IRC log of #schooltool for Monday, 2011-05-23

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algaoh, man, wrong channel again!13:55
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th1ahi replaceafill, aelkner, yvl, menesis.16:30
replaceafillgood morning/afternoon16:30
yvlgood morning!16:30
th1ayvl: I think you gave me your cold last week.16:34
th1aAre you feeling better?16:34
yvlyes, thanks16:35
yvlapologies for the cold ;)16:35
th1aWhat's our status now?16:35
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yvllost almost three days last week16:38
yvlit seems it's going to be crunch week for me16:38
yvlI'm still on meta directives and resource dependencies at the moment16:38
th1aWell, one thing is that we should move the meeting (and the beginning of the sprint) next week to Tuesday.16:39
th1aAs it is a holiday here and my parents will probably be here.16:39
th1aSo that's one more day.  ;-)16:39
yvlpardon my ignorance, but which holiday is that?16:40
th1aMemorial Day.16:40
th1aI think the timing is somewhat abitrary.16:40
th1aAnyhow... perhaps replaceafill can help.16:41
th1aLet's see what his status is.16:41
replaceafillmy turn?16:42
th1areplaceafill:  Sure.16:42
replaceafillth1a could you please update, i updated the Spanish version16:43
replaceafillalso, last week i worked on the jquery ui prototypes16:43
replaceafillyvl thanks for the feedback16:43
th1aI think I make menesis handle the website update.  Unless he tells me I have to.16:44
yvlnice work, replaceafill :)16:44
replaceafillyvl, after reading your email and our chat last week, i think i understand your idea better16:44
yvlit's not set in stone, but that's a direction I'd like to take16:45
menesisreplaceafill, th1a: done16:45
replaceafillmenesis thanks16:45
yvland don't worry about the viewlet macros for now :)16:45
replaceafillalso, i updated the date widget for using jquery ui datepicker16:47
th1aMy feeling is that we're closer to being able to add js dialogs than I would have thought.16:47
replaceafillloading the translations is the only tricky part i think16:47
th1aWould we be able to start adding them next week?  In two weeks?16:47
yvloh, there are more tricky parts there ;)16:47
yvlTechnically, we should be able to add them really soon16:48
yvlprobably next week16:48
yvlbut I'd rather add them carefully and as late as possible16:48
yvlas in - 3 weeks or so16:48
yvlafter at least some of the views are done16:49
th1aWell... basically once we start plowing through views, we should be adding dialogs as we go.16:49
th1aI think maybe we should put off the start of the sprint by a week.16:49
* yvl would be grateful16:49
th1aWe're not going to revisit every view twice in this cycle.16:50
yvlreplaceafill, maybe you would like to experiment on dialogs next week?16:50
yvlonce I have some API pushed?16:50
replaceafillof course16:50
replaceafillquestion about that16:50
aelknerand i'm back16:50
replaceafillby dialogs do you mean the simple message notifications like "your changes were saved"?16:51
th1aIncluding forms, ideally.16:51
yvlmore like - I want to add a new course16:51
yvlfor example16:51
yvluser adds a course16:51
yvlthen what16:52
yvlwhole page reload?16:52
yvlpartial reload?16:52
yvlif partial - which parts?16:52
replaceafillright now, it's full page reload16:52
yvlwhat happens with related JS?16:52
yvl(the one executed on page load, for example)16:52
replaceafilli also like the idea of not "preloading" the form16:53
yvlfull reload is easier, but it would be good to start thinking about partial reload16:53
replaceafilluntil the user clicks the "New Course" button for instance16:53
yvlyou'll need to add some animation at some point16:53
yvllike a spinner or something16:53
* replaceafill will look into spinners :)16:54
yvlor the dialog can strech itself once the contents are loaded :)16:54
yvljQuery has a lot of such niceties16:54
replaceafillah right, dissapearing stuff :)16:54
replaceafillis it worth to get rid of <addform> <editform> directives BEFORE the sprint?16:55
replaceafillor are we going to do it DURING16:55
yvlI'd say during16:55
replaceafillah ok16:55
yvlin any way16:55
yvlwe will need to remake16:55
yvlor at least copy-paste-remake16:55
yvlmost of the page templates16:56
th1aWe need to include those issues in the spreadsheet.16:56
yvland probably all of the view classes16:56
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replaceafillth1a spreadsheet?16:56
th1auses form directives, uses z3c forms, etc.16:56
th1aThe spreadsheet of views.16:56
th1aWhich we need to make at some point.16:56
* yvl is not sure if manual or semi-automatic collection is better16:57
th1aYeah... magic might bite us in the ass, as usual.16:57
replaceafillwell, th1a can i spend some time this week looking at simple dialogs and maybe spinners? :)16:58
replaceafilland disappearing stuff16:58
* yvl can guess the answer to that ;)16:58
