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aksth1a: hello06:34
th1ahi aks06:36
aksth1a: we have conducted two trainings for SchoolTool in Nepal06:36
th1aHow did they go?06:36
aksth1a: One of teachers of Government schools where we have deployed OLPC project, and one for a private school06:36
aksth1a: training went well, and it was basically an overview of what SchoolTool is and what it is capabale of doing, with a hands on with gradebook and journal06:37
aksth1a: Teachers seemed quite interested at using it06:37
aksth1a: we are planning to tailor further trainings based on the feedback which we'll receive in the coming days06:38
th1aGood.  Let us know how it goes and what we can do for you.06:39
aksth1a: sure06:44
aksth1a: also to come through feedback are customization requests06:44
th1aYes.  We should be able to help you out.06:44
aksth1a: and I would like to work on SchoolTool and Moodle integration, so as to develop a complete solution (VLE+SchoolTool)06:45
th1aAh... yes.  Well, adding different kinds of web services to SchoolTool is relatively easy.06:47
th1aIt is just a matter of making a decision about what makes most sense.06:48
aksth1a: ok06:55
aksth1a: Let me know your plans about Moodle Integrations06:55
th1aWell, we can't really lead that process.06:55
th1aMoodle is the big boy.06:55
aksth1a: :)06:55
th1aIf Moodle's story gets clear enough that Moodle users know what they need, we can probably provide it.06:56
aksth1a: ok06:56
th1aaks:  I'm logging off.  Good day/night.07:07
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issyl0Hi there.15:18
issyl0I'd like to start working with the SchoolTool documentation - does anyone have any pointers?15:18
issyl0(I can't commit to the bzr branch at the moment obviously.  I did just file a bug for a change I tried to make but couldn't for that reason, and have since then gone on to want to do more, so am just wondering how to get involved.15:19
issyl0I did send an email to Tom Hoffman too.}15:19
issyl0Though I suppose most of you are asleep.15:27
yvlhey issyl015:37
yvlthanks for your interest ;)15:38
yvlI was going to suggest you drop an email to Tom, but as you already did that...15:38
yvlwe'll have to wait until he wakes up15:39
yvlit's early morning in US East coast now :)15:39
issyl0Ah, right.15:39
issyl0That explains it then.  :-)15:39
* issyl0 is in GMT.15:39
issyl0Well, GMT+1.  But England, all the same.  :-)15:40
* yvl is in Vilnius, GMT+315:41
issyl0Ooh, Lithuania - cool!15:42
yvlyes, not that far from you :)15:43
yvlissyl0, if you are somewhat familiar with Bazaar, you can create your own branch of ST book and put it in Launchpad15:54
yvl~/src/schooltool/st-book$ bzr push lp:~issyl0/schooltool/st-book15:54
yvland then15:54
yvlbzr bind lp:~issyl0/schooltool/st-book15:55
yvlthen when you do "bzr commit", your changes will be published in your Launchpad account15:55
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issyl0I could do that, yes.  In fact, I will.  :-)16:14
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issyl0th1a: Thanks for the speedy response.  :-)17:22
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th1aMake sense?17:43
issyl0th1a: Ignore that merge proposal.  :-)18:01
issyl0I don't know why it decided to say there were changes in files I hadn't modified... :-/18:15
th1aissyl0:  No problem.19:28
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fsufitchaelkner: ping21:06
aelknerfsufitch, hey21:11
aelknerhow are you today?21:11
fsufitchim alright21:14
fsufitcha bit hungry, actually21:14
aelkneryou finished your lunch hungry?21:15
aelknerthat sounds like a sad story21:15
aelkneractually, i haven't eaten my lunch yet, but i can snack as we go here21:17
aelknerare you ready?21:17
fsufitchi havent eaten lunch yet either21:21
fsufitchmaybe we should do that before getting to work21:22
aelkneri'm ready when you are21:23
fsufitcheh, i'll just get food later i guess21:24
aelknerno lunch, no snacks?21:24
fsufitch... now you're tempting me21:24
fsufitchalright, i'll make a quick run to subway :-P21:24
aelkneri think i'm going to cry here :)21:24
th1aHi issyl0.21:48
issyl0There was activity here, but then it stopped.21:48
th1afsufitch needed a sandwich.21:49
