IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2011-04-14

aelknercan you send me your diff?00:00
fsufitchim still writing it, but it's something that occurred to me00:00
fsufitchcouldn't we use a traversal adapter?00:01
aelkneri'm not sure what the problem is your trying to solve00:01
aelknerwhy don't you write the code that creates the problem and send me the diff00:02
aelknerthen we'll have something concrete to look at together00:02
fsufitchthe problem is that when path/to/schoolyear/'current' is accessed, 'current' won't exist unless the adapter was called00:03
fsufitchand since the traversal does not call the adapter, but instead just tries to access, that will fail00:03
fsufitchhang on00:03
fsufitchim still registering adapters00:03
aelkneri think you are thinking ahead a bit00:04
aelknerlet's keep to the small task for now00:04
fsufitcha *current* test is broken00:06
fsufitchsending to you00:06
aelkneri see where you are having a problem00:09
aelkneryou didn't want to move the creation logic our of getCourseInfoSchoolYear00:10
fsufitchhmm okay00:10
fsufitchthough it would be nice if the creation logic could be abstracted out of there too00:10
aelknersince you are guaranteeing that the containers get created, you don't need the tests in your oter adapters00:11
aelknerdon't worry about abstracting that out for now because it's a separate discussion00:11
aelkneri don't want to get into that just now as i don't have the ideal answer00:12
aelknerbut using what we already have, you can just assume that the containers are there00:12
aelkneranother thing00:12
aelknersorry i didn't realize before00:12
fsufitchno prob00:12
aelknerit's better that the containers of ICurrentCourseInfo and IProposedCourseInfo00:13
aelknerbe ICurrentCourseInfoContainer and IProposedCourseInfoContainer00:13
aelknerthe use of schooyear in the name there would be an overuse00:14
aelknersorry for leading you down that path00:14
aelknerbut it's just a test replace at this point00:14
fsufitchwoo, i figured out the regex to do it automatically :D00:19
fsufitchwas a nice exercise in regex00:19
fsufitchaelkner: jelkner would like your opinion on the email he just sent out00:25
fsufitchhe's right her00:25
aelknertell him he's an awesome email writer :)00:30
aelknerth1a, ayt?00:30
fsufitchaelkner: code done and test implemented00:35
fsufitchill send you the diff00:35
aelknerfsufitch, could you replace the current_courses = and proposed_courses= to use the adapters00:47
aelknerand change the test verbage to go with the change?00:47
aelknerwe should be loyal to our adapters since they serve us so well00:48
aelknerbtw, you don't need the pass statement when you have a dic string, so you can get rid of that in interface.py00:50
aelknerdoc string00:50
aelkneri see you got sick of adding imports for the adapters :)00:54
fsufitchyes :-P00:54
aelknerthat was a very reasonable dicision on your part00:54
fsufitchline efficiency!00:54
aelknerit's not an exact science00:54
aelknersometimes explicitly importing method or classes works best00:54
aelknerit's more desciptive at the top that way00:55
aelknerbut other times, i like your approach00:55
aelkneryou may have seen the same being done in the intervention package00:55
aelknernot always, but in some files00:55
aelknerit's like when the number of imports coming from one file gets SO large00:56
aelknerit's just enough already00:56
aelknerso it's a jusgement call00:56
fsufitchalright, done00:56
fsufitchill send you diff00:56
aelkneryou didn't get rid of the pass statements01:03
aelkneralso, make sure the contains and containers directives are set up right01:04
aelkneryou can also add unit tests that show that you can't add a CurrentCourseInfo object01:05
fsufitchoh those, woops01:05
aelknerto a ProposedCourseInfoContainer01:05
aelkneryou should get a program exception in that case, and you can test thtat01:05
fsufitchah, those objects don't exist yet01:05
fsufitchgotta make them01:06
aelknerright, more to add to tests than anything else01:06
aelknerbut you can create CurrentCourseInfo object with the minimum filled in to do the containment test01:06
fsufitchhmm, aelkner, i'm having trouble making the test fail if i'm just adding a regular CourseInfo01:28
aelknerdon't worry about normal CourseInfo01:29
aelkneri was going to say you could also remove the verifyObject tests for the base interface01:29
aelkneronly the more specific current vrs. proposed matter for now01:30
aelknerwhen we need functionality that applies to the base, we can add the handling/tests for it then01:31
fsufitchum, point of note: "credits" is a python keyword01:33
fsufitchwe are using it as a variable01:33
aelknerthat won't be a problem01:34
aelknerid is a keyword, too, but people use that all the time01:34
aelknerit's not a collision in the namespace because one puts obj before attr in obj.attr01:35
fsufitchthis test isn't failing, and it should be01:38
fsufitchi can add CurrentCourseInfo to ProposedCourseInfoContainer, and I can't figure out why01:39
aelknersend the diff so that i can be a second pair of eyes01:39
fsufitchaelkner: it's been sent01:44
aelkneryeah, i see you're making the containment test, so the question is:01:45
aelknerwhat happens in the btree container when something is added01:45
aelknerso zope/container/ has BtreeContainer in it01:46
fsufitchi'm looking, but the code is a bit esoteric01:47
aelkner__setitem__ is what gets called by the dictionary access your test does01:47
fsufitchit doesn't appear the BTree actually does testing for this01:48
aelkneri'm going to grep for Exception in the whole of eggs, and filter for container or btree01:49
fsufitchaelkner: any luck?02:00
aelknerfsufitch, ok, i'm thinking that we need to get your commit done with a note about what the test SHOULD do02:00
aelknereven though the test will not do it02:00
aelknermake sense?02:00
fsufitchim sort of out of time here anyway...02:01
aelknerit's not the best, but yes, time constraints02:01
aelknerjust as long as you pick up there immediately next time02:01
aelkneri'll look into it and send you an email02:01
fsufitchokay :)02:02
aelknerotherwise, everything looks good for doing your commit02:04
fsufitchcommitted and pushed02:05
aelkneranother good day02:06
aelknerso, next time, next wed?02:06
fsufitchyay productivity!02:07
aelknerok, good working with ya02:07
aelkneryes, indeed02:07
fsufitchsee ya02:07
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replaceafillth1a, can i have your opinion on this:
replaceafilli'd like to get rid of the manage menu in cambodia20:13
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