes21:10
th1aWell, if deleting them might destroy their data structure, perhaps not.21:10
th1aYou'll have to take the support calls.  ;-)21:10
replaceafillso, no user errors are allowed21:10
th1aThere are errors and ERRORS.21:11
replaceafilli was thinking what if they enter a shift twice (by accident or something)21:11
replaceafillbut yes, not deleting is probably safer21:11
th1aTo be honest I don't remember exactly what a shift is.21:11
replaceafillah, it's jus a period of time for the class "Morning 8:00 - 12:00"21:12
replaceafill"Afternoon 14:00 - 18:00" etc21:12
jelknerreplaceafill, ping21:12
jelknerasharma has about a million questions for me21:12
replaceafilljelkner pong21:12
jelknerone of them concerns .po files21:12
th1aIt kind of depends on if deleting it could cause a cascade of problems.21:12
jelknerwe asked lord google21:13
th1aOr whether it just... deletes it.21:13
jelknerand found out that it has to do with gettext21:13
jelknerthe gnu implementation of i18n21:13
jelkneranything you can add to that?21:13
replaceafillth1a what if i allow them to delete shifts that are not related to any class yet?21:13
jelkneras someone who has made .po files?21:13
replaceafilljelkner just a minute21:14
th1areplaceafill:  That's probably ok.21:15
replaceafillth1a cool, i could do the same for levels ;)21:15
replaceafillbasically any stuff they can "enter"21:15
replaceafillwe need undo ;)21:16
replaceafillso, jelkner so you want to compile the translations?21:16
asharmareplaceafill,  i want to know why I should use a .po file21:24
asharmawere the original translations for SchoolTool written in .po files?21:24
replaceafillasharma for translating schooltool?21:25
replaceafillasharma we have an extraction tool21:25
replaceafillwhich takes "translatable strings" from the code and generates a .pot file21:26
replaceafillit's a template21:26
replaceafillyou take that template and create a .po file for a language, like es_SV.po for salvadorean spanish21:26
replaceafillthat .po files is going to have translations only for salvadorean spanish21:27
replaceafillonce all the translations are done in that .po file, you have to  tell schooltool to use it21:27
replaceafillyou do that by "compiling" the .po file into a .mo file :)21:27
asharmaoh... all right21:29
replaceafillif you are curious about how we use getttext to compile and merge translations, check the Makefile in schooltool's trunk21:29
replaceafilllook at the # Translatiosn section21:30
asharmakay.. are the translations that are already done in .po?21:31
asharmaso, we complete the translations and compile them into a .mo file?21:32
replaceafillthere ^ you can see what .po files we have21:32
replaceafilli think those are generated from rosetta21:33
asharmacool... it kind of makes sense now21:34
replaceafillbut if you don't want to use rosseta you dont have to21:34
replaceafillyou can take the .po file you want to work on21:34
replaceafilldo it offline with other program, like poEdit or something21:34
replaceafilland then submit your translation through rosetta21:34
replaceafilli mean, you can upload translations21:35
replaceafillthere are multiple ways :)21:35
replaceafillmy advice to anybody who wants to help translating schooltool:21:35
replaceafillget really familiar with the application first21:35
asharmayeah..I have to work on that21:36
replaceafillbecause it's easy to translate things literally, but when you take into account SchoolTool context you provide better and more accurate translations21:36
jelknerreplaceafill -- ahh21:37
replaceafilljelkner at least what i've seen in the spanish world :P21:37
jelkneri'm sure it applies to nepali as well21:38
jelknerwe need to think about that21:38
jelkneri'm going to deal with that tomorrow21:38
jelknerafter hopefully abhishek replies21:39
jelknersince his guidance in what is most important to accomplish is critical21:39
asharmayeah, I think it's the same for Nepali as well21:39
jelknerwe could easily setup an ST instance for asharma to play in21:39
jelknershe can be admin and go through the configuration process21:39
jelknerbut we'll wait until we hear back from ole nepal21:40
th1aasharma:  You should read this:
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jelknerth1a, asharma will be back tomorrow morning at 9 am21:55
jelknershe ran out to grab the bus21:55
jelknerhopefully we can hear from ole nepal by then21:55
jelknerc u all tomorrow...21:55
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