IRC log of #schooltool for Thursday, 2011-01-06

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replaceafillwow! trunks are fully translated to khmer!02:31
th1aThose guys don't play.02:31
replaceafillit seems like your nagging worked02:31
replaceafillthey were updated right after your mail about 'we're going to stop working...'02:32
th1aThey've got a lot more translating experience than working with schools experience.02:33
replaceafillit seems like the ubuntu font works well with khmer02:34
replaceafillalthough i dont understand a thing... :(02:34
th1aThey've got a khmer ubuntu font?02:34
replaceafillor maybe i'm misunderstanding my browser...02:35
th1aThey are working on a lot of character sets.02:35
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replaceafillaelkner, u there?06:38
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aelknerreplaceafill, ayt?19:58
replaceafillaelkner, yes19:58
replaceafilllast night i just wanted to propose what yvl did in his mail today :)19:59
replaceafillwell, use of select widgets like
replaceafillmenesis, could you take a look at when you have some time? :)20:01
aelknerreplaceafill, thatnks20:02
aelknerfsufitch, ayt?20:03
menesisreplaceafill: I was looking at your branch yesterday, and merged part of it.20:17
replaceafillah yes, the bug fix, thanks20:17
menesisI see you consolidated all checkins into one. Good.20:17
replaceafilli'm learning :P20:18
menesisno, you just merged. didn't need to do that20:24
menesisok I pushed that branch to trunk20:25
replaceafilloh no20:25
replaceafilli pulled trunk and merged my branch to it20:25
* replaceafill goes to check bzr docs again :(20:25
replaceafillthanks menesis20:26
menesisyou did not need to merge you branch, because that's what I do :)20:29
menesisto the latest trunk I mean20:29
replaceafillbut how do i consolidate my multiple commits?20:29
menesisthe branches do not have to be up to date20:30
menesisI merged your gradebook branch in parts anyway20:30
menesis`bzr merge -r 210` to merge up to rev 210, etc.20:31
menesisin this case, because each commit just adds one file20:31
menesisyou can uncommit all such changes20:32
menesisand commit as one20:32
replaceafillyou can uncommit?!?!?20:32
replaceafillPurpose: Remove the last committed revision20:33
menesisalso, use bzr shelve -m 'add collator' src/schooltool/gradebook/browser/gradebook.py20:34
menesisto separate an unrelated change20:34
menesiscommit the split ftests20:34
menesisbzr unshelve20:34
menesisand commit the collator change20:34
Lumiere_menesis: I assume that works until you merge?20:34
replaceafillman, i didnt know any of those :(20:34
menesisLumiere_: what works?20:35
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menesisif you get a branch from somewhere and uncommit, you cannot push back or merge because that revision id is lost20:36
menesisbut if you work on your own branch (not checkout), you can do with it what you please, before you propose a merge20:36
replaceafillso i can do branch trunk, make 6 commits, and before propose the merge, uncommit the 6 commits and make a single commit?20:37
replaceafillman, lots of commits in that sentence20:37
replaceafillnice! will try that next time ;)20:38
menesisalso bzr shelve/unshelve are very useful20:38
replaceafillPurpose: Temporarily set aside some changes from the current tree.20:38
replaceafilllol, put changes in a shelve!20:38
menesisbzr replay/rebase as well if you have several branches. but those are more complicated (bzr-rewrite plugin)20:39
replaceafillout of the way, until a later time20:39
menesisthen there is also bzr-loom, and bzr-pipeline, but that's way too complicated even for me20:39
menesisok I have to go, have a good day guys :)20:40
replaceafillthanks again menesis20:41
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