aelkneryeah, we can private chat if you guys need the channel21:53
issyl0No, no.21:55
issyl0It was the chat I was kinda hoping to encourage.  But hey, I'm new here.  :P21:55
th1aWhat part of the world are you from issyl0?21:56
issyl0The UK.21:56
th1aaelkner, fsufitch and I are in the US.21:56
fsufitchaelkner: ping22:19
aelknerfsufitch, so, are we fed?22:22
fsufitchquite well22:23
aelknerok, so here's what i thought we would do22:23
aelknerwe should start by cleaning up, adding adapters while simplifying existing ones22:24
aelknerthen we'll talk views22:24
aelkneryou should create an adapter for ICourseInfoSchoolYearContainer(root)22:28
aelknerthen use it in getCourseInfoSchoolYear22:28
fsufitchum, but what would that adapter even do? which CourseInfoSchoolYear would it return?22:29
fsufitchone based on the current SchoolYear?22:29
aelkneryou have four lines of logic already for handling that22:29
aelknerit's just in the wrong place22:29
aelknerif 'schoolyears' not in root:22:30
aelknerthat and the other lines should o in that adapter22:30
aelkneryou see, separating this functionality makes it clearer22:30
fsufitchoh wait22:30
fsufitchi read that wrong22:30
fsufitchi thought it was ICourseInfoSchoolYear(root), not ICourseInfoSchoolYearContainer(root)22:30
aelkneryou did the first, you need to do the second and call it from the first22:31
fsufitchokay :)22:31
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aelkneroh, and it's ICourseInfoSchoolYear(year), not root22:31
aelknerbut you get the picture22:31
aelkneralso, add a test to README.txt that calls the adapter22:32
fsufitchso, will do22:32
aelkneremail me the diff file when you're ready like you did last time22:33
aelknerif i don't see your ping call my cell22:33
fsufitchaelkner: ping22:56
aelknerfsufitch, here23:00
fsufitchsending you diff23:01
aelknersee how clean it looks that way?23:04
fsufitchadapters calling adapters calling adapters :)23:04
aelknerby deviding and conquering via adapters, it's easier to follow for the outside observer23:04
aelkneryes :)23:04
aelkneri like to think about it like vector geometry23:04
fsufitchyeah, that makes sense23:05
aelknerthe cleanest, simplest, code is like a vector basis23:05
aelknerbut anyway, you now have a model for adding adapters in the future23:05
aelknerok, i need to look at interfaces.py23:06
aelkneroh, and go ahead and commit23:06
fsufitchi did23:06
aelknerok, so we have school year to ICourseInfoSchoolYear23:07
aelknerwe could write a view to list the current_courses or proposed_courses23:09
aelknerin other words, a view for ICourseInfoSchoolYear23:09
aelknersay path/to/courinfoschoolyear/current_courses.html23:10
aelkneractually, waut23:11
aelknerwe have the btree containers for a reason23:11
fsufitchi think those views already exist23:11
aelknersorry, i'm confsuing myself here23:12
aelknerso far our data model has path/to/courinfoschoolyear/current_courses and23:12
aelkneras both being CourseInfoContainer objects23:13
aelknerso i think that making them two different objects would help with traversal23:14
aelknerand with adaptation as well23:14
aelknerall we need is ICurrentCourseInfoSchoolYear and IPropsedCourseInfoSchoolYear23:14
aelkneras well as ICurrentCourseInfo and IProposedCourseInfo23:15
aelknerboth subclass what we already have23:15
aelknerso they still provided the same things that we expect they have in common23:15
aelknerbut are marked as being different and can expand later to have things not in common23:16
aelkneri can't tell you why now, but i can see that we will need different behaviour for current vrs. proposed23:17
aelknerand the different interfaces allow us to register views23:17
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aelknerand have specialized adaptation23:17
aelknerso that's another unit level change that you could make quickly now23:18
aelknerand get another commit in :)23:18
aelknerbtw, IPropsedCourseInfoSchoolYear can have special contains directive for IProposedCourseInfo and vise versa23:20
fsufitchaelkner: if i do the just-in-time object creation thing, the traversal won't work right23:57
fsufitchbecause the adapter needs to be called for the CurrentCourseInfoSchoolYear to be created23:57

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