yvlreplaceafill - don't forget appearing stuff! ;)16:58
th1aWell... just try to focus on what we need to wire this stuff together.16:59
th1aIf there are things that can be fixed universally in js, they can wait.16:59
th1aLike, if you can add spinners everywhere after the sprint, it can wait.17:00
replaceafillgot it17:00
replaceafillth1a that's it from me i think17:00
th1aOK, so we're moving the sprint back to two weeks from today.17:02
th1ayvl's goal is to have the overall new ui framework ready to start reorganizing views.17:02
yvland some documentation preferably17:03
th1areplaceafill's goal is to be ready to add 1) dialogs, including forms, 2) new calendar, 3) accordions (if possible).17:03
th1ayvl:  You're either going to write it ahead of time or live in a chat window.  ;-)17:04
yvlI see :)17:04
replaceafillwhere can we use accordions?17:04
replaceafillfor long forms?17:04
th1aI guess the big one for me is for persons.17:04
th1aPut contacts in an accordion, for example.17:04
th1aThat may be the only place.17:05
replaceafillok, will look into that17:05
yvljust the JS side, please :)17:05
yvlif it helps, imagine that you have:17:06
yvl<div class="additional_content">17:06
yvl  <div class="content"> ... </div>17:06
replaceafillwhat i don't like about accordions is that you have to have at least one displayed :(17:06
yvl<div class="content"> ... </div>17:06
replaceafilladdional_content is where all this "dynamic" stuff will land17:07
replaceafilleven if its hidden17:07
th1abtw, I mean that you might see "demographics" as one collapsed section "contacts" as another, "sections" as a third.17:07
th1aLike that.17:07
th1aDoing a lot of js changes makes me think we won't be able to rely on screenshots.17:10
th1aWe're going to need a free-for-all branch that everyone pushes to for me to review.17:10
th1aOr I'm going to need a script that pulls everyone's stuff to my branch?17:11
yvlor again - several branches and some pain on your side17:11
replaceafilla buildout with mr.developer so th1a can enable/disable our branches ;)17:11
th1aThere are a number of ways it can be done.17:11
yvlor you can learn bzr merge ;)17:11
yvlor we can write a script ;)17:12
th1aHaving me resolve the merges may be giving me more power than you want to.17:12
aelkneryeah, th1a should just be doing pulls17:12
aelknerthat's what we're having dwelosh do with his instance of courseinfo17:13
th1aMaybe yvl can do the pulls and I can use his branch.17:13
th1aThere's no point in me discovering conflicts.17:13
menesissomeone has to do the merges anyway17:13
th1ayvl can pull what aelkner and menesis did while he was asleep,17:14
th1aupdate his branch, and then I'll pull it when I get up.17:14
th1aActually, that works, time wise, if I can review stuff before aelkner and replaceafill start working.17:15
th1aI think that makes sense.17:15
aelknerthis is going to be fun, super fast feedback17:15
aelknerking od like xp17:16
aelknerkind of17:16
th1aI guess I'll take responsibility for the spreadsheet of doom.17:17
yvlthanks, th1a17:17
yvland tracking progress of who did what there17:17
th1aIt is a managerial kind of thing.17:18
th1amenesis:  Your top priority is getting outstanding branches merged.17:18
menesisth1a: ok17:19
menesisexcept timetables17:19
th1aAlso, try to make sure and explain changes you make to aelkner.17:19
th1aHe gets confused and cranky.17:19
aelkneri was only complaining about the change to put back level=2 in export ftests17:20
aelknerbut yvl explained it and how to get around it17:20
th1aIt is fine as long as people communicate.17:20
aelkneri will change it back in my branch and put a doc string about hwo to run the tests for export17:20
aelknerbut yes, if something gets change, it does help to know it and why17:21
aelknerthat's what the developer's eail list is for17:21
th1aAnything else to report, menesis?17:22
menesisI have explained what was changed last time17:22
menesislast week I was busy with Debian/Ubuntu packages17:23
aelknermenesis, sorry, you may have and i forgot17:23
menesispushed some to Debian, synced some others to Ubuntu17:23
menesisdon't think done anything in schooltool17:24
th1athanks, menesis.17:27
aelknerok, first thing last week, i made minor changes to the journal_data branch as per yvl's suggestions17:27
aelknerthen i added to the section_linkage branch to add automatic linkage during xls import17:28
aelknerfinally, i went down to arlington to sprint with filip on schooltool.courseinfo17:28
aelknerwe had a very productive sprint as i mentioned in my email17:28
aelknerbtw, did all of filip's bullet points come across in the email?17:29
th1aWe are, by the way, adding a column to the import where the user specifies if he wants to link the section to others with the same id.17:29
aelknerah, thanks, th1a, i guess i didn't write any email explaining what i did there17:29
th1aMy attitude about complicated CanDo requirements is "Wake me up when you're done."17:30
