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aksyvl: ping10:31
yvlpong, aks10:31
aksyvl: we have been running training programs for schooltool in Nepal10:31
yvlcool :)10:31
yvlhow did it go?10:32
aksyvl: conducted one for the government schools, and now we are doing for a privately owned school, and ppl are very excited abt it10:32
aksyvl: going well10:32
aksyvl: i found one bug though10:33
aksyvl: in the timetable, the first cell of the last week (i.e. sunday) is dragged forward in the saturday's column10:34
aksyvl: also that the PDF export for gradebook is disabled. How could I enable it?10:34
yvlaks, in main.conf10:37
yvldid you set the reportlab_fontdir ?10:38
yvlfor example: reportlab_fontdir /usr/share/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts10:38
yvland I didn't fully understand the bug with timetables.10:38
yvlcan you please report it in Launchpad with a screenshot?10:39
aksyvl: where is main.conf located? and I also didn't configure the reportlab_fontdir, how and where to set that?10:39
aksyvl: even that we don't have the msttcorefonts installed, can't we do without it?10:39
aksyvl: ok, I'll report later on when I'm back from training10:39
yvlat the moment, no, sorry10:39
yvlwe will move to some decent true type fonts soon10:40
aksyvl: oh ok10:40
aksyvl: main.conf could not be found at the instance directory, neither is it in /usr/lib/python?.?/site-packages/schooltool/10:41
yvlin Ubuntu, main conf is in: /etc/schooltool/schooltool-2009/main.conf10:41
aksyvl: my package do not store anything in etc10:42
yvlit should be in the same place where the ini file is10:43
yvlit may be called schooltool.conf10:43
yvland the ini file should be passed to the paster.10:45
yvlin the .ini file, there should be a line like this: config_file=main.conf10:45
yvlaks ^10:46
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aks_yvl: sorry was busy with a session for schooltool --- hands on with journal and gradebook12:26
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yvlI assumed that ;)12:26
aksyvl: so what should I add to the schooltool.conf file to enable PDF export?12:27
yvlreportlab_fontdir /usr/share/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts12:27
yvland put the true type fonts there12:27
aksyvl: ok12:28
yvlor put them in some other folder, and set the correct reportlab_fontdir path12:28
aksyvl: I see12:28
aksyvl: I'll share about my experiences on the training and the trainees expectations12:28
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th1areplaceafill: ayt?18:38
replaceafillth1a yes18:38
th1aDo you know how bzr determines if a file has been changed?18:39
th1aIs it by timestamp?18:39
th1aOr actual content?18:39
replaceafillhhmm i dont think so18:39
replaceafillcontent i believe18:39
replaceafillbecause if i undo changes and save, it detects it as "no changed"18:40
th1aI'll go on that assumption.18:40
replaceafilli'll look18:40
th1aI suppose if it is wrong I can just slightly complexify my script.18:40
replaceafillare you adding bzr support to your script?!?!18:40
th1aJust wondering if I can just directly write the images into my source directory for the book.18:41
th1aWithout worrying about re-writing the unchanged ones.18:41
replaceafillah, now i wonder if bzr behaviour is different for binary files...18:42
th1aI could probably have written the code to check for changes more quickly than have this conversation.18:42
th1a(or it might have become a black hole of FAIL)18:42
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