IRC log of #schooltool for Wednesday, 2011-01-05

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dadengHi aelkner20:28
aelknerhey dadeng20:35
dadenghappy new year20:37
aelknerhappy new year to you, too20:47
aelknermy new's year resolution was to get a nasty cold20:47
aelknerbut i did see the good news you sent us last week20:47
dadengah, u should get a better resolution20:53
dadengyes, so much to do here20:53
dadengand they are great news20:53
dadengbut we still need more external funding and i'm trying to source for that20:54
aelknerbtw, i can't promise anything because i'm not the boss, but i think we will have school info flexibility20:55
aelknerin the future20:55
aelkneri remember you wanted that before, but we are not currently able to give it to you20:55
aelkneri think that may be coming in the next couple of months20:56
dadengno, not necessarily from schooltool20:56
dadengbut there are other sources out there20:56
dadengit is actually for personnel cost20:56
aelknersorry, i wasn't talking about finds, i was talking about the School Info20:56
dadengoh, no problems20:57
aelknerremember you wanted different fields?20:57
aelknerperhaps different for different schools20:57
dadengwe have so much to discuss on the application20:57
aelkner\i recommend writing a large email20:57
dadengok, no i'll do that20:58
dadengi'll send u an email20:58
aelknersend it to tom as well20:59
dadengyes, i'll20:59
aelknerhe has many plans for me, so it's up to him what gets done next20:59
dadengi already mentioned that to him20:59
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replaceafillaelkner, i'm eager to start (ab)using demo fields :D21:18
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aelknerreplaceafill, hey22:08
aelkneri see you've been looking for me22:08
replaceafillaelkner, just was curious about the demo stuff22:09
replaceafillbut i read the emails, your chats and the code ;)22:09
aelkneri intend to write an email to the developers list regarding demos fields tonight22:09
aelkneri'll refer to the limit_key field and the views i wrote to use it22:10
aelknerlet's talk tomorrow after i've gotten that out there22:10
replaceafillsure thanks22:11
aelknerfsufitch, t'sup?22:11
aelknerany questions?22:11
fsufitchwell dwelsh said something about meeting with th1a, replaceafill and jelkner about the changes necessary to the Course object22:13
fsufitchsince replaceafill and th1a have some idea about the way to approach this22:13
replaceafillfsufitch, nope, aelkner is your man there :)22:13
replaceafillhe worked on that before22:13
fsufitchwell dwelsh didn't CC him on the email22:13
aelkneryeah, i worked with david's brother on that22:13
fsufitchi guess i'll forward you that22:14
aelkneri'll try to respond tonight22:14
aelkneri'm getting over a cold (cross your fingers), but the mental fuzziness may return, i hope not22:14
th1afsufitch:  Overall, we just want to make sure and do it in a non-forking way.22:15
aelknerth1a, wasn't the plan to create a CourseInfo object instead of changing Course itself?22:16
aelknerthe intention was to have a deploy action to create Course objects form CourseInfo objects22:17
aelknerso that it's an extention of schooltool, n ot a fork22:17
aelkneror was it CoursePlan object?22:17
aelkneranyway, i'll try to comment tonight22:17
th1aI'm having trouble remembering exactly how we discussed implementing it.22:18
replaceafillmaybe could help fsufitch22:20
replaceafillor maybe22:20
fsufitcher, is it a bad thing that while i was brainstorming while talking to dwelsh on the phone the very concept of a "CourseInfo" object came to mind, under that name and purpose?22:21
fsufitchi'll read over those though22:22
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th1afsufitch, aelkner: Do I need to do anything else to successfully manage this interaction?22:28
fsufitchth1a, i think i'm good, though i'm not sure i understand 100% what ICourseTemplate and the others are and how they're supposed to work22:29
fsufitchseparate objects stored directly in schooltool, accessed by adapting a course object?22:29
fsufitchwhich contain the new fields and such that we want to add?22:30
aelknerfsufitch, yes, the typical way we extend schooltool objects is to have a separate container22:30
aelkneroff of the app root for the extension objects22:30
fsufitchi see22:31
aelknerand adapters to get from the core object to its corresponding extension22:31
fsufitchthat makes sense22:31
aelknerthat's the main advantage of the zope component achetecure22:31
fsufitchso essentially code the CourseTemplate object and its interface, and link it in via adapter22:31
aelknerone can extend without corrupting22:31
fsufitchech, i'll have to remember how adapters work, i havent used them in a long time :)22:31
aelknerschooltool has plenty of examples22:32
fsufitchyeah i know22:32
aelknerfor instance, person demographics22:32
fsufitchactually it's weird, when wanting to extend my blog's functionality i started thinking of using adapter-like structures22:32
fsufitchzope is burrowed in my subconscious22:32
aelknerperson demos were added after the person (obviously)22:33
aelknerthey add to the person without changin it22:33
fsufitchyup i remember that22:34
fsufitchthat worked via this same concept?22:34
aelkneryou need to do a lot of code reading22:34
aelknerthe CourseInfo package, of course22:35
aelknerand the person demos22:35
aelknerlet's talk after you've done that22:35
aelkneri gotta go get orange juice and other cold-fighting foods22:35
aelknertalk to you later22:35
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