aelknercome to think of it, i did, and yvl responded17:30
aelknerCanDo requirements?17:30
aelknerare you refering to schooltool.courseinfo?17:31
aelknerbecause that has nothing to do wth CanDo17:31
aelknerthat is to schooltool what schooltool.intervention is17:31
th1aWell, dwelsh is paying for it.17:31
aelknerah, i see what you mean17:31
th1aHe knows what he wants.17:32
aelknermatt gallager will be maintaining an instance of it, pulling once a week from filip's work17:32
aelknerso if you do ever get curious, you could check there how it's looking17:32
aelknerfilip prefered creating a branch at lp:~schooltool-developers/schooltool/schooltool.courseinfo17:33
th1aI've talked with dwelsh about this many times and I'm ok with it in general.17:33
aelknerhe didn't like cross-merging with my branch for some reason17:33
aelkneri created a skin for schooltool.courseinfo to allow us to override the add schoolyear view17:34
aelknerschooltool.courseinfo needs to do a lot ore than copying just section17:34
aelkneri mean, courses17:35
aelkneralso, i filed a bug about the current schoolyear add view, did you see it?17:35
th1aI did see it.17:35
aelkneri can fix that this week if you like17:35
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th1aIt is not an immediate priority.17:36
th1aaelkner:  So is it time to get you started on dropdown menus for gradebook?17:36
aelknerso filip showed me what he and paul did for that with cando17:36
aelknerit's a simple case of js and a hidden div that appears on rollover17:37
aelknermouseover, i mean17:37
th1aWe would require a click, but that should give you something to get started.17:37
aelkneri was wondering if that shouldn't wait for the sprint when we deal with menus in general17:37
th1aNah, this is a special case.17:37
aelknerbut i can play around wth jquery and what replaceafill has been doing to prepare myself17:38
th1aAlso, menus are easy.17:38
aelknerit involves using a custom viewlet manager in cando's case17:38
th1aI want to do this now.17:38
aelkneri could create one for the gradebook, but it seems like a waste of time17:39
th1aWe'll mostly be focusing on the simpler views in the sprint.17:39
aelkneri'll do it now if that's what you want17:39
replaceafillth1a where are you planning to use menus in  the gradebook?17:39
th1aI don't know what kind of viewlet plumbing is actually necessary.17:39
th1aBasically, you need a kind of contextual menu for a column.17:40
replaceafillah! right17:40
replaceafillfor sorting, updating, etc17:40
th1aMost of the action buttons, really.17:40
th1aDoes that really require viewlets?17:41
aelknerin the case of columns, no17:41
th1aEither way, the menu implementation should be kept simple.17:41
th1aYes... I don't actually want the overall implementation to act like CanDo's (placement, etc).17:42
th1aAT ALL!17:42
aelknerth1a, could you please email me the exact text you would like for the hidden and mouseed-over menu?17:42
th1aSo, aelkner, did fsufitch get Skype running on your laptop?17:42
aelknerit was already working, i just forgot that i had got it working with jelkner once i think17:43
th1aOK.  Let's chat later today.17:43
th1aDoes your video work?17:44
th1aActually, desktop sharing might be useful too, which I think we can do.17:44
th1aOK.  What time?17:44
aelknerwhat time for what?17:45
th1aOur chat.17:45
th1aThat is, are you planning on going back to bed.17:45
aelknercould we do it this evening after you've had dinner, i haven't slept much lately so i'd like to nap17:45
th1aAll right then.17:46
aelknerone more thing17:47
aelknermenesis, i had a really nasty problem this weekend17:47
aelknerwhen i was trying to trouble-shoot a problem getting relationships working17:47
aelkneri put a pdb trace in to step into the relationships code17:47
aelkneri found myself in ptyhon/bin/schooltool.../relationships/etc.17:48
aelknernot the egg17:48
aelknerafter running make realclean and rerunning make, i saw that the make script was copying17:48
aelknerthe schooltool packages installed on my machine to that directory17:49
aelknerand i guess pyhon comes in the path before the eggs17:49
aelknerso i couldn't get it to reach any break points i was putting in the eggs17:49
aelkneronly after fully removing all schooltool packages from my system cold i continue developing!17:50
aelknerthat was a nasty problem, do you know why it would have been hapening?17:50
menesisis this the main schooltool module?17:50
aelkneryes, and the other packages like intervention were there, too17:51
aelknerthe make output says just:17:51
aelknercopying /usr/lib/python to python/bin17:51
aelkneror something lke that17:51
menesisyes it always did that17:52
aelknerperhaps it could be fixed by explicitly avoiding copying schooltool packages17:52
menesisbut this is a setup of isolated environment in ./python17:52
menesisno eggs are copied17:52
