IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2011-05-25

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th1ahi jelkner and asharma.16:17
asharmahi th1a :)16:19
jelknergood morning th1a16:42
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* replaceafill wonders if there's any way to guarantee that a process runs...17:53
th1areplaceafill:  Do you know what happened?17:56
replaceafillth1a no :(17:57
replaceafillthe process just died apparently17:57
replaceafill(it's not the first time though)17:57
replaceafilli think i'm going to blow the eggs cache and directory17:57
replaceafilland stop the other testing instances17:57
replaceafillah! "It starts the service and restarts the service if it dies"17:58
replaceafilli'll set that up17:58
replaceafillalso, i wonder if i should better set up the testing instances behind apache...17:59
replaceafill :O18:01
th1aJust had a nice chat with Sid in Thailand.19:06
replaceafillmaybe he can help us with our VPS :P19:06
th1aDid it go down?19:07
replaceafillno, bad joke19:07
replaceafillhe's the one who wants to run ST on amazon, right?19:07
th1aMaybe we should switch to Amazon.19:07
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fsufitchaelkner: ping19:52
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th1amenesis: ayt?22:13
th1areplaceafill:  ayt?22:15
th1aaelkner... anyone?22:15
fsufitchi'm here \o/22:18
th1aDid you see today's Eve dev blog?22:19
fsufitchoh, no22:19
fsufitchoh the WiS announcement?22:20
th1aThe video is nice.  The test server version doesn't work on Mac yet.22:21
th1aNot a good sign.22:21
fsufitcheh, their mac support always lags behind a bit22:21
fsufitchi'm not too excited for WiS22:21
fsufitchit's a good thing, and it will draw more players22:21
fsufitchbut i like my ship spinning :)22:21
th1aI'm looking forward to a new leisurely existence in EVE.22:22
* replaceafill is back from lunch22:26
fsufitchi just called aelkner so he should be responsive again soon22:26
aelkneryes, i'm here now22:27
aelknerhaven't been feeling too well, so i've been aft22:27
th1aI got the answer by myself.22:27
th1aMaking me work!22:28
aelkneranswer to what question?22:28
th1aSid was asking about this issue:
th1aMaybe I should give this to aelkner.22:28
fsufitchaelkner:  i just have a small question for starters: what's better "style," implementing relationships in the "add" code in the add view, or in the constructor?22:28
aelknerth1a, definitely, that one is for me22:29
aelknerdidn't you already file a bug about making the color different for report sheets22:29
aelknerthe backround color for the gradebook itself and the tab perhaps?22:29
aelknerlooking for my bugs...22:29
aelknerfsufitch, sorry, i'm not ignoring you22:31
aelknerbetter in the view classes22:31
fsufitchaelkner: i know, th1a has priority :)22:31
th1aWe'll get the style one later once we get the new base gradebook style done.22:31
th1aWe could do the report sheet templates one next week though perhaps.22:32
th1aOr whenever you're done with what you're doing now.22:32
th1aHow are the menus coming?22:32
aelknernothing yet, decided to take a break, my head is cloudy anyway22:33
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aelkneri think i might have picked up whatever seemed to be bothering jeff and filip this weekend22:34
aelknertheough in filip's case,we wanted to blame it on the donuts :)22:34
fsufitchthanks, now im hungry again :-/22:35
aelknerthe word donut should make your stomach upset, right?22:36
aelkneranyway, which task are you working on?22:37
fsufitchactually making relationships work in the views and such22:37
aelkneryou mean, when adding CurrentCourseInfo?22:38
fsufitchsimultaneously, the @property for the title, course_id, description, and credits of CurrentCourseInfo22:38
aelknerremember, don't crowd too many subtasks into one commit, if you can avod it22:38
fsufitchi might just do the relationship thing first22:39
fsufitchto break it up22:39
aelknergood idea, you can always save the diff in a file so that you can recover the other code changes that way22:39
aelknerthat way, if you've already gone down the road of solving the other thing, you won' have wasted your time22:40
aelknerth1a, what does the bug you posted here mean to you?22:41
aelknerfrom what angle does he want to see the deployed sheets, the gradebook, or the templates?22:42
aelkneractually, the title of the bug seems to suggest from the templates view22:42
aelknerthing is, templates are deployed to multiple years in theory, so what would it help22:43
th1aOh... that's the wrong bug.22:43
aelknerbut you see my point, right?22:44
th1aRight now I'm just saying it is a bug.22:44
th1aAnyway, the actual bug is the old hiding or deleting deployed reportsheets.22:45
th1aActually, can the teacher hide a report sheet?22:46
th1aYou can hide worksheets?22:46
th1a(obviously you can't hide or delete a deployed sheet if you don't have a list of deployed sheets)22:46
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aelknerdeployed worksheets don't have checkboxes next to them to protect them from deletion22:49
th1aWhen can you delete worksheets?22:50
th1aYou don't hide them?22:50
replaceafillbtw, unhide.html is broken22:50
replaceafill(i should probably report a bug)22:50
aelkneryou can't delete worksheets, just activities22:51
th1aCan you hide worksheets?22:51
aelknerreplaceafill, what's the bug22:52
th1areplaceafill:  file it!22:52
aelknerth1a, so you can hide worksheets if they are not deployed22:57
aelknerand you can delete activities unless they are in a deployed worksheet22:58
replaceafillhopefully that overload of the values method for IActivities will be fixed...23:03
* replaceafill just hates it...23:04
th1adeployed worksheets?23:05
replaceafilldeployed and regular23:05
th1aBasically the administer needs to be able to identify a deployed worksheet and hide it.23:06
aelknerlike an Undeploy Worksheet action23:23
th1aExcept I meant "reportsheet."23:24
aelknerUndeploy ReportSheet I mean23:52
aelknerIt needs to be done at the same level as Deploy ReportSheet since it acts on every section in the term/year23:52

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