menesislook at e.g. bin/test17:53
menesisis '/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages' in there?17:53
aelknerand python is not there either, so i'm not sure how it gets to that directory17:55 (make bootstrap) always creates a sandbox (in ./python) and no system libraries are used..17:56
menesisnot completely understand what the problem was17:57
aelkneri'm running schooltool, hit a pdb breakpoint and step into schooltool code17:57
menesisand how are you putting pdb "in the eggs"17:57
aelkneri put pdb in the eggs all the time to learn what schooltool is doing17:57
aelknerit's only for my purposes, and i remove it myself17:58
aelknereggs are editable17:58
aelknerbut in this case, it wasn't reaching the schooltool egg17:58
aelknerit was very frustrating, so i tried a different approach, stepping into the schooltool code17:59
aelknerand that's when i saw what file it got to, in ./python/bin/dist-packages/schooltool...17:59
aelkneri mean python/lib/...18:00
aelknerok, now that i've checked, ./python/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/schooltool...18:01
aelkneri can see why we need the system-wide python packages there, ust not the schooltool packages18:02
menesis./python/lib/python2.6/site-packages/ is always empty for me..18:02
menesisonly standard libraries are in ./python/lib/python2.618:02
aelknertry dist-packages18:02
th1aDoes this happen for you?18:03
menesisdist-packages is not created by our custom bootstrap.py18:03
replaceafillth1a aelkner's problem?18:03
th1ayes :-D18:03
replaceafillaelkner is this in your schooltool.courseinfo branch?18:03
replaceafill(i mean, the problem)18:03
menesisBTW 'make' does not work for me on natty because something changed in python2.718:04
replaceafillok, nobody asked but here's my humble opinion18:04
menesisbut `make BOOTSTRAP_PYTHON=python2.6` works18:04
menesisok, so the problem is in courseinfo branch18:04
menesisand not schooltool18:04
replaceafillaelkner should update his setup code on that branch (buildout.cfg, Makefile, etc)18:04
replaceafillto match trunk18:04
aelknerreplaceafill, good idea, thanks18:05
replaceafillwe spent like 10 minutes looking at the wrong file for the skin problem18:05
replaceafillbecause his package wasn't registered correctly18:05
aelknerthat's right18:05
replaceafilland it was just one line in Makefile18:05
replaceafilland two in setup.py18:05
replaceafillthat config seems "old"18:06
menesisaelkner: then the problem is an outdated file18:06
replaceafillso, that's my advice, do what i do everytime i start something, "steal trunks configuration" :)18:06
aelkneri checked my other branches, no presence of dist-packages, so that's it18:06
aelkneri'll fix the make, setup, etc. as replaceafill suggests18:07
aelknerok, that's it, thanks18:07
menesisjust copy from schooltool18:07
aelknergot it18:07
aelknerthat package was setup a year ago, so it never got updated18:08
replaceafillaelkner let me know if i can help18:08
aelknerwill do, thanks18:08
aelknerthat's it for me18:08
th1aOK.  I think we're done then.18:09
th1aThanks everyone.18:09
th1aHave a great week!18:09
* th1a drops the bag of gravel.18:09
replaceafillthanks everybody18:09
aelknergreat week everyone18:09
yvlgreat week to you all!18:09
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replaceafillth1a zyt?19:45
th1areplaceafill:  pzng.19:51
replaceafillright click the activity titles19:52
replaceafillnon-sense options, but it's just an "experiment" ;)19:52
th1aThose options don't make sense.19:54
th1aAre you introducing a new dependency?19:54
replaceafillit's just a jquery plugin19:54
replaceafillone file19:54
th1aDo you like it?19:55
th1aDo you REALLY like it.19:55
replaceafillway smaller than the jstree we used for the sections in the person view19:55
replaceafillyou mean the plugin, or the functionality?19:55
replaceafillif we dont need right clicks, it's unnecessary of course19:55
th1aI assume we'd have to create a debian package for it.19:55
th1aubuntu, that is.19:55
th1aI'm going on that assumption.19:56
th1aI mean, of course nobody would notice if we dropped it in.19:56
th1aExcept menesis.19:56
replaceafillwe did with jstree, didnt we?19:56
th1aI don't know.19:56
replaceafilldo we depend on a jstree ubuntu package?19:56
th1aWell... how is the plugin licensed?19:57
replaceafilli also found this:
replaceafillthey are very similar19:57
th1aTechnically I think it should be a different package.19:57
replaceafillwell, in that case i'll stick to the basic stuff19:58
replaceafilldont want packaging overhead19:58
th1aI can have aelkner do something very simple for now.20:00
* th1a goes to eat lunch.20:02
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th1amenesis: ayt?21:08
menesisth1a: yes?21:29
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th1amenesis:  Very.  Slow. Pinging...22:48

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